All You Need to Know About the Segway E2 Pro

All You Need to Know About the Segway E2 Pro

Are you in the market for a reliable and affordable entry-level commuter e-scooter? If so, the new Segway E2 Pro fills the role very well. 

As the upgraded sibling of the Segway E2 Plus, which is now end of line, it offers exceptional value for money, making it the ideal choice for city riders on a budget.

Experience a different level of excellence, as it delivers more range, additional functionalities, and an overall better performance—all to make your daily rides smoother and more enjoyable.


Getting to Know the Segway E2 Pro

segway e2 pro electric scooter

With the Segway E2 Pro, you’ll find everything you need in an entry-level commuter electric scooter. This ride is not about extreme speed, high-performance features, or an unbelievable range. It is more about finding the perfect balance for consistently dependable rides. 

Key Upgrades

More Power: The E2 Pro retains the same 25 KPH top speed as the E2 Plus, but a more powerful 350W motor delivers a higher peak power and better hill climbing capabilities (18% vs. 12%). 

More Range: Also, you can definitely cover more mileage—40 KM vs. 25 KM—thanks to the Pro’s high-capacity 275 Wh battery. Surprisingly, this bigger battery takes a shorter charging time. While the E2 Plus requires around 7.5 hours, the E2 Pro only needs approx 5.5 hours to charge from zero to 100%.

Larger Tyres: The commuter scooter also features different tyres, favouring 10-inch pneumatic tyres over its sibling’s 8-inch hollow-out tyres. Although the latter was sufficient for daily commutes, larger pneumatic tyres offer advantages like better traction on roads and superior shock absorption.

Built-in Indicators: The scooter takes safe city commutes to the next level with built-in indicators. These, together with bright front and rear LED lights, make you as visible as possible on the road. 

Higher Weight Capacity: Finally, despite only weighing 18.8 KG, the E2 Pro is built sturdy, comfortably accommodating riders up to 120 KG. 

Special Features

The Segway E2 Pro is an electric scooter perfect for beginners, yet it offers more than just basic performance. Aside from notable improvements over the E2 Plus, it has impressive features that just might surprise you.

Anti-Skid Traction Control System: The Segway E2 Pro gives you a stable ride made possible not only by premium components but also the brand’s anti-skid Traction Control System (TCS). It activates when you ride in less-than-ideal conditions. Whether it’s a rough patch or a wet road, the TCS helps prevent slipping and keeps you in control of your scooter.

Air-Leakage-Proof Tubeless Tyres: The scooter’s larger tyres are designed with a special air-tight material, thus making them “air-leakage-proof” and less susceptible to punctures. This means fewer flats and less time spent on maintenance.

Apple Find My Integration: At this price point, you’re also getting an electric scooter with Apple’s “Apple Find My” as a built-in feature. This makes it easy for iPhone users to effortlessly monitor and track their electric scooters from their devices.

Segway E2 Pro Test Drive: Real-Life Riding Performance

Just like with any new arrival, our team couldn’t wait to get their hands on the Segway E2 Pro. And let us tell you—it was a nice surprise. Despite being one of our most affordable electric scooters, it felt premium, well-designed, and completely safe. 

Sure, it wouldn’t be winning races, but when you press that throttle, the E2 Pro picks up the pace quickly. The acceleration is snappy, but stability is never an issue. This scooter feels super solid for the price—we’re talking rock-steady, no wobbles at all. 

Braking is top-notch. The brakes give you great control, which is exactly what you need when weaving through city traffic. And as you'd expect from a Segway electric scooter, although it does not have suspension, the ride is super smooth, even on less-than-perfect pavement. 

For the price point, this thing is seriously impressive. It feels way more polished than the Segway E2 Plus, and even comparable to some of those pricier electric scooters out there.

Who Needs the Segway E2 Pro?

The Segway E2 Pro is a brilliant entry-level commuter e-scooter that does practically everything. It has a legally-compliant top speed and a good range. Its capable motor delivers enough power to go uphill and carry most riders. It even has turn signals—a feature even some more expensive e-scooters don’t have! 

It’s the perfect choice for beginners, commuters looking for a first-mile or last-mile ride, and value-conscious riders who need a balance between affordability and functionality.

That said, if you’re an experienced rider looking for a high-performance ride, the Segway E2 Pro might not be your best choice. Its speed is limited, and its lack of suspension means it cannot tackle more rugged surfaces. For long-distance travellers, its 40-km range may not meet your travel needs. 

If you need a more powerful scooter, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our product specialists are happy to help you find the perfect match for your riding style.

Wrapping Up

The Segway E2 Pro is an electric scooter that’s both accessible and reliable. While you might find similar options in the same price range, this scooter is backed by the trusted name of Segway, with a track record that offers a sense of assurance that's hard to find anywhere else.

It's not just an upgraded E2 Plus—it’s the perfect entry-level electric scooter thoughtfully designed to address the needs of the daily commuter. It offers exceptional value for its price and has all the features you could possibly need for your everyday ride.

Overall, for the price tag, this scooter is a winner. It's got everything you could ask for in a commuter e-scooter—and even more. Seriously, if you're looking for a reliable, smooth ride below $1000, there is nothing better at the moment than the Segway E2 Pro.

Interested in the Segway E2 Pro? Check it out online, take it for a test ride at our showroom, or give us a call at 1300 054 257! 

Comparison Table: Segway E2 Plus vs. Segway E2 Pro


Segway E2 Plus

Segway E2 Pro

Top Speed

25 KPH

25 KPH

Motor Power

300W (Peak 500W)

350W (Peak 750W)

Maximum Range

25 KM

40 KM

Unit Weight

14.4 KG

18.8 KG

Maximum Capacity

90 KG

120 KG

Battery Voltage

220 Wh

275 Wh

Charge Time

Approx. 7.5 hours

Approx. 5.5 hours

Climb Angle




8-inch hollow-out tyres

10-inch pneumatic tyres

Water-Resistance Rating




Front Electronic + Rear Drum Brake

Front Electronic + Rear Drum Brake

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