About Us

Myfiancé and I first experienced the joy of an electric kick scooter while traveling through Paris.

As if pastries, cheese and wine were not enough, being able to quickly zip through the streets past the crowds of tourists was a game changer. The scooters provided us a fun, efficient, safe way to travel, allowing them to see and experience much more than we could have otherwise. In the "city of romance"...it was truly love at first sight.

Upon returning to their home city of Melbourne and despite the financial hangover, clothes still unpacked in their suitcase and jet lag...after hours of research we ordered our very first electric kick scooter.

From there everything became easier.
  • Riding to work meant no traffic jams
  • Zipping up and down the streets and parks meant fresh air hitting our lungs
  • Being able to quickly pop to the grocery store was no longer an inconvenience
  • Lunch times at work were no longer confined to a 200m walking radius
  • Commuting to the train station went from 10 minutes to 1 minute and never missing the train
  • Using the car less felt more awesome
Life was better with an electric kick scooter.

We knew that others would feel the same so they decided to share this new found love with the rest of Australia, and Electric Kicks was born.

We continue to ride our electric kick scooters every day, and run Electric Kicks by a simple philosophy: To help transform Australian transport, making it easier, friendlier and fun.

What makes electric kicks different?
  • Free Shipping storewide
  • 30 day returns
  • Test ride before you buy
  • We are Stockist of official Segway Electric Kick Scooters and Accessories
  • 12 month warranty
  • Best prices Australia wide
  • We use our products daily!
We know you'll love them too.