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best electric scooters for students

Best Electric Scooters for Students

Going to and from classes and your part-time job can be exhausting in itself. You either have to adhere to strict public transport schedules, waste precious time in traffic, or come to school sweaty and feeling hot (if you're on a bike). All those situations are definitely not ideal to a student who's always on-the-go.

And this is where electric scooters come in the picture. Read on below and discover why a student should think about getting this innovative ride and which models work best for the type of riding and commuting you'll need.

Is an Electric Scooter Good for a Student?

Yes, if you want to maximise your time and use it for studying or being able to relax more, an electric scooter is definitely a great investment. Riding a scooter around campus or to school is definitely faster than walking and waiting in the middle of a traffic jam.

There's also the added benefit of not getting as sweaty as when you have to manually pedal on a bicycle, leaving you fresh-faced when you enter the classroom.

Not only can you lower your time wasted getting to places, but you can also reduce your transportation costs. No need to save up for gas and parking, and you can also spend less for fare.

What Should Students Look For in an Electric Scooter?

As there are many types of scooters in the market today, it's important to know which features to give more importance to than others. For example, speed isn't necessarily a top priority because you won't be racing in school grounds, anyways.

To help you get started, here are a few important features you need to remember:

  • Range. An electric scooter's maximum range tells you how far it can go in a single charge. This is very important, especially if you're commuting long distances or frequently riding throughout the day. 
  • Portability. Using an e-scooter as a last-mile ride or if you're school has lots stairs, it's more convenient for you if it's lightweight and foldable.
  • Compactness & Storage. Again, being able to fold your scooter will help you keep it safe and secure during your classes (or bedroom) especially if you can store it away from prying eyes.
  • Budget & Quality. Electric scooters come with varied prices, and as a student, it's understandable that you'd have a tighter budget to play around with. Hot Tip: Don't be swayed by brandless electric scooters with super cheap price tags. Chances are, they won't last long. It's better to stick with reputable brands since they do have budget-friendly choices, plus buying from a company with servicing capabilities and a great rep is important too. In general, look for your preferred ride inside the $699 to $2,200 range.

Best Electric Scooters for Students

Now that you know more, it's time to narrow down your choices.

Since there are a lot of great models out there, we've listed our top 10 recommendations to help you find the best scooter for yourself:

Fan-Favourite: Segway Ninebot Max G30LP

segway ninebot max g30lp electric scooter

A long-time best-seller here in Electric Kicks, the Segway Ninebot Max G30LP is a scooter that's guaranteed to give you everything you want in a commuter scooter. It's zippy, long-range, and consistent in performance.

The Segway Ninebot Max G30LP Global Edition can go as fast as 30 kph (vs. the regular version's 25 kph), making for more fun rides. It's also great for when you're running late to class.

This scooter is also known for its 40 km maximum range which is twice as far as a typical commuter scooter can go. This means, you won't have to recharge often. 

It is also quick-folding and lightweight at 17.5 kg so you can carry it up and down flight of stairs, and store it away discretely.

Best for Speed: Apollo City

apollo city electric scooter

If you're hoping for a scooter that's a bit quicker than other models, look no further than the Apollo City. This deluxe commuter is built to be zippy, far-reaching, and powerful.

It can go as quick as 40 kph which is almost twice faster than your average commuter. Its strong motors allow you to enjoy a quick acceleration at 0 to 25 kph in just 4.1 seconds, and climb up inclines of up to 15 degrees. 

What's more, the Apollo City has a long-distance range of 45 km which is perfect if you're riding door-to-door. What's more, the Apollo City has built-in suspension (front spring + rear dual-spring) that makes your rides more comfortable, even when going full-speed.

That's not all. This commuter scooter can carry a load of up to 120 kg, which allows it comfortably take you and your bulky school backpack wherever you need to go.

'Big Kid' Pick: Segway Zing E10 

segway zing e10 electric scooter

Upgrade your child's walks to school with the Segway Zing E8. This scooter is specifically designed for kids (ages 8-14) with a wider deck and extra-grippy handlebars.

It also has a zippy but safe top speed of 16 kph so your child can go fast... but not too fast. It has a 10-km range which is perfect if you live just near the school. 

What's more, the Zing E10 is foldable and lightweight at only 8.5 kg so your kiddo can lift it and store it away conveniently. Plus points for the scooter's sleek black design that makes it look like an adult scooter (very cool)!

Short-Range Commuter: Segway Ninebot E22

segway ninebot e22 electric scooter

A cool brother to Segway's popular ES Classic series, the Segway E22 combines fan-fave features with handy new upgrades. Some of the improvements (vs. the older models) include an upgraded motor, a sturdier frame, better hill climbing (crush hills of up to 15%), and better tyres.

This is also the perfect scooter for students looking for a convenient & reliable scooter with good speed and range. Its 20-km top speed gives you the piece of mind that you'll never go above the 25 kph speed limit in most places.

And its 22 km maximum range is perfect if you live near or on campus, or if you're going to use your scooter as a last-mile option. Its featherlight 13.5 kg weight makes it super easy to bring on public transport as well.

Trendy Techie: Unagi E500 Model One

unagi e500 model one scarlet fire red electric scooter

If you're looking for something trendy and futuristic, set your sights on the ultra-cool Unagi E500 Model One. Just by looking at the scooter, you know it has features that you wouldn't find in any other scooter.

Made from a mix of magnesium alloy and Japanese TORAY carbon fibre, this scooter is designed to be extra durable while being extremely lightweight. It's not everyday you can find a ride that can carry more than a 100-kg load yet still be light at 10.99 kg.

It also has one-of-a-kind wheels with air pockets that act as built-in suspension so you can ride smoothly around town and in campus. 

The Unagi E500 can reach speeds of up to 35 kph and distances of 25 km, making it an all-around awesome commuter scooter. It even comes in amazing colours like Black, White, Blue and Red.

First-Time Commuter: Segway Ninebot F40

segway ninebot f40 elecric scooter

As daily commuters, big concerns for students include reliable performance and ease-of-use. And those are two big plus points for Segway's latest addition to its scooter lineup, the Segway F40.

Like its Max brothers, the Segway F40 can go as fast as 30 kph so you can enjoy extra-zippy rides. It also has a great 40 km maximum range which allows for convenient door-to-door commutes. 

What's more, it has 10-inch inflatable tyres that work well on paved roads and dirt paths. Its dual braking system is also highly efficient in both dry and wet surfaces. 

Plus, the Segway F40 is equipped with a built-in, Bluetooth-enabled security lock that can give you peace of mind when you're in classes.

Light & Quick: Apollo Light 

apollo light electric scooter

Another great pick for beginners from the Apollo series is the Apollo Light. At 17.5 kg, it's a bit hefty but can still be carried on buses and trains.

But what makes this scooter an awesome choice is that it can go as fast a 35 kph and as far as 35 km. You can use it for commuting to school or for weekend rides with your friends. Its zippy speed is definitely fun when you're on the tracks, racing with other riders.

The Apollo Light also has built-in suspension which makes riding around all day more comfortable since you won't feel the road bumps all that much. For daily commuting, that's a huge plus.

Classic Choice: Segway Ninebot E25 and E45

segway ninebot e45 electric scooter

Lovers of the ES Classic will attest that their scooters were awesome choices, so what more with the second generation picks from Segway, right? The Segway E25 and E45 have many of the ES Classic series' fantastic features but it's coupled with better upgrades.

Both scooters can reach an awesome 25 kph top speed, which allows for quick rides without going over the common speed limit around the city. The E25 also has a nice 25 km maximum range which is perfect for short to mid-distance commutes. But if you want to extend that to 45 km (and turn your E25 to an E45), just install the additional external battery.

This scooter model's tried-and-tested dependable performance and flexibility are just two reasons why student riders should consider getting it.

For Beginner Riders: Apollo Air and Air Pro

apollo air pro electric scooter

Another fresh release that students who like having the latest gadgets would love is the Apollo Air and Air Pro from the Apollo series. This scooter was designed specifically for beginner riders and everyday commuters in mind so it's super easy to control and ultra-comfortable to ride on.

It has wide, solid handlebars and a rubberized deck that will keep first-timers calm and confident during your first rides. The speed of the Air (25 kph) and Air Pro (30 kph) are quick but not too crazy that you'll feel worried while on the move.

Plus, it has built-in suspension which you can rarely find in scooters in its class, making it an awesome entry-level choice. The scooter is also foldable and portable so you won't have a problem bringing it anywhere. Plus, it comes with a handy bell to warn pedestrians that you're one the road.

Cool & Unique: Segway Air T15

segway air t15 electric scooter

Of course, looking awesome while riding around in campus is also a concern for some students and the Segway Air T15 is the perfect solution for that. It's sleek, almost-flat and futuristic design makes it stand out from other models. It's a scooter that makes a statement, for sure.

As for its performance, the Segway Air T15 is perfect for students already living in campus (or nearby) who just want to have a more relaxed and slightly quicker commute (than a tiring walk). The scooter is capable of reaching speeds of 20 kph and a good 12 km maximum range.

Plus, it's super easy to bring along and store as the Segway Air T15 weighs only a light 10.5 kg (the lightest on this list!). It also folds as flat as it can go, which is perfect if you plan to store inside your locker. It can even be rolled like a trolley bag when not in use.

Electric Scooter Accessories Every Scooter-Riding Student Needs

Of course, you can't ride around in just your scooter. Accessories are there to up the level of your security and make your scootering experience better and more comfortable. 

While some accessories just make your ride look prettier, there are a few handy stuff that every student rider should have. Here are some of them:


Every rider needs a helmet, enough said.

Thousand Helmet

thousand helmet
If you're after safety and style, there's no better helmet than the Thousand Helmet. This vintage moto lid-inspired helmet rocks different colours, from classic Black and cool Navy to retro Creme and trendy Rose Gold.

Official Segway Helmet

official segway helmet

If you're after sleek, modern, and minimalist, the Official Segway Ninebot Helmet is the one to get. Its matte black finish and simple design allows it to match any scooter you think of getting.

Xiaomi Smart4u LED Helmet

xiaomi led helmet

If you anticipate yourself riding regularly at night, you might want to wear the Xiaomi LED Helmet. It has bright lights at the back of the helmet so that you're brightly visible to any passing vehicles and pedestrians.

Strap-On Bag

Besides your school stuff, there will be a few bits and bobs that you'd probably rather store somewhere else, like your scooter lock or a water bottle. Or, let's say you're just going out for an errand, a small strap-on bag can keep your things secure and your hands free.

Segway Carry Bag

segway carry bag

The Segway Carry Bag is perfect for your scootering things and daily essentials, like a lock, a bottle of water, your wallet, and phone. It's small enough that it's unobtrusive but it's very handy.

Apollo Front Bag

apollo front bag

An Apollo scooter can hold more travel essentials when you have its bag strapped on. It is made of a hard material that keeps everything you store inside safe and secure.

Lock & Lights

There's no guarantee that your scooter will fit in your locker. And even if you leave it in a room in campus, many people will still be coming in and out of it. It's best to invest in a good lock that gives you peace of mind when you're not using your scooter.

And another set of lights are also a great idea if you're classes finish late, so that you're assured of better visibility when you ride back home after dark.

Segway Scooter Lock

segway scooter lock

When you're in campus, of course, you'd want the assurance that your scooter is safe wherever you left it. While it's best to leave it somewhere secure in the first place, having a lock handy is another layer of defense that will add to your peace of mind.

Premium Electric Scooter Lock

etook premium scooter lock

Trendy riders will appreciate the unique and dependable hexagonal design of this lock. Besides coming in cool colors, this lock is resistant to cutting and sawing. It even folds into a compact size so you can conveniently store it in a small bag.

Gaciron USB Electric Scooter/eBike Light

gaciron usb light

Sometimes classes (or part-time jobs) last well into the night, which means riding in the evening is inevitable. A mounted headlight provides you with extra illumination that improves your visibility all-around. You'll be able to see more of what's in front of you. At the same time, pedestrians and vehicles will be made aware of where you are.

Carry Bag & Phone Holder

If you're using your electric scooter as a last-mile commuter, a carry bag will make lugging it on buses and trains easier.

And what student doesn't bring a phone wherever you go? With a phone holder, you can use your phone while riding (this is especially handy if you're using navigation apps).

Electric Scooter Shoulder/Hand Carry Bag

electric scooter carry bag

There's an easier way to transport your last-mile scooter onto the train or bus than just holding it by its stem. An electric scooter bag allows you to carry it by the handle (either holding it or putting it on your shoulder), which lessens the chances of your scooter stem getting damaged. Being protected by a bag while not in use will also minimize bumps and scratches that might happen while you're commuting.

Segway Universal Phone Holder

segway phone holder

Let's face it. Most people today can barely function without their phones, and the same goes for the ever-busy student. Instead of holding your phone to look at the directions while riding, you can attach this phone holder to your Segway scooter so you can use your phone hands-free.

Apollo Phone Holder

apollo phone holder

The same goes for your Apollo scooters! With a mounted phone holder on your handlebars, you can quickly scan your phone for directions without needing to use your hands which keeps you safe during your rides.

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