About Electric Kicks


My wife and I first experienced the joys of an electric kick scooter while traveling through Paris.

As if pastries, cheese and wine were not enough, being able to quickly zip through the streets past the crowds of tourists was a game changer. The scooters provided us a fun, efficient, safe way to travel, allowing us to see and experience much more than we could have otherwise. In the "city of romance" our electric scooter experience was truly love at first sight.

Upon returning to our home city of Melbourne, jet-lagged, suitcases still unpacked and bank accounts empty, we started our research. Hours passed, but at the end, we ordered our very first electric kick scooter!

Electric kicks

From there everything became easier.

  • Riding to work meant no traffic jams,
  • Zipping up and down the streets and parks meant fresh air hitting our lungs,
  • Having to quickly pop to the grocery store was no longer an inconvenience,
  • Lunch times at work were no longer confined to a 200m walking radius,
  • Commuting to the train station went from 10 minutes to 1 minute and never missing the train,
  • Using the car less felt more awesome.

Life was better with an electric scooter, and we were loving it. We would ride everywhere: to work, to do the groceries, to see friends, family, & more.


We now have a team of 12 specialists - the best talent in Australia in our industry. Our warehouses have expanded across Australia, and our head quarters in North-East Melbourne. Tens of thousands of happy customers across every city, and thousands of 5 star reviews. Our product range grows every month, and we have the highest rating out of any electric scooter store in Australia. It's incredibly humbling and exciting to see how far we've grown, and continue to evolve. The team truely believe in the future of electric transport in Australia.

Most of all, it's when our customers write to us, call us and share videos and photos with us enjoying their electric scooters. Seeing the happiness we are bringing to people's lives on a daily basis is an incredible feeling.

We continue to ride our electric kick scooters every day, and run Electric Kicks by a simple philosophy:

To transform the way Australia commutes & plays, putting customer service and quality products at the forefront of everything we do. 

Transform The Way You Commute & Play

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Chris (Founder)


Cassie (Co-Founder)


Joe (Senior Sales & Customer Service)

Luke (Operations Manager)

Anthony (Service Manager)

Mayank (Head of Marketing)

Alexis (Customer Experience Specialist)

Adrienne (AD) (Shipping and Marketing Support)

Marie (Customer Experience & Content Specialist)

Juan (Warehouse & Operations Manager)

Ryan (Distribution & Shipping Specialist)

Diego (Senior Service Tech)