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Electric Scooters

Electric Kicks stock the best range and brands of e-scooters available to Australia including Segway, Xiaomi, Mercane, Kaabo and more.

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Electric Scooters For Kids

We can't just let the adults have all the fun! One of the best things about electric scooters is they bring the entire family together. Electric Kicks are happy to stock some of the best electric kids scooters on the market, including the Segway Zing E10 for older kids and E8 models for younger kids. We emphasise quality and safety with lower speed settings, light weight and easy to use. Your son or daughter will absolutely love them.

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Segway Ninebot Electric Scooters

Electric Kicks stock the official Ninebot e-scooter range by Segway, featuring the Ninebot Es2, Ninebot Es4Ninebot Es MAX and Segway Air T15. The Ninebot Max in the segway range is one of the most advanced e-scooters available to the Australian market, available now with free shipping.


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