Electric Kicks Shipping Protection Policy (Ship+)

Last updated: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

The terms below relate to Electric Kicks’ shipping protection policy, known as Ship+.

What is the Electric Kicks shipping protection policy?

Ship+ shipping protection is an optional extra for all orders placed with Electric Kicks. Orders placed through the website, over the phone, or in store are all eligible for Ship+ transit protection unless the Customer is ineligible for one of the reasons described below. Ship+ shipping protection insures a customer’s order, under certain circumstances, from theft, damage, and  loss during shipping or an unrecoverable delivery to the wrong address.

What would make a Customer ineligible for Ship+ coverage?

  • Customers must be in good standing with Electric Kicks to be eligible for Ship+ coverage: Customers must not be in debt to Electric Kicks, or owing any revenue amounts to Electric Kicks
  • Customers must not be actively engaging, or have previously engaged, a chargeback against Electric Kicks
  • Customers must not have been previously found to have placed fraudulent orders with Electric Kicks.

Protection from Theft / Stolen Orders

Ship+ shipping protection provides coverage for packages delivered but not received by the customer, including those sent to the wrong address (provided the customer entered the correct delivery address during their purchase).

Ship+ shipping protection does not cover theft from the shipping address when the Customer has provided approval to leave the delivery unattended at their nominated delivery address.

Ship+  shipping protection does not cover theft, damage or any loss from once the item has been used under any circumstances.

Confirmation by the Courier that was responsible for delivering this package is required for any orders deemed stolen. In these circumstances, the Customer is eligible for a full replacement under Ship+. The claim period for theft or stolen orders is 2 to 14 days from the scheduled delivery date.

The Customer may be asked to provide a Police report to claim theft under Ship+.

What is an unrecoverable delivery?

This is when the Courier responsible for delivering the Customer’s order delivers to the incorrect address (despite the Customer providing the correct shipping address) and that order cannot subsequently be recovered from the incorrect address.

These orders are deemed as lost or stolen, and are covered by the Ship+ shipping protection.

protection from Lost Orders

Ship+ shipping protection provides coverage for packages confirmed as lost by the Courier responsible for delivery. The package must have been collected by the Courier from an Electric Kicks depot and then lost by that Courier (or their Courier partners) to be covered by Ship+.

In these circumstances, the Customer is responsible for making a claim between 5 to 30 days from the scheduled delivery date.

Confirmation by the Courier that was responsible for delivering this package is required for any orders deemed lost.

Protection from Damaged Orders

Ship+ shipping protection provides coverage for packages that become damaged during shipping. Orders that have been damaged during transit must be returned to Electric Kicks. They must also be in the original packaging in which they were delivered.

The Customer has 14 days from the date they raised their claim to return their delivery to Electric Kicks. The Ship+ shipping protection does not cover damage caused by the customer through improper handling or incorrect use.

Confirmation by the Courier that was responsible for delivering this package is required for any orders deemed damaged during transit.

The claim period for damaged packages is 3 days from the date of delivery. Video & photo evidence must be sent to support@electrickicks.com.au.

An odometer reading must be provided to prove that the product has not been used since delivery. No replacement product will be sent until the original damaged product has been returned to Electric Kicks & inspected by a member of the Electric Kicks team. If the damage is deemed to have been caused by Customer error by the Electric Kicks team, no replacement will be offered.

However, the Customer will be offered the opportunity to arrange their product to be repaired.

What isn’t covered by Ship+ shipping protection?

Ship+ doesn't cover issues such as:

  • Delays in transit Incorrect or invalid shipping address provided by customer
  • Customer changes shipping address after the order has been dispatched from an Electric Kicks depot
  • Theft from the Customer’s delivery address for items with ‘authority to leave’
  • Incorrect handling or use by the customer
  • Damage caused by incorrect or careless assembly at the hands of the Customer, Damage caused by the Customer’s attempt to modify or replace parts of the product
  • After the product has been used

Who decides on whether a claim is accepted?

Electric Kicks has the sole final discretion of determining whether a Customer’s claim is eligible for Ship+ coverage. Changes to Ship+ Electric Kicks may change, update, or suspend (both temporarily & permanently) the Ship+ offering for any reason without notice.

Similarly, Electric Kicks may refuse to provide Ship+ coverage to Customers who are ineligible, or become ineligible for Ship+ coverage.

Claiming Coverage Under Ship+

To make a claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged delivery, navigate to the Electric Kicks Ship+ Claims Page, found here:


Fill out all the requested information including your details, order information, delivery date & approximate time, and the Courier (if known).

Also upload any relevant photos or videos. Claims are typically reviewed within 2-3 business days, but this can be longer if additional documentation is required, or the claim is incomplete.

Will I Get The Same Product As A Replacement?

Replacement products will be of the same or better age & condition.

Do I Have To Use Ship+?

No, Customers do not have to use Ship+. In the event a Customer does not choose to add Ship+ to their order, they will not be eligible for coverage under the Ship+ program. Ship+ cannot retroactively be applied to any order.

Can I Add Ship+ To My Order Later?

Customers can add Ship+ to their order provided that order has not been dispatched from an Electric Kicks depot, and that additional Ship+ payment has been received before the order has been dispatched.

Ship+ cannot be added to an order that has already been dispatched, or an order that has been completed.

Can I Remove Ship+ From My Order Later?

Once an order has been dispatched, you can no longer remove Ship+ from your order.

How Do I Add Ship+ To My Order?

Ship+ will be available as an optional extra during checkout when purchasing online. In Store and for orders placed over the phone, Customers will be offered the Ship+ option before payment is requested.

Where can I call to get more information? 

Please call the friendly team at Electric Kicks 1300 054 257 or email support@electrickicks.com.au.