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best electric scooters for camping

Weekend Camping: Best Electric Scooters to Bring During Your Trip

There’s so much that you can do with electric scooters. After all, these rides aren’t just for commuting to school or work. You can even bring them with you during your weekend camping trips. It’ll level up your outing, for sure!

And just like in commuting, some electric scooters fare better in this kind of situation than others. Plus, you would need to keep in mind a few things when thinking of bringing your electric scooter along. Read on to discover what to look out for and which e-scooters are best for camping trips!

Top Electric Scooter Recommendations for Camping Trips

Generally speaking, the best kind of electric scooter to bring during your weekends away is one built for off-road riding. At the very least, it should be a model that’s known for its durability. 

With that being said, the kind of electric scooter to bring can also depend on you and what you plan to do during your trip. Simple trail riding, exploring with kids, or going on extreme off-road adventures will suit different scooters. 

Here are some recommendations you wouldn’t want to miss.

For All The Happy Campers

Going camping is fun on its own, but if you're looking for a little extra excitement, bringing your electric scooter Sydney with you will do the trick. Indeed, some commuter scooters can even double as your weekend recreational ride.

Here are some of our recommendations for campers who want to maximize their time outdoors:

Apollo Explore

apollo explore electric scooter

The Apollo Explore was voted the #1 single-motor electric scooter of 2020 by Electric Scooter Guide for good reasons. And one of those reasons is because it's the most powerful commuter scooter to date. Its reliable and strong performance makes it a great choice for doubling as a commuter and recreational scooter.

The Apollo Explore is built so that you can ride it both on- and off-road (to a certain extent) so it can definitely handle a weekend on semi-rough forest trails. Plus, its powerful 1000W motor and 52V battery allows you to zoom around the paths up to speeds of 50 kph and as far as 55 km. That's pretty fast and far, perfect for weekend adventures!

Segway Ninebot Max G30P

segway ninebot max g30p electric scooter

The Segway Ninebot Max G30P is a favourite among riders because it's a scooter that can easily switch between daily commuting and weekend riding. Though it isn't built specially for off-roading, the Max G30P's puncture-proof tyres can still manage well-used bike paths and less bumpy trails.

And with the unlocked Global Edition, you can even dash through the outdoors up to speeds of 30 kph. Want to go further? You can when you bring the Max G30P because it has an incredible 65 km maximum range. 

And at only 19.1 kg, it's pretty lightweight so you can carry it up and down paths that you can't ride on. You can even store it inside your tent or in the trunk of your car when it's folded.

Inokim Ox Super

inokim ox super electric scooter

The Inokim Ox Super is a classic thrill scooter that's known for its amazing off-road capabilities. And you know what they say about classics, "you can never go wrong." The OX Super's 10-inch pneumatic tyres can effortlessly handle on- and off-road terrain, making it the perfect ride for hiking and biking trails.

Its zippy acceleration and ability to reach high speeds of 45 kph as well as its phenomenal 82 km range are more than enough reasons to make this a scooter of choice when you're heading out on an adventure.

It is slightly heavy at 28kg but it's compact size when folded still makes it easy to store away inside your vehicle.

Kaabo Skywalker 10C V2

kaabo skywalker 10c v2 electric scooter

Though the Kaabo Skywalker 10C is a commuter scooter, this bad boy can also double as a thrill scooter. With incredible power and performance the Skywalker 10C is one of the best in its class and definitely worth bringing along during your outdoor excursions.

With slightly upgraded specs from the other Skywalker models, the 10C can help make your camping trip ultra-fun thanks to its fantastic 42 kph top speed and 50 km maximum range. Plus, it has great front and rear suspension to keep you comfortable no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

 At 22 kg, it's still easy to carry around so you can lift it up if you find yourself in front of an obstacle during your rides. It's also conveniently foldable so that you can store it away easily.

For Young Adventurers

Let your kids have their own fun during your weekend trip. Bringing along their own ride can enhance their experience of camping all the more.

From kiddie riders all the way to excitable teens, here are some of our recommendations for electric scooters while camping:

Segway Zing E8 and E10

segway zing e8 electric scooter

The Segway Zing E8 and E10 are the perfect scooters for young riders, specifically kids ages 10 and below. However, the E10 is also suitable for beginner riders up to 16-years-old. 

While they're not specifically designed for off-road terrain, both Zing models can handle well-used bike paths and marked forest trails. Just make sure that your kids avoid deep holes and big rocks (to minimize accidents as well as wear and tear).

What's more, you'll have peace of mind during your rides because you know your young ones are riding scooters built for their age and frame with features designed to keep them safe.

Segway Ninebot Max G30LP

segway ninebot max g30lp electric scooter

Though the Segway Ninebot Max G30LP is a commuter scooter, it's the perfect two-in-one ride for teens and young adults. It is definitely more built for urban streets but the G30LP's sturdy, self-healing and puncture-proof tyres can still handle a little bit of rough trails. 

Plus, its 30 kph (Unlocked, Unrestricted Global Edition) top speed allows your teens a bit more freedom to accelerate while outdoors. Its 40 km maximum range also makes it a sweet ride to bring for longer-distance adventures.

Inokim Ox Eco

inokim ox eco electric scooter

Dubbed the Baby Beast, the Inokim Ox Eco is definitely not for every young rider. But it's the perfect electric scooter for older kids who have prior experience and are skilled enough to handle off-road scooters.

It can go a bit faster than the Max G30LP with a top speed of up to 35 kph (and they share similar acceleration as well so zippy but not insanely fast). But when it comes to riding farther and harder, the Ox Eco wins by miles (literally) with a maximum range of 58 km, adjustable suspension, and and durable tyres made specifically for off-road terrain.

For Daring Travelers

Are you feeling up for a challenge? Dominate on the tracks and go all out during your weekend adventures with the best of the best in off-roading riding. 

These electric scooters are definitely not for the faint of heart. Here are some of our recommendations for campers who are out for thrills:

Apollo Pro

apollo pro electric scooter

When you want something that can handle the roughest of trails yet still be convenient to bring around, nothing's better than the Apollo Pro. At only 34 kg, it's pretty lightweight (and portable) for a powerful thrill scooter. Plus, it has a folding stem AND handlebars that make it more compact than other models in its class.

As for its performance? It handles off-roading like a seasoned pro! With a top speed of 60-68 kph and a wicked acceleration of 0 to 50 kph in under 3 seconds, you'll really feel the adrenaline pumping in your veins. Not to mention that you can absolutely make the most out of the nearby biking trails with the Pro's 80-90 km maximum range and impressive 40-degree hill climbing ability.

Mercane MX60

mercane mx60 electric scooter

One of the pioneers of off-road electric scooter riding is the Mercane MX60, and let us tell you, it's still a superior choice when it comes to rough riding. The MX60 is bulky and built to withstand the bumpy trails and rugged terrain of the outdoors.

With a broad deck and thick 11-inch tyres, you wouldn't feel any discomfort during your travels. And thanks to its powerful dual motors, this electric scooter can reach speeds of 60 kph and distances of 100 km with ease. 

The only downside is that it's not the most portable. But if you have the space, the MX60 is definitely worth bringing along.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

kaabo wolf warrior 11+ electric scooter

Kaabo is known for producing some of the best off-road scooters to date. And today, the Wolf Warrior 11+ is one of its top scooters so it's no exaggeration when we say that this bad boy comes from the best of the best.

Thanks to its ultra-powerful 1200W dual motors and high-capacity 60V Samsung battery, the Wolf Warrior 11+ can go up to zippy speeds of 80 kph and incredible distances of up to 150 km. It's pretty hard to beat when it comes to performance, that's for sure. But that's not all. The Wolf Warrior 11+ dual braking system, dual suspension, 11-inch pneumatic off-road tyres makes it the perfect thrill ride on rough trails. 

However, like the Mercane MX60, the Wolf Warrior 11+ is bulky so it might require more space if you want to bring it along.

Bonus: Electric Rides to Bring When Camping

Feeling a bit more adventurous? When you have the space to bring them along, these electric rides can give you the same thrilling feeling of riding and electric bike in biking trails and rough paths. 

Some electric rides you can be bring along to your outing are:

Segway Dirt eBike X160 and X260

segway dirt ebike x260

For the ultimate off-road experience, there's nothing better than riding a sturdy and beastly electric dirt bike on the trails. With its more durable build and bigger tyres, an electric dirt bike like the Segway X160 and X260 can take you to places that an electric scooter can't.

The Segway X160 is a great starter electric dirt bike with a top speed of 50 kph and a maximum range of 75 km. Its brother, the Segway X260, is perfect for advanced riders and has a top speed of 75 kph and a maximum range of 120 km.

The biggest disadvantage of an electric dirt bike is its portability. You can't exactly fold it in half and it weighs a lot (48 kg for X160 and 55 kg for X260) so bringing it along during your camping trips might be a problem if it's not your main mode of transportation. You'll need a vehicle with ample space as well as high-quality locks and chains to keep it secure.

Sur Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike

sur ron light bee electric dirt bike

Another awesome electric ride to bring when you're going somewhere with lots of space is the Sur Ron Light Bee. This electric dirt bike is wicked fast and will give you that adrenaline rush you're craving.

The Sur Ron Light Bee can go as fast as 50 kph with a zippy acceleration of 0 to 50 kph in just 4 seconds. It can also reach far distances of 100 km if you maintain an average 20 kph speed. 

Of course, the Sur Ron is also bulky and weighs 50 kg which makes it super hard to lift. Only bring your Light Bee during your camping trips if it fits your vehicle and if you can secure somewhere reliably. The upside? It's pretty hard to steal because of its size and weight.

Segway Z10 Electric Unicycle

segway zing e10 electric unicycle

If you're feeling extra adventurous, make sure to bring your Segway Z10 during your next outing. This unique one-wheel ride features a thick and durable pneumatic tyre that can handle off-road terrain without any hitch. 

You can go as fast as 45 kph and as far as 90 km on this daring electric unicycle. When it comes to its thrill factor, this ride is superb! Plus, the unique one-wheel riding will make you feel as if you're riding your favourite trails for the first time again!

The best part? The Segway Z10 only weighs 24 kg and has a convenient Carry mode. Plus, it's pretty compact which makes it easy to store away. You can even put it inside your tent!

Things to Consider When Bringing an Electric Ride to Your Weekend Camping Trip

Though you'd probably want to bring just any scooter to your trip, there are some things you need to consider to really maximize your riding experience and keep your scooter safe from damage. Some scooters are just designed to be more durable than others.

With that in mind, here are some things you need to think about when choosing what electric ride to bring to your trip:

Maximum Range

When you’re going out to have some fun, constantly re-charging your electric scooter will be a bother. Avoid having to re-charge a lot by bringing a scooter with a longer range. That way, you can maximize the time you have on the trails better. 

What’s more, you can use your electric scooters for running errands when you go camping. Trips to the convenience store are a lot easier if you don’t have to worry about your battery running out in the middle of your ride.

Electric Scooters With Good Range

Apollo Explore at 55 km

Apollo Pro at 80-90 km

Inokim Ox Super at 82 km

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ at 150 km

Mercane MX60 at 100 km

Segway Ninebot Max G30P at 65 km

On and Off-Road Capability

Here’s the truth: you can bring electric scooters not made for off-road riding during your camping trips. A lot of them are durable enough to handle well-used trails. You just have to keep in mind that they’re not designed for rough and extreme riding.

That’s why many of your commuter scooters are also fun to have along during your weekend outings. Just make sure to take extra care of them while you’re on the trails.

Of course, if you want to make the most out of your trip, electric scooters made for off-roading is still your best bet. These are the scooters that come with tyres, suspension, and builds that are designed to withstand rough handling and tougher terrain. With these, you wouldn’t need to worry about excessive wear and tear.

Not Designed for Off-Road Off-Road Capable on Semi-Rough Trails Off-Road Capable

Segway Zing E8

Segway Zing E10

Segway Max G30P

Segway Max G30LP

Apollo Explore

Kaabo Skywalker 10C V2

 Apollo Pro

Inokim Ox Eco

Inokim Ox Super

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

Mercane MX60

Segway Dirt eBike X160

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Segway Z10 Unicycle

Sur Ron Light Bee

Portability & Ease of Folding

When you go camping, storage space isn’t something you have in spades. So that’s an important thing you need to consider if you want to bring your electric ride along. Most electric scooters don’t have a problem with these because they are foldable, compact, and easy to move.

However, some scooters (regardless of their folding ability) can be difficult to carry because of their hefty weight. So if you need to lift things a lot during your trip, these bulky scooters might not be the best choice.

Furthermore, electric dirt bikes are not the most portable electric rides to bring if you lack the storage space for them. For one, they can’t be lifted as easily as a scooter and they’re huge. So these rides are best when you’re going somewhere that has tons of space and is easily accessible.

Easy to Bring Along Not So Portable

Apollo Explore at 23 kg

Inokim Ox Eco at 25 kg

Kaabo Skywalker 10C V2 at 22 kg

Segway Zing E8 at 8 kg

Segway E10 at 8.5 kg

Segway Ninebot Max G30P at 19.1 kg

Segway Ninebot Max G30LP at 17.5 kg

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

Mercane MX60

Segway Dirt eBike X160

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Sur Ron Light Bee


As a follow-up to portability, size, in this case, matters a lot. You’d have to think of how you’re going to your destination and if your electric ride will fit your chosen vehicle. While most electric scooters can fit the trunk of a sedan, bulky scooters and electric dirt bikes definitely will not.

But if you’re going on something bigger, like a camper or an RV, then you might have space for the bigger rides. A pickup truck can also work as long as you can secure your rides so they won’t go bumping while you’re driving. You can also cover them up under a tarp so you wouldn’t have to worry about your electric rides getting wet.

Some electric rides might be hard to fit in your vehicle like the Mercane MX60, Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+, Segway Dirt eBike X160, Segway Dirt eBike X260, and Sur Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike


Going off on the type of vehicle you’re going to bring, you also need to keep in mind how you’re going to secure your electric rides. Can you keep them inside your RV or inside the trunk of your car? Or is there a way to keep them safe and secure while stored outside?

There’s a possibility that you wouldn’t be alone in your chosen destination. And electric scooters are so portable that they can be easily snatched up and stolen (but we sincerely hope this doesn’t happen to you). That’s why you will need to ensure that your electric rides are locked up when you’re not using them. Either invest in anti-theft devices like locks and alarms or store them inside your vehicle.

Some electric rides might be hard to secure like the Mercane MX60, Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+, Segway Dirt eBike X160, Segway Dirt eBike X260, and Sur Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike

Ability to Carry Extra Weight

Even if you plan your essentials carefully, sometimes forgetting something just happens. So trips to the nearest convenience store for snacks or forgotten necessities are possible. And it’s such a hassle to bring your vehicle when you have the choice to ride your electric scooter instead.

Just make sure that you’re skilled enough to ride with the added weight and that your electric scooter can handle it. Most commuter and thrill scooters are sturdy enough to carry your weight and the added weight of your groceries, so this isn’t a big worry if you’re used to bringing along a backpack. 

For safety purposes, refrain from carrying added weight on kid’s scooters (they have lower weight capacities and kids should refrain from carrying stuff while riding) and single-wheel rides.

Carrying extra weight while riding is not advisable for electric rides like the Segway Zing e8, Segway Zing e10, and Segway Z10 Unicycle

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