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Inokim Ox Super

Inokim OX Super: A Comprehensive Guide & Review 2020

Inokim has unleashed the BEAST, with one of the best-designed scooters in the world, the Inokim OX.

Just by looking at the sturdy black frame and bright orange details of the Inokim OX, you know you’re getting a hip and cool electric scooter. With its fast speed and incredible range, the Inokim OX is a great choice for urban commuters and for thrill-seekers. 

The Inokim OX is the flagship model in Inokim’s range today. As the company aims to minimize the need for cars in an urban setup, the Inokim OX offers city dwellers a better option for personal mobility and off-roaders an incredibly powerful ride.

With a prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018 under its belt, the Inokim OX can guarantee a high-performing and excellent ride quality. High speed, long-range, unique ride experience, and multi-terrain. The Inokim OX can deliver the next level in electric scooter tech.

Supreme Speed and Range for Off-Road Terrain

The Inokim OX has top speed capabilities of 45 kph which is perfect for both commuters and thrill seekers. If you're after more than a commuter scooter, the Inokim Ox delivers.

The OX takes around 5.3 seconds to reach 25 kph, which is average compared to other e-scooters but once you hit around 15kph the OX really starts to kick. What makes this ideal in both an off-road and urban setting, however, is that your ride tends to be less jerky. It’s also easier to navigate around traffic and all-terrain. 

inokim ox super multi terrain electric scooter

But what really makes the Inokim OX a great daily commuter scooter is its range. If you’re someone who has a long commute, or wants to thrash off-road in an all-terrain environment, the Inokim OX delivers. 

The OX has two rider modes that you can choose from, and depending on which, the range capabilities of your e-scooter will change. In Full Speed Mode, the Inokim OX can reach about 60 km. It can go for longer in ECO Mode at a maximum range capability of up to 110 km. Long-distance commuters will definitely love this e-scooter. 

You can also enjoy riding to different adventures as the Inokim OX can keep up both paved roads and off-road terrain with solid suspension to support all riding styles. 

Silent Motor, Powerful Performance

The Inokim OX features a powerful brushless, gearless motor which makes it possible to reach the 45-kph top speed it has.

This electric scooter’s battery is a rechargeable Lithium battery that also features in hybrid vehicles like TESLA, so you know you’re going to get really high-performance out of your e-scooter. This kind of battery is known for being lightweight and compact. It also significantly contributes to this e-scooter’s capacity to go to longer lengths.

The Inokim OX needs about 7 hours to charge once emptied fully. But don’t worry! In the event that you run out of battery and still need to travel, you can use the Inokim OX as a regular scooter.

Premium Build, Impeccable Design

When it comes to superior build quality, the Inokim OX is the electric scooter to get. It uses aviation-grade aluminium alloy for its frame, which is known to be durable. Even its rubberized grips are exceptional and perform admirably well. What’s more, a lot of Inokim OX’s parts were custom-made just for this e-scooter which really level ups the quality.

Let’s talk about the parts from top to bottom. The Inokim OX features a pretty straightforward cockpit. It has a serviceable dashboard that shows you useful data during your ride. It also has a thumb-controlled throttle which makes it easier on you during long trips. You don’t need to worry about your hands cramping anytime soon. 

This electric scooter’s handlebars have thick rubberized grips so that you can exercise easy and comfortable control. We find these some of the more comfortable grips out of many e-scooters on the market today. Inokim have really spent the time and resources in development to ensure a top class design in all areas.  

The Inokim Ox also has white LED headlights that are great for illuminating distance plus a rear LED taillight at the right side of the scooter.

inokim ox super e scooter

As for the tyres, this Inokim OX has solid 10” by 2.5” pneumatic tyres with spoked rims on their side. They are great for better suspension and traction and look really cool.

The Inokim OX does not come with an official IP rating so that’s a thing you’ll need to keep in mind. However, Inokim did say that the Inokim OX can be ridden while rain is falling but to avoid driving through water (pretty much like most e-scooters on the market)

Convenient Folding

Like many electric scooters today, the Inokim OX can also be folded for convenient moving around. It has a smooth and impressive folding mechanism and still feels very stable even when locked into place. We lifted the Inokim OX by the stem when it is clipped, and while it is on the heavier side (28kg) it is still comfortable to carry.

inokim ox super folded electric scooter

While the stem can be folded, however, the handlebars in the Inokim OX cannot which can be an issue when storing the e-scooter in tight spaces. 

Aside from the folding, the Inokim OX is not lightweight. Some people might find its 28 kg weight too heavy to carry, making portability a minor issue (In saying that, the OX would still fit comfortably in most car boots)

Reliable Braking & Suspension

The braking system featured in the Inokim OX is phenomenal. Both the drum brake and the disc brake are strong and can handle a 25-kph braking distance in just 11 feet. 

Since the suspension is a big standout, we'll mention it once again. The Inokim Ox’s suspension is super smooth and can really swallow up bumps for a more comfortable ride. Its rubber torsion suspension, started by Inokim, is really quiet. In fact, other scooter models are copying this type of suspension because of its premium performance.


When it comes to superior build quality and the most comfortable ride, the Inokim OXo electric scooter is an excellent choice. With its custom-made parts, its sturdy build, quiet motor, and impeccable suspension, this electric scooter can give you the smoothest riding experience without a doubt. This in our opinion is one of the best looking scooters in the electric scooter market. 

It’s also an excellent option for many long-distance commuters as it has incredible range and can be used as a regular kick scooter when the need arises. Even though it's on the heavier side, the the Inokim OX other benefits such as the 45kph speed, suspension, sleek design, range, on and off-road capability make this electric scooter an urban commuter’s dream!


  • Superior range
  • Can be used as a regular scooter
  • Silent motor & braking
  • Great suspension


  • Less portable than other scooters such as the Ninebot Max, but you can still clip and carry by the stem
  • No mobile app
  • Not as waterproof as other models


Inokim OX Super



122 cm x 59 cm x 130 cm


122 cm x 59 cm x 54 cm


28 kg

Speed Mode

ECO Mode, Full Speed Mode

Max. Speed

45 kph

Max. Range

50 - 60 km Full Speed Mode) 

100 - 110 km (ECO Mode)


Rear 800W 1200W Peak Brushless Motor

Battery Power

20.8AH 60V

Charging Time

7 hours charging time


Front Drum, Rear Mechanical Disc

Waterproof Rating

No official manufacturer IP rating, rain and splash-proof


Black with orange branding


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