Electric Kicks Shipping Policy

 Last Updated: Tuesday, 24rd March 2023

This policy covers all the Terms relevant to Electric Kicks dispatch, delivery, and shipping services.

For information on Shipping in relation to returns, refunds, or product exchanges, please review those respective policies:


  1. Shipping Policy
  2. Click & Collect Policy
  3. 2 Hour Delivery


      Is free shipping available on every order?

      Free shipping is available on all orders over $199.

      As much as is reasonably possible, Electric Kicks shall offer free shipping on every product & order over $199 regardless of its shipping destination or contents. This does not, however, stand as a guarantee that free shipping will be available on every order. 

      Are there any exceptions to the free shipping policy?

      In some circumstances, Electric Kicks may be unable to locate a courier that will deliver to the customer’s address (particularly islands & remote, regional areas), or the cost of shipping an order to that address is greater than the total order value. In these circumstances, Electric Kicks may contact the customer in order to:

      • Cancel & refund the order,
      • Change the contents of the order,
      • Arrange an external courier at the customer’s expense.

      How will my order be delivered?

      All Electric Kicks products are shipped via a courier service unless otherwise stated. Electric Kicks does not take responsibility for the actions or performance of external couriers or delivery partners as Electric Kicks has little control once the order is picked up. This includes but is not limited to:

      • Couriers leaving packages in an unsafe area,
      • Couriers that don't deliver to the correct address or recipient,
      • Couriers that don’t delivery in a timely manner,
      • Couriers that don’t notify customers of an estimated delivery time.

      While such occurrences are extremely rare, Electric Kicks will do its best to help rectify the situation if it arises. 

      Will my order be shipped by air?

      Orders that contain lithium batteries cannot be shipped by air due to the battery contents of each product. We will usually ship accessories including helmets via air however. 

      From where will my order be dispatched?

      All products are shipped from Electric Kicks’ warehouses located in Melbourne, VIC and Perth, WA (whichever is closest to the customer depending on availability of product).

      Will I be sent a tracking link?

      Customers will be sent a tracking link upon fulfilment of their orders. This may take up to 24 hours to arrive on business days, and 48 hours to arrive if the order is placed on a weekend or public holiday. 

      Will my order be dispatched the same day?

      Electric Kicks strive to dispatch as many orders on the same day they are placed provided they are placed by 12 noon, Monday - Friday. Unfortunately, Electric Kicks can't guarantee this will be achievable on every order. 

      Is same day dispatch available every day of the year?

      Same-day dispatch is not applicable on public holidays in Victoria, Australia, or Western Australia, Saturdays, or Sundays. 

      Can I change, modify, or cancel an order after it has been dispatched?

      Electric Kicks are unable to change, modify, or cancel an order after it has been dispatched. Similarly, Electric Kicks does not price match, instead we choose to focus on offering incredible service and support, so no refunds or discounts will be offered post-purchase if the customer finds the same product at a lower price elsewhere.

      What happens if I need to change or cancel an order after it has been dispatched?

      After the order has been delivered, customers can return their order to the closest Electric Kicks warehouse at their own expense within 30 days of the initial purchase so long as the products are unopened, unused, and undamaged. Once the full contents of the order have been received & verified as unopened, unused, and undamaged by Electric Kicks, a full refund shall be issued minus the return delivery fee, a restocking fee, and any fees from payment merchants incurred by Electric Kicks when the order was placed. Please contact support@electrickicks.com.au to arrange a return. 

      Please refer to the Returns Policy & Product Exchange Policy for more information on returning or exchanging a product. 

      Why might my order be delayed?

      While Electric Kicks strives to deliver every order as quickly as can be achieved, there may be exceptions where this may not be possible. These can include:

      • Customer order time (eg. public holidays, weekends, courier cut off times),Delays out of Electric Kicks’ control (delays from shipping, customs, couriers, missing orders, lost orders),
      • Pre-orders - Times can vary significantly as Electric Kicks are often dependent on customs and delivery to Electric Kicks’ warehouse plus backlogs of orders, 
      • Other circumstances are out of Electric Kick’s control,

      Can my order be shipped to a P.O. Box or parcel locker?

      Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes, parcel lockers, storage units, vacant lots, public areas, or left unattended at the delivery location. Orders must be delivered to a residential address at which the customer resides, or workplace at which the customer is employed.

      Do I need to sign for my order?

      With the exception of accessories, orders for electric scooters and rides must be signed for by the customer who placed the order upon delivery. Deliveries to proxies, regardless of whether they have been nominated by the customer to accept the order on the customer’s behalf, may not be delivered. If a customer requires a third-party to collect the order, please call Electric Kicks on 1300 054 257 as soon as possible. 

      Can someone else collect my order?

      In an effort to combat fraud, Electric Kicks does not authorise third parties to collect orders on behalf of the Customer. If a Customer wishes a third party to collect their order, please contact support@electrickicks.com.au

      Am I entitled to compensation if my order is delayed?

      Electric Kicks does not take responsibility or offer refunds/ compensation for orders that are delayed or not delivered. Some examples of additional circumstances we do not cover include but are not limited to:

      • Customer is not available at the time of delivery,
      • Customer has nominated a third-party to collect the item and that third-party has not made themselves available, or has failed surrender the product to the customer,
      • Customer has changed the delivery address,
      • Customer has instructed the delivery partner to return at another time,
      • Issues with delivery partner or courier post-order dispatch.

      Do I need to show my ID when my order is delivered?

      Customers will need to provide proof of ID before the order is handed over if requested by the delivery partner. This is to ensure that orders are not hijacked by third parties, and offers a layer of security for both our customers and Electric Kicks. Failure to produce ID may result in the order being cancelled. In this circumstance, a full refund minus the return delivery fee, restocking fee, and fees incurred by Electric Kicks from the customer’s original chosen payment merchant will be issued to the customer once the full contents of the order have been returned to an Electric Kicks warehouse. 

      I received a notification that my order has been cancelled. What can I do?

      Sometimes, the Electric Kicks order system will automatically cancel orders it deems as a high risk of fraud. This happens to protect customers from credit card fraud. This can be due to a variety of reasons, and as the system is largely automated, the Electric Kicks support team may be unable to inform the Customer as to the exact reasons the order was cancelled. 

      If you believe your order was incorrectly cancelled, please contact us on 1300 054 257 or email support@electrickicks.com.au. Customers may be required to show photo identification, or evidence of owning payment methods used in the transaction. We may also need to hold your order for a period of time while we verify your details. Electric Kicks may also request that the Customer pays via a direct deposit, or a third-party payment tool such as Paypal, Afterpay, ZipPay, etc.

      Please note, Electric Kicks takes credit card fraud very seriously, and offenders will be reported to the relevant authorities.

      Can Electric Kicks change or update the Shipping Policy?

      Electric Kicks reserves the right to change, modify, amend, or replace any part of this shipping policy, including its applications, inclusions, & exclusions at any time without any notice. 

      How can I contact Electric Kicks if I have questions about shipping?

      Customers can always call us on 1300 054 257 or support@electrickicks.com.au if they are concerned about their order and Electric Kicks will try to help in every way possible.


      Where can I click and collect?

      Orders in Perth, Western Australia, and Melbourne, Victoria, may be eligible for click & collect provided those respective Electric Kicks warehouses have stock of the products ordered. 

      Can I click and collect the same day?

      Most orders placed before 12:00pm, Monday-Friday, can be collected by 5:00pm the same day provided the chosen click and collect location has the ordered products in stock. 

      When can I click & collect my order?

      Once a customer has received confirmation that their order is ready for collection, orders can be collected between 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

      Orders cannot be collected on Saturdays & Sundays, outside of the hours listed above, or on public holidays in Melbourne, VIC, or Perth, WA. 

      Can someone else collect my order on my behalf?

      To avoid theft & fraud, customers need to be able to produce identification that matches the details provided on the order. For this reason, only the customer who placed the order can collect that order. 

      Can I send a private courier to collect my order?

      As Electric Kicks requires the Customer to present identification upon collecting an order, Electric Kicks cannot authorise couriers to collect orders on the Customer’s behalf. This includes ride-share courier services such as Uber. 

      How long do I have to collect my order?

      Customers have 30 days from the date their order was placed to collect their order. Failure to collect the order within that time will result in the order being cancelled. A full refund will be issued to the customer minus a restocking fee and any charges incurred by the customer’s chosen payment merchant. 

      Can I pay when I come to collect the order?

      Due to the nature of Click & Collect, payment must be made online before the order will be made available for collection. 

      Will the products in my order be set up & ready for use?

      By default, all products ordered will be collected in a disassembled state in their original packaging. If required, products can be assembled & set up before collection for a $100 setup fee per product. This may delay the order’s availability for collection.

      I live outside of the Click & Collect area, but am willing to travel to collect my order. Can I still Click & Collect?

      Click & Collect is available to anyone that is willing to travel to an Electric Kicks Click & Collect location. To arrange this, please call 1300 054 257 or email support@electrickicks.com.au

      Can I change my Click & Collect order before collection?

      Click & Collect orders can be changed before collection by calling 1300 054 257 or by emailing support@electrickicks.com.au. This may result in your order being delayed for collection. 

      Can I change my Click & Collect order to be delivered instead?

      Click & Collect orders may be updated to be delivered to the customer’s nominated address, but a delivery fee may be applied. Please call 1300 054 257 if you wish to discuss delivery options. 

      Can I collect part of my order before the whole order is ready for collection?

      Customers will be notified when their whole order is ready for collection. If a certain product is not in stock at a Click & Collect location, or won’t be available within a reasonable timeframe, the customer may be contacted by Electric Kicks to collect the component of the order that is available. Should this occur, the customer may be entitled to a refund, alternative product, or store credit for items that are not available. 


      Where is 2 hour delivery available?
      Two hour delivery is available to any customers within an 80KM radius of Melbourne CBD (postcode 3000) provided their order does not contain oversized products (see below).

      Do I have to pay for 2 Hour Delivery?
      2 Hour Delivery is currently free for eligible customers.

      Is 2 Hour Delivery guaranteed to arrive in two hours?
      During peak times, availability of couriers, the Customer’s location, or other factors may cause delivery to take longer than two hours. For orders that take longer than two hours, no compensation will be offered to the Customer by Electric Kicks.

      During peak times, some orders may take up to four hours to be delivered.

      Does Electric Kicks deliver my order?
      Electric Kicks engages third party couriers to fulfil 2 Hour Delivery orders. Once an order has been dispatched from the Electric Kicks warehouse, Electric Kicks has little control over the delivery of that order. As such, Electric Kicks is not responsible for orders that may arrive late due to issues with third party couriers.

      What happens if my delivery is cancelled?
      In rare occurrences, a third-party courier may cancel an order. This can happen for a number of reasons, but usually this is the result of a lack of available couriers.

      In these events, Electric Kicks will communicate with The Customer to arrange a suitable delivery time.

      Why isn’t 2 Hour Delivery available for my order?
      Large and bulky items measuring larger than 1244 mm x 647 mm x 247 mm (e-bikes and large e-scooters) are not eligible for 2 Hour Delivery because of their size.

      Other times, the Customer may be located outside of the 80 KM radius from Melbourne CBD (postcode 3000)

      My order isn’t eligible for 2 Hour Delivery. Can I pay extra for it?
      2 Hour Delivery isn’t available for large items or delivery addresses further than 80 KM from Melbourne CBD (postcode 3000). If an order is not eligible, then 2 Hour Delivery is not available.

      I live outside the 2 Hour Delivery radius. Can I meet a courier within the specified radius to collect my order?
      For security reasons, 2 Hour Delivery orders must be delivered to the same address used when the Customer placed the order on the Electric Kicks website.

      How do I arrange 2 Hour Delivery?
      Simply place the order online, call 1300 054 257, and we’ll be happy to arrange 2 Hour Delivery if the Customer meets the eligibility requirements.

      Does 2 Hour Delivery include shipping protection?
      No, 2 Hour Delivery does not include shipping protection by default, however, Shipping Protection (Ship+) can be added through the website Cart, which replaces the Customer’s order in the event of loss, damage, or theft, for just $9.98 AUD.

      What is the cut off time for 2 Hour Delivery?
      Orders need to be placed at Electric Kicks prior to 1:00pm, Monday-Friday to be eligible for 2 Hour Delivery. Orders placed after this time may be eligible for next-day delivery, however.

      Until which time are 2 Hour Delivery orders delivered?
      Orders using two hour delivery can arrive at the Customer’s address any time between 09:00am and 7:00pm, Monday to Friday.

      I have questions about 2 Hour Delivery. Who can I contact?

      For any questions relating to 2 Hour Delivery, please call 1300 054 257 or email support@electrickicks.com.au.

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