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Segway Zing E8 and E10 Kids' Electric Scooter Guide

Make way for your kids’ latest favourite, the Zing E8 and E10 from Segway. These techie treasures will have them playing outdoors in no time. The fun and excitement of having their own electric scooters will definitely trump gadget time, and they’ll ditch their tablets and the internet all on their own.

segway zing e8 kids electric scooter

With the Segway Zing E8 and Zing E10, going off on outdoor adventures would be more thrilling for everyone because your kids can now join you. They can zoom around the parks, discover new areas in your neighbourhood, or even ride to school on their own. With E8 and E10, your kid’s active lifestyle is more exciting than ever before!

Thrilling, Controlled Speed with 3 Fun Riding Modes

Let your kids zoom out on their own without having to worry. The Zing E8 and E10 can both go up to an impressive speed without being dangerously fast. You don’t need to worry about speed-related accidents because the E8 can only run up to 14 kph and the E10 only up to 16 kph. Both respectable speeds and enough for a little bit of thrill-seeking without being unsafe!

What’s more, both the E8 and E10 comes equipped with 3 riding modes so that you can control your child’s riding experience depending on their confidence and skill level. The three riding modes have preset speed limits.

Beginners can start out with the Safe Mode, which can only go up to 9.98 kph. With enough confidence, your child can go up to Cruise Mode, which gives them more chances at an active lifestyle. They simply need to kick off the ground to start the e-scooter and glide continuously without having to press the throttle. The harder they kick, the faster the e-scooter accelerates. And when they’re ready for more, Turbo Mode will give them the bursting speed they need!

segway zing e10 electric scooter kids teens

Both the E8 and E10 can also climb angles with a grade of about 7%. Small uphill roads and ramps around the neighbourhood will pose no problem. Both electric scooters have a good range of 10 km as well (or 40 minutes of riding time), so they can ride to school or nearby stores comfortably. Your child will definitely love riding around your neighbourhood’s flat, paved roads whenever they can.

Total Safety: Triple Braking System

As parents, it’s highly understandable that we want only the best and the safest for our kids, especially when it comes to their personal mobile transport. With the Zing E8 and Zing E10, your concerns were heard and planned for accordingly. Both electric scooters were designed with not one, not two… but THREE braking systems in place for maximum security.

segway e8 e10 kids teens electric scooter triple braking system

A regenerative braking system helps capture kinetic energy when the e-scooter is moving that can be used again, so nothing is wasted. Aside from this innovative system, the E8 and E10 also have a high-performance hand brake and a foot brake found in the rear fender. Both are easy to use, so even little kids will have no problems. All they need to do is press on or step on the brake!

Solid Rubber Tyres & Amazing Shock Absorption

The all-new Segway Zing E8 and E10 both feature Segway’s patented tubeless tyres. Made from high-elastic, solid rubber, these tyres are resistant to wear and offers a better grip than other types of tyres. It is also anti-skid which provides better safety for your little daredevils.

segway zing e10 escooter teens

Not only do these electric scooters have fantastic sets of wheels, but they also have incredible shock absorption, leading to smoother rides for your kids. Both e-scooters are equipped with spring damper shock absorbers that can effectively absorb bumps from most types of terrain, including dirt roads, grass, and sand.

Battery Built for Reliable Performance

The Zing E8 and E10 both pack lithium-ion batteries with a BMS intelligent battery control system that allows for a more powerful and reliable performance. You get twice the discharge capacity than with typical batteries. The BMS control system comes with safety features to protect from problems like:

  • Overheating
  • Short circuit
  • Over-current
  • over-charge

What’s more, both electric scooters have a relatively fast charging time of only 4 hours. You can quickly recharge the Zing E8 and Zing E10 during your kids’ downtime so they don’t have to wait too long before they can ride again!

Specially Designed for Kids and Teens

What makes the Zing E8 and E10 the perfect choice for both kids and teens is because it was specially designed with them in mind. The aerospace-grade Aluminum alloy body is lightweight, compact, and most importantly, durable. It can easily take on the weight of your child, so you don’t have to worry about the e-scooter breaking in the middle of a ride.

segway zing kids scooter low pedal

The E8 keeps your kids’ height in mind with its incredible low-pedal design. It only rises above the ground at 3.9 inches with its centre of gravity love so that your younger children can easily control it while riding. Both the E8 and E10 have silicone decks that have anti-skid properties to keep them stable and on the e-scooter at all times. It’s also more comfortable and easy to clean.

The Zing E8 and Zing E10 feature handle grips made from TPR material which is also anti-skid. This allows your kids to grip the e-scooter firmly and always have control. Plus, these grips make for comfy handling and are easy to maintain.

segway zing e8 e10 scooter thumb throttle control

Getting the E8 and E10 in control is no problem, whether for younger kids or teens, because of its convenient thumb throttle. The throttle offers moderate resistance and responsiveness, so you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally zooming faster than they intended. But what makes it all the more fun for younger thrills seekers is that the thumb throttle makes the experience feel like real-life ‘driving’!

Both electric scooters also highlight a One-Click Switch design found near the rear wheel. With a click of a button, you can easily switch riding modes after turning on the e-scooter. Easy as pie! The E8 and E10 also have 3M reflective stickers on the rear fender, which is highly reflective for better safety and security.

segway zing e8 e10 electric scooter kids teens

As for riding in different weathers, the E8 and E10 both have an IP rating of IPX4 which means it can resist water splashes occasionally. It can’t be submerged, so be careful when riding across deep puddles. While this means your kids can ride both e-scooters in the rain, it’s better to avoid doing so. Regardless of the waterproof rating, roads tend to slippery during rain showers and might not be the best time to ride.

Bring Wherever Your Next Adventure Takes You

Your kids can even bring their new e-scooters when you go on vacation. With the quick and easy one-step folding system that Segway is known for, the Zing E8 and Zing E10 can turn compact. Once it clicks in place, you or your kid can carry it by holding on to its stem. Its slim and light design makes it simple to store, whether in your car’s trunk or inside the garage.

segway zing e8 e10 kids electric scooter foldable

The Zing E8 and E10 are incredibly lightweight at only 8 kg and 8.5 kg, respectively. Your kids can easily carry them on their own when going up or down a small flight of steps. 

Young kids can also enjoy the fun and vibrant that the E8 comes in, and choose between pink or blue. As for your older children, the E10 comes in a sleek black with blue details which will get you plus points with them for its modern and grown-up design.

With the Zing E8 and Zing E10, your kids’ idea of an active lifestyle will be a whole lot more fun! Endless new adventures await you and your family now that everyone can ride their own electric scooter. So don't waste any more time dilly-dallying. Let your kids enjoy a lifestyle that's more on the go with the new Segway Zing E8 and Zing E10!


Zing E8

Zing E10


Anti-skid tubeless tires

Anti-skid tubeless tires


Lightweight - only 8 kg

Lightweight - only 8.5kg


Regenerative brake + hand-operated brake + foot brake

Electrical and mechanical braking


Easy-fold with one quick step 

Easy-fold with one quick step 


Tubeless tire, synthetic rubber base material

Tubeless tire, synthetic rubber base material


14kmh max speed with three speed modes (*Safety, Cruise, and Turbo Mode). 

16kmh max speed with three speed modes (*Safety, Cruise and Sport Mode). *10km limit in safety mode. 


10km range

10km range

Hill Climb

7% hill climb grade (small to medium inclines)

7% hill climb grade (small to medium inclines)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

Unfold: Approx. 83.1 × 33.5 × 85.09 cm (830 × 335 × 850 mm)

Fold: Approx. 87.4 ×33.5 × 81.3 cm (875 × 335 × 320 mm)

Unfold: Approx. 36.0 × 15.7 × 37.4 in (915 × 400 × 950 mm)

Fold: Approx. 38.6 × 15.7 × 12.6 in (980 × 400 × 320 mm)

Cruise control

Cruise control mode accelerates faster with each kick

Cruise control mode accelerates faster with each kick

Rider Weight

20–50 kg

20–60 kg

Recommended age

6–12 years

8–14 years

Recommended Height

115–145 cm

130–160 cm

Recommended Terrain

Flat surface, paved road, obstacles

Flat surface, paved road, obstacles

Water Proof

Vehicle IPX4

Vehicle IPX4

Charge Time

Approx. 4 h

Approx. 4 h

Battery Protection

Over-heating, short circuit, over-current, and over-charge protection

Over-heating, short circuit, over-current and over-charge protection

Battery Type

Lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion battery

Battery Capacity

55.08 Wh

55.08 Wh


Max 200 W / Nominal 130 W

Max 200 W / Nominal 150 W

Frame Material



Shock Absorber



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