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With increasing traffic in our cities, the cost of everything going up, and a rise in the amount of time wasted just sitting in traffic each day, it’s time to look at cheaper alternatives to getting to and from work. That’s one of the reasons why more Australians are looking towards commuting to work on an electric bike.

At Electric Kicks, we carry a good range of electric commuter bikes from trusted brands like Aventon and Fiido. Order yours and get free AU-wide shipping today!

What makes a good electric commuter bike?

There are a few things you should look for in an electric bike if you intend on using it to commute around town regularly.

Low Weight

You need to take into consideration the weight of the unit. Weight not only impacts ride comfort, speed & acceleration, and handling, but if you’re ever going to need to pick the bike up or carry it in tight spaces, the weight is going to play an important factor in your overall riding experience. 

If weight is a concern for you, try looking for bikes around the 20 kg mark, such as theAventon Soltera or theAventon Pace 350.2.

Alternatively, if you prefer bikes that fit into a small space, consider getting electric folding bikes


It’s very important that you can be seen by other vehicles on the road, so always make sure your electric bike has integrated lights. As these lights run off the battery of the bike, you won’t find your lights run out of juice in the middle of a ride. Bikes should have front & rear lights at a minimum, with brake lights and indicators being preferred. 

All our electric bikes come with full lighting, while newer commuter ebikes like the Aventon Pace 500.3 feature built-in indicators. 

Ride Comfort

It doesn’t matter whether you’re riding through the city roads, bike paths, short trips, or long commutes: an uncomfortable ride isn’t pleasant. While ‘fixies’ (single speed bikes designed for commuting) are popular due to their low cost & weight, the ride comfort is horrendous and you may find yourself facing some discomfort post-ride. 

At the very least, look for electric commuter bikes with ergonomic padded saddles. If your commutes involve rough roads, look for a commuter ebike with its own built-in suspension such as theAventon Pace 500.2 or the Fiido C11


Many riders opt for e-bikes primarily because they get to cover more distance than with a non-electric bike. Unlike traditional bikes that depend solely on your pedalling effort, an electric bike is battery-powered, which it can run as long as your battery has charge. And even when your battery runs out, the advantage of e-bikes is that you can continue riding simply by pedalling. 

That said, it’s important to consider the duration of your regular commute when selecting the right ebike for your needs. In some cases, you may need to forego a lightweight frame in favour of larger batteries – for example, the Aventon Pace 500.3 is a bit heavier at 23.5 KG but covers up to 96 kilometres on a single charge. 


Unlike off-road electric bikes, commuter e-bikes often have just enough power and speed to comply with government regulations, which means they are legal for use on public roads and bike lanes. Plus, a moderate top speed to ensure adherence to local speed limits.

For example, while their fat-tyre counterparts (e.g. Aventon Aventure.2) require extra power to propel you to higher speeds, commuter e-bikes like the Aventon Soltera.2 are characterised by moderate power that reach legally-abiding, city-suitable top speeds.

Hill Climb Ability

One of the main reasons people buy electric bikes for commuting is so they can arrive at work without dripping in sweat, so it makes sense to look for rides that make your journey as easy as possible.

While some of us commute across predominantly flat surfaces, some of us aren’t so lucky. If you’ll be encountering steep hills during your commute, you’ll need to look towards a combination of low weight, high power, and multiple pedal assist modes to make your ascents as effortless as possible. 

For this purpose, we recommend a more robust electric commuter bike like the Aventon Level.2. With a motor that produces a peak power of 750W, it delivers impressive hill-climbing capabilities, even on throttle-only mode. 

Storage Space & Accessories

Your commuter bike should come with plenty of space for option extras such as racks, panniers, fenders, and baskets. This is because you will usually need to carry something around with you, whether that is a computer, a change of clothes, or lunch. 

If you can find an electric bike that comes with accessories included, such as theAventon Level.2, which comes with front & rear fenders and a rear rack as standard, even better. 

On the other hand, if you need to carry or transport heavier items – or passengers – consider getting an electric cargo bike instead. 


Depending on your ride, you may encounter a few lumps and bumps. Apart from producing an uncomfortable ride, sudden jolts can be dangerous, particularly when riding around other vehicles. Electric commuter bikes like the Fiido C11 and theAventon Level.2 come with front suspension for smoother and more comfortable rides even on bumpy roads.

Stopping Power

To which many cyclists will attest, there is nothing more unpredictable than frustrated drivers in traffic, so being able to stop quickly and in a controlled manner is vital. While U-brakes are popular as a cost-saving measure, particularly on lightweight bikes, they are at a disadvantage when stopping heavier electric bikes because of their low braking power, which can be reduced in wet conditions.

For that reason, always choose an electric bike that has mechanical disc brakes at a minimum, with full hydraulics being the gold standard. Lightweight ebikes, such as the Aventon Soltera.2, can be effectively brought to a stop, while heavier electric bikes like the Fiido C11 and the Aventon Level.2 require hydraulic disc brakes. 

What are the benefits of commuting to work on an electric bike?

There aren’t many downsides to commuting on an electric bike provided you get the right one for your journey. 

It’s Cheaper

Petrol. Parking. Tolls. These are every-day costs that you’ll run up when you commute by car. You don’t get any of those costs when commuting using an electric bike. 

It Can Be Faster

Depending on the length of your commute and the area in which you are commuting, an electric bike could actually be a faster way of getting to work and back. Particularly apparent in urban & inner city environments, you’ll likely find commuting on an electric bike is faster than using both public transport and driving, particularly once you’ve found parking and walked the rest of your commute. 

It’s Healthier

If you’re looking for new ways to incorporate activity & exercise into your day, an electric bike is perfect for you. The exercise isn’t intense - in fact, if you end up doing intense exercise on an electric bike you either aren’t using it properly or you’ve bought the wrong electric bike. Even a gentle pedal counts as exercise, and if you are using cycle paths that are separate from roads you’ll be breathing in fresher air as well.

Either way, most riders that get to work after a form of mild exercise feel a little brighter and energetic. 

It’s Better For The Environment

One of the main reasons electric transport is growing in popularity is that it is better for the environment. With a global green movement occurring, many of us are looking to minimise our carbon footprint, and electric transportation plays a crucial role in reducing the emissions produced by petrol & diesel vehicles. 

What is the best electric bike for commuting? 

Electric Kicks proudly carries two of the best global brands when it comes to commuting: Aventon and Fiido. Both known for premium build and high-end engineering, these multi-awarded brands deliver exceptional performance and reliability, making them perfect for your daily commute.

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