The Apollo Air V3: Your Everyday Ride Elevated

The Apollo Air V3: Your Everyday Ride Elevated

Electric scooters have become the leading force in Australia's changing transportation landscape, which used to be dominated by fuel-powered cars and vehicles. Talking about the electric mobility industry, it’s impossible not to mention Apollo.

Known for its sleek and sophisticated electric scooters, Apollo sets the gold standard for quality and craftsmanship and aims to redefine urban mobility through intuitive innovations. And when it comes to innovations, the Apollo Air V3 does not fall behind.

The Apollo Air V3 is the quintessential commuter e-scooter, with a good combination of speed, range, and portability. But how does it differ from other commuter scooters?

Let’s discover what makes this electric scooter the ultimate transportation solution.

First Impressions

Apollo Air V3

The Apollo Air V3 appears elegant and polished, sporting a minimalist look that is guaranteed to be classic and timeless. 

It is crafted for better control, visibility, and portability. Built with premium aircraft-grade aluminium and impressive components, it’s a masterclass in engineering packed into a surprisingly lightweight 17.5 kg package.

Riding Performance

Apollo Air V3

The Apollo Air V3 is a steady companion created to transform your daily commute into a smooth and effortless experience while injecting fun into your mundane routine.

Sure, it packs a punch, with a 500W motor that delivers up to 900W of peak power. It generates enough power to scale 10-degree inclines and accommodate riders up to 100 kg in weight. For commuters, the Air V3’s 34 kph top speed is a sweet spot for city streets. It is nimble enough to zip past cars and weave through traffic, but never too fast that you feel unsafe or out of control. 

Range and Battery Life

Apollo Air V3

The Apollo Air 2023 is equipped with a 36V 15aH battery packed with top-quality 21700 cells. As a result, under the right running conditions, the Air V3 can achieve an impressive 55-kilometre range on a single charge.

On top of upgraded batteries, the Apollo Air features the Power RBS, a regenerative braking system that is rigorously tested for 300K cycles. The Power RBS recharges your battery by up to 10%. Plus, it minimises wear and tear on your mechanical brake by 90%, saving you time and money on maintenance.

And because a flat tyre can ruin long-distance adventures, Apollo has equipped the Air V3 with puncture-proof self-healing tyres. These feature a gel lining that instantly seals punctures as you ride, so you can say hello to uninterrupted journeys.

Comfort and Convenience 

Apollo Air V3

The Apollo Air proves that lightweight commuter e-scooters can be feature-rich with a luxurious feel. Its front-dual fork suspension system absorbs shocks from the road, so you don’t have to deal with jarring bumps and numbing vibrations. 

Aside from smoothing out urban terrain, the Apollo Air 2023 has been upgraded to include new ergonomically designed handlebars with better grips, throttles with bigger buttons and improved spring response, and a new clip-in hook system for easier folding and unfolding.

Speaking of folding mechanisms, the Apollo Air also introduces a re-designed zero-wobble system that locks everything into place, so you don't have to worry about your scooter accidentally folding or unfolding. 

Safety and Water-Resistance

With the Apollo Air 2023, even beginners can navigate the city with the confidence of a seasoned rider. Powerful drum brakes bring you to a smooth, controlled stop, but Apollo has added more features that keep you safe and visible, no matter the weather or time of day.

First, we have a comprehensive lighting system with an adjustable 500-lumen front headlight—twice as bright as its predecessor—to illuminate your path. Meanwhile, integrated brake lights and handlebar turn signals allow better visibility and unspoken communication on the road. 

Then, we also have the Apollo Air V3’s impeccable IP66 water-resistance rating. This rating means your scooter is fully protected against dust and debris and can handle powerful water jets coming from any direction. With this level of water protection, you can ride your electric scooter in any weather condition, even in heavy rain. 

Final Thoughts

Apollo Air achieves the perfect balance between performance and practicality. It's fast enough to make commutes a breeze but also light enough to be carried upstairs or aboard a bus (for multimodal transportation). It will not leave you breathless with breakneck speeds, but it delivers the right amount of force to conquer the urban jungle.

Finally, the Apollo Air V3 gives you unbeatable value for money. Regularly priced at $1,499 (watch out for sales!), it proves you don't have to break the bank to enjoy a high-quality ride. At this price point, you don’t even have to think twice about saying goodbye to being stuck in traffic jams or working around inconvenient bus schedules. 

The Apollo Air V3 lets you reclaim your life, one commute at a time. 

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