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Apollo Pro Electric Scooter

by Apollo
Original price $3,899.00
Original price $2,899.00 - Original price $3,899.00
Original price $3,899.00
Current price $3,599.00
$2,699.00 - $3,599.00
Current price $3,599.00
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Scooter: Apollo Pro 60V 21Ah Hydraulic Brakes
  • product-top-speed 60 kph
  • product-maximum-range 90 km
  • product-weight 34 kg
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High demands on your electric scooters? The Apollo Pro can handle it like... well, a pro! From powerful dual 1000W motors, incredible top speed and range; plus the ability to handle both trails and streets, this electric scooter is the answer to a rider's wildest dreams.




Reign over trails and streets alike with the Apollo Pro

Rev it up and rule urban and off-road terrains with the Apollo Pro! Note this is the regular tyres version of the Apollo Pro. 

Electric Kicks are proud to be exclusive distributors of Apollo Scooters in Australia, we stock all spare parts and accessories, and have a service team that can help with anything post purchase.

Enjoy the incredible power of its dual 1000W brushless DC motors that allow you to reach top speeds of 60 kph.

apollo pro electric scooter ride

Its awesome acceleration can have you zooming to 50 kph in just 6.2 seconds! That's not to mention this electric scooter's ability to go up and crush hills of up to 40 degrees. But that's not all, the Apollo Pro can also handle loads of up to 150 kg (that's 50 kg more than most other scooters can).

Its high-performing 52V 22.5Ah LG battery offers you the chance to go on long-distance adventures of up to 90 km (that's thrice as far as most other models). Its battery is also equipped with Smart power management.

apollo pro electric scooter urban offroad

And its advanced front spring + rear hydraulic suspension system? Superb! Couple its awesome dual shock absorbers (in front and rear), large deck, and dedicated footrest and you'll be riding comfortably on the Apollo Pro for hours on end. Plus, it's 10-inch pneumatic tyres will cushion impacts during your rides for a more comfortable experience, whether you're off-road or in urban areas.

With its beast of a performance, don't worry about safety because the Apollo Pro has got you covered. It has two high-performing disc brakes in the front and rear, and an electric regenerative brake on its motor to give you a smooth braking distance of 16.1 feet. You can even upgrade it with hydraulic brakes that'll give you a better braking response and feel.

It also has dual LED lights both in front and the back for added safety and visibility.

Want to amp up your ride even further? The Apollo Pro also comes with a 60V version which has higher specs than the 52V. This version automatically comes with hydraulic brakes and can reach speeds of up to 68 kph with its 1200W dual motors and a great maximum range of 80 km.

When it comes to torque and power, look no further than this electric scooter. Dominate city streets and off-road trails today with the Apollo Pro!

*Ships from Melbourne or Perth warehouses (Apollo Pro 52V Hydraulic Brakes)




MAX. SPEED 60 kph 68 kph
MOTOR 2 x 1000W BLDC; 2400W Peak 2 x 1200W BLDC; 3200W Peak
RANGE 90 km 80 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 150 kg 150 kg
WEIGHT 34 kg 34 kg
BATTERY VOLTAGE 52V 22.5Ah; LG 60V 21Ah, Samsung
10-12 hrs (5-6 hrs with fast charger) 10-12 hrs (5-6 hrs with fast charger)
CLIMB ANGLE Up to 40 Degrees Up to 40 Degrees
TYRES Front & Rear 10-inch Pneumatic Front & Rear 10-inch Pneumatic
BRAKES Front & Rear Disc + Electric Re-gen Brakes / Upgraded Hydraulic Brakes option available Hydraulic Brakes
  • Dual motors (2x1000W brushless DC motors for 52V, 2x1200W for 60V)
  • 60 kph (52V) and 68 kph (60V) Top Speed
  • 90 km (52V) and 80 km (60V) Maximum Range
  • 150 kg Maximum Load
  • Dual Spring Suspension (front spring + rear hydraulic)
  • Can climb up to 40-Degree Inclines
  • Triple Braking System (front disc, rear disc, and electric re-gen brakes)
  • Can be upgraded to Hydraulic Brakes (60V comes with it automatically)
  • Folding handlebars & stem
  • Quick acceleration at 25kph in 2.8 seconds
  • 3 riding modes: 25 kph, 45 kph, 60 kph
  • LED Display
  • Index-finger throttle




Watch the Apollo Pro in action:




All Apollo scooters have an industry-leading warranty comprised of a 24 month warranty - 12 month warranty + 12 month cost price servicing and spare parts. For more information, please see our warranty page.




Electric Kicks ships out your order through Priority Express couriers, free of charge, anywhere in Australia. No minimum order required. Generally orders are shipped the same day if ordered before 12pm.

Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, usual delivery time takes:

Melbourne - 1-2 days

Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide - 1-2 days

Perth - 1-2 days (5-7 days if not shipped from our Perth warehouse)

New South Wales - 1-3 days

South Australia - 1-3 days

Brisbane & the rest of Queensland - 3-4 days, depending on location from the main city

Tasmania - 3-5 days

Cairns - 5-7 days

Darwin - 7 days

Once the order has shipped we have very little control over delays with shipping. We will do our best to help support and follow up during these times. Shipping times are an estimate and can vary depending on factors outside of our control.




Download the Apollo Pro instructions.  





What is the top speed of the Apollo Pro?

The Apollo Pro has a top speed of 60 - 68kmh. Top speed can be adjusted in the P Settings, which is set by default to 25kmh. To access top speed, go to P08 and adjust it to 100.

Can the Apollo Pro be clipped and carried?

No, the Apollo Pro can't be carried by the stem / clip. However, the Apollo Pro can be picked up by most riders from underneith the scooter.

Does the Apollo Pro have dual motors?

The Apollo Pro does have dual motors which you can turn on and off at any time. We recommend engaging the dual motors on hills and when you want to go faster. Dual motors give the Pro incredible speed and acceleration.

Does the Apollo Pro have a Zero Start function?

Yes, by default the Apollo Pro will accelerate as soon as you press the throttle, without kicking the scooter forward manually first.

What is the difference between 52V and 60V Apollo Pro?

The biggest differences between the 52V and 60V versions of the Apollo Pro are speed, range, motor, and battery. Obviously, the 60V has a bigger battery than the 52V which is why some of its specs are also higher. The 52V also has 1000W dual motors while the 60V has 1200W dual motors. What's more, the Apollo Pro 52V has a 60 kph top speed and 90 km maximum range while the Apollo Pro 60V has a 68 kph top speed and 80 km maximum range.

What is the difference between regular brakes and hydraulic brakes?

The advantage of hydraulic brakes over regular brakes is their efficiency. It requires less pressure on the braking levers to provide equal amounts of stopping power versus regular mechanical brakes. Hydraulic brakes are also sealed so you’re in no danger of having road contaminants stuck in your braking system.

Do you have spare parts/do repairs on the Apollo Pro?

Yes, we do repairs and servicing for the Apollo Pro over at our service centre at Vermont. We also have repair specialists in most metro cities Australia wide. You will have to leave your scooter with us for a few days. Please book an appointment by calling directly 0452054257 or using the booking link here

Is the Apollo Pro good for heavier riders?

Yes, due to the power and dual motor system, the Apollo Pro is perfect for heavier riders

Does the Apollo Pro have warranty?

Yes, we offer 12 months warranty + 12-month cost price, servicing, and spare parts for Apollo scooters here in Australia. Please see our warranty page for more info.

Why does the Apollo Pro have 2 charging ports?

The Apollo Pro has two charging ports because you have the option of using 2 regular chargers to reduce charging time. Similarly, you can get the shorter charging time by using 1 fast charger.

What's the difference between a regular and fast charger?

The Apollo Pro comes with 1 regular charger which you can use to charge the scooter. It takes about 10-12 hours for it to fully charged. If you use 2 regular chargers at the same time, you can shorten the charge time to 5-6 hours. 1 fast charger can do the same 5-6 hours charging time, but it has to be used alone. Don't use 2 fast chargers at the same time.

Do you stock extra regular chargers for the Apollo Pro?

Yes, please message us if you require an extra regular charger. If you would like to get a fast charger instead, it is available on the Electric Kicks website.

Does the Apollo Pro come with a thumb throttle?

The Apollo Pro comes with a trigger throttle, and is set to 'zero start' by default, which means you don't have to kick the scooter forward to accellarate

Can you ride the Apollo Pro off road?

Yes, the Apollo Pro is a performance scooter designed for both street and off-road riding. It can handle rough terrain... like a pro.

Product Specs

  • Weight (kg) 34 kg
  • Top speed (kph) 60 kph
  • Carry Load (kg) 150 kg
  • Tyres Front & Rear Pneumatic
  • Tyre Size (inch) 10-inch
  • Brakes Front & Rear Disc + Electric Regenerative OR Hydraulic Brakes
  • Water Resistance IP54
  • Range (km) 90 km
  • RRP ($) 2499 OR 2799
  • Suspension Dual Spring
  • Portability Foldable
  • Hill climb Up to 40 Degrees


Water Resistant (IP54)

Water Resistant (IP54)

High Powered

High Powered

Built Strong

Built Strong

Long Range

Climb Angle 40-Degrees

Climb Angle 40-Degrees

Perfect For Thrill Seekers

Perfect For Thrill Seekers

Free Shipping Australia Wide

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Evan Fox

I brought the 52v model and it’s fast, the steering is smooth and it’s very quite when riding, I highly recommend, plus the delivery was really fast I got told it would come on the 16th of June but instead it came on the 10th. Very happy.

Simon Howden
Awesome Apollo Pro!!!

The team at Electric Kicks surpassed my expectations.
Firstly, I spoke with one of the team over the phone (yes, that’s right! Hard to find now a days) to help me decide on the best scooter that would meet my needs. I purchased the Apollo Pro that was still in a container on a ship. They said it would be delivery in about 3 weeks. Less than two weeks later, it was delivered on a Saturday!!!
I received a helpful set up email the same day and I’ve been riding my scooter every day since. Can’t wipe the smile from my face.
Thanks heaps and absolutely recommend Electric Kicks.

Franck Alcidi
Apollo Pro 60V version

What can I say!? First of all I just want to give Chris and his team from Electric Kicks a huge "THANK YOU!".... They went above and beyond my expectations both with the communication back and forth as well as the service Chris in particular provided me. We had issues with a delivery company and Chris was on to them daily to ensure the e-scooter arrived at my doorstep safely which is did. Not only that but he provided numerous guides to help me set up the scooter and adjust the controller. Everything was well detailed and it took me no more than 15 minutes to set it all up. Chris also called regularly to ensure everything was OK and checked to ensure the scooter had arrived. This is a company that actually CARES for their customers and really, and I mean really look after them should anything go wrong. When buying my next scooter it will be through Electric Kicks because as a company and the service they provide, I simply haven't come across anyone better. My Apollo Pro 60V is a beast and definitely not a toy. This is a scooter for serious riders because it can and will punish you if you misuse it. You've been warned.... This scooter is fast and can be terrifying when pushing it to it's limits. That said if you are sensible, wear the proper gear (I wear my motorcycle gear) and ride with care you will have an absolute blast with the Apollo Pro. I am very tempted to get the new Apollo Phantom but given there isn't that much difference other than the display and a better locking mechanism for the stem I'll wait to see what comes out in another year. The Apollo Pro will give me joy for a few years along with my modded Ninebot Max G30 which I still love and cruise around on when I want to just take it easy or travel from where I park my car then to work. Again thank you to Chris and his team! They are fantastic to deal with. Highly highly recommended if you're looking for an electric scooter.

Kyle Farmer
Beastly Apollo pro

The service I received from Chris and Jo with purchasing my apollo pro was nothing short of exceptional as Chris was kind enough to set up everything prior to collection even charging for me I would recommend this scooter to anyone who likes extremely fast scooters very well put together

Eric Saddington
As advertised

This scooter so far does everything that it's advertising says it can do. I was not pleased with the screws that secure the rear mudguard but nothing that a couple of SS washers and rescrewing the mudguard did not fix. The crew at Electric Kicks go out of their way to give your great service and to make sure you start out on an amazing Apollo Pro electric scooter experience.

David Johnston
Apollo Pro - what a great e-scooter!

I received my Apollo Pro from Electric Kicks recently and could not be happier with it. The power of the dual motors is incredible, but equally importantly both the suspension and brakes match the power making it very stable and safe. I was kept informed of the delivery progress at all times, and the few questions I did have were answered promptly by Support. I thought I was going to get yelled at by my wife for buying it, but instead she wants one of her own ...