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electric scooter christmas guide

The Ultimate Christmas Buying Guide to Electric Scooters and Rides

The Ultimate Christmas Buying Guide to Electric Scooters and Rides

It's that time of the year again! There's no denying that giving and receiving presents during Christmas is an activity that most everyone loves. And if you want to earn the 'Best Gift' reward this year, electric scooters and rides are the way to go!

Timely and trendy, they're useful presents to give your loved ones who enjoying going around town. Plus, there are many kinds to choose from: be it for fun or for commutes! 

Read on below to discover our top recommendations on what to get this Christmas!

The Top Electric Scooter & Ride Gifts for Christmas

Electric Scooters for Kids

Imagine the wide-eye wonder and excited squeals of your favorite kiddos when they open their gifts on Christmas morning to see their very own rides.

No doubt that these scooters will definitely win you the 'Favourite Person' award with your little ones:

Segway Zing E8

segway zing e8

Comes in Pink, Purple, and Red

Suitable for kids ages 5-10

Segway Zing E10

segway zing e10

Suitable for kids ages 8-14

Electric Scooters and Rides for Teens & Adults

Teenagers and adults have more places to go, and that's why different scooters are designed for the type of riding you prefer. Whether you need something handy for commutes or thrilling for new adventures, these scooters are sure to bring you conveniently to where you need to be:

Segway Ninebot F30

segway f30 scooter

Suitable for kids 12+, teens, and adults

Segway Ninebot E22

segway ninebot e22

Comes in Black and White

Suitable for teens and adults

Segway Ninebot F40

segway f40 scooter

Suitable for teens and adults

Apollo Air and Air Pro

apollo air electric scooter

Suitable for kids 12+, teens, and adults

Segway Ninebot E25 and E45

segway ninebot e45

Suitable for adults


Segway Ninebot Max G30LP and G30P (Global Edition)segway ninebot max g30p g30lp

Suitable for adults

EMove Cruiser

emove cruiser

Comes in Black, White, Orange, and Purple

Suitable for adults

Apollo Explore

apollo explore electric scooter

Suitable for adults

Evolve GTR Electric Skateboards

evolve gtr electric skateboard

Perfect for riders who prefer to skate rather than to scoot

Suitable for adults

Comes in Bamboo and Carbon

Available with All Terrain and Street tyres


Apollo Ghost

apollo ghost electric scooter

Suitable for adults

Apollo Phantom

apollo phantom electric scooter

Suitable for adults

Segway Z10 Electric Unicycle

segway z10 electric unicycle

For thrill seekers who prefer something unique yet equally exciting, an electric unicycle is an awesome choice.

Suitable for adults

Electric Rides for Hardcore Adventurers

When your friend just can't get enough of exhilarating stunts, the perfect gift to give them would be these top-of-the-line performance rides. These rides are not for the faint of heart and absolutely be a joy to ride for the consummate daredevil:

Sur-Ron Light Bee X Dirt E-Bike (Arriving December 15)

sur ron light bee x electric dirt bike

Suitable for adults

Benelli Mantus

benelli mantus electric mountain bike

Suitable for adults

NAMI Burn E - Viper

nami burn e viper electric scooter

Suitable for adults


Electric Rides For All Ages

If you're after excellent value in terms of great fun and bonding, the entire family will absolutely love taking turns (or racing each other, if you get more than one) riding these family-friendly rides. These are perfect for all ages, so kids and kids-at-heart are sure to enjoy:

Segway Ninebot miniPro (S-PRO)

segway ninebot minipro s pro

Comes in Black and White

Suitable for kids, teens, and adults

Segway Go Kart Pro

segway go kart pro

Suitable for kids, teens, and adults

Segway Go Kart Pro - Lamborghini (Limited Edition)

segway go kart pro lamborghini

Suitable for kids, teens, and adults

Why Go For Electric Scooters & Rides?

Electric scooters and other electric rides offer a different kind of thrill from other traditional rides like bikes, skateboards, and scooters. They're quicker and easier to master and use.

Plus, many electric rides, such as the scooters and skateboards, can double up as your everyday choice for commuting. Your daily travels can be shortened significantly if you're not stuck in traffic for hours on end. Plus, parking fees won't be a problem since you can store scooters and skateboards under your desk.

And it's better than traditional rides since you'll be less sweaty when you arrive at your chosen destination (perfect when you're coming in to work).

Some rides, like the go-karts and miniPRO, offer fun for all ages. The family can take turns riding around. Or better yet, you can challenge each other in friendly races which is an incredible way to experience some bonding time.

What to Look For When Buying Electric Scooters & Rides

There are many types of electric scooters and rides in the market today, and it can get confusing as to which one will fit the best for your loved one. That's why you'll need to keep in mind a few points when you're out buying your gift. Here are some of them:

Use of the Ride

A good basis when choosing which electric ride to get for your friend or family member is keeping in mind what they'll most likely use it for: recreation or commute.

If you're gifting a ride for the purpose of everyday travel, it is best to stick to either entry-level or commuter scooters, and electric skateboards. The latter is sure to be appreciated by skateboarders as it does give an exhilarating boost in speed (and is still as conveniently portable as traditional boards).

But if you're gifting it for recreation, you're open to tons more possibilities: from go-karts that are perfect for multi-generational fun to beastly scooters and dirt-bikes for your resident daredevil.

Rider's Age & Skills

Another thing you have to keep in mind when gifting an electric scooter or ride is your loved one's current skill. If this will be their first scooter, you'll be better off giving beginner and commuter scooters since their power is relatively easier to get used to than performance scooters. 

Advanced riders, though, will have a grand time zooming around in thrill scooters that can go faster than 50 kph and farther than 40 km. 

Choosing which electric ride to get will also depend on your friend's or family member's age. Some electric scooters are designed specifically for young children, with regards to its size, top speed, and safety features.

Other rides, such as the Segway miniPRO and go-karts, can be used by kids and adults alike.

Performance: Speed & Range

Once you've thought about the receiver's preferences, it's now time to compare the ride's performances. Will your friend need to travel short or long distances? Do they prefer zippy or insanely fast rides? Will they need to go on rough trails or will they stick to paved roads?

If you're gifting a scooter for a daily commuter, range is more important than speed. Since most roads have a speed limit anyway, it's best to focus on scooters that can go for longer distances.

But adrenaline junkies who're after scooters and rides for the rush will definitely appreciate the breakneck speed of performance scooters and electric dirt bikes.

Safety Features

While all electric scooters and rides are designed to have high-performing safety features like responsive brakes and good light systems, it's still a good idea to compare model's to see which ones have better suited features for your intended recipient.

Most kids' scooters, for example, are also made with wider decks, slip-resistant foot pads, grippy handles, etc. Some scooters also have double or triple braking systems while others only have either front or rear brakes. 

Checking out the safety features on your electric ride is particularly important if you're going to gift a performance scooter or a ride that'll go insanely fast.


Electric scooters and rides come in many different price points. It's not necessarily the higher the price, the better. Some mid-priced electric scooters perform just as well.

You'll just need to remember that, most of the time, the more powerful the specs and the more unique features, the more expensive the ride gets.

That's why kids' scooters are less expensive than adult scooters (because they require less one-of-a-kind features and less power). Entry-level and commuter scooters also offer more affordable options because you won't need record-breaking performance from them. 

And since electric dirt bikes and thrill scooters require the most power out of all the rides, don't be surprised if they also have the heftiest price tags. But with the performance they provide, their cost will definitely be worth every penny.

Must-Have Accessories To Go With Your Gifts

While electric scooters and rides are fun on their own, supplementing them with accessories can improve your experience all the more. Some accessories are perfect for keeping you safe during your travels. Others still can help increase your riding comfort. 

If you want to get your friend or family member an awesome electric ride accessory, here are some of the most useful ones we recommend. 

Handy Helmets

Helmets aren't just handy. They can also keep you extra safe while you're out riding at quick speeds. Indeed, well-fitting helmets can be the difference between a minor spill and a bad accident. 

To help you choose which helmet to gift, here are our recommendations: 

Thousand Helmet 

thousand helmet

Aside from helping keep you safe, the Thousand helmet is a favourite among riders because it's trendy and stylish. The vintage moto-lid design that comes in 6 fantastic colours make it a choice choice.

Plus, it comes in 3 different sizes.

Xiaomi Smart4u LED Helmet

xiaomi led helmet

For modern and techie riders, the handy LED lights at the back of your head will definitely be an appreciated feature. With the bright flashing lights on your helmet, your visibility during evening rides can be increased. 

It even comes 2 sizes with  2 classic colours (black and white) and 2 fun shades (Pink and Blue).

Official Segway Helmet

official segway helmet

Minimalist riders who prefer a sleek look will love the Segway's official helmet for its simple, matte black finish. It's a helmet that will definitely pair well with any scooter you choose.

    Security Essentials

    Some accessories you can get just because they look nice. The ones below are must-haves because they level up security, be it for the rider or for the scooter.

    These are accessories that every rider should have, at least, one of at all times.

    ETook Premium Scooter Lock 

    etook premium lock

    Comes in 5 colours
    Segway Scooter Lock

    segway scooter lock
    ETook Heavy Duty Chain lock

    etook heavy duty chain lock
    Apollo Alarm

    apollo anti theft alarm
    Gaciron Lights 

    gaciron usb light

    Comes in 1600 Lumen and 1800 Lumen

      Practical Add-Ons

      Chances are, you'll be bringing a few bits and bobs (like your phone, keys, and wallet) when you're out riding. Since you'll be busy controlling your scooter or ride, you can't really hold on to your essentials. And putting them in your pocket is not the most secure.

      Segway Carry-On Bag

      segway carry bag

      Segway Universal Phone Holder

      segway universal phone holder


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