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Apollo City 2022 Guide and Review

Heralded by Apollo as their most integrated electric scooter yet, the newly-unveiled Apollo City 2022 lives up to the hype. Despite sky-high expectations due to its predecessor’s rave reviews, all it takes is one look and one ride to know that the 2022 version is a worthy upgrade with its faster top speed and longer range. 

Apollo is no stranger to designing top-notch e-scooters and accessories on which you can always count regardless of whether you’re a beginner, commuter, or thrill-seeker. For this latest version, you can choose between the Apollo City 2022 and Apollo City 2022 Pro

apollo city standard vs proApollo City Standard vs. Pro

Here’s a preview of what’s to come: 


Apollo City 2022

Apollo City 2022 Pro

Top Speed

40 kph

50 kph

Maximum Range

40 km

60 km



2 x 500W

Load Capacity

100 kg

120 kg

Battery Voltage

48V 13.5Ah

48V 18Ah


10x3.5-inch Front & Rear Self-Healing, Tubeless

10x3.5-inch Front & Rear Self-Healing, Tubeless


Dual Drum Brakes + Regenerative Brakes

Dual Drum Brakes + Regenerative Brakes

Water Resistance



What’s New With The Apollo City 2022?

This latest e-scooter is not your typical, minimally-different sequel. It’s bigger, better, and faster with a striking new design that’ll turn heads your way. With its upgraded specs and features, the Apollo City 2022 will leave commuters in awe of its performance. 

Design and Build

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Apollo City 2022 over its predecessor is its state-of-the-art design. With this 2.0 version, Apollo's goal was to make an e-scooter that would conquer city streets with its design and performance both uncompromised.

apollo city 2021 vs 2022Apollo City 2021 vs. 2022

When you look at the Apollo City 2022 and Apollo City 2022 Pro, they’re almost unrecognisable compared to the original version. The white, black, and blue colour scheme is gone, and in its place is a futuristic space grey palette that makes the scooter look sleek and chic.

apollo city 2022 wide deckThe Apollo City 2022 comes with a wider deck for more foot space

What’s more, you’ll be greeted with a wider deck and a taller, more ergonomic handlebar to make manoeuvring easier. Having such a design allows for added comfort even on longer trips, as you will have ample foot space and all the buttons you need are within reach. Not only that, very few wires are exposed which results in a much cleaner look.

As for its build, both versions are made from an incredibly durable aircraft-aluminium grade material. And what should you expect from such tough machinery? E-scooters that are created to last as they’re made to withstand corrosion. Plus, as long as they’re maintained properly, the general wear and tear can be minimised. 

Power and Speed

Power and pace are no problem with both ‘22 versions. The Apollo City 2022 is equipped with a 500W motor that allows for a zippy 40 kph top speed. And if you’re on a hilly route, its 10-degree climbing capability can give you a boost uphill. 

But if you still want more, the Pro version can give you twice the thrill. Fitted with incredible dual 500W motors, this e-scooter can go flying up to 50 kph. On top of that, its strong torque enables it to climb 20-degree inclines, giving you the ability to mount steeper hills. As if that wasn’t enough, it has a spectacular acceleration that’ll see you going from 0 to 24 kph in just 2.9 seconds. 

Battery and Range

One of the hardships of commuting is going from one vehicle to another to get to your destination. Whether you’re jumping from car to train, or train to bus, it’s time-consuming and tiring to have to go through that almost every day. Luckily, the Apollo City 2022 and Apollo City 2022 Pro can save you from that.

The former is built with a 48V 13.5Ah battery that’ll have you roaming the city for hours with its 40 km maximum range. And if you prefer more juice in your ride, the latter has a 48V 18Ah battery that gives you a boost to achieve a 60 km maximum range. That’s enough to go zooming to most destinations without worries of being stranded.

A plus about their high-capacity batteries is that they charge fully in just 4 to 6 hours. So, at the end of the day, you can just plug your scooter and have it roaring to go the next day. It’ll save you a lot of time and won’t compromise your plans.

Suspension and Tyres

apollo city 2022 front suspensionA peek on the Apollo City 2022's front suspension

Cruising around the city and feeling the bumps along the way is no fun for anyone. You’ll end up with a headache or looking haggard by the conclusion of your trip. But with Apollo City, you can say hello to buttery-smooth rides.

apollo city 2022 rear suspension
The Apollo City 2022 has double suspension at its rear

Both 2022 versions come with triple spring suspension, which is a major improvement over their predecessor. By adding swingarms that are positioned with the springs, the new setup also provides more shock absorption. Plus, despite the bumps and cracks on the road, the suspension stays responsive.

As for the wheels, the Apollo City 2022 and Apollo City 2022 Pro are both equipped with 10x3.5-inch front & rear tubeless tyres. Compared to solid rubber tyres, they're less harsh, which leads to a more comfortable ride.

apollo city 2022 front wheelThe Apollo City 2022 is equipped with tubeless, self-healing tyres

They are also self-healing as there are gel lines inside the tyres that seal up any puncture you may incur along the way. The brilliant feature allows riders to keep on riding without having to worry about getting stuck with a flat.

Brakes and Safety Features

Riding on the streets is never risk-free but that doesn’t mean it’s alright to be reckless. With the single-motor and dual-motor Apollo City 2022, your safety is given priority. For starters, each scooter is equipped with dual drum and regenerative brakes. Working together, they provide a 3.4m stopping distance and give you strong control over your pace.

apollo city 2022 rear light
Safe riding can be experienced with the City 2022's dual regenerative brakes

Not only that, this is the first time Apollo has engineered a regenerative throttle for its system. It permits any rider to decide how much power is introduced back to the motor while braking. Plus, it increases mileage by reducing the usage of mechanical brakes as you can choose to rely only on regenerative power. Indeed, it’s very convenient, especially if you’re running low on battery.

Moreover, even if it's lightly raining, your plans shouldn’tnot be ruined. For the first time, Apollo created a scooter with IP56 water resistance. Just remember to still be careful on wet roads, and avoid riding in heavy rain.

apollo city 2022 front lightClear visuals with the City 2022's integrated front light

And it doesn’t stop there as safety lights adorn both versions with “be seen” and “to see” lighting systems. There is a headlight mounted high up on the front of the scooters, which helps you see the path ahead. On top of that, the 2022 models have taillight and turn signals that make you more visible to others. With such features, you won’t be limited to daytime riding only.


To make your experience more convenient, an LED screen is seamlessly integrated into the handlebar. You can view all the data you need to maximise your commute, from the battery charge to the speed. It also alerts you if your scooter is experiencing any issues through failure displays.

apollo city 2022 displayThe Apollo City 2022's seamless integration of LED display

What’s more, icons will pop up on the screen if your lights and turn signals are on. The latter is extremely practical since it prevents you from accidentally leaving them on and sending confusing indicators to pedestrians or other riders.

The LED screen also displays what riding mode is engaged or whether cruise control is on. Speaking of riding modes, both models offer Eco, Comfort, and Sport options. Each level varies in speed and might help you with conserving your battery. It’s a great way to personalise your experience.


Although both 2022 versions are heavier than their predecessor at 26 kg and 29 kg respectively, they’re still quite portable. Thanks to their folding mechanism, average-weight riders can still carry them when necessary. 

apollo city 2022 foldable commuter scooterEasy handling with the City 2022's convenient folding mechanism

Considering their more powerful motors and batteries, the heavier load can be forgiven. Just like other e-scooters, the higher the performance, the bigger they get. Plus, it does come with another positive note, both the normal and Pro models can carry a maximum load between 100 kg and 120 kg. So, the slight increase in weight is not something to fret about if you look at the big picture.

Integrated Mobile App

Connecting your electric scooter to the Apollo app can amp up your experience since it adds another layer of personalisation. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can pair your ride to the app to gain control over the scooter’s features.

On top of that, you can customise its performance by adjusting the power of the regenerative braking and the speed of acceleration. Even turning on cruise control, changing gears, and activating the kick-to-start feature are all accessible through the mobile application. There’s also the option to engage the digital lock to safeguard your two-wheeler from thieving hands.

One of the coolest specs of the app is its built-in navigation system. That means there’s no need to go back and forth between the Apollo app and Google Maps. Everything you need is just one click away. 

Ride Quality

The Apollo City 2022 and Apollo City 2022 Pro are primed for urban environments and you’ll feel that as you cruise along the streets. With a durable and sleek design, these latest e-scooters from the Canadian brand are reliable head-turners.

Both versions pack a mighty punch with their stronger motors and highly capable batteries. Expect a faster top speed and longer range that’ll lift the dullness and hassles off of your daily commutes.

Moreover, their triple spring suspension allows for a comfy ride despite potholes and uneven roads. Plus, their tubeless and self-healing tyres offer improved grip. The better weight distribution also provides terrific stability. And with all these safety features, city commutes won’t have to be so risky anymore. 

Getting the latest Apollo City means seamless trips whether you’re on your way to work, a lunch meeting, or on a weekend leisure trip with friends. Gear up and get ready to take on the day with joy and convenience all around!

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