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kaabo wolf warrior electric scooters

The Ultimate Review of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior Electric Scooter

Up for some thrills? The Kaabo Wolf Warrior series is definitely a top choice for your off-roading adventures. With incredibly powerful dual motors and first-rate batteries, these bad boys can reach speeds and distances that other electric scooters can only dream of!

It’s just a matter of choosing which powerful Kaabo Wolf to get, and you’d be off zooming towards thrilling trips. No trail is too bumpy nor road too curved for the fantastic Kaabo Wolf electric scooters!

Meet the Pack

When it comes to powerful off-road scooters, Kaabo is known to have some of the best models in their line-up. Case in point, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior series not only has one powerful model but THREE impressive off-road electric scooters for you to choose from.

Say hello to three of the most formidable thrill scooters today:

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

kaabo wolf warrior 11 electric scooter

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ is well-known for its impressively powerful performance when it comes to off-road adventures. It is the electric scooter that catapulted this series into the limelight. You can say that it's a pioneer for modern extreme scooters today with its first-class specifications like speed, range, rider weight, motor power, battery, acceleration, and more.

Kaabo Wolf King

kaabo wolf king electric scooter

Nothing can beat the Alpha of the pack. This fast electric scooter isn’t just for thrills. It’s a whole other level of extreme with speeds and range that you couldn’t find in any other electric scooter. Riding it is always an adventure in itself. If you think Kaabo’s done amazing with the Wolf Warrior, you’d be surprised as to what they’ve achieved with the King. After all, it's now considered the "fastest electric scooter on the planet," according to the Electric Scooter Guide.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X

kaabo wolf x electric scooter

With brothers that have industry-leading features on speed and range, the Wolf Warrior X is the answer for first-time thrill riders who are looking for a swift ride that’s exciting but not daunting. Why pressure yourself to ride the most extreme of the extremes when you can start somewhere a bit slower yet equally thrilling?

Need for Speed

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior series is most known for its spectacular speed and range capabilities. When it comes to the fastest and the farthest, these electric scooters are topping the lists without a doubt.

Let's talk speed. It's hard to compare the remarkable speed and brutal acceleration of the Wolf models to other scooters, but they do have differences amongst themselves. The Wolf Warrior X can go up to 70 kph which is already impressive (that's almost thrice as fast as your average commuter scooter). But that's still the slowest top speed in the series.

If you want to go even faster, the Wolf Warrior 11+ has a top speed of 80 kph with unrivalled acceleration. You can go from 0 to 25 kph in just 1.9 seconds (and 0 to 50 kph in a little bit above 5 seconds). That's not just zippy... it's rapid fast!

And if you're really going all out? Enjoy the high-speed power of the Wolf King as it can go as quick as 100 kph. You'll be going toe-to-toe with cars at this point! Its title as the fastest electric scooter definitely has its merits.

Go the Distance

But while the series' top speeds are impressive, their range capabilities are nothing to laugh about as well! Other electric scooters will be biting your dust with how far each Wolf model can travel.

The Wolf Warrior X can reach distances of up to 70 km which is twice farther than most long-distance scooters. There are still other electric scooters that can top this but as far as range goes, this is above-average performance already.

The Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf King go above and beyond with a remarkable maximum range of 150 km. That's almost twice as far as other top-of-the-line thrill scooters. Just think about all that you can and the places that you can reach in a single charge with a massive range like the one these scooters have!

What's more, all three Wolf models have awesome hill climb capabilities. The Wolf Warrior X can crush hills of up to 30 degrees while the Wolf Warrior 11+ can defeat inclines of up to 45 degrees. The Wolf King takes the cake by conquering slopes of up to 50 degrees.

And, of course, all three models can travel on almost every terrain. Whether you're thinking of racing on paved roads or taking a trip deep inside forest trails, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior series is definitely up to the task! 

Power Beyond Compare

Your electric scooter’s speed and range don’t just come from the air. All that amazing power and performance are thanks to the Wolf models’ first-rate Minimotors power system which includes impressive dual motors that provide balanced and reliable output as well their top-grade batteries.

The Wolf Warrior X has 1100W motors at its front and rear while the Wolf Warrior 11+ has 1200W dual motors. The Wolf King has the strongest dual motors at 1500W each. With power at your disposal, it’s easy to see how you can reach the speeds and range that these electric scooters can do.

As for the battery, the Wolf Warrior X has a commendable 21Ah battery and the Wolf King has a huge 28 Ah battery. The Wolf Warrior 11+ has the highest-performing Samsung battery at 35Ah.

What’s more, all these batteries feature a Smart Battery Management System that protects you from all kinds of situations. The system can also increase battery life and efficiency as you ride.

Smooth, Trouble-Free Riding

So what makes the Kaabo Wolf Warriors such great off-road rides? They’re incredible tyres, that’s what! All three models feature tubeless, pneumatic tyres that are made specifically for off-roading. The tyres have a tread pattern that’s designed for cross-country adventuring so you know it’ll work best on rough trails. The Wolf Warrior 11+ and Wolf King both have 11-inch pairs while the Wolf Warrior X has a slightly smaller pair at 10 inches by 3 inches.

Of course, tyres and riding off-road does not automatically equal smooth-sailing rides. But don’t worry. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior series feature top-notch suspension for ultra-smooth rides, no matter how bumpy or rough the road gets. All three models have high-performing dual suspension systems with the Wolf Warrior 11+ having a front hydraulic and rear springs suspension. 

The scooters even come with motorcycle-level shock absorbers! With that level of performance, there’s no doubt that you can maximize the thrills of controlling your e-scooter without the hassle of jolting and vibrating while riding.

Absolute Safety

Of course, if you’re going full throttle and hurtling around in dirt paths, you need to be safe. It’s a good thing then that Kaabo places a lot of importance on rider safety. The Wolf models are equipped to keep you secure while you’re out riding, from its great braking system to its lighting.

All three models are equipped with dual full hydraulic disc brakes, meaning you have one in front and at the rear. Good ol’ hydraulic discs are known for their reliable and powerful stopping power. In fact, testing Wolf Warrior 11+, it’s not surprising that it can come to a full stop in just 3.5 metres from 25 kph. The other models work just as efficiently.

Then, there’s the lighting. All Wolf models feature 2 ultra-bright Aluminium LED headlights that can illuminate your path while you’re out riding in the dark. It also has two smaller lights at the front corners of your deck for added visibility. 

What’s more, the Wolf models have fun blue side deck lights that not only increase your visibility on the road but also levels up your cool points!

Top of the Line Design

Like many thrill scooters, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior electric scooters aren’t lightweight rides. At 33.8 kg, the Wolf Warrior X is the lightest, followed by the Wolf Warrior 11+ at 46 kg, and the heaviest is the Wolf King at 48 kg. Don’t worry, though. Despite being hefty, these electric scooters are foldable and liftable, so you can easily store them at the back of your car or in the trunk. In a way, they are still easily portable when you have a vehicle with you.

Besides a hefty battery and motor, the Wolf models are heavy because of their sturdy design made from aluminum alloy. Its unique one-piece forging process is at par with how they make vehicles so you know you’re getting only the most durable frame. It even features a dual-stem design for better stability.

Besides that, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior electric scooters are designed so that you can control them quickly and effortlessly while driving. All the buttons you need are conveniently placed somewhere you can easily reach.

You can even switch modes and motor drives by pressing the special buttons under your handlebar. And when you need to check your riding stats? All can be glimpsed from the clear display.

Which Kaabo Wolf to Get?

There's really no right or wrong answer because any Kaabo Wolf model you're going to get is bound to be awesome. But one model can be more advantageous than the other if you're looking for something specific.

If you’re looking for the fastest electric scooter you can ride on, go with the Kaabo Wolf King. Its 100 kph top speed is definitely a winner in this category. Add to that the scooter’s impressive acceleration and it’s crystal clear that it’s the best choice when it comes to dashing around rough trails and paved roads.

If you’re after the farthest maximum range possible, look no further than the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+. Its 150 km maximum range is only equalled by the Wolf King, and if you’re not keen on going at the speed of light, this electric scooter’s slightly slower top speed is perfect for you. Plus, it has a more powerful battery than the Wolf King so you’re sure to get all the juice you need to go farther.

If it’s your first time getting a thrill scooter and are just testing the waters, the Kaabo Wolf X is a great choice. It’s still incredibly powerful, more so than other scooters in the category, but it’s not as intimidating as the other Wolf models. With a 70 kph top speed and 70 km maximum range, you’d still be able to do a lot with this electric scooter, for sure!

Whichever Kaabo Wolf Warrior model you choose, exhilarating adventures are definitely waiting for you. So choose what feels the best for you and start off-roading to your heart’s content!

Product Comparison

Wolf Warrior 11+ Wolf King Wolf X
PRICE $4,499.00 $4,999.00 $3,099.00
MAX. SPEED 80 kph 100 kph 70 kph
MOTOR  1200W, Dual 1500W, Dual 1100W, Dual
RANGE 150 km 150 km 70 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 150 kg 150 kg 120 kg
WEIGHT 46 kg 48 kg 33.8 kg
BATTERY VOLTAGE 60V 35Ah, Samsung 72V 28Ah 60V 21Ah
CHARGE TIME 14-17 hours (7-9 with 2 chargers) 17-19 hours (8-10 hours with 2 chargers) 9-11 hours (5-6 hours with 2 chargers)
CLIMB ANGLE Up to 45 Degrees Up to 50 Degrees Up to 30 Degrees
TYRES 11" Tubeless Pneumatic, Off Road 11" Tubeless Pneumatic, Off Road 10" x 3" Tubeless Pneumatic, Off Road
WATER RESISTANCE No official No official No official
BRAKES Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc with ABS Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc with ABS  Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc with ABS


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