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Great attachment Pont for dog trailer

We got the seat mainly as an attachment point for a dog trailer, it all works well.

'Very Slay!'

Got this for my seventeen year old who has been really enthusiastic for some freedom, and this was just so good for them! They've been using it day in and day out, to work, to school, their only complaint has been the battery life- it doesn't last as long as advertised (seven hours) when on non flat land, and tends to slow a lot on hills (Needs a small push) Which is honestly understandable for the price range and quality. Shipping was quick, and battery issue is fixed by just bringing the charger too school and work, Aside from those two issues, it's been great!

500+km's and still a fun ride

I had been looking for an e-bike for a while. After watching many of the reviews for various brands, in the end I decided to purchase an Aventon Level 2 bike. I contacted Electric Kicks and placed an order shortly afterwards. I also purchased the suspension seat post at the same time. The order was despatched promptly and I had the bike within a few days. So far Electric Kicks have been great to deal with.

Aventon have a few videos online and one of them was the assembly process for the bike. I had watched this video a few times while waiting for the bike to arrive. Putting the bike together by myself was quite easy. The only tricky part was holding the bike up while putting the front wheel in and inserting the axle. I managed it okay, but having someone else to push the axle through would’ve made it a bit easier. Before taking the bike out for a ride I lubricated the chain. Both the book and tyres say tyre pressure should be between 30~50psi. I’m currently running mine at 45psi. I check the tyres every week or so as I find they do slowly lose pressure after riding some bumpy trails.

I didn’t want to comment on the bike until I’d used it for a while. I’ve now clocked up over 500km’s. I’ve added a few accessories – a bag for the carrier, a bell, a bike radar (this I find a great addition), bike computer, flashing lights for front and back (the lights which come with the bike don’t flash), and an Aldi padded seat cover (I wear normal clothing when out for a ride). The one thing I am still missing is a drink bottle holder. I have tried a couple but the bottle sits against the vertical bar which also has the seat post in. After checking out some Aventon user groups in the US I found a couple of drink bottle holders which owners of Level 2’s use and the bottle doesn’t touch the post. They are available from Amazon. I have one in transit, it should be here in the coming days.

The bike is fun to ride, my average speed for a ride has increased since first starting out so I must be getting a bit fitter. The bike is also easy to ride without using pedal assist, although that doesn’t last too long. I prefer the ease of riding with the motor.
The suspension seat post along with the padded seat cover make for a comfortable ride. I am finding the noise the motor makes is slightly louder than when I first started riding the bike. Its not overly noisy but when riding with other riders they can also hear the motor more now than previously. This could be the planetary gears working harder since I tend to ride the bike faster these days, I’m not sure. The battery usage is not consistent. For instance I can ride the same trail three days in a row and the battery usage level can vary by more the 10% between rides.

One thing I would like is for the key which unlocks the motor is to have another option, that is to disconnect the battery power but still leave the battery locked. I’m concerned if I leave the bike chained up with the battery inserted in the bike, someone could turn the bike on and use the throttle to potential cause damage to the back wheel with it chained up.

Apollo Electric Scooter Phone Holder 2022

Great ride

Lots of power, battery lasts very well, brakes and suspension are great

Great scooter, great customer service

I’m very happy with the customer service, and the scooter is great to ride on. Good quality, easy to assemble. Thank you

Good scooter

Good scooter for riding around town

Aventon Abound Pannier
Kameera Bopeththa
Avanton cargo bike

On time arrival. Very friendly staff. Great bike. Super strong and fast. My kids love this. 200% recommended

C3Strom Astro Pro Electric Bike

Segway Go Kart Spare Tyres
Ivana Szadovszky

Fit perfectly and is very good

Little change, big difference

Best value for money improvement I've ever made to a bike. Smooths out the city ride.

Ripper scooter

Very well made , 35kmh is ok , range is less than I expected but still ok , rides well with suspension easily masters unsealed roads etc . Recommend this scooter

Averton 500.3

I bought this bike for my husband who has Parkinson's. It arrived boxed and complete. Easy to assemble with video and re-runs. He thinks it's fantastic so far. He's adjusting to the different settings. Taking his time. But overall a winner.

Fabulous bike

Absolutely love my blue step throughout Aventon Bike. It is great up hills and for long rides. My girlfriends are all very jealous

Amazing work!

Thanks guys for all of the amazing work you have done repairing the scooter! It's so much better than it was before 😁.

Not too much power


Anyhill UM2 Electric Scooter

So far

The ride has been good: it handles well and is fairly responsive, but it's underpowered for traffic conditions. My bad for choosing it rather than a more powerful option.

Charging it more often than I would have thought I needed to. All up, I'm happy.

Segway lock

The segway lock itself is alright, being a standered combination code, paired with the clip on it makes it even better allowing it to be carried around easier. BUT the clip on does NOT fit the plus models with thicker bars (atleast the e2plus).

Love my Aventon ebike and the front and rear fenders are essential

Fantastic very happy with scooter

Awesome services

The services provided by electric kicks have exceeded my expectation. They are quick to rectify the issue and very polite over the phone. Good service attitude I ever experienced with an online purchase. Kudo to the post sales service team. Good performance with the Segway E2 plus scooter, the only downside is that on a full charge you can only obtained 93% to 95% on a single charge.