apollo phantom upgrade kit
apollo phantom upgraded display
apollo phantom new throttle
apollo phantom improved kickstand
apollo phantom new front deck plate
apollo phantom stem lock
Zoom apollo phantom upgrade kit
Zoom apollo phantom upgraded display
Zoom apollo phantom new throttle
Zoom apollo phantom improved kickstand
Zoom apollo phantom new front deck plate
Zoom apollo phantom stem lock

Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit

$0.00 Regular price $200.00
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Level up with the Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit

Further enhance your riding experience aboard your beastly Apollo Phantom V1 electric scooter with these awesome improvements! Compatible with all V1 versions of the Apollo Phantom electric scooter.

Please this item is not covered by free shipping since it is an upgrade kit. A $200 value, for only the price of shipping ($25 flat rate Australia wide).

The Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit includes:

  • New Throttle
  • Improved Kickstand
  • Upgraded LCD
  • New Model Button


apollo phantom upgrade kit

Apollo Phantom V2 Upgrade Kit

$0.00 Regular price $200.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Craig W Paterson
Phantom upgrade kit

Thanks great service appreciated

Bernhard Maibom
V2 upgrade

All good fast delivery very happy

Steve Davies
Finally all worth while

Managed to upgrade the scooter over the Christmas break. Now it’s so much better especially the throttle response.I can now see the display in sunlight, the scooter does not fall over with the new kickstand, and now no worries of losing the key. Certainly a much improved riding experience. My Phantom while V1, has the V2 neck so the support brace was not required, so all in all a very upgraded scooter.

Thanks to all at Electric kicks

No more key security !

I love my V1 Phantom scooter, and have clocked up almost 800 km to date (couldn't check this number as odometer has now gone back to zero!).
I do have a few issues with the upgrade kit though:
Was halfway through following the installation video when I realised that I was going to lose the keyed ignition switch. The key is great in reasonably safe areas (e.g. local shops) where I don't want kids to be tempted to have a go when I duck into the shops for a minute or so. Also lets me turn the scooter off instantly.
Was confused for a while by the orange quick connects. I worked out that there are two pairs of orange connectors - one pair with three pins and one pair with five. You (obviously) need to hook up the right ones!
Note that swapping over the display also resets your odometer and all the custom settings. In particular you'll need to dial the display brightness up to 3 to get the full benefit of the new screen.
Just came back from a quick lap around the block - the new throttle is nice and smooth etc - but terribly positioned - I can barely reach it (medium size hands). See the photos showing that your thumb has to reach around the mode cluster. I'm going to swap the position of the throttle and mode cluster which should make it better.
I do appreciate that the upgrade is free, but would have liked an explanation regarding the reason for the loss of the keyed ignition.
The upgrade I would appreciate are threaded plastic caps for the two charging ports. The press-on rubber caps that came with the scooter don't stay on.

Nader Orfali

Upgrade was noticeable …throttle smooth. What a piece of machinery!!! I love it. Can’t wait till these things are legal to ride around on as a true form of transportation

Looking after their consumers!

The company offered to replace the parts on my Phantom V1 with the updated tech from the V2 for free (bar postage). To me that’s damn amazing consumer care, and I already THOROUGHLY enjoy my Phantom!!