Top Alternative to the Apollo Phantom

Top Alternative to the Apollo Phantom Electric Scooter

The Apollo Phantom is known worldwide as one of the best high-power electric scooters and earned a loyal following for good reasons.

It boasts impressive specs like a 66-KPH top speed, an extended 80-KM range on a single charge, and the ability to climb steep hills and inclines. Beneath the surface are innovative features like the highly efficient Mach 1 controller, Ludo Mode for an extra speed boost, and regenerative braking for extended battery life.

Apollo Phantom

The Apollo Phantom is a force to be reckoned with on the road. However, some riders may find the price to be too steep, and if that’s the case for you, don’t worry. We've got an exciting alternative for you: a high-performance electric scooter that delivers comparable power at a more accessible price point.

Say hello to the Inokim OXO.

Inokim OXO

The Inokim OXO is a fantastic electric scooter that delivers similar performance to the Apollo Phantom V4. With its great ride quality, premium build, and long range, it gives you everything you need from an all-terrain e-scooter at a lower price tag. 

Inokim OXO

Speed and Power

Both scooters pack a punch with powerful dual motors: 2 x 1200W for the Phantom and 2 x 1000W for the OXO. 

Interestingly, even though the former boasts higher power, this difference in motor output translates to minimal difference in top speed. Using Ludo mode, you can unlock the Phantom’s top speed to 66 KPH from its stock 61 KPH. Meanwhile, the OXO reaches 65 KPH out of the box.

In addition, the two scooters are equally adept at conquering hills, tackling inclines of up to 25 degrees.


With its 52V battery, the Phantom does not fall short when it comes to mileage, as its ample 80-KM range is sufficient for most daily commutes and adventures. 

But if you thought 80 kilometres was good, prepare to be impressed with the Inokim OXO’s incredible range. Equipped with a larger 57.6V battery, it covers up to 110 kilometres and lets you explore further without worries. 

Ride Quality

The two electric scooters promise smooth and comfortable rides thanks to superior suspension that soaks up bumps from any path, whether it’s pothole-ridden city streets or rocky trails in the countryside.

The Phantom features a strong quadruple spring suspension system, but if you prefer easy customisation, the OXO is equipped with a patented dual suspension system—the OX Suspension Adapter Patent or OSAP. This feature lets you switch between "Low" mode for better stability on rough city streets, or "High" mode for maximum shock absorption on off-road terrain.

Design and Build

Likewise, the Apollo Phantom V4 and the Inokim OXO are built to last. Both crafted from aviation-grade aluminium alloy, you can count on either scooter to have a solid and durable foundation. 

The OXO is also upgraded with a larger, rubber-covered deck for improved comfort and grip. Plus, its distinctly elongated stem not only is stylish but also adds to the scooter’s overall stability. All these ensure steady rides on any terrain, even when you’re riding at top speed.

Safety Features

There isn’t a lot of difference between the two electric scooters when it comes to safety. For starters, both scooters are UL-Certified, which means they meet the industry’s highest safety standards. 

The two scooters also boast robust braking systems. The Apollo Phantom V4 utilises front and rear mechanical brakes + regenerative brakes, while the Inokim OXO is equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes. Note that although both systems deliver maximum stopping power, some riders prefer hydraulic brakes on their high-performance electric rides.

On the other hand, while both scooters have bright integrated LED lights, it’s just the Phantom that has built-in turn signals.

Inokim OXO’s Key Strengths

Both the Apollo Phantom and the Inokim OXO are premium high-performance scooters made of top-quality aviation-grade material. While the Phantom boasts powerful dual 1200W motors, the OXO delivers an equally impressive performance with efficient 2 x 1000W motors. Despite being lower-powered, it reaches a near-identical top speed of 65 KPH and even scales the same inclines. 

Beyond power and speed, the OXO offers a remarkable advantage: an industry-leading 110-KM range on a single charge, which significantly exceeds the Phantom's 80 KM.

Inokim OXO

Why Choose Inokim?

Inokim has built its reputation for building electric rides with impressive power, incredible range, and premium construction. Like the OXO, every Inokim electric scooter is engineered for top-notch quality and has gone through meticulous testing to ensure safe and exceptional performance.

They also understand your safety is paramount, and that’s why their scooters, including the OXO, are all UL-certified. With this certification, you are assured that the scooters meet the world’s most stringent standards when it comes to quality and safety. 

Indeed, the Apollo Phantom is a great electric scooter—a legend in every right. However, riders who prioritise value may find the Inokim OXO a more attractive option. It offers impressive performance, class-leading range, and innovative functions and safety features, and manages to deliver all these at a more competitive price point. 

Comparison Chart




Top Speed

66 KPH

65 KPH

Max Range

80 KM

110 KM


2 x 1200W

2 x 1000W 


52V 23.4 Ah

57.6V 26 Ah

Unit Weight

35 KG

33.5 KG

Rider Weight

136 KG

120 KG


Quadruple spring suspension

Adjustable dual suspension (OSAP)


Front & rear mechanical disc + regenerative brakes

Front & rear hydraulic disc brakes

Regular Price



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