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Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

by Apollo
Original price $2,499.00
Original price $2,299.00 - Original price $2,499.00
Original price $2,499.00
Current price $2,399.00
$2,299.00 - $2,399.00
Current price $2,399.00
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Scooter: Apollo Ghost Hydraulic Brakes
  • product-top-speed 55 kph
  • product-maximum-range 62 km
  • product-weight 29 kg
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With incredible power from dual brushless motors, top-class suspension, acceleration, deck lighting, and more, the Apollo Ghost is scarily spectacular. Glide around and haunt the streets with the incredibly powerful performance of the Apollo Ghost!




Experience supernatural excellence with Apollo Ghost

Electric Kicks are proud to be exclusive distributors of Apollo Scooters in Australia, we stock all spare parts and accessories, and have a service team that can help with anything post purchase.

It's all in the details, and the Apollo Ghost excels because of its detail-oriented design. Starting from its highly efficient dual 1000W (peak) brushless DC motors, you'll be gliding around quickly up to speeds of 55 kph.

apollo ghost electric scooter ride

And its acceleration? Revel in the lightning-quick speed of 25 kph in just 3.1 seconds. Next is its impressive 52V 18.2 Ah battery can take you farther distances at 62 km (conservative settings, but still a great 23-km range at maximum power). 

Despite being a hefty 29kg, the Apollo Ghost is still fantastically portable. It has collapsible handlebars that align with the deck so you won't have to worry about them bumping into things. This electric scooter also has a built-in fold and lock mechanism that makes it sturdier to pick up.

But what really makes the Apollo Ghost a touch above the rest is its overall design. You'll love the super smooth and comfortable riding experience made possible by its dual spring system. It's even adjustable (use only an allen key). Its 10-inch pneumatic tyres also contribute a lot to the beautiful gliding motion of the Apollo Ghost.

apollo ghost electric scooter glide

What's more, the Apollo Ghost has other features like its key lock ignition that allows you to leave your scooter outside and not worry about it being stolen. Ride-controls like single/dual motor and eco/turbo switches make it near effortless to customise the ride you want any time of the day.

All that amazing performance and it's still made better by the safety features that the Apollo Ghost has. Never be afraid of the dark with its incredible lighting system. Besides its dual front and dual rear LED lights, this electric scooter also has blue dual LED lights along the deck.

Its reliable triple braking system (front and rear discs and motor regenerative) has an amazing stripping power of 8 feet from 25 kph. 

A ride with this electric scooter is a sure win. Don't believe in ghosts? Well, you should with the Apollo Ghost!

 *Ships from Melbourne or Perth warehouses




MAX. SPEED Up to 55 kph depending on terrain, weight of rider, etc.
MOTOR 2 x 800W BLDC, 2 x 1000W Peak
RANGE 62 km
WEIGHT 29 kg
BATTERY VOLTAGE 52V 18.2Ah; Dynavolt
CHARGE TIME 12 hrs (6 hrs w/fast charger)
CLIMB ANGLE Up to 25 Degrees
TYRES Front & Rear 10-inch Pneumatic
OFFROAD Yes, all-terrain
BRAKES Front & Rear Disc + Electric Re-gen Brakes


  • Dual Motors (2 x 800W brushless, 1000W peak DC motors)
  • 55 kph Top Speed
  • 62 km Maximum Range
  • 135 kg Maximum Load
  • Adjustable Dual Spring Suspension
  • Can climb inclines of up to 25 degrees
  • Charge time of 6 hours with fast charger
  • Folding handlebars and stem 
  • Fold to lock mechanism
  • Key lock mechanism
  • Single/Dual motor button switch
  • Eco/Turbo button switch
  • Quick acceleration at 25 kph in 3.1 seconds
  • Triple Braking System (front disc, rear disc, and electric re-gen)
  • 3 riding modes: 25 kph, 40 kph, 55 kph
  • LED Display
  • Index-finger throttle
  • LED lights in front and rear
  • Blue LED lights under the deck




Watch the Apollo Ghost in action:




All Apollo scooters have an industry-leading warranty comprised of a 24 month warranty - 12 month warranty + 12 month cost price servicing and spare parts. For more information, please see our warranty page.




Electric Kicks ships out your order through Priority Express couriers, free of charge, anywhere in Australia. No minimum order required. Generally orders are shipped the same day if ordered before 12pm.

Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, usual delivery time takes:

Melbourne - 1-2 days

Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide - 1-2 days

Perth - 1-2 days (5-7 days if not shipped from Perth warehouse)

New South Wales - 1-3 days

South Australia - 1-3 days

Brisbane & the rest of Queensland - 3-4 days, depending on location from the main city

Tasmania - 3-5 days

Cairns - 5-7 days

Darwin - 7 days

 Once the order has shipped we have very little control over delays with shipping. We will do our best to help support and follow up during these times. Shipping times are an estimate and can vary depending on factors outside of our control.








Do you do repairs for the Apollo Ghost?

Yes, we do repairs and servicing for the Apollo Ghost over at our service centre at Vermont. You will have to leave your scooter with us for a few days. Please book an appointment by calling directly 0452054257 or using the booking link here

Does the Apollo Ghost have dual motors?

The Apollo Ghost does have dual motors which you can turn on and off at any time. We recommend engaging the dual motors on hills and when you want to go faster. Dual motors give the Ghost incredible speed and acceleration.

Does the Apollo Ghost have a Zero Start function?

Yes, by default the Apollo Ghost will accelerate as soon as you press the throttle, without kicking the scooter forward manually first.

What is the top speed of the Apollo Ghost?

Yes, when the scooter arrives to you it will be locked to 25 kph. But you can easily unlock real top speed of 55kmh in the P Settings. You will need to adjust P08 to 100. Access the settings by holding the power and the mode button down at the same time. Note that top speed can depend on a number of factors including weight of the rider, terrain and more.

What is the difference between regular brakes and hydraulic brakes?

The advantage of hydraulic brakes over regular brakes is their efficiency. It requires less pressure on the braking levers to provide equal amounts of stopping power versus regular mechanical brakes. Hydraulic brakes are also sealed so you’re in no danger of having road contaminants stuck in your braking system.

Is the Apollo Ghost good for heavier riders?

Yes, due to the power and dual motor system, the Apollo Ghost is perfect for heavier riders

Can the Apollo Ghost be ridden off-road?

Yes, due to the Ghost's power, suspension and all-terrain tyres, it can be ridden off-road

Can the Apollo Ghost be clipped and carried?

Yes, you can clip the stem to the rear of the scooter and the Apollo Ghost can be picked up and carried

Does the Apollo Ghost come with a thumb throttle?

The Apollo Ghost comes with a trigger throttle, and is set to 'zero start' by default, which means you don't have to kick the scooter forward to accellarate

Why does the Apollo Ghost have 2 charging ports?

The Apollo Ghost has two charging ports because you have the option of using 2 regular chargers to reduce charging time. Similarly, you can get the shorter charging time by using 1 fast charger.

What's the difference between a regular and fast charger?

The Apollo Ghost comes with 1 regular charger which you can use to charge the scooter. It takes about 12 hours for it to fully charged. If you use 2 regular chargers at the same time, you can shorten the charge time to 6 hours. 1 fast charger can do the same 6 hours charging time, but it has to be used alone. Don't use 2 fast chargers at the same time.

Do you stock extra regular chargers for the Apollo Ghost?

Yes, please message us if you require an extra regular charger. If you would like to get a fast charger instead, it is available on the Electric Kicks website.

Does the Apollo Ghost have warranty?

Yes, we offer 12 months warranty + 12-month cost price, servicing, and spare parts for Apollo scooters here in Australia. Please see our warranty page for more info.

Product Specs

  • Weight (kg) 29 kg
  • Top speed (kph) 55 kph
  • Carry Load (kg) 135 kg
  • Tyres Front & Rear Pneumatic
  • Tyre Size (inch) 10-inch
  • Brakes Front & Rear Disc + Electric Regenerative
  • Water Resistance IP54
  • Range (km) 62 km
  • RRP ($) 2,299.00
  • Suspension Adjustable Dual Spring
  • Portability Foldable
  • Hill climb Up to 25 Degrees


Water Resistant (IP54)

Water Resistant (IP54)

Built-In Suspension

Built-In Suspension

High Powered

High Powered

Quick Acceleration

Built Strong

Built Strong

Perfect For Thrill Seekers

Perfect For Thrill Seekers

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