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The Ultimate Guide To The Sur-Ron Light Bee X Electric Dirt Bike

Sur-Ron stands out as a top-tier e-dirt bike brand, earning its reputation as a dependable and reputable company. With a devoted customer base, it has firmly established itself as a leading choice in the industry.

This is not surprising at all, as the manufacturer has proven itself again and again with electric bikes that combine durability with sleek aesthetics. 

In late 2022, Sur-Ron unveiled the highly anticipated Light Bee X 2023, a lightweight electric dirt bike that is set to be the better version of its predecessors. 

But is it a worthy upgrade? We tried the Sur-Ron Light Bee X 2023 to see for ourselves.

What We Know About the 2023 Sur-Ron Light Bee X

There are three major differences between the 2022 and the 2023 Light Bee X: motor, battery, and maximum range.

Many of the specifications have remained the same, but the 2023 Sur-Ron dirt bike boasts a 6000W motor, significantly more powerful than the 5400W motor of the earlier model. Additionally, the battery capacity has been enhanced from 32Ah to 40Ah. 

The integration of the more powerful motor and the higher capacity battery results in a more impressive max range: from 55 to 75 kilometres.

Apart from these differences, the 2023 LBX shares the same specifications as the 2022 model: 75 kph top speed, 50 kg weight, adjustable suspension, regenerative braking, 35° climbing angle, and more. These allow loyal fans to continue to enjoy the familiar performance of the Light Bee. 

First Impressions

Out of the box, the 2023 Light Bee X looks like a cross between a mountain bike and a motorcycle. It actually looks identical to the 2022 LBX, showcasing a solid yet sleek build with a visually pleasing design. It exudes a sense of quality and attention to detail.

It embodies what one would expect from a $7,490.00 machine: it feels premium and durable, and it showcases a remarkable sense of craftsmanship.

Despite the bike’s smaller size, the design of the saddle suggests it can amply accommodate riders of all sizes. It is thick and looks comfortable, which adds to the overall appeal of the Light Bee X.

Another practical feature of the Light Bee X is the inclusion of a USB slot. This convenient addition proves useful when you need to charge other devices, such as your phone or camera, while on the go. 

It can also serve as a connection point for accessories like speakers or a light kit, adding to the bike's functionality and adaptability to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Size and Weight

The size of this Sur-Ron dirt bike can be viewed as either an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on whom you’re asking. It is smaller than other dirt bikes, and the handlebars are a bit low. While most riders are not bothered by it, taller individuals (say, those more than 6 feet in height) might find this limiting and may prefer a larger ride.

If you are tall but are intrigued by the Light Bee X, don’t let this stop you. The model enjoys extensive aftermarket support, which allows you to customise your ride in almost every imaginable way. One simple solution to enhance your bike and make it more comfortable is to have the handlebars raised to suit your height.

Still, in our opinion, there are more benefits than disadvantages to the LBX’s size. For one, it looks less imposing than other dirt bikes, which makes it a great option for people who are intimidated by larger, more robust models. 

Weighing in at only 50 kg, the Light Bee X 2023 is light enough to be manoeuvrable. In our experience, we found it incredibly easy to control, leading us to confidently recommend it as an ideal choice for beginners.

And while it’s not as portable as electric scooters and electric bikes, it is still reasonably manageable in terms of transportation. We were able to lift it and place it in the back of our trucks and vans without much difficulty. 

It does require some effort to load and unload, but carrying and transporting the LBX 2023 is not impossible.

Plus, when riding off-road, you have to consider all sorts of scenarios and how effectively you can navigate your bike out of tricky situations. Unlike motorcycles and heavier dirt bikes, we think you’ll have an easier time pulling the LBX out of a mud pit or a pothole. 

All in all, due to its lighter weight, the Light Bee X is easier to handle and manoeuvre out of obstacles or challenging terrain. 

Power and Battery

As mentioned above, the 2023 Light Bee X features an upgraded motor and battery. The 2023 model’s 6 kW motor provides the device with enhanced torque and faster acceleration. While the advertised top speed is the same between the models, the responsiveness of the 2023 Sur-Ron e-bike gives the impression of greater efficiency in reaching and maintaining that speed. 

Now, for the battery. The LBX is now equipped with a higher-capacity 40 Ah li-ion battery, which definitely has an impact on its range. But what pleasantly surprised us is how quickly the battery charges to full capacity. While the advertised charging time is 4 hours, it took us less time (around 3 hours) to reach a fully charged battery. 

It’s also worth noting this battery is removable, adding to its versatility and convenience. The battery removal process is straightforward and user-friendly, and we were able to take the battery out and put it back easily. 

We also appreciate the option of charging the battery separately, as opposed to having to charge the entire bike. This allows for more convenient charging options, particularly if you have limited space or need to charge the battery in a different location. 

You can charge the battery while keeping the bike in your garage or securely stored in a designated space, which reduces the risk of theft or damage. 

Range and Speed

Probably one of the best selling points of the 2023 Light Bee X is the substantial increase in range (from 55 to 75 kilometres), thanks to its high-capacity battery. 

You can cruise for hours, especially when you’re riding on eco or battery-saving mode. The bike's impressive range allows for long-distance trips, and if you have plans to tackle an even more extensive route, the Light Bee X remains a fantastic option. The removable battery feature comes in handy here, as you have the option to carry a spare battery with you. Thus, you can keep riding without worrying about running out of power.

When it comes to speed, the bike features two modes: eco and sport. Engaging in eco mode limits the bike's maximum speed to 25 kph. In this mode, the bike delivers gentle acceleration and maintains a consistent cruising speed. 

Because it provides a controlled and manageable riding experience, the eco mode is suitable for beginners, as well as older kids and teenagers (under adult supervision), who are still familiarising themselves with off-road riding.

If you are an experienced rider, we highly recommend activating the sport mode. It unlocks the bike’s full potential to achieve 75 kph top speed, 6 kW of power, and 250 Nm of torque. When you turn this mode on, be prepared for a surge of propelling power. It accelerates really quickly, but don’t worry, you’ll adapt and feel in control in no time. 

Despite the exhilarating speed and power, the bike maintains a smooth ride. With the sport mode on, you can see that the Light Bee X is definitely designed for an exciting and dynamic riding experience.

After-Sales and Maintenance

Sur-Ron bikes have gained a devoted following among enthusiasts because they are very easy to upgrade – and the Light Bee X 2023 is no exception. 

There’s thriving aftermarket support for the Sur-Ron Light Bee. Whether it's for performance-enhancing modifications or personal customisation, there is an abundance of parts and accessories readily available.

And even when you’re not planning to upgrade or modify your unit, the Light Bee X is just easy to maintain. To maintain the bike, you only need to perform minimal maintenance tasks like adjusting the fork and the chain. With just these basic tasks, you can keep your bike in excellent condition and ready to hit the trails at any given time. 

Overall Performance

The Light Bee X 2023 may not hold the title of the fastest electric dirt bike, but it is one of the most impressive. It is swift and responsive, and thanks to its robust suspension system, it handles all sorts of terrain with ease. The bike sailed smoothly over the grassy trails and pebbles of our route while delivering a comfortable and controlled experience.

Engaging the sport mode produces a powerful torque that allows for the most awesome wheelies, so it’s great for showcasing neat tricks and stunts. 

But if you prefer a more relaxed ride and just want to cruise around, it's worth noting that the Light Bee X is equipped with regenerative braking. This feature enables the bike to recover and reuse energy during braking, enhancing its overall efficiency and extending the battery life.

Navigating both downhill and uphill terrain with the LBX was a breeze, even on rough roads. As mentioned earlier, the bike's robust suspension system can handle punishment, but what truly stood out was how effortlessly it performed. The Light Bee X practically does the work for you. 

With the bike, we glided over slopes and mountain bike trails, maintaining complete control and confidence. It stayed steady and stable throughout the entire testing period. 

The lightweight nature of the Light Bee X further enhances the overall riding experience. Its weight contributes to its manoeuvrability and agility, which allowed us to go through narrow trails and around tight corners. 

Additionally, the bike barely makes a sound, which makes it ideal for riding in residential areas or natural environments without causing a disturbance.

To say it was a fun ride is an understatement. It was spectacular. The combination of its powerful motor, responsive handling, and smooth performance made every moment on the bike incredibly enjoyable.

Final Verdict

Don't let its nimble appearance deceive you – the Light Bee X 2023 may be lightweight, but it is a heavy-duty electric dirt bike that can conquer all kinds of trails and terrain. 

Whether you're traversing rocky paths, tackling muddy trails, or venturing into off-road adventures, this bike rises to the occasion.

The bike’s user-friendly design and intuitive controls make it accessible and non-intimidating for beginners, yet it is no slouch when it comes to performance. With its impressive power and speed capabilities, it caters to the needs of experienced riders who crave excitement and adrenaline.

The Light Bee X also stands as the perfect balance between bicycles and motorcycles, bridging the gap with its pedal-less and clutch-less design. Simply put, it looks like a dirt bike, but it rides like a motorcycle. Thus, it serves as an excellent entry point for avid motorcyclists who are beginning to explore the realm of eco-friendly riding.

And because it has a lot to offer in terms of power, speed, and range, it’s a compelling choice for both newcomers to off-roading and enthusiasts seeking to expand their collection of recreational vehicles. 

The 2023 Light Bee X is a true workhorse and offers an exceptional riding experience for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned off-roader. The bike has exceeded our expectations, and we can confidently say that it is, indeed, a worthwhile upgrade.

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