The Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders (as of September 2023)

The Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders (as of September 2023)

Electric scooters are growing in popularity around the world as the cost of living increases, traffic gets worse, and public transport becomes increasingly busy. However, a lot of e-scooter manufacturers produce e-scooters designed for riders under 100kg. While that doesn’t pose a problem for the majority of riders, there are those among us that want to take part in the fun, but weigh a little bit more. 

As e-scooters are gradually becoming stronger, more powerful, and better made, there are actually more rides suitable for riders over 100 kg than ever before, so we’ve put together a list of the best electric scooters for riders over 100 kg in weight. 


  1. The best electric scooters for heavy riders (as of September 2023)
    1. Segway-Ninebot MAX G2
    2. Segway-Ninebot P65
    3. Segway-Ninebot P100
    4. Apollo Ghost
    5. Apollo City Pro 2023
    6. Pure Advance
    7. Pure Advance Flex
    8. Pure Air³ 
    9. Apollo Phantom V3
    10. Emove Roadrunner V2
    11. Inokim OX
    12. Inokim OXO
  2. Comparison Chart
  3. Honourable Mentions
    1. AnyHill UM2
    2. Navee N65
    3. Apollo City 2022
    4. Apollo Phantom V2
  4. Previous Entries
  5. How to choose the best scooter for heavy adults
  6. What can rider weight affect when on an electric scooter
  7. Not sure what to choose?

The Best Electric Scooters for Heavy Riders

The choices for the best e-scooter for heavy adults used to be in short supply compared to the ones with an average weight limit. However, more and more manufacturers are coming up with models that can comfortably carry weights over 100 kg so your options aren’t as few as before. Here’s a few of our top picks that you might like:

Segway-Ninebot MAX G2 - 120 kg Rider Weight

$1,699.00 - Shop Now

Segway-Ninebot Max G2

Much like its predecessor, the wildly successful G30, the Segway-Ninebot MAX G2 enjoys a first-rate reputation among riders. And for good reason. It looks and feels solid, clearly built to last with its sturdy frame and premium components.

It’s also clear that the MAX G2 is designed to accommodate riders of all sizes. First, it has been furnished with a spacious anti-skid deck and wide handlebars. Also, the stem’s height has increased from 117.8 cm (of the G30) to 126.5 cm, which prevents awkward posture especially among taller riders. 

With its generally larger and higher dimensions, the G2 is a great choice for both taller and heavier individuals. But these are even enhanced by the technology that drives the scooter. Segway’s new RideyLONG™ technology is an advanced controller algorithm that extends the range, optimises battery performance, and enhances the overall ride quality of the G2. 

When further complemented by strong hardware—namely a robust motor, hydraulic suspension, and pneumatic tyres—what you get is a truly stable e-scooter that is a delight to ride.

Despite the fact that a higher rider weight affects a scooter’s capabilities, rest assured that the G2 is equipped from the inside out to deliver a consistently reliable performance for riders of all weights and sizes. 

Segway-Ninebot P65 - 120 kg Rider Weight

$1,999.00 - Shop Now

Segway-Ninebot P65

The Segway-Ninebot P65 goes against the current trend of sleek and streamlined electric scooters with its bulky and robust design. Then again, this decision is not made for pure aesthetics; instead, it is a functional design choice that caters to the needs of bigger riders. 

Like the MAX G2, the P65 has also been marketed to be an upgrade of the G30. Also equipped with a super wide deck, this scooter is great for beginners who are still finding their balance as well as riders who need more space to comfortably stand on the platform. 

While not off-road electric scooter, the P65 is a high-powered machine that does more than just commuting. Its 500W motor delivers enough force to carry heavy loads while maintaining speed and momentum, even when climbing hills, while its efficient battery covers a considerable number of kilometres. 

And despite not having a suspension, the P65’s automotive-grade 10.5-inch pneumatic tyres provide excellent traction on various terrain and an ample amount of shock absorption to keep your rides as smooth as possible. 

By combining a robust design with practical functionality, the P65 is in its own category—not quite ludicrous but a cut above standard commuters—which, if you think about it, could be just right for heavier riders. 

Segway-Ninebot P100 - 120 kg Rider Weight

$2,799.00 - Shop Now

Segway-Ninebot P100

The P65’s older brother is a versatile all-rounder that excels in many areas. Featuring the same bulky and robust design seen in the P65, the P100 is spacious and sturdy enough to accommodate heavy rider weights and loads.

The first thing that sets the P100 apart is its extensive range. As its name states, it can cover up to 100 kilometres on a single charge—an impressive feat made possible by its high-capacity 1200 Wh battery. Even though heavier individuals might have a different experience, anything a bit lower than the advertised 100-km range is still more than enough for most riding needs. 

Unlike the P65, the P100 is equipped with a suspension that allows it to handle demanding terrains and riding conditions. Its double-wishbone torsion suspension is a grade-A system that absorbs shocks and vibrations to create smooth and stable rides on rough roads.

And if you’re a heavier rider who wants to go off the road, you don’t have to worry about punctures. The P100 comes with automotive-grade self-healing tyres that are strong enough to support your weight and grippy enough to provide sufficient traction even on slippery surfaces.

Apollo Ghost - 130 kg Rider Weight

$2,499 - Shop Now

Apollo Ghost

The original Apollo Ghost was one of our favourite e-scooters of all time at Electric Kicks, and the revamped 2022 version of the Ghost seamlessly took that title upon its launch. Still presenting as one of the best value-for-money e-Scooters available today, you can expect its dual 1,000W motors to pump out 60kph of speed, while its 52V Dynavolt battery is capable of powering the ride up to 63 km per charge. 

The Ghost has a strong build, evident in its 29 kg weight, but thanks to this durability, this e-scooter can carry riders up to 130 kg. The 2022 version also built upon the original’s design by improving the strength of the stem, using stronger aluminium alloy wheels, and hosting an improved folding mechanism. 

The same dual-spring suspension remains on the 2022 model, allowing riders a very smooth & comfortable ride. Plus, hydraulic brakes, integrated lighting, & a water-resistance rating of IP54 makes this a practical, fast, & fun all-rounder for most e-scooter riders. 

Apollo City Pro 2023 - 120 kg Rider Weight

$2,499.00 - Shop Now

Apollo City 2023

A true modern scooter that builds on the success of its predecessors, the new Apollo City Pro is a powerful ride that elevates commutes for all kinds of riders. The City Pro 2023 is an award-winning commuter scooter that combines a contemporary design with a performance powerful enough for all kinds of riders.

The new City Pro is propelled by two 500W motors, producing enough force to push the scooter to reach top speeds of up to 51 kph. Thanks to this robust motor output, even heavier riders can enjoy swift and smooth rides around the city. Plus, because it has been outfitted with an upgraded battery, it can now cover more mileage. 

It’s not a ludicrous ride, nor is it a real off-roader, but the City Pro is well-equipped to handle other types of terrain beyond city streets. It has an efficient triple spring suspension system that allows it to conquer difficult roads and rough surfaces. You don’t have to worry about punctures either, thanks to the City’s self-healing 10-inch tyres. 

If you crave versatility and more adventure, you’ll be glad to know that the new City Pro is an all-season electric ride. Featuring an IP66 water resistance rating—higher than any other scooter in its category–the scooter is substantially protected from dust, rain, and puddles.

Pure Advance - 120 kg Rider Weight

$2,299 - Shop Now

Pure Advance

The Pure Advance is not your typical law-abiding electric commuter scooter. It is, in fact, the urban electric ride redesigned, and an ideal option for riders who need a dependable scooter but want a little more to upgrade their daily commutes. 

The first thing you will notice about the Pure Advance is its overall design, particularly the footpads on either side of the scooter’s chassis. Unlike traditional e-scooter decks, where one foot is placed in front of the other, this configuration allows the rider to place two feet symmetrically across the platform. This results in enhanced stability—a big plus for bigger riders who have trouble balancing on narrower decks.

Aside from its forward-facing position, the Pure Advance features a slimline folding design. With collapsible footpads, handlebars, and stem, the e-scooter folds up to a compact form that is 70% narrower than a standard e-scooter. Prop it up with the kickstand, and you can store it anywhere: beside the staircase, under your desk, or by your doorway. 

If you think the Pure Advance is too trim to handle heavy riders, you’re wrong. It is equipped with a powerful 500W motor that keeps the ride swift and stable even when you climb hills and inclines. And with its large 10-inch puncture-resistant tyres, it’s clear that the scooter is designed to comfortably manage heavier loads. 

Pure Advance Flex - 120 kg Rider Weight

$2,299 - Shop Now

Pure Advance Flex

The Pure Advance Flex is one of the most interesting electric scooters in our current inventory. It doesn’t look like the others because it has been redesigned to include never-before-seen features that actually make a lot of sense.

Utilising the same design choice as the Pure Advance, the Flex showcases a forward-riding stance, which allows riders to ride the scooter more confidently. As mentioned above, this feature alone makes the Flex excellent for beginner riders as well as bigger individuals.

But another configuration Pure Electric has included in the Advance Flex is its unique folding mechanism. While the Pure Advance already has a narrow folded form, the Flex’s is even smaller and more compact. This is thanks to the scooter’s revolutionary approach, which involves packing down the deck, stem, handlebars, and the body in just 5 steps. It’s unlike anything we have seen so far, and if you have limited storage space, you definitely need to look into this model.

The Advance Flex does not skimp on performance either. Equipped with a powerful 500W motor, it easily scales hills with angles of up to 19%. The number might be slightly lower with a heavier rider, but it doesn’t fully limit your courses, allowing you to tackle various routes without sacrificing speed and stability.

Pure Air3 - 120 kg Rider Weight

$1,199 - Shop Now

Pure Air 3

If you’re looking for a conventional yet beautifully designed commuter scooter, consider the Pure Air3. Lightweight at only 15.9 kg, the Pure Air is a top-rated scooter that delivers a legally-abiding top speed (25 kph) and covers a range sufficient for most commuters. 

Despite its lithe appearance and unassuming specs, the Pure Air³ is sturdy enough to accommodate a high rider weight of 120 kg. It doesn’t have suspension, but it does have large puncture-resistant tubeless tyres that provide added support as well as shock absorption from bumpy roads. 

It also has regenerative braking, which recharges your battery while you ride. With this feature in place, you can expect a longer battery life and the best mileage under the right conditions. 

Most importantly, Pure Electric scooters like Pure Air are highly water-resistant, sporting an IP65 rating, which means it’s suitable for all-season riding.

Apollo Phantom V3 - 136 kg Rider Weight

$3,199 - Shop Now

Apollo Phantom V3

The Apollo Phantom V3 treads after a long line of successful performance scooters that have gained a cult following among riders. Harnessing the power from two 1200W motors, the new Phantom V3 is a literal beast that has enough force to accommodate loads of up to 136 kg.

Without significantly affecting its speed and performance, the Phantom V3 can carry heavier riders and move them at dizzying speeds. Because it is also equipped with a high-capacity 1216.8 battery, it can cover an extensive number of kilometres on a single charge. 

Thanks to the Phantom V3’s quadruple spring suspension, assisted by 10-inch pneumatic tyres, gliding over bumpy terrain is a breeze. It can even climb hills with angles of up to 25°. This figure will be lower when optimal conditions are not met, but even if that’s the case, you can still expect very decent climbing capabilities from this scooter.

Aside from premium components, the Phantom V3’s power comes from its software, the in-house-designed Mach 1 controller, which surpasses stock controllers by 27%. Remember to activate the Ludo mode to unleash the Apollo Phantom’s true top speed and power. 

EMove Roadrunner V2 - 150 kg Rider Weight

$2,695.00 - Shop Now

EMove Roadrunner

While riding an electric scooter is fun and has a reasonable learning curve, it can be intimidating for riders who don’t have the capacity to remain standing for extended periods. If you prefer staying seated during your ride, consider the EMove Roadrunner V2.

The new version of the Roadrunner takes its forerunner’s durability and strength, allowing it to comfortably accommodate a staggering 150-kg weight limit. Thanks to the combined power of its dual motors, even heavier riders will be able to reach its top speed of 54 kph. 

Clearly, this scooter stands out because of its seated riding position, which lowers the centre of gravity and produces a very stable ride. The Roadrunner V2 capitalises on this strength, as evidenced by its upgraded seat that sports a thicker and softer memory foam padding and longer saddle. It doesn’t have springs—a decision made to enhance support and stability and prevent wobbling.

Aside from its comfortable seat, the Roadrunner V2 is equipped with an efficient Manitou Absolute+ front suspension that soaks up bumps and vibrations from the road. This is adjustable, so you can increase its softness or firmness depending on your preference.

If you’re looking for one more reason to buy the Roadrunner V2, it has swappable batteries, which extends your range. Plus, with a removable battery, you can lock up your scooter securely, remove the battery, and charge it on its own.

Inokim OX - 120 kg Rider Weight

$2,399 - Shop Now

Inokim OX

Inokim’s flagship scooter is a powerful all-terrain ride that delivers speed and performance without sacrificing comfort and stability. One look at the Inokim OX—from its solid and premium frame to its long and extra-wide deck—and you can see that it is built for riders of all sizes.

The OX tries to accomplish a lot of things, which it does successfully. Its 1000W brushless motor pushes it to reach top speeds of up to 50 kph, while its high-capacity battery gives enough juice to cover an extensive range: a whopping 97 km. 

Even though the numbers might dip for heavier riders, these high-end specs give you enough room to operate your ride with freedom. 

The OX is also equipped with the OX Suspension Adapter Patent (OSAP), a brand-patented adjustable suspension system. For heavier riders, the low setting of this suspension system results in a lower centre of gravity, which can make your rides more stable and balanced. Feel free to adjust the suspension as you wish to suit your situation and preferences.

If you have qualms about the previous version’s slippery plastic deck, rest assured that the new version addresses this issue by adding a rubber deck carpet for better grip. 

Inokim OXO - 120 kg Rider Weight

$3,399 - Shop Now

Inokim OXO

The new Inokim OXO is one of the more expensive models on our list, but that’s because operating this machine feels more like driving a vehicle than a scooter. Specialising in long-distance off-road rides, the OXO reaches exhilarating speeds of up to 65 kph and covers a lot of mileage, up to 110 kilometres. 

With its roomy deck and robust build, it’s evident that the OXO is built to accommodate riders of all forms and sizes. But just a fair word of warning: it might be too powerful for beginners. Instead, it is better suited for seasoned riders who are looking to satisfy their need for speed.

The OXO further ramps up your riding experience by adding the OSAP adjustable suspension system and dual brakes. With this duo in place, expect stable yet exciting rides that are kept in check by highly reliable stopping power.

While it is quite hefty at 33.5 kg, the Inokim OXO is a heavy-duty ride and is one of the best performance e-scooters out there. Despite all these, you can count on the OXO to be silent, operating gracefully without being intrusive.

Comparison Chart


SegwayG2 MAX

Segway P65

Segway P100

Apollo Ghost

Apollo City Pro 2023

Pure Advance

Pure Advance Flex

Pure Air 3

Apollo Phantom V3

Emove Roadrunner V2

Inokim OX

Inokim OXO

Rider Weight

120 kg

120 kg

120 kg

135 kg

120 kg

120 kg

120 kg

120 kg

136 kg

150 kg

120 kg

120 kg














Top Speed

35 kph

25 kph

25 kph

60 kph

51 kph

25 kph

25 kph

25 kph

66 kph

54 kph

50 kph

65 kph


70 km

65 km

100 km

63 km

70 km

40 km

40 km

30 km

64 km

85 km

97 km

110 km





2x 1000W

2x 500W




2x 1200W

350W + 500W


2x 1000W


Front hydraulic + rear double spring


Front & rear dual arm

Adjustable dual spring

Triple spring




Quadruple spring

Adjustable ABS + front spring

Dual adjustable

Dual adjustable


Front drum + rear electronic

Front disc + rear electronic

Front and rear disc + electronic

Front & rear disc + electric regen

Dual drum + regenerative

Front drum + rear KERS

Front drum + rear KERS

Front drum + rear KERS

Front & rear disc + regen electronic

Hybrid hydraulic

Front drum + rear disc

Front + rear hydraulic

Climb Angle










Not specified

Not specified

Unit Weight

24.3 kg

24 kg

32.9 kg

29 kg

29 kg

16.2 kg

16.2 kg

15.5 kg

35 kg

25 kg

28 kg

33.5 kg

Charge Time

6 hrs

4 hrs

7 hrs

12 hrs 

4.5 hrs

6 hrs

5.75 hrs

4 hrs

12 hrs

12 hrs

7 hrs

Water Resistance










Light rain




10-inch pneumatic tubeless

10.5-inch pneumatic tubeless

10.5-inch pneumatic tubeless

10-inch pneumatic tubeless

10-inch pneumatic tubeless

10-inch pneumatic tubeless

10-inch pneumatic tubeless

10-inch pneumatic tubeless

10-inch pneumatic tubeless

14-inch pneumatic

10-inch pneumatic

10-inch pneumatic

Honourable Mentions

These scooters almost made it into our top list above, but are still worthy of attention today.

AnyHill UM2 - 136 kg Rider Weight

$1,499 - Shop Now

AnyHill UM2

The AnyHill UM2 is not just aesthetically pleasing to look at; it’s also a superior commuter scooter that does a lot more than taking you from one point to another. As its name suggests, it boasts superior ability to climb hills with angles of up to 20%. Aside from having a high rider weight capacity, it features a wide deck for better balance.

But the UM2’s most notable feature is its swappable LG battery. With this feature, charging is easier as you can simply charge the battery itself instead of the entire scooter. More importantly, when you ride with a fully charged spare, you can easily double your range.

Navee N65 - 120 kg Rider Weight

$1,399 - Shop Now

Navee N65

For the more budget-conscious heavier riders, the Navee N65 is a great start to your scootering journey. Its specs and features are above your average entry-level kicks. Typically, at this price point, you only get a 100 kg load capacity, but with this e-scooter, there’s a 120 kg capacity.

On top of that, you’ll have access to its 32 kph top speed and three gear modes with different speed limits. If you’re between 100-120kg and you want an e-scooter predominantly for commuting, the N65 is a really safe choice. 

Apollo City 2022 Pro - 120 kg Rider Weight

$2,599 - Shop Now

Apollo City 2022

Made of an aircraft-grade aluminium frame, the Pro’s firm foundation allows it to carry up to 120 kg of weight. As you ride, you will be further supported by its triple spring suspension, which absorbs bumps and cracks on the road. Furthermore, its self-healing 10" x 3.5" tyres prevent small objects from penetrating them, giving you much less worrisome trips. These elements allow you to be stable and comfortable on your trips even if you’re heavier.

As for its performance, the Apollo City Pro is equipped with a dual 500W motor, which results in a top speed of 50 kph. Besides that, it has an 60 km maximum range, making it ideal for mid-range and longer commutes.

Apollo Phantom V2 - 136 kg Rider Weight

(This electric scooter is end of line. Check out the Apollo Phantom V3 instead.)

Apollo Phantom V2

The second version of the Phantom presents in two variants: a 52V version with dual 1,200W motors, and a 60V version with 1,400W dual motors. Regardless of the variant, both have a rider carry-weight of 136 kg.

Riders can expect 62-70 kph top speed depending on the version, along with a 64 km range. The Phantom is also one of the heaviest of Apollo e-scooters, with a 35kg weight. For that, however, you get excellent build quality that can handle all-terrain surfaces. If you’re 100+kg and want a ride that’ll get the blood pumping, both versions are a great option for you, with the 60V Phantom providing a little more punch. 

Previous Entries

Here are some of the previous entries that made our list of best electric scooters for heavier riders last year. Some of these models have been replaced by newer rides, while some have been discontinued. 

Click here to show the list of previous entries in this guide +

How to Choose the Best Scooter for Heavy Adults

Besides looking at the typical features to consider like speed, range, brakes, and suspension, choosing the best commuter scooter for heavy adults will require you to look into a few specific details more closely.

Here are some things you need to consider further:

Weight Capacity

All electric scooters advertise their recommended maximum load. The average maximum weight capacity of scooter models today is at 100 kg. Make sure to check that the electric scooter you’re getting has a higher weight capacity than this. 

Some models have 120 to 150 kg weight capacities. For heavier adults, these are the ideal models since they can comfortably carry you without suffering cutbacks in power and performance. 

Generally, aim for an e-Scooter that can carry your weight +10%. For example, if you are 110kg, choose a scooter with a carry weight of 110kg + 11kg. This makes sure that the ride can handle your weight plus clothes, phones, shoes, jackets, and any luggage you may be carrying such as backpacks. 

Build and Frame

Most electric scooters are made with highly durable materials like aviation-grade aluminium and steel. Even the high-quality lightweight ones that look flimsy will surprise you with how sturdy they actually are.

But it doesn’t hurt to get an electric scooter that is more heavy-duty than lightweight rides. If you’re not fussy about your scooter being easy-to-fold and compact, bulky electric scooters like the Apollo Phantom and Inokim OXO can provide better stability because of their wider builds.

But if you need something hard wearing yet still portable, the Pure Electric models as well as most of the Apollo scooters can provide you with good balance and quick-folding convenience.

Motor and Battery

Motor and battery are crucial features of any electric scooter. They are the ones that provide the needed power to make your ride perform well. 

As you know, a higher-capacity battery can give you the juice to travel longer distances. Powerful dual motors, on the other hand, make it possible for you to reach faster top speeds and to climb steep hills. Getting an electric scooter with higher specs in both battery and dual motors can help lessen the pressure on your scooter caused by a heavier load. 

As a ballpark, it’s a good idea to buy an e-scooter with dual motors (800W and up) if you’re looking for maximum performance during your commutes and weekend adventures. But if it’s just for riding around your neighbourhood, a lower motor power is still alright. 


A heavier load can increase the likelihood of faster wear and tear on your scooter’s tyres. The added weight can also add to the pressure on your tyres. This can lead to your tyres bursting if not taken care of. 

As such, it is a good idea to look into electric scooters with wider and larger tyres. These allow for your scooter to be more stable and secure despite carrying a heavier load. 

Most would also prefer getting pneumatic tyres since they are known for their durability, thanks to their thick rubber material with deep tread tracks. What’s more, pneumatic tyres work well in uneven terrain and provide better shock absorption than other types.


Weight isn’t the only factor you need to think of if you’re a heavy adult. Chances are, you’re also taller than the average person so height is also an important factor. Some electric scooters come with fixed stem heights which can be uncomfortable if you have to bend down to reach them.

It will be more beneficial to get an electric scooter whose handlebars can be adjusted to fit your height. As a guide, your handlebars should be located somewhere between your waist and hips. Going any lower will result in aching back.

However, high-quality scooters with this feature are much more limited than ones with higher weight capacities. So, as long as you feel comfortable handling the e-scooter, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What Can Rider Weight Affect When On An Electric Scooter?

The maximum rider weight capacity on electric scooters is there for a good reason. If you exceed the maximum rider weight of your scooter, you might experience disadvantageous effects during your rides. Simply put, going over the recommended load can reduce your scooter’s performance.

Here are some aspects of your scooter that may be impacted negatively if you go over the intended maximum load:

Speed & Range

A heavier weight can directly impact how fast and how far your scooter can go because it adds more pressure on your motor and battery. Both the motor and battery will have to work twice as much to provide you with good performance. Over time, you might notice that you’re not going as fast or as far in a single charge if you’re using a scooter with an average weight capacity.

However, riding on an e-scooter with a higher weight capacity can avoid this problem because it is specifically designed to withstand heavier loads. With no added pressure, your motor and battery are allowed to work at their best.

Braking Power

Another feature that can be influenced by heavier weight is braking power. Just like your scooter’s motor and battery, your brake pads will need to work twice as hard to give you the same performance. 

More often than not, the added work can’t be sustained by your braking system. And this leads to longer braking distances the faster you ride. 

Of course, it is also good to note that braking power can be highly affected by other factors. It can be influenced by weather conditions, lighting, terrain, and your own response time.

Faster Wear and Tear

Making your electric scooter work twice as hard as it should can result in faster wear and tear. It isn’t surprising since your ride is receiving more pressure than it should bear. 

Not Sure What to Choose?

The choice for heavier riders when it comes to electric scooters is getting much better, but with that choice, it can be harder to decide what’s right for you. Rides such as the Apollo Phantom V3 and the Inokim OXO are thunderbolts, but you could find they are a bit too much for you. In that case, you might prefer the steadfastness of the Pure Air3 or the Segway-Ninebot P65. 

Whether you’re looking for something to take the edge off commuters, or a new way of getting your thrills, give Electric Kicks a call on 1300 054 257 to get the best advice from the experts. 

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