Electric Kicks Warranty Policy

Last Updated: Tuesday, 25th October, 2022

The Terms below relate to any claim made by the Customer for a problem arising with a product purchased from Electric Kicks as a result of a manufacturing defect or fault. 

For information on returns, refunds, or product exchanges, please refer to the Return Policy, Refund Policy, or Exchange Policy

This Warranty Policy applies to all purchases made through Electric Kicks from the date shown above (Tuesday, 25th October, 2022). 

Does Electric Kicks have a warranty policy?

All new products purchased from Electric Kicks come with a 12 month warranty by default.

When can I send my product back to Electric Kicks for a warranty issue?

A product can be returned to Electric Kicks for a warranty issue at any point in the 12 month Limited Warranty period, provided:

  • the product has done no more than 1,000 kilometres in total, or;
  • the vehicle has not been used as a courier or delivery vehicle; and;
  • the warranty claim is being submitted by the product's original owner. 

When does the warranty period start?

The 12 month Limited Warranty starts when the item is dispatched from an Electric Kicks depot, or the day the Customer collects their order from an Electric Kicks depot. 

Is every part of my product covered by the warranty?

Some parts may be excluded from the full 12 months of the Limited Warranty, and some parts are not included at all. There is more information on this further down. 

Are there any other warranty policies?

Some product manufacturers may offer alternative warranties on their products. Electric Kicks makes every effort to highlight products that are covered by these additional warranties. Electric Kicks also reserves the right to limit manufacturer warranties to the maximum amount permitted by Australian consumer law if that warranty is unenforceable in or unsuitable for Australia. 

I have a warranty issue with a product I didn’t purchase from Electric Kicks. What can I do?

Electric Kicks does not accept or rectify, whether partially or in full, any warranty issues for any product purchased from another retailer, regardless of whether the product affected is stocked by Electric Kicks or not. Electric Kicks may, however, be able to repair the issue at the Customer’s expense. To find out more, please email support@electrickicks.com.au

I have a warranty issue with a product I didn’t purchase from Electric Kicks, but the retailer from whom I purchased has told me Electric Kicks will resolve my warranty claim. What can I do?

Electric Kicks does not partner with any other retailers to offer any sort of warranty assistance for any product, whether that item is stocked by Electric Kicks or not. As such, Electric Kicks only offers warranty repairs on products purchased directly from Electric Kicks, regardless of whether a Third Party or Private retailer has informed a Customer otherwise. 

What is included in the Limited Warranty?

This Limited Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship of the product arising or occurring as a result of your normal and ordinary use of the product. In the event a defect covered by this Limited Warranty occurs, Electric Kicks will repair or replace a product in accordance with the terms of this Limited Warranty.

What is not included in the Limited Warranty?

The warranty does not cover: 

  • damages caused by crashes or mistreatment under any circumstance,
  • damages arising from misuse or pushing the product beyond its limits (burnt control boards/wires and/or motor due to excessive on-going acceleration),
  • damages caused by ignoring weight limits,
  • water damage under any circumstances, even for items with high water resistance ratings,
  • problems arising from attempts to ‘flash’ or reset a product’s software/firmware,
  • problems arising from attempts to modify any part of the product,
  • problems caused by attempts to repair the product by an unauthorised third-party.

I exceeded the weight limit of my purchase, and now it is damaged. Can I claim repairs under warranty? 

In the event a Customer, or an associate of the Customer, uses a product beyond its stipulated weight limit, the warranty of that product shall be voided. The Electric Kicks technicians have a variety of methods to determine whether a product has been used beyond its official limitations, including weight limits. 

Is labour covered by the warranty? 

Servicing & labour is covered for all warranty issues within the first 12 months of purchase. If the issue is deemed not to be covered by warranty, any labour involved with rectifying the issue is chargeable. 

Is servicing covered by the warranty? 

Servicing (i.e. general product maintenance) is not covered under the Limited Warranty. If a Customer would like their product serviced, this can be purchased from Electric Kicks at an additional cost. Please contact support@electrickicks.com.au to arrange a product service. 

How do I lodge a warranty claim?

If a Customer believes that their product has a manufacturing defect or problem, they should email support@electrickicks.com.au with details of their issue, along with any pictures or videos as evidence of a fault. The Customer will be contacted by the Electric Kicks support team to discuss the issue in more depth. 

Do I need to return my product to have it assessed for a warranty claim?

Any and all products will need to be shipped back to Electric Kicks head office or an authorised service centre for assessment in the event a Customer wants to claim a Warranty Issue with those products. 

Do I have to return the product back to Electric Kicks head office specifically?

Electric Kicks has authorised service centres located around Australia. In some cases, warranty issues can be dealt with at these service centres. Please contact support@electrickicks.com.au or call 1300 054 257 to find a local service centre. 

I have had my product for less than 30 days. Do I need to pay to ship my product back to Electric Kicks?

If the product was purchased within 30 days of the warranty issue arising, Electric Kicks will arrange and cover the costs of return shipping for the product. 

I have had my product for more than 30 days. Do I need to pay to ship my product back to Electric Kicks?

If the warranty issue arises more than 30 days from the date of the initial purchase, the Customer will need to arrange safe transportation of their product back to the Electric Kicks head office including all associated costs. 

I’ve returned my product for a warranty issue. What happens now?

Once the product has arrived at the Electric Kicks head office, a technician will investigate the issue to determine whether it falls under the Limited Warranty. Receipt of the product at the Electric Kicks outlet or authorised service centre does not constitute an agreement that the suspected issue is covered by any warranty. 

The issue is covered by the Limited Warranty. What happens now?

Depending on the nature of the issue, Electric Kicks will either rectify the issue, or arrange a like-for-like replacement of the original product. Electric Kicks will then cover the cost of returning the product, or delivering a replacement product to the customer’s location in line with the Electric Kicks shipping policy

The issue isn’t covered by the Limited Warranty. What happens now?

If the Electric Kicks technician isn’t satisfied that the issue is covered under the Limited Warranty, the customer will be notified of the situation. From there, the customer can either:

  • Pay to have the product returned to them ‘as is’, or;
  • Pay to have the product repaired, then returned to them at their expense.

If the product is returned for a warranty issue within the first 30 days of its purchase, and the issue is not determined to be covered by warranty, the Customer will be required to reimburse Electric Kicks for the shipping & pay for the return shipping. The returned products will not be released until the reimbursement has been finalised. 

If my product is replaced entirely, does the warranty period reset?

In the event a Customer’s product is replaced in its entirety by Electric Kicks, the Limited Warranty period does not reset. The Limited Warranty will expire at 12 months from the date of dispatch of the original product and remain unaffected by any product replacement that happens within that 12 month period.

I've had parts replaced under warranty. Are are these parts covered by their own 12 month warranty?

Any replacement parts fitted to a product are covered for the remaining duration of the original 12-month product Limited Warranty, and do not have their own warranty period. 

If my product is going to be replaced, can I exchange it for a different model?

For warranty claims, the Customer is unable to exchange their product for anything other than a like-for-like replacement. 

I received free products as part of my order. Are those products covered by the Limited Warranty?

The Limited Warranty only covers items that were directly paid for. Items given away for free at a $0 cost are not covered by any part of the Limited Warranty. 

I’m selling my products privately. Is the Limited Warranty transferable? 

No, the Limited Warranty is only applicable to the original product owner and will not be transferred in the event the original Customer sells their items privately. 

I’ve damaged my product trying to install a recommended part. Is this a warranty issue? 

Damage arising to a product as a result of incorrect fitment of any part is not included by the Limited Warranty. 

I have a warranty issue but the part required to fix the product is not available. What happens now?

In the event an issue arises with any product that is covered by warranty, but the parts to rectify the product are not available in Australia, Electric Kicks may choose to:

  • Order the required part and fit, even if the delay pushes the product out of its Limited Warranty period, or;
  • replace the entire unit, or;
  • offer an alternative unit of similar value.

The decision on the above course of action is solely made at the discretion of Electric Kicks. 

What specific parts of a product are covered by warranty?

Cracks or Breaks:

  • Deck
  • Body
  • Frame
  • Neck
  • Stem
  • Handlebars
  • Suspension
  • Folding Mechanism
  • Wheels / Rims
  • Kickstands
  • Charging ports
  • The charger

Failed Parts:

  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Brakes (excluding the pads, cables, and any fluids)
  • Throttle
  • Lighting
  • Screen

The following is covered by warranty within 30 days of the product being delivered. After this point, they need to be paid for by the customer

  • Broken, loose or damaged spokes (e-bikes only)
  • Brake adjustments (i.e. adjusting pads, cables, levers).

    What parts are excluded from the Limited Warranty?

    • Tyres and inner tubes
    • Spokes (after the 30-day post purchase window has expired)
    • Brake pads & cables
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Decals & graphics
    • Rubber seals
    • Grip tape and rubber deck covers
    • Damage caused by misuse or crashes
    • Handlebar grips
    • Brake fluid
    • Brake adjustments (outside of 30-day post purchase window)
    • Any damage caused by water ingress
    • Any part that is naturally expected to wear down as a result of use of the product
    • Any damage caused by modifications made to the product by the customer (i.e. installing third-party parts, hacking or flashing firmware, or attempting to fix the product themselves). 

    I have questions about the Warranty Policy. Who can I contact?

    Any questions about the Warranty Policy can be directed to support@electrickicks.com.au

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