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Portability and Convenience: The Best Lightweight Electric Scooters

Everyone is as busy as ever so it’s a no-brainer that convenience is sought-after. One of the biggest daily battles of those always on the go is transportation. Being cramped with dozens of people or being stuck in traffic is already exhausting even before your day has fully begun.

This is when electric scooters enter the conversation, providing the missing key to your daily dilemma. But, not all e-scooters are created equal. Some weigh too much for everyday use and you’ll probably want something compact for easy control and convenience. 

Of course, mobility does not mean compromising superb performance and riding quality. Read up and check out the most portable e-scooters that’ll make your daily trips more fun!

How To Judge Portability

What exactly makes an electric scooter portable? There is some misconception that it’s just simply about weight and nothing else. But it is much more than that. Here are some ways to decide which are the most portable and convenient scooters:
  • Should be light enough to lift
  • Can be carried up or down a flight of stairs
  • Can be carried in public transportation without bothering others
  • Can fit in your car or under a desk

Best In Portability

Apollo Air

Apollo Air

Not everyone feels comfortable riding a scooter for safety reasons but Apollo Air is a great ride to start your scootering journey. It’s designed to be light, easy to control, and stable which is exactly what a beginner needs. This lets you zoom to your destination safe and sound!

As the lightest e-scooter in the amazing Apollo lineup, Apollo Air only weighs 16 kg and has a foldable stem, making it easy to carry or keep under your desk. And, you won’t have to worry about being late as this highly-dependable scooter has a top speed of 25 kph! 

With a 20 km range, it’s ideal for short distances because you won't have to charge it often. When you do need to charge it, it’ll only take 4.5 hours before it’s geared to go again. Plus, Apollo Air won't let you down when your commutes require uphill routes as it has a climbing angle of 10 degrees.

As a newbie e-scooter rider, stability and safety are extremely important and Apollo made sure to take care of that. It has a rear disc brake + regenerative brake system to provide a swift stop, while simultaneously charging the batteries and a built-in front spring suspension to make your ride comfortable.

The Apollo Air can also handle a maximum rider weight of 100 kg, and it is IPX4-rated, so a few splashes wouldn’t be a problem. On top of all this, it’s a pretty stylish ride that can be your fashion statement for the day!

Apollo City

Apollo City

This aptly named scooter really does make it easier for riders to cruise around the city as it hits the sweet spot between portability and power. Commuting to work becomes much more manageable with this fun and light transpo! It only weighs 18 kg and has a convenient folding system that lets you carry it when needed or keep it under your desk at work.

Zoom to your destination with Apollo City’s astounding top speed of 40 kph courtesy of its 600W brushless DC motor. Uphill route on the way? No worries as this scooter has a 15-degree inclined angle. Your trips never have to feel rushed, which leads to stress-free travelling!

Range is not a problem as this is fitted with a powerful 48V 13.2Ah dynavolt battery that allows you to travel up to 45 km on a single charge. Since you’ll probably use this every day, you’ll be pleased to know that the charging time is only 8 hours, which could turn into 4 hours with a fast charger.

Safety is not forgotten as Apollo City’s 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres and suspension make your rides less bumpy at every turn. It also comes with an advanced triple braking system that gives you powerful stopping power. Get ready to explore and commute with no worries while looking sleek and having fun!

Segway Air T15

Segway Air T15

Segway has a great lineup of electric scooters that are known for quality, including the Air T15. It’s one heck of a looker, with its simple yet futuristic design. But more than that, it’s jam-packed with awesome features and specs.

The Segway Air T15 is designed to be the most lightweight and energy-efficient transport to fit your urban lifestyle. Only weighing 10.5 kg, its amazing one-click folding system and retractable handlebars allow you to fold it 180 degrees at a height of just 22 cm. Perfectly portable to bring around, right?

For an entry-level e-scooter, this brings an impressive 20 kph top speed plus a pretty good range of 12 km to the table. Don’t even worry about steep roads as this has a great 10-degree climbing angle! It’s certainly ideal for short trips or strolls around the neighbourhood. 

If you’re looking to spice things up as you ride around town, the Air T15 has 4 riding modes to suit your preference or any situation. You’ll have access to the following modes and their speed limitations:

  • Pedestrian Mode - Maximum speed of around 6 kph
  • Energy Saving Mode - Maximum speed of around 10 kph
  • Standard Mode - Maximum speed of around 15 kph
  • Sports Mode - Maximum speed of 20 kph

Another cool feature of this e-scooter is its regenerative brakes that allow the unit to store energy while the brakes are used. It's an amazing way to prolong your battery life and be sustainable at the same time.

The T15’s perfect balance of portability, convenience, high-tech specs, and exceptional design will make your beginner's journey worthwhile!

Segway E25

Segway Ninebot E25

Classic, stylish, reliable, powerful, and portable best sum-up the latest offering from the amazing ES Series of Segway. Looking like the sleek machinery that it is, the Segway E25 is made of aviation-grade 6 alloy and sandblasted coating. 

No worries though, as its sturdy design does not compromise its weight which clocks in at just 14.4 kg! Another one of its portable features that you’ll love is its easy and quick folding system, making it convenient for you to carry onboard a bus or load in a car.

Power wouldn’t be an issue as the E25 has a prominent custom motor that can reach a 700W peak power that’ll push you to a top speed of 25 kph. Take advantage of its high performance while you cruise through the city, even on slopes or ramps, with an improved 15% hill grade.

The Segway E25 is equipped with a customised battery unit to give you a pretty good 25 km range for a beginner scooter. Want to know how durable it is? It’s flame retardant, shock resistant, and IPX4 waterproof rated.

You’ll want something stable and safe for your daily trips and this e-scooter gives you just that! With its triple braking system, it has an improved stopping power that won't cause you to lose balance. Thanks to the attached 9-inch synthetic rubber tyres with anti-flat technology, getting stuck in the middle of your commute won’t be an issue!

Visibility is another top feature of the E25 as its impeccable lighting system ensures that you and those around you see you coming. To make it an even more fun riding experience, it has colourful mood lights that change to the colour you want!

Experience a convenient way of scootering with the Segway E25 and have fun dashing through the streets!

Segway F30

Segway Ninebot F30

Turn your daily commutes into adventures with the Segway F30 as it offers a powerful and enjoyable riding experience! It’s the perfect ride for newbie riders with laudable speed and range along with its other amazing specs. The best part? You can have it all without breaking your budget!

The F30 is equipped with a 300W motor that delivers an impressive speed of up to 25 kph and a powerful battery that can take you within a 30 km range in just a single charge. Plus, those pesky ramps won’t be a bother as this has a 10-degree climbing angle.

To add to that, you can travel without fear over safety with its 10-inch inflatable tyres and dual braking system that  ensures your riding experience is as smooth as butter! And, you only have to charge it for 5 hours which is convenient if you’ll use this daily.

Regardless of your transit situation, the F30 provides three riding modes to help you tackle different circumstances. You can access and pick between the modes: eco, standard, and sports, through the LED dashboard. Moreover, it is IPX5-rated resistant to water, so you don't have to worry about countless maintenance costs.

Need more convincing? You’ll get to enjoy and experience these amazing features on a scooter that only weighs 14 kg! Taking it out on rides around town or carrying it aboard a train will be effortless.

Unagi E500

Unagi E500

Don’t let the simplicity of its design fool you because it definitely packs a punch that makes it a standout. A fusion of speed, range, and portability makes the Unagi E500 a worthy choice for any beginner. 

Light and sleek, it leverages its design made from Japanese TORAY carbon fibre to bring the scooter to its 10.99 kg weight. With its magnesium alloy handlebars and integrated, intuitive dashboard, it is described as a feat of engineering. 

One button. That’s all it takes to fold the steel hinge system of the scooter which makes it easier to carry when needed. Its weight and folding system make this a champion in the portability and convenience category.

Achieve a maximum speed of 32 kph and incredible torque power with the 250W dual motors of the E500. Also, it’s equipped with the finest LG battery to let you travel up to a decent 25 km and give you an adequate charging time of 4 to 5 hours. 

Safety is uncompromised with this lightweight scooter as it’s fitted with puncture-proof 7.5-inch rubber tyres and a dual E-ABS braking system to give you a steady stopping power without letting you lose balance.

Get ready to take on the city with this light speedster that’ll surely turn heads with its elegant but trendy design. Monotonous trips will be a thing of the past with the Unagi Model One E500!


Apollo Air

Apollo City

Segway Air T15

Segway E25

Segway F30

Unagi E500








Top Speed









45 km





Charging Time


8hrs (4hrs if using fast charger)




4 to 5hrs


Bonus: For the Youngsters

Segway A6

Segway A6

Make the scootering experience of your child vibrant and cool with the Segway A6! Its colourful and bright design will surely excite your young rider.

It has a 50W motor and a battery voltage of 27Wh which are enough for the scooter to produce a top speed of 12 kph and a good range of 5 km. Plus, the fact that it only weighs 4.6 kg makes it easy to handle.

What’s more, it has a Kick To Accelerate function that keeps the kiddo active while scootering. With the A6, you’ll be confident of your kids’ safety with its decent pace!

Segway C8 and C10

Segway C8 & C10

Do you have a little daredevil? Then, the Segway C8 and C10 will surely be enjoyed by your little adventurer! The scooters, weighing 9 kg and 9.5 kg respectively, are powered by 120W motors and lithium-ion batteries. Both have a top speed of 16 kph and a maximum range of 10 km which allows for approximately 40 minutes of zippy and fun scootering!

It has three riding modes tailored to your child's skill level, so you won't have to worry about them speeding away dangerously. Controlling the scooter is safe and easy thanks to the 6-inch solid synthetic rubber tyres and grippy handles. Outdoor riding has never been more secure and fun with the C8 and C10!

Segway Zing C20

Segway C20

All-black with a splash of red highlights, the Segway Zing C20 is here to steal some hearts. It’s time to graduate from the kiddie scooters and give them a ride with more gusto! 

It might only weigh 10 kg but it definitely packs a punch with its awesome specs like a zippy 16 kph top speed and 20 km range on a single charge. Surely, your teenager won’t be left behind! Plus, it has an easy 2-step folding mechanism that lets you carry or store it easily.

The C20 offers high-performance hand brakes and an energy recovery system to stabilise riders when stopping. Safety features such as a TPR handlebar with anti-skid traction and a tough steel frame will keep your teen safe while riding.

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