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The Complete Guide to the Best Electric Scooters in Australia 2022

Electric scooters are sweeping the market, for very good reasons! They’re handy, low-maintenance, and so much fun! Be it for making your commute more bearable or just cruising around the city, electric scooters can inject excitement into your otherwise monotonous trip.

Plus, they come with the freedom of personal mobility, be it as a convenient “last-mile” ride or your main mode of transportation. Suffice to say, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of traffic and public transport.

But, choosing the right one to fit your lifestyle can get frustrating when a dozen or more electric scooters are right in front of you. Don’t worry, this article has everything you need to help you find the scooter that’s perfect for you, from the industry-leading electric scooters to everything you need to know before you buy one!


1. Things to Consider Before Buying Your E-Scooter
2. Commonly Asked Questions 
3. Australia’s Best Electric Scooters 2022

3. Honourable Mentions

4. Top of The Class: Which Electric Scooter is Best?

Things to Consider Before Buying Your E-Scooter

Some scooters are admittedly more expensive than others as they provide more power and speed. Honestly, there is nothing more infuriating than spending thousands of dollars and then recognising that what you chose is not right for you. 

It's important to know what you’ll use the scooter for so you can create a shortlist of choices. Don’t just grab the first one you see as there are things you have to think about to find the perfect electric scooter for you and your needs.

Why Buy An Electric Scooter: for Commuting or Adventuring?

How you’re planning to use your scooter should be top of the list when scooter shopping as it helps determine the type that would be most beneficial for you. 

Do you need something light and portable for commuting? If yes, expect a bit of compromise when it comes to speed and power due to more lightweight parts. Or do you need a scooter that’ll give you the rush you’re hoping for? Those ones are stronger in build, provide more speed and range, but weigh significantly more.

Do You Need Speed or Range More?

Several scooters are built with powerful engines that can reach speeds of 80+ kph, but that much power comes at the expense of long range as the battery drains out faster due to the energy used. While other electric scooters are fitted with more robust batteries that provide better range but produce lower speeds.

If you’ll use it for short trips or daily commutes, it’s probably better to go for a scooter that offers a longer range so you won’t have to charge it numerous times in a day. But, if you want a scooter for your thrill-seeking adventures, go for the ones with bigger engines and faster speeds.

Will You Be Bringing It Along Everywhere?

Ask yourself whether you’ll need to carry your scooter a lot. If it’s a yes, then the best option would be something very portable and lightweight. One of the most well-known benefits of e-scooters is the convenience they provide to daily commuters. Know the materials they’re made of, and those built with aluminium or carbon fibre will make your life easier as you carry it.

There’s another feature you need to be on the lookout for if your main goal is to find a portable personal ride - the folding system. Look for the one that folds easily and you’ll be thanking yourself later while catching up to the bus and carrying it inside in a hurry.

Set A Budget

A barrage of new scooters from multiple brands has entered the market, all with different price ranges and capabilities. Once you identify how you’re going to use your electric scooter, you need to set a budget so the choices don’t overwhelm you. 

  • Entry-level - more affordable and ideal for beginners who use them for short trips due to their limited range and speed. They usually cost around AUD $700 -$1200.
  • Mid-range - offers more speed and range and is best for those looking for a perfect balance between a scooter for commuting and recreation. They’re priced around AUD $1299 to $2299.
  • Performance - they cost between AUD $2699 to $5999 but provide far better pace and reach than the rest. Ideal for expert riders and those seeking more thrilling escapades.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Do You Charge a Scooter?

In order to keep your electric scooter in tip-top shape, knowing how to charge it safely and correctly is essential. Check out how to replenish the battery of your e-scooter:

  1. After using the e-scooter, wait for at least 15 minutes before plugging it in. Let the battery cool down first as it will heat up once again while charging.
  2. Once the system cools down, plug the charger into the wall socket first before plugging the cable into the scooter’s charging port.
  3. Wait for the scooter to be fully charged, then disconnect it promptly. It’s better to wait a while before using it after a charge to let the battery cool down.

How Do You Take Care & Maintain a Scooter?

An electric scooter is a worthy investment and keeping it in its best condition at all times will prolong its lifespan. Generally, e-scooters are low-maintenance but it won’t hurt to look after them regularly to keep their best form. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your scooter:

  1. Tyre Pressure - Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to tyre pressure as not doing so can lead to dangerous consequences. Too much pressure can blow the tyres out while low pressure can damage the rim.
  2. Battery Maintenance - Make sure you only use original chargers to not damage the battery system. Avoid overcharging your scooter since it can result in overheating. Also, don’t push the boundaries too much and avoid letting the battery reach 0% after every use.
  3. Brake Tuning - Stopping power is important for your safety and those around you. Fixing your brakes will differ depending on the type of brakes your scooter have. Generally, you have to put your scooter on a platform and then get Allen Keys a.k.a hex keys. Make sure that the wheels of your scooter are spinning unblocked, otherwise, check each brake component to determine the root of the problem.

Do I Need a Helmet to Ride?

Yes. It is always best to wear a helmet when riding your e-scooter to protect yourself and those around you. Moreover, it's a legal requirement as well. 

What Does ‘Maximum Range’ Mean?

Put simply, it’s how far a scooter can run on a single charge. But, it’s important to note that the maximum range is determined under ideal conditions and it might not always be achievable, so treat it as a ‘general guide’ of sorts. If you’ll be using the e-scooter daily, it’s best to pick one that has a longer range so you won’t have to charge it every day. Having a long range is important since you don't want to run out of battery in the middle of your trip. 

How Long Will An Electric Scooter Last?

The lifespan of any electric scooter depends on its quality and rider usage but on average it lasts for 2-3 years. The following tips will help you maintain your scooter so that it lasts as long as possible.

  • Maintenance - Doing simple maintenance on your scooter daily goes a long way. Check tyre pressure and brake components weekly. Also, thoroughly clean it especially when it becomes wet or muddy from riding and routinely check for worn-out or loose parts.
  • Battery - This is one of the most important components of a scooter. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures and getting it wet. Use only original chargers to avoid damages.
  • Lubrication - It’s important to lubricate the moving parts of the scooter such as the wheels, steering, and handlebars every 3 months to keep it running at its optimal level.
  • Storage - Store your scooter in a proper place as it is sensitive to humidity, hot temperatures, or extreme cold. Ideally, put it in a well-ventilated area.
  • Riding Habits - How you ride your scooter directly impacts its lifespan. Avoid always going full throttle, repeated sudden braking, or riding while raining. The way your ride your scooter can damage it more easily and it can put you in danger.

Can An Electric Scooter Go On The Road?

Generally, electric scooters are allowed on roads as long as they meet specific requirements in regards to motors, top speed, and safety. However, the requirements may differ as there are variations of the local guidelines. You can always ride your scooter on private property though.

Australia’s Best Electric Scooters 2022

With more and more people discovering the benefits of personal mobility, multiple brands are dipping their toes in the water which means there are even more choices for practical adult electric scooters. 

To help you navigate your options, check out this carefully curated electric picks and you might just find the scooter of your dreams.

Segway Ninebot Max G30P Global Edition

Segway Ninebot Max Electric Scooter Black | Ninebot Max G30P Gen 2 Black (65km Range, 30kmh speed)

The Segway Ninebot Max G30P is a fan-favourite for very good reasons. It has all the exciting upgrades that can take your commute from tedious to invigorating. With this kicks, you can go to work and also take it on exciting adventures!

It’s hard to go wrong with the G30P with its proven reliability and stability. This sleek-looking scooter is made from aviation-grade aluminium alloy that makes it durable and perfect for any weather. With a weight of only 19 kg, the G30P is relatively lighter than some of its competitors in its class, but heavier than its predecessors. No worries though, as this is still portable and easy to carry with its clip-and-fold system. Taking it with you in public transportation or storing it under your office desk shouldn’t be an issue.

What’s more, the unrestricted and unlocked global version of the G30P, which Electric Kicks carries, comes with a highly-capable Gen 2 brushless motor that gives the scooter a speedy 30 kph top speed. You’ll be zooming through your destination in no time! Its range is nothing to sneer at either, as its battery power allows it to go as far as 65 km. Indeed, the long-distance range is simply phenomenal for this mid-range scooter!

Designed to provide more stability on all kinds of terrain, the G30P features 10-inch pneumatic puncher-resistant tyres that do incredibly well on road bumps. And as a bonus, you can use this ride like a manual scooter reminiscent of your childhood!



  • Weighs only 19kg
  • Great top speed of 30 kph and amazing 65 km range
  • Can go through different types of terrain
  • Longer range than its competitors
  • Built-in charger
  • Powerful Gen 2 brushless motor
  • Heavier than its predecessor
  • Bulkier than other Segway scooters
  • More expensive than other mid-range scooters

Top Speed: 30 kph

Max Range: 65 km

Price: AUD $1299

Click here to learn more about the Segway Ninebot Max G30P Global Edition

Apollo Ghost

apollo ghost electric scooter

Get ready for a spectacular ride on a scooter that found the perfect balance between design, performance, and price. A ride that is equipped to take you on gripping adventures daily. The Apollo Ghost will surely surpass your expectations!

It comes ready with amazing dual motors that boost the ride with a top speed of 55 kph and a climb angle of up to 25 degrees. And if you want to further customise the ride to your preferences, you can switch between single and dual motor drive, as well as Eco and Turbo modes. On top of that, you’ll be getting a whopping max. range of 62 km, thanks to its high-capability battery voltage. Talk about maximum performance with minimum fuss, right?

Safety and stability are nothing to fret about because the Apollo Ghost is fitted with an adjustable dual spring suspension and a triple braking system that’ll provide a smoother ride. Plus, it has a key lock mechanism that’ll make you less vulnerable to theft.

If that’s not enough, its gorgeous look and design made from sturdy forged aluminium will make heads turn in awe. Intricate details are evident in its design, such as its single-stem style, which reduces wobble while riding. You’re sure to experience a seamless and thrilling daily adventure!



  • Triple braking system (front disc, rear disc, and regenerative)
  • Incredible 55 kph speed and 62 km range
  • Key lock mechanism
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Highly-capable battery unit
  • LED lighting system 
  • Weighs 29 kg
  • Long charging time (12 hours)
  • Varied speed depending on terrain and weight of rider

Top Speed: 55 kph

Max Range: 62 km

Price: AUD $2499

Click here to learn more about the Apollo Ghost

EMove Cruiser

emove cruiser electric scooter

A ride on the EMove Cruiser is simply unlike any other, with its remarkable specs that include an almost endless range. Having a ride like this will surely amp up your commuting experience!

The EMove Cruiser features a powerful 54V LG battery that allows for a glorious range of 100 km in just a single charge, which you won't find in any other scooter in its class. Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you since that result is based on real-world tests. Whether you're into long-distance explorations or just like daily commutes, this kicks won't disappoint!

What’s more, it comes with an incredible 1000W brushless motor that allows for a top speed of 50 kph. That’s faster than some e-scooters in its class! In spite of weighing more than others at 23 kg, its convenient folding mechanism makes it portable enough to be carried or tucked away in a car boot.

Its design brings comfort to riders with a front spring and rear air suspension to make your rides smoother, especially when going through rough pavements. Plus, the Cruiser is fitted with 10-inch pneumatic tubeless tyres that provide more grip and stability as you scooter around. 

In every way, the EMove Cruiser is a scooter that stands out from the crowd!



  • Insane real-world range
  • High water resistance grade
  • Above-average 160 kg maximum capacity load
  • Car grade pneumatic tubeless tyres
  • Foldable stem and handlebar
  • Power key for added security
  • Adjustable stem height
  • Long charging time (9-12 hours)
  • A bit heavier at 23 kg

Top Speed: 50 kph

Max Range: 100 km

Price: AUD $2249

Click here to learn more about the EMove Cruiser.

Apollo Phantom

apollo phantom v2 electric scooter

Jam-packed with formidable upgrades and features, the Apollo Phantom is an awesome ride perfect for those who demand a premium two-wheeler. Experience a game-changing ride as you cruise the streets with its strong 1200W -1400W dual motors that give you an exhilarating speed of 62 to 70 kph, taking you to your destination in a blink.

The Apollo Phantom comes with two highly-capable battery options, 52V 23Ah and 60V 21.3Ah and they allow the scooter to reach up to 64 km in a single charge. Long-distance destinations surely won’t be an issue anymore!

Bumpy roads and uneven pavements are no match for the astonishing Phantom with its Quadruple Spring Suspension that ensures your ride is smooth as butter. Even steep slopes are no problem with Phantom’s 25-degree climb angle.

Ready for more? Portability-wise, it’s absolutely phenomenal except that it’s about 35 kg. It comes with a triple folding system (pin, clasp, and clamp) that makes travelling much easier. There’s even a folding hook that doubles as a bag hook. Pretty convenient, right? What’s more, it’s equipped with one of the biggest screen displays in the industry, a 3-inch HEX display. It’s indeed a leading contender for the next level of scootering!



  • Awesome top speed (70 kph) and range (64 km)
  • Two battery options
  • Incredible triple folding system
  • Fitted with features to improve visibility and safety (mounted headlight and turn signals)
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Heavier than competitors within the same price range (35 kg)
  • Long charging time of 12 hrs (can be cut in half with fast charger)

Top Speed: 60 to 70 kph

Max Range: 64 km

Price: AUD $3199

Click here to learn more about the Apollo Phantom V2.

Segway Ninebot F40 Global Edition

segway ninebot f series electric scooter | Segway F40

Introducing the F40 Global Edition, Segway's entry-level scooter that lets beginners get a taste of scootering without breaking the bank. Performance is not compromised as this scooter comes ready with a 350W motor set to take you away at an awesome 30 kph top speed. Plus, you’ll get through your daily commutes without worrying about draining the battery in the middle of the trip as the F40 has an amazing 40 km max. range.

Its 10-inch inflatable tyres give you more grip as you cruise along tough roads. To hone your riding skills, the F40 comes with 3 riding modes (energy saving, standard, and sport) to fit your style and commuting situation.

With such reliable performance and features, it’s unbelievable that this scooter only weighs 15.8 kg. And, one-click is all it takes to fold the F40 and carry it around effortlessly. Talk about agile and portable. Plus, you can secure your ride with its built-in, Bluetooth-enabled security lock which protects you from would-be thieves. This e-scooter certainly gives a new meaning to entry-level!



  • Portable and convenient
  • 3 riding modes to fit scootering abilities
  • Great top speed and max. range
  • Great security features
  • App connectivity can be an issue

Top Speed: 30 kph

Max Range: 40 km

Price: AUD $1199

Click here to learn more about the Segway Ninebot F40 Global Edition.

NAMI Burn E Viper V2 Max Hyper Scooter

Nami Burn-e Viper Hyper Scooter

Looking for something more extreme? Experience high-performance and thrilling rides, courtesy of the beastly NAMI Burn-E Viper. Powered by dual 1500W motors, get ready to speed through to your destination at 100+ kph. That’s way faster than some road cars! And, those steep hills won’t stand a chance with its 45-degree climbing angle.

That’s not all, as it also takes you as far as 120 km, thanks to its insane 72V 32Ah/28Ah battery. Although, it’s important to note that the max. range can be achieved with a stable run of 30 kph. Still, those are some staggering features! Not a lot of scooters can provide that A-rate speed with that remarkable range. It even provides 5 riding modes to quench the thirst of adrenaline junkies.

With all that speed and power, rest assured that comfort was not sacrificed. The Nami Burn-E Viper comes equipped with full hydraulic + adjustable regenerative electronic brakes to give you swift stopping power without losing control. Not only that, the front and rear adjustable suspensions minimise wobbles during rough terrains.

Speaking of rough terrains, this monster comes with 11-inch tubeless tyres that are always ready to take you on amazing off-road journeys. Don’t worry though, this scooter is also good to go on more mellow rides. No doubt, the NAMI Burn-E Viper is built differently and outclasses the rest!



  • Spectacular ride quality
  • Top-notch 100+ kph speed
  • Groundbreaking 120 km range
  • Fitted with safety features
  • Built for rough terrains and smooth pavements
  • Great stopping power 
  • Dead space in throttle
  • 15 to 17 hours charging time ( fast amp charger can make it in 3-4 hours)
  • Screen visibility can be better

Top Speed: 100+ kph

Max Range: 120 km (30 kph average speed)

Price: AUD $6299

Click here to learn more about the NAMI Burn E Viper V2 Max Hyper Scooter.

Apollo Air Pro

Apollo Air Australia | Apollo Air Pro

The balance between portability and power is what makes the Apollo Air Pro a stand-out amongst a fleet of entry-level scooters. Made for beginners in mind, this scooter is as handy as they come and will make your daily trips a joy to experience. Featuring a folding system and weighing only 17.46 kg, the Air Pro is easy to carry in public transit.

Using the scooter is straightforward as it is stacked with highly efficient, yet simple-to-use features. A 350-watt engine also ensures the Air Pro's speed and power are uncompromised as it produces a 30 kph top speed, giving it the momentum it needs to compete against other vehicles. Also, its 36V 10.4Ah battery is enough to take you up to 30 km on a single charge.

Comfort is at the forefront of the Air Pro, ease you into the scootering experience through its front dual fork suspension. It gives you more control while riding, particularly on some uneven roads. Even its deck is rubberized for better balance, especially when going full-throttle.

To give you some peace of mind, safety features include a great braking system that reuses energy (regenerative) plus an exceptional lighting system that adorns the scooter. With the Air Pro, it's easy to transition into personal mobility!



  • Portable and compact
  • Great 30 kph speed and 30 km range for its class
  • Wide handlebars for better control
  • 10-inch pneumatic tyres provide great grip
  • Very light
  • Only 5 hrs of charging
  • The display/screen is not as clear

Top Speed: 30 kph

Max Range: 30 km 

Price: AUD $899

Click here to learn more about the Apollo Air & Air Pro.

Kaabo Wolf King GT

Kaabo Wolf King GT Electric Scooter

All hail the Kaabo Wolf King GT! An electric scooter that takes the throne in almost every category imaginable due to its extreme power and amazing ride quality. Feel the intensity as you speed along with breathtaking 100+ kph speeds, due to its monstrous dual 2000W motors. Thanks to that insane power, those steep hills won’t even rattle your ride as it reaches up to a 50-degree climb angle.

Going on thrilling adventures is made easy with its bigger and better battery system that allows for the scooter to reach an unparalleled 180 km range. What’s more, the charging time can be cut into just around 7 hours if you use two chargers. That's a lot of extra miles without a lot of waiting around.

Want something more exciting? Adrenaline junkies will surely love its rapid acceleration that reaches 50 kph in just 4.8 seconds. No fret about control though, as the Wolf King GT is fitted with sine wave controllers. Together with the motors, they produce spectacular efficiency and control despite the astonishing speed.

In spite of the extreme features that’ll knock your socks off, the Wolf King GT's front and rear hydraulic disc brakes aim to deliver the best control and stopping power. And, it comes with 11-inch pneumatic tyres and front hydraulic and rear spring suspension designed to take on all kinds of terrains with stability. Surely, the Wolf King GT allows riders to experience sensational adventures with comfort.



  • Dominant 100+ kph speed and180 km range
  • Powerful motors
  • Thumb throttle and grippy handlebars
  • Sophisticated lighting system
  • Anti-glare display screen
  • On the heavier side at 52 kg
  • Long charging time with only one charger

Top Speed: 100+ kph

Max Range: 180 km 

Price: AUD $5999

Click here to learn more about the Kaabo Wolf King GT

Apollo Explore

apollo explore electric scooter 2021

Exploring the city won’t ever be the same with the Apollo Explore’s amazing combination of performance, speed, and riding quality. Its amazing upgrades include a 1000W brushless DC motor that allows you to cruise through the streets or go on weekend adventures with a max. speed of 50 kph. Plus, the highly-capable motor will crush those steep hills!

With its 52V 18.2Ah battery, the Apollo Explore provides an incredible range of 55 km perfect for short and mid-range commutes or trips. You won’t find a lot of scooters with this kind of long-distance range at this kind of price. More than that, the Smart Battery Management prolongs the battery's life, saving you some money on maintenance.

Made from a forged aluminium frame, the Apollo Explore will surely fit into your urban lifestyle without hiccups. A set of 10-inch pneumatic tyres provides a great deal of traction on uneven pavements, while the triple braking system ensures you arrive at your destination safe and sound. 

At 23 kg, the scooter is still light enough to be carried easily, especially since it has a foldable stem and handlebars. Truly, a reliable and speedy commuter ride that can add a splash of flair to your everyday life!



  • Great 50 kph speed and 55 km range
  • Dual spring suspension
  • 4.5 hrs charging time with fast charger
  • Amazing load capacity at 120 kg
  • Triple braking system
  • Strong 1000W single motor
  • Weighs 23 kg (portable but isn’t the lightest in its class)
  • Not as reliable off-road but can handle semi-rough trails

Top Speed: 50 kph

Max Range: 55 km 

Price: AUD $1999

Click here to learn more about the Apollo Explore


VSETT 10+ electric scooter

The VSETT 10+ is a dynamic electric scooter that delivers a spectacular riding experience which allows you to dominate any terrains impeccably. It’s definitely one heck of a looker, too, with its sleek design that offers practicality and ease of use. 

An elite scooter with strong dual 1400W motors, the VSETT 10+ can reach speeds of up to 80 kph which puts it on par with its competitors in terms of speed. Running on a single motor provides a range of up to 160 km, but you can switch to dual motors for a shorter range and still propel yourself to your destination at record time. No matter what you choose, a thrilling experience is what you’ll get!

With the VSETT 10+, you have the choice between the 60V 20.8Ah and 60V 25.6Ah batteries. Depending on whether you're in single or dual motor mode, you'll get an amazing range of 65 - 130 km with powerful batteries. Most other electric scooters cannot reach even half that distance!

Moreover, there’s no joking around about with stability and comfort with this one. Besides front and rear Zoom hydraulics, it has an electronic anti-lock braking system (E-ABS) which results in noteworthy responsiveness and exceptional stopping power. And, it has hydraulic spring coil suspension in the front and rear, giving you a stable ride all throughout! 

Without question, the VSETT 10+ is worthy to keep you company on your action-packed adventures!



  • Very stable (front and rear suspensions)
  • Breathtaking 160 km range and top-notch 75-80 kph speed
  • Ergonomically designed
  • IP54 water resistance rating
  • Collapsible handlebars and foldable stem
  • Heavier at 36 kg

Top Speed: 75 to 80 kph

Max Range: Up to 160 km 

Price: AUD $3999

Click here to learn more about the VSETT 10+.

Segway Ninebot E25 and E45

segway ninebot e45 electric scooter

It comes as no surprise that convenience is highly sought-after in this busy world and the E25 and E45 provide just that and much more. Both are second-generation scooters that come with highly-anticipated upgrades. Weighing only 14.4 kg and 16.4 kg respectively, they’re super portable with a convenient folding system that allows you to easily load them into a car or carry them on a bus.

You’ll certainly enjoy a cruisy ride around town with 25 kph (E25) and 30 kph (E45) top speeds, courtesy of their prominent upgraded motors. What’s more, they come with great batteries that permit you a pretty good 25 km (E25) and 45 km (E45) range.

But, the safety features of both scooters are what make them notable amongst their peers. As Segway’s latest models, they benefit from finally having a triple braking system, which include an electronic, electromagnetic, and press brakes. Surely, you won’t lose control with this much stopping power!

To keep you safe and visible, a great lighting system that includes front, side, and tail lights illuminate your pathway. Plus, they come with 9-inch tyres with anti-flat technology. Both the E25 and E45 are amazing scooters that’ll make your beginner’s scootering journey worthwhile!



  • Very lightweight
  • Decent speed and range
  • Lots of safety features 
  • Anti-flat tyres
  • Triple braking system
  • Improved hill climb
  • Great visibility features (lighting system)
  • Not for long-distance trips (E25)
  • A bit heavier (E45)
  • Not the fastest compared to competitors

Top Speed: 25 kph (E25), 30 kph (E45)

Max Range: 25 km (E25), 45 km (E45)

Price: AUD $3999

Click here to learn more about the Segway Ninebot E25 and the Segway Ninebot E45

Inokim OXO 2021

inokim oxo electric scooter left

Get ready to tackle the trails and fly through the city with the Inokim OXO 2021 and its immensely high-performing features. Not only that, one look and you might fall in love with its sleek design made from aviation-grade aluminium alloy. Considered to have one of the best folding mechanisms, this scooter is easy to secure and store.

You'll feel invincible as you cruise at 65 kph thanks to the powerful 1000W dual brushless motors. Plus, it comes equipped with an ultra-high performing 60V 25.6Ah battery that achieves a maximum distance of 58 km. It also has a super-fast acceleration rate of 3.8 seconds from 0 to 24 kph, so speedsters are sure to love it!

Extreme adventures don’t have to be unsafe and uncomfortable, and this scooter ensures that. With an incredible rubber suspension, rough trails won’t be a bother as you have fun. Want more? It’s fitted with 10-inch pneumatic tyres that’ll help crush those nasty bumps along the way!

And, the Zoom hydraulic brakes allow for an amazing stopping power that gives a short 3-metre braking distance. Plus, your night ventures will surely be safe with integrated LED lights to keep you visible.



  • 10-inch pneumatic tyres for offroad escapades
  • Incredible dual motors
  • Easy to handle
  • Amazing folding mechanism
  • Zoom hydraulic brakes
  • Astounding 65 kph speed and great 58 km range
  • Thumb throttle can be difficult to control
  • Slippery deck (easy solution: add griptape!)
  • Acceleration not as fast as other scooters within its range

Top Speed: 65 kph

Max Range: 58 km

Price: AUD $3299

Click here to learn more about the Inokim OXO.

Which Electric Should I Buy: A Few Honourable Mentions

Segway Ninebot F30 Global Edition

segway ninebot f scooter | Segway F30A lightweight & portable ride with reasonable range, decent speed, and market-leading reliability. 

Apollo City

apollo city electric scooter 2021Adjustable stems makes this scooter an astute choice for smaller users who may struggle to find scooters with handlebars at a suitable height. Throw in a healthy range, speed, and a manageable weight, and you've got a fantastic little scooter at a great price. 

Apollo Light

apollo light electric scooter 2021A great first scooter for teen-aged children with a great balance of performance, cost, but without being too much to handle. Its adjustable handle bar stem means you & your kids can take turns easily.

Unagi Model One E500

unagi matte black electric scooter | Matte BlackOne of the best-looking scooters to hit the market. Everything works exactly as you'd expect. An entry-level scooter in the world of dual motors gives plenty of torque at a price point unrivalled by other dual-motor electric scooterse. 

Top of The Class: Which Electric Scooter is Best?

Which is the Best Commuter: Segway Max G30P

The Segway Max G30P allows commuters to freely navigate their way around the city without the hassle that comes with public transit. It perfectly executes the right balance of speed, range, portability, and amazing ride quality. Powered by an amazing motor and battery unit, the Max G30P will get you to your destination in no time.

Despite producing much power, it’s still portable at only 19.1 kg and includes a great one-step folding mechanism which makes it easier to be carried or stored. As someone always on the go, you’ll be pleased to know that the Max G30P only needs 6 hrs of charging time. Without question, it’s obvious that this e-scooter can make your commuting life a much more electric affair!

Which is the Best Performance Scooter: Apollo Phantom

Highly capable of providing high-performance commuting and off-road experience, the Apollo Phantom comes with enough juice to quench your thirst for thrills. Despite not being the most portable or lightest on the list, it definitely makes up for it in producing incredible speed and long-distance range, thanks to its dynamic dual motors and 52V 23Ah/60V 21.3Ah batteries.

What’s more, that kind of performance is not at the expense of comfort and safety. An industry-first, the Phantom comes with a front and rear Quadruple Spring Suspension System that allows better shock absorption resulting in a smooth-sailing ride. Indeed, it’s a worthy scooter that adheres to an excellent riding experience!

Which Electric Scooters Gives the Best of Both Worlds: Apollo Ghost

An out-of-this-world experience awaits any rider with the Apollo Ghost’s spectacular performance that includes powerful 1000W (peak) brushless DC dual motors, an industry-leading suspension system, quick acceleration, and so much more. And you get to enjoy all that in a more compact and more refined jam-packed scooter. It’s hauntingly portable as well as it only weighs 29 kg and includes a convenient built-in fold and lock mechanism.

Whether it’s for commute or offroad adventures, the Ghost provides a top speed and max. range that could rival any other scooter in the same group. What’s more, it features two separate disc brakes and regenerative hand braking to provide amazing and efficient stopping power with more control. There’s truly nothing to fear while riding the Apollo Ghost!

Which Electric Scooter Has the Longest Range: EMove Cruiser

If high-speed and long-distance trips are your jam, the EMove Cruiser will gladly take you away! The maximum range of this monstrous scooter is 100 km, which is an astonishing performance in real-world conditions. Absolutely ridiculous, right? And there’s more, it has an incredible 50 kph top speed!

The EMove Cruiser only weighs 23 kg and includes solid portability features like a stem folding mechanism and collapsible handlebars, making it manageable to carry. Everyday commuters and adventurers alike will surely love this masterpiece!

Which Electric Scooter is the Fastest: NAMI Burn E Viper V2 MAX

Dash through the city or the tracks with the NAMI Burn E Viper! Enjoy its breathtaking speed of up to 100+ kph courtesy of its sensational dual 1500W motors. Not only that, with a steady speed of 30 kph, you can enjoy its unbelievable 120 km maximum range. Talk about an insane combo! 

With that much power, it’s amazing how stable it is to ride this beast. It comes with 11-inch tubeless tyres for better grip, 4 piston Logan brakes for better stopping power, and adjustable hydraulic suspension for steadiness. And despite its 47 kg weight, it’s still foldable for better portability. No doubt, the NAMI Burn E is a complete badass package!

Which Electric Scooter Supports The Most Weight: EMove Cruiser

The EMove Cruiser does not only have the longest real-world tested range among the many spectacular e-scooters in this list, it also has the best maximum load capacity at 160 kg. Riders with above-average weight get to enjoy and experience long-distance travel with the EMove Cruiser and its phenomenal speed.

With a higher maximum load, the scooter can handle heavier weights without compromising performance, especially its power, range, and even its hill-climbing ability. The EMove cruiser is a great addition to a limited pool of scooter options for bigger riders since it did not sacrifice other awesome features that make scootering so much fun.

Which Electric Scooter is Most Lightweight & Portable: Segway 40

For those seeking the most portable and convenient ride, the Segway F40 is readily at your service! Only weighing 15.8 kg, this scooter has a folding mechanism that makes it compact and easy to carry on a bus or train. It’s amazingly practical for every day riders that chase after convenience to make commuting more manageable.

Not only that, it provides other awesome perks like a cruisy 30 kph top speed and a great range of 40 km. With all of those features, it's easy to see that despite the lightweight scooter's size, it's still powerful enough to take you to work or out with friends with ease.

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