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Xiaomi Pro Scooters: The Ultimate Guide & Review 2020

Xiaomi M365 Pro and Pro 2 Electric Scooter Review

When it comes to electronics and innovation, Xiaomi is one of the leading brands in the world. While this Beijing-based electronics company produces lines for smartphones, mobile apps, and more, one of their best-selling products is their electric scooter line.

Man and Woman with Xiaomi M365 Pro

But before we go over the extraordinary performance of the Xiaomi M365 Pro, its best to set the tone with its equally fantastic predecessor, the Xiaomi M365 Mi Electric Scooter. This bad boy right here was given the prestigious 'Best of the Best' Award by Red Dot in 2017. To get that award, you have to the very top of your category. And the Xiaomi M365 took the prize for its minimalist yet modern design.

If thats how innovative the former was, think of how high-performing the Xiaomi M365 Pro would be! Both electric scooters are great. Some people will find more benefits with the M365 while others will prefer the Pro. But if youre looking for durability and endurance, the Xiaomi M365 is your better bet!



Net Weight

Max. Speed

Max. Range

Battery Power


Xiaomi M365



Approx. 118 cm x 43 cm x 113 cm



Approx. 49 cm x 43 cm x 113 cm


Approx. 14.20 kg


Approx. 25 kph


Approx. 45 km


Rated Power: 300W


Max. Power: 600W


 Approx. 8-9 hours charging time



Incredible Range & Speed Choice

Most electric scooters in the market have a maximum range of 25 km, and you really cant say anything wrong about that because it's a pretty decent distance. But if you're someone who takes longer commutes, a mere 25 km range might not be the best choice.

Its a good thing, then, that the Xiaomi M365 Pro can do a whopping 45 km. Thats almost twice the distance that most electric scooters can do today in one charge! But how is this possible? Well, a more extended range needs a more powerful battery, and that is what this model has. But more on that later!

Another thing that a lot of people check out when purchasing electric scooters is the maximum speed. Now, for safety reasons of both the riders and pedestrians, governments around the world have imposed maximum speed limits for electric scooters.

Thats why most e-scooters have the same maximum speed of 25 kph. The Xiaomi M365 is no different. What makes it more unique is that it has 3 different speeds modes that you can choose from.

The Xiaomi M365 Pro’s speed modes are ECO Mode, Standard Mode (D), and Sports Mode (S). All three modes each have their own maximum speeds. When youre in Standard Mode, the fastest you can go is about 20kph. Sports Mode can find you accelerating up to 25kph. The slowest but most energy-saving is ECO Mode which can only run at a maximum of 15kph.

Xiaomi M365 Pro folded

Switching to all three modes is super easy! All you need to do is to double-press the power button. You can also check which mode youre currently on as its always displayed in the LED screen.

Of course, you should also consider factors that may affect the overall speed of your electric scooter. Inclined roads and rider weight can influence how fast you can go. The Xiaomi M365 Pro has a maximum climbing angle of 12° which is a fair industry standard. Its not much but still okay. For maximum load, this electric scooter can carry up to 100kg (which is also typical for other electric scooter models).

Long-Range Battery Life

Let’s go back to this electric scooters battery. To be able to perform at longer distances, the Xiaomi M365 features a more powerful battery. In fact, it houses a 18650 power lithium battery with a massive 474Wh capacity.

Okay, that looks like a nice number but what does that mean for actual performance? Well, this power capacity allows the Xiaomi M365 to perform efficient acceleration throughout a long-range distance (45 km limit) without re-charging.

Whats more, the Xiaomi M365 Pro has an innovative smart power management system that keeps your electric scooter safe with 6 protective measures. Under this system, you are given the following protections:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Double protection from overcharging and over-discharging
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Undervoltage auto-sleep protection
  • Temperature resistance

Aside from these revolutionary features, you can quickly check the health of your battery from the Xiaomi mobile app. Convenient, right?

And if you think thats everything, it doesnt stop there. The Xiaomi M365 Pro also has a system that extends its battery life. It converts and stores kinetic energy into electrical power while youre accelerating. It also houses a regenerative braking system which improved emergency braking as well as battery life.

Minimalist Convenience

Xiaomi is known for its simplistic ideals towards the products they produce. If you prefer maximum efficiency and total user-friendliness, then a Xiaomi product would be the perfect fit. The M365 Pro is no different.

Xiaomi designed this models look with three ‘S’s in mind: Subtle, simple, and sleek. The Xiaomi M365 Pro features a geometrically studded dual-colour design that fits any location you ride it into, be it in a park or to work.

Xiaomi M365 Pro traveling

But thats not all. Ease of use is also present in how this model folds to be more portable. Like its predecessor, the Xiaomi M365 Pro also highlights a fast, 3-second folding mechanism. All you need to do is flip, fold, and clip. And since it only weighs about 14.20kg, you can easily lift it up to your trunk or a flight of stairs! 

Durability Equaling Aviation Grade Standards

Now, let's talk about the technical aspects of the Xiaomi M365 Pro's design. Aside from looking modern and shiny, the actual frame of this electric scooter is made from aerospace-grade aluminium. Thats the standard used for aeroplanes, so you know youre getting your moneys worth!

What's more, the 6061 aluminium material used for this scooter was tested with a load of 100kg without even deforming the frame. As part of its exceptional take on durability, Xiaomi also outfitted the M365 Pro's frame with corrosion-resistant coating.

But enough about the frame! There are other notable design details that this electric scooter has. For one, it has a beautifully curved pedalboard that seamlessly blends to the M365 Pros entire look from front to rear. It also makes for a very comfortable and smooth ride.

Learn which electric scooter fits your needs the most in this epic Xiaomi battle:

Convenient Monitoring

Xiaomi M365 Pro handle bars

What makes the M365 Pro more superior than the Mi M365 is its handlebar. Instead of just four LED lights, the handlebar on the M365 Pro has more easier-to-read features. You only need one glance to tell you a ton of information you need. Some of this information are current speed, speed mode, battery levels, Bluetooth connection, headlight power, and even repair warnings!

And it's incredibly easy to use, as well. All you need to do is to tap the single button found on the scooter. One tap turns the scooter on, one top held for three seconds turns it off. When the scooter's on, a single tap turns your headlights on/off, and two taps help you switch between speed modes.

As for comfort and convenience? The handlebars are equipped with anti-slip material, so you don't accidentally let go of your scooter while riding. It also has an easy-to-reach bell to help your warn pedestrians when you're near.

First-Rate Safety

Like the M365, this electric scooter was also made with advanced safety enhancements to keep you secure during your commutes.

The M365 Pro both have headlights and tail lights so that you are well-lit, even when riding during the evenings. The ultra-bright headlight brightens whats in front of you to help you navigate your way around; while the red tail lights serve as a warning to pedestrians and other vehicles.

But thats not all. The M365 Pro also has an innovative double-break system. The front breaks use an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system to that the electric scooter can quickly respond to braking. The rear of the M365 uses a 12cm ventilated disc brake.

Shock-Absorbing Tires

Talking about the look and body of the M365 is good and all, but what about its tires? After all, the tires will be doing a lot of heavy work. That being said, Xiaomi made sure to outfit this electric scooter with high-performing 8.5-inch pneumatic tires for its front and rear.

Xiaomi M365 Pro Front

Both tires are made with a hybrid rubber-mix material that offers impressive shock absorption and road adaptability. In other words, you wouldnt feel those pesky bumps on the road. Enjoy a smooth commute over different terrains!

User-Oriented Application

Mobile app for dashboard, statistics, cruise control

The mark of an excellent and modern electric scooter is its ability to adapt to the online world as well. Its a good thing, then, that the Xiaomi M365 Pro has a mobile app that can be used as its dashboard.

Thats right! As long as you connect your electric scooter to your smartphone, you can easily check different kinds of information, including:

  • Ride Statistics (Current battery level, Average speed, Current mileage)
  • Cruise Control (cruise control not recommended, above 15kph speed, and specific road conditions)
  • Smart Unlock
  • Firmware updates


Introducing the new Xiaomi Pro 2

xiaomi pro 2 foldable electric scooter black

Though the Xiaomi Pro and Xiaomi Pro 2 are quite similar to each other, the latter has newer upgrades that can help make your riding experience a whole lot easier and more comfortable. For one, the Pro 2 even comes with a spare tyre.

You'll notice that both the top speed and maximum range of the two scooters are the same. That's not surprising as they do come from one scooter series. However, the two main differences between the Xiaomi Pro and Pro 2 are driving modes and lighting.

Instead of an ECO Mode, the Xiaomi Pro 2 includes a new and improved Pedestrian Mode which helps you better navigate the twists and turns in city streets. It has a slow top speed of 5kph so that it's safer for you to ride near people. You can also avoid accidents involving pedestrians when on this mode.

The other modes, Standard and Sports, are still the same as that of the Xiaomi Pro.

Another improvement on the Xiaomi Pro 2 is that it features a 2W LED headlight instead of the Pro's 1W LED front light. This way, the Pro 2 offers better illumination during your night time riding. At the same time, the ultra-bright light can provide better security as well. 

Plus, the Xiaomi Pro 2 also has reflectors on each side that increase your visibility during the evenings.




  • Long-range at 45km
  • Powerful battery with added protective systems
  • Informative mobile app


  • Ordinary max. incline angle
  • Typical max. weight



Xiaomi M365 Pro Xiaomi Pro 2



Approx. 118 cm x 43 cm x 113 cm



Approx. 49 cm x 43 cm x 113 cm


Approx. 113 cm x 43 cm x 118 cm



Approx. 113 cm x 43 cm x 49 cm


14.20 kg

14.20 kg

Speed Mode

ECO Mode, Standard (D) Mode, Sports (S) Mode

Pedestrian Mode, Standard Mode, Sports Mode

Max. Speed

Approx. 25 kph

Approx. 25 kph

Max. Range

Approx. 45 km

Approx. 45 km


Rated Power: 300W

Nominal Power: 300W

Max. Power: 600W

Brushless DC Motor

Battery Power

Max. Power: 600W

42V, 12.8Ah

Charging Time

Approx. 8-9 hours charging time

Approx. 8-9 hours charging time


Front and rear double braking system, Electrical and physical braking

Front E-ABS Electrical + Rear Disc Mechanical Brakes

Waterproof Rating







Want to see the Xiaomi M365 in action? Watch this video and see what people who have already tried have to say:

You can also order the Xiaomi M365 Pro and the Xiaomi Pro 2 from Electric Kicks, the home of electric scooters. We ship fast and free from our Melbourne Warehouse

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