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Best Beginner Electric Scooters For New Riders 2021

Choosing your first electric scooter can be both exciting and daunting. With the many models available in the market today, picking your ride can get overwhelming fast.

So take a step back. Learn what you need to look out for when buying an electric scooter, and see which ones are fantastic for beginners like you.

Why are you Getting an Electric Scooter?

The first thing you need to do before buying an electric scooter is to determine why you're getting one in the first place. Is it purely recreational? Do you want to use it for going to and from school/work? Will you be riding it for short or long distances? Will you be regularly riding at night? And so on...

All the answers to these questions can have a direct impact on the type of electric scooter you'll need. Being steadfast with the reason you’re getting an electric scooter will make it easier for you to decide between specs like top speed, maximum range, and more.

What are the Types of Electric Scooters?

Because the market for electric scooters is continuously expanding, different types have emerged. There are e-scooters designed for kids and there are those for adults. Some scooters are better as daily commuters while others work the best as fast, off-road rides.

Still, some electric scooter models fit the starter rider better than most.

Here’s a brief explanation of the differences of each electric scooter type:

Commuter Scooter

As the name suggests, a commuter scooter is designed for the daily traveler in mind. This electric scooter helps commuters get from Point A to Point B without the usual hassles, like traffic and parking.

Commuter scooters come in varied shapes, sizes, and specs. On average, commuter scooters have good speed (max. speeds: approximately 25 kph to 50 kph) and impressive range (max. range: approximately 25 km to 65 km). 

Most commuter scooters are made to be ridden on city streets so suspension can differ a lot.

Many electric scooters today fall in this category.

Thrill Scooter

Thrill scooters are not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. These are the rides that the sporty and adventurous would prefer as they are built for off-roading or doing neat tricks. 

They are also called extreme electric scooters as their specifications go way beyond the usual. Top speeds can go from 45 kph up to 100 kph, with accelerations that'll have you bolting down streets in no time. That's not to mention that most of these e-scooters also have incredible range (say, 40 km to 150 km).

Of course, as thrill scooters are made to withstand rougher and tougher terrain; that's why they come with impeccable tyres, brakes, and suspension. You'll need all those for maximum comfort and safety.

Entry-Level Scooter

Entry-level electric scooters are also called budget scooters because they are typically the most affordable in the market. You can get some for less than $900. 

These electric scooters are built for the beginner riders in mind, so they're definitely not the most powerful scooters today.

Starter e-scooters are great choices because what they don't offer in speed and range, they offer in reliability and ease of use. These are the electric scooters that will help you learn riding in a fun and secure way!

Recommended Electric Scooters for New Riders

Ready to choose your new ride? Here are a few electric scooters that are perfect for the beginner rider:

1. Apollo Scooters (Apollo Light, Apollo City, & Apollo Explore)

apollo explore electric scooter

This US-Canadian phenomenon is always a top choice as the Apollo scooters reign supreme in their different categories. For new riders, you can choose between the Apollo Light, Apollo City, and Apollo Explore.

As the Apollo range's entry-level scooter, the Apollo Light has the lowest specs (but are definitely higher than your typical starter scooter). It can reach a top speed of 35 kph and go to distances of up to 35 km. Plus, you can carry it up buses and trains as it's only 16.8 kg.

The Apollo City, on the other hand, is the brand's scooter designed for daily commuters. It has slightly higher specs than the Light at 45 kph maximum speed and 45 km maximum range. Its lightweight (18 kg) and quick folding system helps it adapt to any stage of commute. You can use it for either short or long rides.

The Apollo Explore is considered one of the most powerful commuter scooters to date with a 50 kph top speed and a 55 km maximum range. But don't get intimidated. Despite its ability to outperform most scooters in its range, the Apollo Explore is still easy enough to handle for most beginner riders.

All three scooters are super easy to use. Just gently press down on the trigger throttle and you'll be able to move. Because it isn't kick to start, you have to be more attentive when starting your electric scooter so you aren't caught unaware.

The effortless handling of the Apollo scooters can be deceptively easy for new riders so it's important to keep in mind pressing the throttle as gently as you can to avoid accelerating too fast. These scooters are top-of-the-range in their categories and are known for their zippy acceleration, after all.

2. Segway Air T15

segway air t15 electric scooter

When it comes to the most creatively designed, the Segway Air T15 wins the competition. Just looking at its sleek, minimalist design sends futuristic vibes that's just hip and trendy.

But more than just its look, the Air T15 is also a great starter scooter for beginners because of its speed (can go up to 20 kph) and modest range (max. of 12 km). You won't have to worry about over-speeding with this e-scooter. It's is also conveniently kick-to-start. You'd have to manually push off to ride the scooter. And in lieu of a standard throttle, you'd have to kick again to accelerate.

What's more, it's incredibly handy to have. It features a one-second folding system that makes your ride so flat and compact, it'll be like wheeling a trolley in the bus/train. It even has retractable handlebars and cool, customizable LED ambient lights. Indeed, the Air T15 is a good fit for beginners looking for a fun (and fashionable) time. 

This scooter is perfect for city commuting due to it's portability and weight, it's one of the lightest and most portable scooters on the market!

3. Joyor A

joyor a series electric scooter

When it comes to reliable riding, the Joyor performs well with a maximum speed of 25 kph (the typical speed limit) and a fantastic maximum range of 30 to 35 km. If you want an easy, commuter scooter, the Joyor A series is a good place to start. It can even carry more than the typical load (as heavy as 120 kg).

Plus, the Joyor A is safely kick-to-start, so it will only start when you kick off from the ground. If you want to accelerate, gently press the trigger throttle found beside your display.

But the real come-on of the Joyor A series is its spectrum of colors. Yes, it still comes in black and white for those looking for the sleek, classic look. But riders with more vibrant personalities are sure to enjoy riding e-scooters in bright colours like blue, red, and yes, even yellow!

4. Segway Ninebot E22

segway ninebot e22 electric scooter

The Segway Ninebot E22 is the latest starter scooter that the brand came out with. It has everything a new rider needs when it comes to specs plus a few more you're sure to appreciate.

This electric scooter has a good top speed at 20 kph, quick but not fast enough to worry going over any speed limits. It also has a moderate maximum range of 22 km, just far enough for short round-trips and last-mile riding.

The Segway Ninebot E22 is also kick-to-start, so you have to push off for the scooter to work. And if you want to accelerate? Easy! Just gently press the electronic thumb throttle.

But what makes the E22 a touch above the rest is that it comes with the latest upgrades from Segway. It features dual-density tyres, great hill climb, ultra-bright lighting, and a stronger motor. It even comes with a bell!

5. Unagi E500

unagi model one e500 electric scooter

If you're after unique, the Unagi E500's sleeks and futuristic look is definitely up your alley. It comes in many colors (available at Electric Kicks in Matte Black and Cosmic Blue) and has a custom design unlike other starter scooters in the market today.

Its dual motors make it possible for it to go as fast as 32 kph and climb inclines of up to 15%. It also has an industry-standard maximum range of 25 km, good for short commutes. This can also be unlocked to 32kmh easily with the press of a few buttons. 

The E500 is a kick-to-start scooter to ensure that you don't accelerate to quickly or find your scooter zooming without you. It also comes with rubberized thumb throttle just below the right handle. Make sure to squeeze it gently so you don't speed too fast.

The E500 also has unique features you can't find anywhere else. Its 7-inch rubber tyres are puncture-proof and designed with custom air pockets for added suspension. It also has a sleek, integrated LED display and a bright 47-lumen flash-mount front LED light.

Known as the "Tesla" of electric scooters, this is the lightest scooter on the market with the power to match, a truely magnificent ride. 

6. Segway Ninebot E25 and E45

segway ninebot e25 electric scooter

The Segway Ninebot E25 and E45 are the second generation models of the fan-favourites, ES2 and ES4. Suffice to say, all the features that riders loved before are still present... but with extra improvements.

Both electric scooters hover between starter and commuter scooters. They're on the higher spectrum of entry-level scooters when it comes to specs and performance but can make for really good daily commuters.

Both electric scooters have good top speed (25 kph and 30 kph) and an impressive maximum range (25 km and 45 km). The E45, with its extra battery, will make for a great starter scooter if you need one for long-distance commutes.

Both e-scooters have the same upgrades that the E22 has, so you know you're getting only the latest innovations. That being said, it is also a kick-to-start scooter so make sure to push forward first to make the scooter move. 

The Segway Ninebot E25 and E45 also feature an electronic thumb throttle. Though easy to use, be doubly sure to press it gently so you won't accelerate to fast.

7. Kaabo Skywalker 8S V2 & 10C

kaabo skywalker 10c electric scooter

If you're a fast learner and are feeling confident that you can keep up with your ride, you can choose a more powerful commuter scooter. For example, the Kaabo Skywalker series has models that have higher specs than your average commuter but are sturdy enough for new riders to use.

The perfect to choose is between the 8S V2 and the 10C. Both are quite similar with the 10C being a tad bit faster and able to go longer distances. Thanks to their 800W rear rotor motor, the 8S V2 can reach speeds of 40 kph and the 10C up to 42 kph.

The slightly bigger battery of the Skywalker 10C allows it to travel as far as 50 km while the Skywalker 8S V2 can go up to 45 km.

The Skywalker 8S V2 and 10C are known for its zippy acceleration. Make sure to take extra care when riding.

To begin your ride, you'll have to kick off from the ground to activate the both scooters' trigger throttle. When you are already moving, press gently to avoid going too fast.

Premium Choice: Ninebot Max G30P and G30LP

segway ninebot max g30p electric scooter

Though technically not an entry-level scooter, the Ninebot Max models (both the G30P and G30LP) are quite easy to operate. Beginner riders will have a comfortable time learning to ride on these electric scooters. 

segway ninebot max g30lp electric scooter

The Max G30P and Max G30LP are powerful scooters that can get you to places reliably. They can both go up to speeds of 30 kph when unlocked and can go farther distances than any scooter on this list (the G30P reaches 65 km and the G30LP reaches 40 km). 

They also have great brakes, puncture-proof tyres, and lots of other upgraded features. If you want a scooter that's easy to ride and can be ridden for commuting and recreation, you can't go wrong with any of the two Ninebot Max models.

Features to Consider When Choosing Your First Electric Scooter

Of course, just looking at entry-level electric scooters is just the beginning. You need to know more about the features to watch out for. Familiarize yourself with the typical specifications found in an e-scooter, what they are for, and what constitutes as good.

Here are a few important features that beginner riders should take note of:


Speed is a critical feature for many riders, especially if you're looking for a recreational scooter. For new riders, it's important to learn how fast your electric scooter can go so you won't be surprised and go flying off your ride. This is a feature that's best if you're eased into it.

Some electric scooters today go up to exhilaratingly fast speeds, going 50 kph and even up to 80 kph. These are the types of scooters you should stay clear from (for now).

Commuter scooters also have a wide range of top speeds, nowadays. Some just toe the line a little bit faster than 25 kph and others can reach up to 45 to 65 kph. 

Entry-level scooters don't offer much with regards to speed. On average, the fastest you'll see will be at 25 kph (just right for speed limits). Some even go slower at only 20 kph, which is perfect for when you're just getting used to zooming around.

Of course, you can always choose to ride at a slower riding mode so commuter scooters and even thrill scooters are still on the table if you're up for that.


Range is another consideration if you're looking for a scooter for your daily commutes. Most entry-level scooters have modest maximum ranges. The average would be about 20 to 25 km, but some might go lower than 15 km while others can reach up to 30 km+. 

If you're getting your starter scooter as a recreational ride or a last-mile scooter, 20 km and below ranges are fair game. But if you're going to use it as a stand-alone commuter, a model with a slightly longer range might be the better choice.


One great thing about starter scooters is that they are all super easy to bring around. Most entry-level scooters are incredibly lightweight and conveniently compact. Some even weigh a feathery-light 10 kg. Any model above 20 kg is considered heavy already.

Many beginner scooters are also foldable so you can store them efficiently wherever you are.

Other Features

Of course there are other important features you should look into, like brakes, tyres, suspension, water resistance and more. These are the specifications that will make or break your riding experience.

Suspension and tyres can help keep you comfortable during your rides by smoothing and keeping your driving less bumpy.

Water resistance determines whether you can ride an electric scooter on wet surfaces and during light showers. Of course, as a new rider, we recommend that you don't ride while raining as the roads and trails can be slippery.

Another feature to watch out for is lights. Some beginner scooters come with built-in lights which are incredibly useful if you find yourself riding at night.

How to Ride an Electric Scooter

Riding an electric scooter is simple and intuitive, just like riding a bike. You can easily master it in a few quick steps:

1. Place your Electric Scooter on a flat road

Make sure to choose a simple path for your first time riding. A flat, paved road is a good choice for practice.

Make sure to wear the appropriate safety accessories like a helmet, shoulder pads, and knee pads.

2. Put up the kickstand

Many people forget this step, so make sure to remember it so as to not scratch or damage your kickstand. Use either of your feet to push it up, and make sure to hold your electric scooter steady while you do this.

3. Place your weak foot on the E-scooter

Put one foot up on your electric scooter, and the other like you're about to kick, just like you will on a traditional kick scooter. 

After you kick out, place your strong foot at the back of your weak foot and find your balance.

4. Gently press the throttle

This is important: GENTLY press the throttle so that your acceleration is gradual. You wouldn't want to go flying too soon and startling yourself off your electric scooter. 

While riding, turn the handlebars gradually in the direction you want to go. Don't jerk them any which way if you want to keep a smooth, balanced ride.

5. Gently press the brakes

When you're done riding or when you need to stop, make sure to press the brakes as gently as you did with the throttle. Too hard and you'd find yourself stopping so abruptly that you might fall off. 

A key tip to remember when riding an electric scooter is that "slow and steady wins the race." It's all about gradual acceleration and gradual stopping. Even if you're riding at top speed, a steady press on the throttle/brakes will still keep you from falling.

Product Comparison

Segway Air T15 Joyor A3 Segway Ninebot E22
PRICE $1,299.00 $799.00 $999.00
MAX. SPEED 20 kph 25 kph 20 kph
MOTOR 250W Hub 350W Brushless, Gearless DC 300 Brushless DC
RANGE 12 km 25-30 km 22 km
MAX. WEIGHT 100 kg 120 kg 100 kg
WEIGHT 10.5 kg 13.47 kg 13.5 kg
BATTERY VOLTAGE 144Wh 36V, 7.8Ah 42V, 5.1Ah
CHARGE TIME 4 hours 3-4 hours 3 hours
CLIMB ANGLE 15% 15% 15%
TYRES 8" Solid 8" Front Air + Rear Solid 9" Synthetic Rubber, Dual Density
BRAKES Regenerative Front Electric + Rear Foot  Electric + Mechanical
Segway E25/E45 Unagi E500 Segway Max G30P/G30LP
PRICE $1,695.00 $1,299.00
MAX. SPEED 25 kph / 30 kph 32 kph 30 kph
MOTOR 300W 250W, Dual 350W Brushless / 350W Brushless DC
RANGE 25 km / 45 km 25 km 65 km / 40 km
MAX. WEIGHT 100 kg 100 kg 100 kg
WEIGHT 14.4 kg / 16.4 kg 10.99 kg 19.1 kg / 17.5 kg
BATTERY VOLTAGE 42V, 5960mAh / 42V, 10200mAh 33.6V, 9Ah, LG 551Wh / 367 Wh
CHARGE TIME 4 hours / 7.5 hours 4-5 hours 6 hours / 6.5 hours
CLIMB ANGLE 15% / 20% 15% 15-20% / 20%
TYRES 9" Synthetic Rubber, Dual-Density 7.5" Solid, with air pockets 10" Pneumatic Puncher-Resistant / 10" Pneumatic, Self-Healing, Flat-Free, with Suspension
BRAKES Electronic + Electromagnetic + Rear brakes Front & Rear E-ABS brakes Front Mechanical + Rear E-ABS Electronic brakes
Apollo Light Apollo City Apollo Explore
PRICE $1,199.00 $1,499.00 $1,899.00
MAX. SPEED 35 kph 40 kph 50 kph
RANGE 35 km 45 km 55 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 100 kg 120 kg 120 kg
WEIGHT 16.8 kg 18 kg 23 kg
BATTERY VOLTAGE 46V 10.3Ah 48V 13.2 Ah 52V 18.2Ah
CHARGE TIME 3-6 hrs 4-8 hrs 4-5 hrs
CLIMB ANGLE Up to 10 Degrees Up to 15 Degrees Up to 20 Degrees
TYRES Front 8.5" Pneumatic + Rear 8" Solid Front & Rear 8.5" Pneumatic Front & Rear 10" Pneumatic
BRAKE Rear Drum + Electric Re-gen Brakes Front Disc + Rear Drum + Electric Re-gen Brakes Front & Rear Disc + Electric Re-gen Brakes

Kaabo Skywalker 8S V2 Kaabo Skywalker 10C
PRICE $1,499.00 $1,599.00
MAX. SPEED 40 kph 42 kph
MOTOR 800W, Rear Rotor 800W, Rear Rotor
RANGE 45 km 50 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 120 kg 120 kg
WEIGHT 22 kg 22 kg
CHARGE TIME 4-6 hrs 4-6 hrs
TYRES 8" Pneumatic 10" Pneumatic
WATER RESISTANCE No official manufacturer rating No official manufacturer rating
BRAKES Rear Disc + E-ABS Brakes Front & Rear Disc Brakes

***note: prices are subject to change

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