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Apollo City 2022 vs. Apollo City V1 Comparison Review & Guide

When it comes to everyday commuting, the Apollo City V1 made its mark as one of the most popular electric scooters in the category, and rightly so. It has decent speed and more than enough range to go around town. So far, this has given many riders the experience of effortless city commutes. But given the high rate of new scooters entering the market and continual upgrades to the technology, the original City is getting on a bit, so is it time for an upgrade?

According to the brand, the recently-launched Apollo City 2022 promises to be bigger and better than its predecessor. It even has an Apollo City 2022 Pro version that takes it up a notch. Choosing what’s right for you can be a daunting task given they’re all very capable of bringing you to your destination in comfort

So which one should you go for? Are the specs really better? Is it all just PR talk? Is it worth the hype? Which one would make it better for the life of a commuter? Let’s take a look. 

We’ll start with a simple comparison guide to help you out:


Apollo City V1

Apollo City 2022

Apollo City ‘22 Pro

Top Speed

40 kph

40 kph

50 kph

Maximum Range

45 kph

40 kph

60 kph

Load Capacity

120 kg

100 kg

120 kg


600W BLDC; 800W Peak


2 x 500W


48V 13.2Ah; Dynavolt

48V 13.5Ah

48V 18Ah

Charge Time

8 hrs (4 hrs w/ fast charger)

4 hrs

6 hrs

Water Resistance Rating




Scooter Weight

18 kg

26 kg

29 kg


The Candidates

Before we dig deeper into all the differences, let’s have a quick look at the Apollo City lineup first. 

Apollo City V1

The City V1 is the firstborn of the bunch. As the name suggests, it was built to give riders a fantastic way to roam around the city streets. At the time of its release, it instantly gained attention with its excellent balance of portability and power, making it a great choice for urban commuters. It’s no surprise that it’s a fan-favourite and continues to be a best-seller.

Apollo City 2022/Apollo City 2022 Pro

Designed to be the most integrated electric scooter Apollo has ever made, it promises to bring exceptional performance without compromising a sleek design. Not only that, you get to choose between two versions from the 2022 lineup. 

There’s the Apollo City ‘22, which has modest but impactful differences compared to the original. Then there’s the more distinctly powerful Apollo City ‘22 Pro that can take you farther and faster to your destination.

A Three-Way Competition

Now that we have an overview, it’s time to sift through their differences. 

Power and Top Speed

When it comes to commuting around large cities, speed is a big factor as life is pretty fast-paced. Everyone and everything seems to move quickly when living the urban lifestyle so being late is not an option. 

Luckily, none of the Apollo City models slack when it comes to power; they all have top speeds faster than most scooters in the same category. So, if you want something to double as a recreational ride, look no further than these three. 

Starting with the Apollo City V1, this e-scooter comes with a 600W BLDC motor that provides enough power for a 40 kph top speed. On top of that, it can also climb steep hills of up to 15-degrees. The acceleration on this two-wheeler is worthy of mention, allowing you to go from 0 to 25 kph in just 4.1 seconds. 

As for the Apollo City 2022, the stats are almost the same with a comparable amount of power. It’s equipped with a 500W motor that allows for a zippy 40 kph top speed. Compared to the City V1, it has a lower climbing angle of 10-degrees. This might be a bit of a downer for some, but the standard Apollo City 2022 makes up for this with a range of other features we’ll cover later. 

Moving on to the most powerful among the trio, the Apollo City 2022 Pro. Armed with dual 500W motors, a first for the lineup, this e-scooter has an incredible top speed of 50 kph. It also has the highest hill climb ability at 20-degrees.

The Pro version can go from 0 to 24 kph in just 2.9 seconds, which is just behind the more powerful Apollo Phantom V2. Despite that power, don’t worry about losing control as the transition from standstill is very smooth and controllable. This is a commuter kick that’ll liven up even the most boring commute.

Battery and Range

It's fairly common to select a scooter based on the range since no one wants to be forced to stop in the middle of a trip to recharge. Thankfully, all kicks from the City series have very decent mileage to their name. 

The Apollo City V1 has a 48V 13.2Ah Dynavolt battery that allows for a maximum range of 45 km. That’s enough for last-mile commutes and more without getting stuck. Plus, it only takes 4 hours to be fully charged if you invest in a fast charger. If not, it’ll take 8 hours to be loaded and ready again.

When it comes to the Apollo City 2022, the mileage is a bit shorter with a 40 km maximum range. Rigged with a 48V 13.5Ah battery pack, this scooter only takes 4 hours to charge. That means more fun commuting than waiting around at home for it to be ready again.

If you want to go the extra mile, the City Pro can take you there. Equipped with a high-capacity 48V 18Ah battery, this electric scooter has an incredible 60 km maximum range. Not only that, despite the bigger battery, it only takes 6 hours to be locked and loaded for another trip. It’ll save you a lot of time during your commutes as you don’t need to frantically look for a charging station while you’re out and about.

Tyres and Suspension

This is where things get more exciting as there are prominent differences between the V1 and 2022 versions. The tyres and suspension of an e-scooter are often overlooked as selling points, but they have a significant impact on the quality of ride. You don’t want to wobble around on roads and have an uncomfortable experience.

With built in suspension across the entire Apollo Range, that’s something you don’t need to worry about. Moreover, their tyres are stable and very reliable.

The Apollo City V1 is fitted with front and rear 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres. Those are some pretty decent-sized wheels for your day-to-day trips as they provide enough stability as you rampage through the city streets. And to increase your comfort level, it comes with dual spring suspension that's going to absorb those uneven surfaces with ease.

Both the 2022 versions come with 10 x 3.5-inch front and rear self-healing tyres that you’ll surely be thanking. You don't have to worry about punctures ruining your commute since the wheels feature gel lines that seal off any holes. On top of that, due to the bigger size and tubeless design, you’ll get a more stable riding experience. 

What’s more, the Apollo City 2022 scooters are supplied with triple spring suspension. It’s definitely an improvement from the V1 version since there’s better shock absorption that gives any rider more superior handling over the ride even on bumpy streets.


As a commuter, safety is always a priority and Apollo has got your back when it comes to that. Each Apollo City version is integrated with safety features that’ll give you some peace of mind when cruising along the city, even during the night.

With a front disc, rear drum, & electric regenerative brake, the Apollo City V1 is armed with a triple braking system. This gives the scooter an immense stopping power to keep riders and those around safe from harm. Given this great feature, the V1 is touted as one of the safest rides in its class.

As for the Apollo City 2022 versions, both are fitted out with dual drum and regenerative brakes. Just like the V1, this system allows for amazing stopping power. Not only that, since both the rear and front have drum brakes, they’re less likely to lock up which amps up your safety on the streets.

Moreover, with the 2022 models, you have the choice to fully use the regenerative brakes through the thumb lever on the left handlebar. This is a fantastic feature if you want more mileage as it puts all the energy you’re applying and re-charges it into the battery system. 

On top of that, visibility at night is also top-notch as all the scooters in the City series are mounted with LED lights. That’ll boost your confidence when riding in the dark as the bright lights illuminate your path and also give others a heads-up that you’re coming their way.


A big selling point for riders who go through stairs or still need to transfer to another public transport vehicle every day is portability. Carrying a massive ride is physically draining.

Luckily, that’s not a problem with all models of this lineup. The Apollo City V1 is the lightest among the three with just a mere 18 kg. When it comes to the 2022 versions, they’re a bit heavier at 26 kg (Apollo City 2022) and 29 kg (Apollo City 2022 Pro). 

All of them have an awesome folding mechanism that makes them easier to carry or store. You can even keep them under your desk thanks to their compact design. Water Resistance

Going out while it’s lightly raining shouldn’t be a huge problem as all models are up to standards. With an IP54 water-resistance rating, the Apollo City V1 can handle very light, infrequent rains.

Now, if you want something that can handle more rain or water, both 2022 versions are crafted with IP56 water-resistance rating. This integrated feature is the first-ever for an Apollo electric scooter. This is an innovative move forward for the brand and one we expect to see built into more rides in the future

Build Quality

The durability of an e-scooter is an important factor before making a decision. It’s not ideal to spend money on something that’s going to break in a year or so due to poor quality materials.

That’s not something to fret about with any of the Apollo scooters. Each model of Apollo City has an astounding build quality that won’t disappoint. All of them are crafted with an aluminium frame that’s both sturdy and tough. Riding one of these feels solid and stable. 

What’s more, having a strong foundation means having the power to carry more weight. Apollo City V1 and Apollo City Pro 2022 both have 120 kg load capacity, whereas the other ‘22 model can accommodate up to 100 kg. Heavier riders will still be able to buy a reasonably-priced commuter scooter without feeling the burden of reduced performance unlike with other commuter scooters.

Not only that, they all have an LED display attached to the handlebars. Having this kind of spec is useful for maximising your commutes as you gain access to information like speed and battery percentage. 

Speaking of data, the 2022 versions of Apollo City can be connected to a high-tech mobile application. Once you're in the app, you can take control of your scooter as it has its own navigation system, analytics, and advanced settings.


When comparing the Apollo City V1 and Apollo City 2022, the differences regarding their power and battery efficiency are not that much. Their maximum speeds are the same while the range is separated by a mere 5 km. 

However, if you want more pace and mileage for your buck, the Apollo City 2022 Pro has the other two beat with a 50 kph top speed and 60 km max. range.

Ride Comfort

One of the major differences between the V1 and the ‘22 models is the size of the tyres. Both the 2022 models have bigger wheels that are tubeless and self-healing which translates to better stability and fewer worries about going flat. The City 2022 models are clearly the winner in this field. 

Another big difference is their built-in suspension. While the V1 has an already dual spring suspension, the Apollo City 2022 upgrades took it to another level. With a triple spring suspension system, riding either of the ‘22 versions will make bouncing on roads almost non-existent. 

Such improved suspension and tyres make both the 2022 models the runaway winners for this round. Regardless of the potholes, bumps, and cracks, you’re certainly going to experience a smooth ride around the city.


A revamped overall performance can come at a price. And for the Apollo City 2022, that came with a heavier weight. Although you can still carry them, it’s going to take more effort. But given their upgrades, especially with the 2022 Pro, it’s definitely worth it. 

With only 18 kg to its name, the Apollo City V1 got this round. So, if portability is at the top of your list instead of power, range, and comfort, then this is for you.


Overall, the Apollo City 2022 and Apollo City 2022 Pro are better than their predecessor. The boosted comfort level alone is already enough to get an upgrade. Getting either will have you enjoying commutes without hassles and plenty of fun. They’re speedy and can take you farther without disrupting your trips with frequent charging.

On top of that, they are better looking. Unlike the Apollo City V1’s blue and black colour scheme, the ‘22 models are looking sleek with a gun-metal grey design. As such, it definitely feels more premium to ride.

To end this, if you’re willing to pay a bit more, the recommendation is to buy yourself the Apollo City 2022 Pro version. It has a faster top speed and longer range combined with all the superior upgrades. 
You should choose based on your preference or your criteria. After all, these trio of scooters can handle your commuting needs as they’re built to do so. Choosing an Apollo electric scooter will always put you on the winning side!

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