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Mercane Jubel Electric Scooter

The Ultimate Guide to Mercane Jubel

Get the best of both worlds when you ride the all-new Mercane Jubel. This is not your typical commuter scooter, think of it as the "Porsche of electric scooters". 

The newest scooter in its lineup, Mercane’s Jubel is a premium choice for daily urban riding with a side of exciting weekend fun. Its unique high-torque motor and superior large battery offer you performance as you’ve never seen before. It’s a commuter scooter that can make your everyday experience feel like an adventure, especially with it's incredible industry first 12 inch tyres! 

Travel Long, Travel Fast

For a commuter scooter, the Mercane Jubel is definitely top tier when it comes to speed and range. When unlocked, this e-scooter can go zooming to speeds of 43 kph so that you can enjoy thrilling rides on the weekend. 

And, when we say zoom, we mean ZOOM because this electric scooter has super smooth acceleration that can take you to top speeds quickly and easily.

mercane jubel premium electric scooter

The new Mercane Jubel is also a great contender for long-distance options as it can reach distances of 50 to 60 km in one charge. That’s more than enough for your everyday commutes and recreational rides.

It even goes beyond industry standards because this daily commuter scooter has a strong climbing capability that’s on par with premium off-road rides. Going up from the basement? Riding on ramps? Rolling Hill Climbs? Those are easy-breezy for the Mercane Jubel.

Choose Your Way

This electric scooter can give you more choices when it comes to riding experience. Choose from 2 different speeds modes depending on your current need. Eco Mode will save your battery while riding so you can go farther. Turn to Power Mode when you’re ready to go roaring down the streets!

And if you’re worried about going above your city’s speed limit, never fear. The Mercane Jubel has the option to set various lower speed modes and will hit 25kph straight out of the box, perfectly safe for everyday city riding.

Premium Performance

Here’s where it gets exciting! The Mercane Jubel’s performance is unlike any other scooter largely because of its unique motor performance, high-capacity battery, and bold 12 inch tyres.

This electric scooter boasts of a 1000W BLDC Hub Motor found in its rear wheel. Unlike other motors, the Jubel’s is incredibly efficient and stable because it’s a single motor that has the power that can almost compare to some dual ones! Yes, you get twice the power in just one motor, and that makes all the difference when it comes to smoother driving in flat and sloped terrain.

mercane jubel e scooter 48v high capacity battery

Pair that high-torque motor with a 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion battery, and your performance will be off the charts! Its battery is high-grade and can continuously discharge a strong current so that you can get a stable and reliable power supply during your rides.

This e-scooter’s battery is also equipped with a BMS system that has features like:

  • MCU Cell Management
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection Management

Smooth Rides For Days

Another reason for the amazingly smooth experience of riding the Mercane Jubel is its air tyres. Ultra-wide at 12 inches each, this electric scooter’s tyres will keep you feeling steady throughout your entire drive.

You won't find any other electric scooter with these kind of tyres. A first in the industry, these 12-inch air tyres not only provide better stability but can also last you longer with proper care. 

What’s more, the Mercane Jubel will make you feel extra secure with its incredible dual brakes both in its front (drum) and rear (disc) wheels.

mercane jubel commuter scooter dual brakes

More people can also rejoice as this electric scooter can carry heavier loads of up to 100 kg. 

Uniquely Flexible, Incredibly Durable

The design of the Mercane Jubel is grounded in the simple and effortless but its overall impact and performance is absolutely unique and extraordinary. For one, it is the largest electric scooter in its category which makes it one of the most balanced and secure choices to date.

It also has a distinct and innovative frame design made from a hydro-forming process.  This process is usually done for cars, and is what makes the Jubel’s body stronger, longer-lasting, and lighter. 

mercane jubel add on seat

Just like its brother, the Wide Wheel Pro 2020, the Mercane Jubel also has a wide deck that will keep your comfortable on your travels. You can even choose to add a seat to your scooter when you’re feeling tired!

Another unique feature that the Mercane Jubel has is its key box. Recently developed by Mercane and currently the only Mercane scooter with this feature, the key box is used to help jumpstart your e-scooters power supply. It also keeps it securely locked in place while not in use.

Intuitive Riding At Its Finest

When you’re one the road on your e-scooter, you’re putting trust into it to keep you safe and take you to your desired destination. The intuitive LCD display that the Mercane Jubel has can ease your mind significantly. 

mercane jubel commuter scooter LCD dashboard key box

In a quick glance, you can see tons of need-to-know information about your scooter all clearly laid out for you. From current speed and battery level to speed mode, cruise function, and life-saving fault notifications, it’s all there at your disposal.

Aside from that, the Mercane Jubel also takes your safety seriously. Enjoy evening drives with the illuminating LED front lights. The bright red light found atop your rear wheel increases your visibility during nighttime rides and will alert oncoming traffic on your position. 

Simple, Sleek, & Stylish

The Mercane Jubel is a beautiful electric scooter because of its simple aesthetic and durable built. While it’s a bit on the heavy side at 22 kg for a commuter scooter, it is still conveniently portable.  

mercane jubel foldable electric scooter

After all, it has a reliable folding system. You can fold the stem to keep the Jubel compact. More convenient is that you can also fold the handles on their sides to really keep the e-scooter secure and easy to bring around.

You can even choose from 2 fantastic colorways: a sleek, professional black or a classic, metallic white. Either way, you’ll be going home with a gorgeous (and powerful) ride!



Mercane Jubel



126.5 cm x 116.6 cm x 55.5 cm


126.5 cm x 51.8 cm x 24 cm


22 kg

Max. Load

100 kg

Speed Mode

Eco, Power

Max. Speed

43 kph

Max. Range

50-60 km


1000W BLDC Hub Motor

Battery Power

48V 15Ah

Climbing Angle ~30%


12-inch Air


Front Drum + Rear Disc Brakes


White, Black

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