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Monorim Ninebot Max Premium Suspension

by Monorim
Original price $179.00 - Original price $249.95
Original price $249.00
$179.00 - $249.95
Current price $179.00
Model: Monorim Front, Spring V4
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Max Comfort for Ninebot Max with Monorim Suspension (V4, MX V.S Front, MX V.S Rear, & Rear)

Dashing around town just got easier and more enjoyable when you install the Monorim V4 suspension on your Segway Ninebot Max. The added suspension provides better support even when you find yourself riding on bumpy roads!

You can also choose to get the Monorim MX V.S for upgraded air suspension.

Supports both Ninebot Max G30P and Ninebot Max G30LP.

Crush those potholes! Increase your ride comfort when on your Segway Ninebot Max with the Monorim V4 and Monorim MX V.S. Not only does it make riding smoother, but it also supports better braking, prevents your folding mechanism from getting loose, and keeps your handlebars from shaking when on the move.

You can even adjust the resistance by using the interchangeable springs included so that it perfectly suits your scooter's maximum weight capacity.

But remember, this suspension upgrade is only for boosting ride comfort. It does not provide adequate support for extreme off-roading.




Monorim V4 Suspension Monorim MX V.S Suspension
COLOUR Black/Gold Black
Version V 4.0 MX V.S 2022 (V4)
WEIGHT 2.77 kg 2.7 kg
SUSPENSION Front, Spring Front, Air
FRAME MATERIAL Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
BRAKING Front, Rear  Front, Rear
COMPATABILITY Ninebot Max G30P (Gen 1) Ninebot Max G30LP (Gen 2) Ninebot Max G30P (Gen 1) Ninebot Max G30LP (Gen 2)




How to Install the Monorim V4 Front Spring/Air Suspension

For an in-depth visual guide, please watch this video.

How to Install the Monorim Rear Spring/Air Suspension

For an in-depth visual guide, please watch this video.

*Please note, Electric Kicks recommend getting this installed by a professional, customer takes all responsibility and liability for any personal or product damage caused.



Does adding the suspension kit really make a difference to ride quality?

Yes, adding the front and rear suspension on either Segway Max models can significantly make your rides feel smoother and more comfortable. It absorbs shock better so there's less vibration and bumpiness.

What's the difference between spring and air suspension?

Air suspension is the latest tech out of the two and is more flexible, in terms of rider height and the adjustability of your suspension stiffness. They are also lighter in weight and perform well when turning fast around corners. Spring suspension, though, provides more stable performance in terms of cushioning and dampening because of its more static nature.

One type of suspension doesn’t necessarily work better than the other and it’s better to base your choice on preference: whether you like flexibility or stability in your suspension more.

What scooters are compatible with the Monorim suspension kit?

The Monorim front spring, front air, and rear suspension kits are compatible with the Segway Ninebot Max G30P and Max G30LP scooters.

What are the blue and red springs in the front suspension kit for?

The red spring that comes with the Monorim front spring suspension kit is for light riders and small bumps. The blue one is for heavier riders and bigger bumps.

Does the Monorim suspension kit come with the side reflector?

Yes, the Monorim front spring suspension kit does come with the side reflector plastic that covers the axle bolts.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Glenn Lazzar
Awesome Upgrade

Worth every cent, and the package arrived in 2 days from purchase ( Mornington Peninsula). Really nice touch with a follow up email, with instructions and link to video.
High quality product, that has really improved the ride and handling of my scooter. I’m also running a solid, run flat on the rear and with this kit you would not know the difference.

Anton Lorenz
Monorim front suspension

Great add on to the ninebot max scooter, it works well, a bit of mechanical skill is necessary , I am yet to put the back one on.

Jade Wondrock
Monorim suspension upgrade g30p

Both kits arrived well packed. Fast shipping, thanks. Kits were complete and easy to install. Very happy with the performance post upgrade, definitely recommend this upgrade!

Elliot Chambers
Great suspension

Great kit - fantastic quality for the price. The online video is a lifesaver. Really smooths out the ride with the correct spring installed. The only problem is I can't seem to get the mudguard to stay put - it slowly droops forward the more bumps I hit even though I have tightened it up as much as possible. Any suggestions are welcome :)


Monorim Ninebot Max Premium Suspension

David Marsh
Quick service

Thanks , hopefully the rear spring suspension I ordered will be here soon ! Cheers