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Best Electric Scooters Australia

16 Best Electric Scooters for Adults (2021 Guide)

Best Electric Scooters In Australia

If you think that the people you see cruising down the streets on their e-scooters look cool, then join the fun! There are lots of reasons to get your own electric scooter. Be it for your personal entertainment or as a way to avoid public transport; electric scooters are helpful gadgets that you should make the most out of. Looking for electric scooters in Australia?


What’s more, electric scooters are easy to practice and hone your riding skills. Unlike bicycles and the like, you’ll be gliding around on your e-scooter in no time. This is especially perfect for busy adults like you who are looking for the next convenient transport solution.

Electric scooters are excellent choices for adults who want to cut back on their public transport expense and to gain more chances for exercise. Unlike traditional scooters, you can get around farther and faster on e-scooters.

But with the many electric scooters available in the market today, which should you buy?

In this article, learn about the best motorised scooter recommendations for 2020. These are scooters specifically made for adults who lead a hectic lifestyle and want to be more active as well. Read on below for detailed reviews, and if you want to see our own top recommendations for different types of riders and budgets, scroll down to the bottom of the page!

1. Segway Ninebot Max G30P and G30LP Global Edition – $1,099.00-$1,299.00

segway ninebot max g30p g30lp electric scooter

Ever think about how a fan-favourite like the Ninebot Max can become even better? With the Ninebot Max G30P and Ninebot Max G30LP, you won't need to imagine.

These electric scooters combines all your favourite features from the classic Ninebot Max with new upgrades, making your awesome rides feel even better.

If you’re looking for an electric scooter that can double as your daily e-scooter for commuting and more extreme activities, these 2 models are definitely the scooters to get.

For one, the Ninebot MAX G30P and G30LP are made from aviation-grade aluminium alloy that makes it more appropriate for any weather. Not to mention, it allows for a more stable (and safer) ride around the city. The Max G30P comes in a sleek black color while the G30LP features a quirky grey design. 

While it is bulkier and heavier than its predecessors, the Ninebot Max G30P still comparatively lightweight at 19 kg and the G30LP is slightly lighter at 17.5 kg.

You can choose between different speed modes and connect the Ninebot MAX to your Ninebot App. However, this motorised scooter also has an additional mode which called the ECO Mode. You get to save up on battery since you’ll only be cruising at a maximum speed of 10kph which is great for when you’re in the middle of traffic or crowded places.

What's more, you can enjoy more exciting rides because of the unrestricted, unlocked 30 kph top speed of the Global Editions of both models. 

What you will also love about this e-scooter is its extremely long range. This motorised scooter can reach a whopping maximum distance of 65 km (G30P) and 40 km (G30LP). That’s triple the distance that the E25 can go!

You will also fall in love with its 25-cm puncher-resistant pneumatic tires (self-healing as well for Max G30LP) since it makes the Ninebot Max better equipped for different types of terrain. Want to take it out for a spin on dirt roads? Yes, you can; since its front and rear shock absorbers as well as its high waterproof rating can still give you a smooth ride, even on rough surfaces.

Aside from that, the Max G30P and G30LP highlight an upgraded, high-performing brushless direct current Gen 2 motor.

Even its high battery capacity is designed to take you on long-distance adventures. For commuters who travel far, this is an upgrade that will be super convenient for you.

What’s more, you can charge this bad boy almost anywhere. It has a built-in charger and can be recharged like any smartphone. For such a powerful scooter, it has a reasonable charging time of 6 hours.

The Ninebot Max models have a clip-and-fold system, so you can carry it around when not in use. Need to take the train? No problem! You can still store it under your office desk as well. You can probably take it to the rocky paths beside the beach or up mountain trails if you want.

You can even ride the G30P and G30LP like manual kick scooters just for fun!

  • Above average range in its class (G30P: 65 km; G30LP: 40 km)
  • Can be used in different types of terrain
  • Both Ninebot Max G30P and G30LP come with the Gen 2 motor
  • Built-in charger (G30P)
  • High waterproof rating
  • Improved suspension and shock absorption
  • Both the G30P and G30LP global models now have the Gen 2 motors
  • A bit on the heavy side vs. other Ninebot models (G30P)
  • Bulkier
  • More expensive than the previous model


2. Apollo Explore - $1,899.00

apollo explore electric scooter

The Apollo Explore is for the people looking to make their daily commuting seem like fun, everyday adventures. This commuter scooter isn’t like most other daily commuters because it packs a punch when it comes to power and performance. After all, there’s a reason why it’s considered one of the most powerful commuter scooters to date.

Voted as the #1 single-motor electric scooter of 2020 by Electric Scooter Guide, the Apollo Explore can reach quick speeds of 35 kph which is faster than most scooters in its level. It can also travel as far as 35 km which makes it a great choice for long-distance commuters. 

But that’s not all. The Apollo Explore has a convenient cruise control function that helps make your commutes easier since you won’t need to maintain speed manually. Plus, it’s easier to carry than other scooters because of its sturdy foldable stem AND foldable handlebars. 

And with the power and performance that the Apollo Explore provides? You can even double it as your weekend recreational ride.

  • Great top speed, acceleration, and maximum range
  • Amazing suspension
  • Reliable dual disc + regenerative braking system
  • Cruise control function
  • Fully folding (even handlebars)
  • LED lighting
  • Above-average maximum capacity load
  • 23 kg weight (though portable, it isn’t the lightest)
  • Dependable off-road capabilities suitable for paved tracks and semi-rough trails

    Check out the Apollo Explore:

    3. Unagi E500 - $1,695.00

    unagi e500 model one electric scooter

    If you're looking for power and style, look no further than the sleek and chic Unagi Model One E500. This futuristic-looking electric scooter is known as the 'iPhone' of e-scooters because of its trendy yet simplistic modern design.

    The Unagi E500 is the perfect commuter scooter for busy on-the-go professionals who want to look extra fashionable even while on the road. And it offers amazing performance as well. Thanks to its 250W dual motors, it can reach top speeds of 32 kph and a good range of 25 km. It can even climb up hills of up to 15 degrees.

    But that's not all! The Unagi E500 also has unique features that you can't see from any other scooter. For one, it's stem and frame are made from magnesium alloy and Japanese TORAY carbon fibre, making it durable and lightweight at only 10.99 kg. It also has unique air pockets that act as suspension on its custom-designed, puncture-proof 7.5-inch rubber tyres.

    Not to mention that the Unagi E500 also includes a flush-mounted 47-Lumen headlight, a blinking rear light, and dual E-ABS brakes.

     THE CONS 
    • Lightweight at 10.99 kg
    • made from magnesium alloy and Japanese TORAY carbon fibre
    • custom air pockets on puncture-proof tyres
    • Compact
    • average maximum range
    • Standard maximum weight capacity (but can go higher)
    • a bit more expensive than other scooters in its class

    Check out the Unagi E500:

    4. Apollo Phantom - from $2,799.00

    apollo phantom electric scooter

    The Apollo Phantom is called the ‘Most Anticipated Electric Scooter of 2020’ for a reason. Besides its impressive performance, this scooter comes with many new features that you haven’t seen in other scooters before.

    When it comes to power and performance, the Apollo Phantom can run with the best of the best. It can go as fast as 62 kph (52V) and as far as 64 km (52V). It also has a pretty zippy acceleration that will leave some scooter models in the dust. And if you get the 60V version, you can even enjoy about 7 kph to 10 kph faster top speed than the 52V.

    Plus, you can choose which type of brakes you want to be fitted on the scooter. The 52V can come with either the regular mechanical brakes or Nutt hydraulic brakes. With the 60V, you get the hydraulic brakes automatically.

    But let’s go on to the more interesting features of the Apollo Phantom! This awesome scooter has an incredible Quadruple Spring suspension (front dual and rear dual) that makes rides super smooth. It also has a double-reinforced stem that gives absolutely no wobble for more secure riding. 

    The Apollo Phantom even has one of the best folding systems in scooters, to date. Its triple-lock folding features a pin, clasp, and clamp that keeps your stem firmly in place, whether it’s folded or not. The convenient folding hook also doubles as a bag hook while you’re riding.

    What’s more, the Apollo Phantom has great lighting with its 2 front deck lights and a high-mounted 1000 Lumen headlight. It even has game-changing turn signals on both sides. 

    And all your riding stats, including battery life and real-time remaining mileage? All can be easily seen from its 3-inch wide HEX display, one of the biggest displays in the industry today. Truly, this is a scooter that revolutionizes the way you ride, be it on the streets or off-road!

    • Zippy and has great acceleration
    • Long-range
    • Incredible and unique suspension system
    • Upgradable braking system
    • High-mounted headlight PLUS turning signals
    • Tons of other nifty features (bag hook, big display, triple-lock folding, etc.)
    • An incredible scooter for the price, possibly the best value in the market for a scooter at this level
    • While still portable and can be easily carried by the stem, it’s a little in the heavier side. But this is expected from a scooter of this caliber

    Get a first look at the Apollo Phantom:

    5. Apollo Ghost - $2,299.00

    apollo ghost electric scooter

    Just because you want to upgrade your riding experiences to something more exciting doesn’t mean you need to get the fastest and most powerful scooter at once. It’s better to ease into the experience and get used to the fast-paced riding first. The Apollo Ghost is a great choice for riders who are just starting to use electric scooters for thrilling adventures.

    With its breakneck acceleration that can take you from 0 to 50 kph in 3 seconds, you know you’re going to love zooming around on the Ghost. Plus, you can go round and round the tracks all you want with its impressive 62 km maximum range. Those are pretty admirable specs that’ll keep you pumped up on the roads. And it’s all thanks to this scooter’s powerful 800W dual motors (switch form single to dual motor drive conveniently with the Eco/Turbo button) and high-performing 52V battery.

    This electric scooter even has an adjustable suspension system so that you can personalize ride quality even better. Plus, the Apollo Ghost has a key lock mechanism that’ll give you more peace of mind when you need to park it outside.

    And who can say no to the sleek, forged aluminium design that the Apollo Ghost sports? You’re sure to turn heads as you ride past!


    • Incredible top speed, acceleration, and range
    • Powerful dual motors
    • Great price for the power
    • Adjustable suspension system
    • Key lock mechanism
    • Sturdy forged aluminium frame
    • LED lighting (front, rear, and under-deck)
    • Reliable dual disc + regenerative braking system
    • Above-average maximum capacity
    • Simple, understated all-black design
    • Heavier at 29 kg
    • Long charging time (unless you have fast chargers)
    • Dependable off-road

    Segway Ninebot E25 and E45 – $999.00-$1,199.00

    segway ninebot e25 commuter electric scooter


    When you're always on the go, you'll need an electric scooter as fantastic and portable as the new and improved Ninebot E25 and E45. They perfectly blendsall your favourite features from the ES Classic series with amazing enhancements that are sure to make you the king of the streets.

    The Ninebot E25 is the second generation of the beloved Ninebot ES2 while the Ninebot E45 is the second generation of the Ninebot ES4. Both have innovative upgrades that will definitely change the way you ride.

    Enjoy the same great performance with top speeds of 25 kph (E25) and 30 kph (E45) and a maximum range of 25 km (E25) and 45 km (E45) but with a stronger, upgraded motor and an even better hill climb of 15% (E25) and 20% (E45) vs. the ES2's 10% and the ES4's 15%. Even its Ninebot-customized battery makes it performance more powerful than before. And the E45 comes with an extra battery pack that's makes all the difference in terms of power!

    You'll also feel the sturdiness of the improved aviation-grade aluminum alloy, making the E25 more durable and still lightweight at 14.4 kg and the E45 at 16.4 kg.

    Not to mention that this electric scooter has incredible 9-inch dual-density tyres that features an anti-flat technology, making punctured wheels a thing of the past.

    But what really makes the E25 and E45 stand out all the more is its new safety features. For the first time ever, Segway's latest models now have a triple braking system which consists of a press brake, an electronic brake, and an electromagnetic brake. 

    Its lighting is even brighter than before so you get to enjoy a highly illuminated ride during the nights because of its front, side, and tail lights as well as its side reflectors.

    Both models even comes with a loud, tinkling bell.

    • Lightweight and durable
    • Foldable with wheels
    • Relatively affordable
    • Unique 9-inch dual-density tyres
    • Improved hill climb
    • Better for long-distance commutes (E45)
    • Higher battery capacity (expandable battery) (E45)
    • Triple braking system
    • Ultra-bright lighting system
    • Not the fastest top speed
    • Not for long distances
    • Long charging time (E45)
    • More expensive and heavier than the E25, but only slightly (E45)


    7. Apollo City - $1,499.00

    apollo city electric scooter

    If you’re looking for a powerful and dependable commuter scooter, the Apollo City is a fantastic pick. Its 600W motor provides more power than the average commuter ride so you’ll be able to reach speeds of 40 kph and distances of 45 km. That’s almost twice as much as a typical scooter in its class can do! Its acceleration is also pretty quick for a standard commuting scooter at 0 kph to 25 kph in just 4.1 seconds.

    Plus, it can accommodate a wider variety of riders. Whether you’re on the heavier side or are someone who brings a hefty backpack, the 120 kg maximum load is definitely a plus for this cooter. It’s also great at riding paved roads smoothly with its reliable dual spring suspension system.

    The Apollo City is also pretty flexible as it was designed to be a hassle-free ride during whatever part of your travel, from the moment you step out of your home to when you get back. That’s why it’s portable and easy to carry on public transport at only 18 kg. It’s also foldable and can be stored under office desks or storage rooms.

    • Above-average acceleration and high top speed
    • Long-range
    • Above-average maximum load at 120 kg (vs. usual 100 kg)
    • Built-in dual spring suspension
    • Portable, but not lightweight at 18 kg
    • Trigger throttle can be tiring (but you can upgrade to the Apollo thumb throttle accessory)

    8. Kaabo Wolf Warrior - $4,499.00

    kaabo wolf warrior thrill scooter

    When it comes to power, few scooters can compare to the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. Its impressive performance allows you to dominate the tracks when you’re going on your off-road adventures. With its extremely powerful 1200W dual motors and thick 11-inch tyres, it’s easily the top thrill scooter to date.

    Just look at the power and performance it packs! You can hurtle down the trails at insane top speeds of up to 80 kph. Travelling far and wide is also a piece of cake since this scooter can go as far as a whopping 150 km in a single charge. 

    Its dual motors also make it almost effortless to accelerate from 0 kph to 25 kph in a lightning-quick 1.9 seconds. It can even crush hills of up to 45 degrees. What a beast!

    And, of course, it’s designed to be as sturdy and safe as possible. This scooter is equipped with dual full-hydraulic brakes with a pretty great 3.5-m braking distance. And you can still stay comfortable even while going on breakneck speeds thanks to its front hydraulic and rear spring suspension.

    • Impressive 80 kph top speed
    • Unparalleled 150 km maximum range
    • High maximum load of 150 kg
    • Impressive suspension 
    • Sturdy 11-inch off-road tyres
    • No official waterproof rating
    • Pretty heavy at 46 kg

    9. Apollo Air from $899 and Apollo Pro from $1099

    apollo air electric scooter

    The latest in the Apollo scooter line, the Apollo Air was designed specifically with first-time riders in mind. Easy to use, safe, and unintimidating, this is the perfect scooter for those just learning the basics of riding, making it great for teens as well. You can even choose between the Apollo Air and the Air Pro (which has a bit higher specs).

    The Apollo Air is the lightest Apollo yet at only 16 kg while the Apollo Air Pro weighs a nice 17.4 kg. Both are foldable and compact, the perfect traveling companions on buses and trains. 

    These two scooters also provide efficient performance with specs that are made specifically for the urban streets. You can enjoy zippy top speeds of 25 kph for the Air and 30 kph for the Air Pro. Short to mid-range commutes are no problem with maximum ranges of 25 km (Air) and 30 km (Air Pro).

    The design of the Air and Air Pro are pretty sleek as well, and its features are top-notch. You’ll be able to enjoy durable 10-inch pneumatic tyres on the Air Pro which can handle city terrain, while the Air is equipped with a 10-inch front and 8.5-inch rear tyre of the same quality. Fenders atop the wheel complete cover your tyres for better protection.

    The aircraft-grade aluminum frame of both models also makes your ride’s quality better by being sturdier and less wobbly. It has wide, solid handlebars for easy controlling and a rubberized deck so it won’t get slippery. 

    What’s more, the Air and Air Pro have awesome suspension systems that keep your rides smooth sailing all throughout.

    Other features that make the light ultra-comfortable for everyday travelling are its folding hook that doubles as a bag hook and its super handy bell. Nighttime riding is also no problem as the Apollo Air and Air Pro have headlights, tail lights, and rear reflectors. When it comes to convenient commuting, the Apollo Air and Air Pro make for great options!

    • Lightest Apollo to date (Air: 16 kg)
    • Foldable and compact
    • 10-inch pneumatic tyres (front tyre for Air)
    • Great suspension (Air: front spring, Air Pro: front dual fork)
    • Wide handlebars & rubberized deck


    10. Apollo Pro from $2499

    apollo pro electric scooter

    Thrill-seekers and recreational electric scooter riders know that riding off-road can be tough. That’s why not all electric scooters can be ridden in rough terrain. If you’re looking for power and performance beyond compare, the Apollo Pro is where it’s at.

    It’s one of the faster scooters in the market today with a wicked acceleration that will take you from 0 to 50 kph in under 3 seconds! It can even reach exciting speeds of 60 to 68 kph (depending on what version you get). And that’s not all. You can snake through trails far and wide with its incredible maximum range of 80 to 90 km (that’s more than thrice as far as a typical e-scooter’s range). 

    And even with this kind of powerful performance (thanks to its 1000W/1200W dual motors + 52V/60V battery), you’ll still find the ride quality of the Pro to be phenomenal. 

    You can stick to the convenient cruise control function, attain reliable & strong stopping power with its triple braking system (which you can upgrade to hydraulic brakes), and even experience buttery-smoothe rides thanks to its commendable dual spring suspension. When it comes to off-road adventuring, it’s hard to beat the Pro!

  • Impressive top speed, acceleration, and range
  • Hill crusher (can climb up to 40-degree inclines)
  • Powerful dual motors
  • Cruise control
  • Reliable 2 disc + regenerative braking system
  • Can be upgraded to hydraulic brakes
  • Above-average maximum capacity
    • Heavy at 34 kg
    • Long charging time (unless you have fast chargers)
    • Lights not as bright and illuminating
    • Kickstand is a bit too short (the e-scooter tipping over is a possibility)

    11. Inokim OXO 2021

     inokim oxo 2021 electric scooter

    Beastly scooters are cropping up everywhere, and the fan-favourite Inokim OXO just got a few upgrades. With strong 1000W dual motors and a highly efficient 1536 Wh battery, you can go on high-speed adventures effortlessly. It’s easy to enjoy this beastly scooter’s 64 kph top speed and 58 km maximum range.

    It even has Zoom dual hydraulic brakes that allow for impressive break performance. It has a short and safe 3 meter braking distance. Its rubber suspension is also pretty handy at keeping the bumps on the road from being uncomfortable. This is especially important if you’re going to ride off-road as the tracks can get pretty rough.

    But not to worry because the Inokim OXO has 10-inch pneumatic tyres that can easily crush dirt paths and rough terrain. And if, for whatever unfortunate reason, you need to change your tyres in a jiffy, the single-sided swingarms make it easier to remove and replace your wheels. 

    Plus, the Inokim OXO has one of the best folding mechanisms in the industry today. Once folded, it’s pretty secure so you can store it away without worries in the trunk of your car or inside the garage. For rough riding, this is a scooter you shouldn’t miss out on!

    • Powerful dual motors
    • Great 64 kph top speed and long 58 km range
    • 10-inch tyres perfect for off-roading
    • Reliable and durable folding system
    • Awesome dual hydraulic brakes
    • Fast acceleration but slow at the starting line compared to others in its class
    • Thumb throttle is a bit hard to control and can be unpredictable
    • Not easily portable at 33 kg
    • Hard-plastic deck is a bit slippery (easy solution: add griptape!)
    • A little on the expensive side 

    12. Segway E22 - $999.00

     segway e22 electric scooter

    Entry-level scooters are designed for beginner riders, but the Segway E22 can also be used by teens who just need a handy ride around town. Like many scooters in its class its power and performance are good with a 20 kph top speed and 22 km maximum range. It’s even easy to bring anywhere at it’s pretty lightweight at only 13.5 kg.

    But what makes the Segway E22 stand out from other beginner scooters is its upgrades. Built like the classic ES series, it’ll already be a hit with Segway fans but now it even comes with a stronger Gen 2 motor, improved lighting, better hill climbing at 15%, and it even has a working bell. 

    Plus, it has pretty awesome 9-inch dual-density tyres that are filled with PU foaming material for better shock absorption. It’s also flat free. The Segway E22 is also quick to charge at only 3 hours so you can easily go back out riding within the day. 

    You can even choose between two neat colours, a classic black or trendy white.

    • lightweight at 13.5 kg
    • stronger Gen 2 motor
    • improved lighting
    • improved hill climb
    • 9-inch dual density tyres
    • quick charge time
    • No built-in suspension
    • Average 20 kph top speed and 22 km max. range


    13. Kaabo Skywalker 8S and Skywalker 10C - from $1,399-$1,599

    kaabo skywalker 8s electric scooter commuting fast acceleration

    When talking about commuter scooters, power and speed are not necessarily things on top of the list of things you think they might have. Well, you’ve never encountered the Kaabo Skywalker 8S and 10C before! They are some of the fastest and most powerful commuter scooters in the market today.

    With a top speed of 40 kph (8S) and 42 kph (10C), you can travel almost twice as fast as your average commuter scooter. Not to mention, they have lightning quick acceleration which even makes it possible for you to go up to 24 kph in less than 4 seconds! Of course, a commuter scooter is more concerned with the distance you can travel, and the Skywalker 8S and 10C do not disappoint. With an outstanding 45km (8S) and 50 km (10C) maximum range, you can go on longer commutes through hilly climbs and even rough trails without encountering any problems.

    Aside from these incredible specs, the Skywalker 8S and 10C are also designed for better and smoother rides. Just take a look at its pneumatic tyres, dual C suspension shocks, and quick fold system. The 8S even has adjustable handlebars (which isn’t common in most e-scooters)! 

    You can get all these fantastic features and experience a comfortably excellent ride without breaking the bank because the Skywalker 8S and 10C come at an affordable price. But speaking of price… even excellence comes with one. While the Skywalker 8S and 10C are lightweight for how powerful it is, they still weigh a hefty 22kg so just be ready for a bit of lifting when bringing it around the city.

    • Quick acceleration
    • Commendable braking system
    • Lighter weight at 22 kg for a powerful scooter
  • No official manufacturer IP rating
  • Smaller deck space

    14. Segway F Series - from $1,099.00

    segway f electric scooter series

    The Segway F Series is the latest scooter series that Segway developed for riders looking for highly efficient performance without breaking the bank. With the F40, you can go on your daily mid- to long-range travels effortlessly with its 30 kph top speed and 40 km maximum range. 

    You can even smash steep hills of up to 20%. Plus, its durable 10-inch inflatable tyres smoothly rides on paved roads and can even tackle lightly rough terrain.

    This new commuter model is also pretty handy to have when you still need to ride public transportation part of the way. It’s foldable and portable at only 15.8 kg. You can even go riding at night since the Segway F40 has a 2.5W LED headlight and a rear LED light that keeps you visible to vehicles and passers-by.

    With the 3 convenient riding modes and safe dual braking system, it’s also pretty easy to learn how to ride the Segway F40. This makes it a great choice for beginners and everyday commuters looking for a comfortable ride. You can even keep it safe and secure when not in used with its built-in Bluetooth-enabled security lock!

    • Great 30 kph top speed
    • Mid- to Long-distance range at 40 km
    • Great hill climbing ability at 20%
    • Foldable and portable at 15.8 kg making it lighter than other other Segway models and more powerful 
    • Affordable
    • Built-in Bluetooth lock

    15. Kaabo Mantis Elite - $2,999.00

    kaabo mantis elite electric scooter

    Adventurous riders and thrill-seekers need a ride that can match their own pace. The Mantis Elite is one such electric ride. It can take you through rough off-road trails and smooth urban streets without any problems thanks to its upgraded 1000W dual motors.

    You'll be able to enjoy dashing through tracks and hugging curves as you go up to 60 kph in speed. And long-distance adventures? That's a piece of cake with the Mantis Elite's 80 km maximum range! 

    All that strong performance and you'll still feel safe and secure because of the scooter's dual semi-hydraulic braking system, dual suspension, and large, sturdy 10-inch pneumatic tyres. With a design and off-road performance like this, the Mantis Elite is definitely a force to be reckoned with!

  • Powerful dual motors
  • fantastic top speed and maximum range
  • made for off-roading
  • dual suspension
  • above-average maximum weight capacity
  • no official IP rating
  • relatively heavy at 30 kg
  • 16. Apollo Light - $1,199.00

     apollo light electric scooter

    If you’re looking for your first scooter but want to start out with something a bit more powerful, the Apollo Light is a great beginner scooter for you. It has exceptional specs that’s pretty hard to beat when it comes to entry-level scooters. You can go as fast as 35 kph and as far as 35 km in a single charge. That’s about 10 kph/km more than the typical beginner scooter can do.

    Unlike many entry-level scooters, the Apollo Light already comes with a reliable dual suspension system that helps make commuting less bumpy and more comfortable. It’s also pretty easy to carry at 16.8 kg. 

    And since you’re just starting out, the Apollo Light’s zippy but not crazy acceleration comes in pretty handy. It can go from 0 to 25 kph in a quick 6.2 seconds. If this is your first time riding on an Apollo, the Apollo Light is pretty safe choice!

    • Fast 35 kph top speed and great 35 km maximum range for its class
    • Improved built-in suspension system in the new Apollo Light 2021
    • Steady acceleration
    • Portable but not lightweight at 16.8 kg


    2021 E-Scooters Buyer’s Guide Top Recommendations

    Speed and price combination – Segway F Series

     segway f40 electric scooter


    The Segway F series was designed specifically to provide riders with dependable, zippy rides without breaking the bank. This affordable electric scooter line perfectly can go as fast as 30 kph, an above-average speed for commuter scooters. It can even travel up to 40 km in a single charge so it works well as a long-distance commuting choice.

    There's no doubt that the Segway F series works well for every day travelers because of its city-perfect specs and budget-friendly price tag.

    Best All Rounder – Segway Ninebot MAX G30P/G30LP

    segway ninebot max g30p g30lp electric scooter

    If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best, then go no further than the Max G30 or G30LP. If you’re a super active person who needs an electric scooter for your daily commutes and your off-road adventures, then this motorised scooter is truly the best choice.

    It can go farther than any other e-scooter in its class today, and even has an excellent top speed range for your inner speed junkie. Sure, it's definitely on the pricier side, but with all the wonderful upgrades you get, it’s absolutely worth every penny!  

    Best Budget E-Scooter – Segway Ninebot E25

     segway ninebot e25 electric scooter

    If you're after an electric scooter that is an all round urban scooter and you're on a smaller budget, the Ninebot E25 is the perfect option. 

    While it isn’t the most inexpensive on this list, it does provide quite a lot of value. It is one of the best lightweight e-scooters in the market today at only 14.4 kg. What’s more, you get to cruise at a respectable top speed of 25km/hr and the maximum distance of 25km is perfect for cruising around. 

    The E25 can also be upgraded using the an expandable battery, turning it into an E45. It's the perfect entry electric scooter with the quality Segway are known for. 

    Best City Commuter – Apollo Air

    apollo air e-scooter

    The Apollo Air and Air Pro make for great city commuters because of their dependable speed and short- to mid-range. You can easily switch riding modes to better control your speed limit, and its acceleration is quick but not too crazy.

    Plus, its 16 kg (Air) weight makes it almost effortless to carry around buses and trains if you need to ride public transport. Its compact size also allows you to store it under your desk or in a storage room when not in use.


    Deluxe Commuter Choice – Apollo Explore

    apollo explore electric scooter

    With more people opting to go the personal mobility route for daily commutes, range becomes a critical feature. That’s because riders who live near and far from their work can see the appeal of hassle-free rides. It’s a good thing that the Apollo Explore offers above-average performance when it comes to how far it can reach (almost thrice the distance of your typical commuter scooter).

    But that’s not all it can do. With a strong motor to power it up, this electric scooter can even reach faster speeds in less time and climb up steep hills effortlessly. And at 23 kg, this foldable ride is still portable and easy to bring on trains and buses.

    If you’re after the most powerful commuter possible, the Apollo Explore is a worthy choice. 

    Best Recreational Scooter  Apollo Ghost

    apollo ghost electric scooter

    When you compare the Apollo Ghost to most other electric scooters, it’s definitely wicked fast and high-performing. But not insanely so, unlike other thrill scooters! Its 55 kph top speed, quick acceleration, long 62 km range make it an amazing recreational scooter without being too intimidating. 

    Simply put, if you’re just beginning to ride electric scooters for fun and thrills, the Apollo Ghost is a great e-scooter to start with. You can reach zippy speeds and go around the tracks as much as you want and yet still feel safe and secure within the limits of its specs.

    Plus, who can deny that the Apollo Ghost looks awesome? Its sleek, black design makes it an elegant thrill scooter choice for sure!

    Top Thrill Scooter Pick  Apollo Pro

    apollo pro electric scooter

    If you’re a seasoned rider and an adrenaline junkie, you’ll need an electric scooter that can go toe to toe with your high demands. The Apollo Pro is the best pick for this! Like its name suggests, it handles on- and off-riding like a well-seasoned pro. 

    With strong dual motors (1000W/1200W), your Apollo can take you on the fastest and farthest adventures that no other scooter can give you. Wicked acceleration, impressive range, and unparalleled hill climb yet still have a comfortable time? The Apollo Pro is hands-down the best pick for any thrill-seeker!

    Previously on the Top 10 E-Scooters List...

    It’s the middle of the year and since innovation doesn’t stop, new scooters have come out in the market. That means that the top 10 list needs to be updated with the best of what’s available now! 

    While there are sure to be new additions to the list of the best e-scooters this 2020, it doesn’t mean that the previous entries aren’t great rides. They’re still some of the best scooters in the market today so you should still check them out.

    Here are some other recommendations when it comes to the best e-scooters this 2020:


    Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter - $599.00

    xiaomi m365 pro electric scooter

    You’ve probably heard of Xiaomi before, but possibly not with electric scooters. However, since their first scooter success with this model, they’ve become a well-known name in the electric scooter industry.

    If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for an awesome starter scooter, then the M365 is an excellent e-scooter to get. It is a great lightweight scooter at only 12 kg and features terrific pneumatic tires which are known for their better shock absorption.

    This electric scooter has a top speed of 25 kph, which is an okay speed for a lightweight commuter's vehicle. It's not the fastest, but let's be honest; you don't really need the fastest when riding in the city.

    You can also customise your ride by connecting the bike on your mobile via an app. It has different modes like the Eco Mode. You can also make the most out of its Cruise Control and Motor Lock features. Unfortunately, though, this model doesn’t have a LED screen to make things a bit easier.

    The Motor Lock is actually quite convenient, especially if you’re out shopping. Need to go inside a store real quick? You can leave your e-scooter safely outside if you remember to turn on your Motor Lock (it even has a motion-based alarm).

    The Xiaomi M365 can also provide you with a smooth ride uphill. You might feel a bit slower, but its motor can still cope up with steep inclines, which is perfect if you live somewhere hilly.

    If you live in a quiet neighbourhood, you don't need to worry about disturbing people when you ride past. This motorised scooter is so soft, you might need to ring your bell to make the people in the front notice you.

    It is also foldable, which makes it easy to store and bring along wherever you go. You’ll have no problems wheeling it in subways, for sure. There have been some reports that the locking mechanism on the M365 is faulty, but don’t worry! The newer models have already been fixed in regards to this.

    • Lightweight
    • Inexpensive
    • Can climb uphill
    • Motor Lock control
    • No LED Screen
    • Not the best Bluetooth connectivity
    • Might get a faulty locking mechanism (in older models)


    Learn more about the Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot ES2's performance:


    Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Scooter – $649.00

    segway ninebot es2 electric scooter all rounder

    When you’re always out and about, one of the best features in an e-scooter is its portability. Good thing, then, that the ES2 is known to be lightweight. At only 12 kg, you can easily bring it around the city. It won’t be hard for you to carry up and down small steps.

    For your daily commutes, Limit Speed Mode is a really convenient and safe mode to be in since you can easily control your speed to avoid cars and pedestrians alike. You can also customise it via the Ninebot App in your smartphone. Cool, right? However, what's even cooler is going FAST!

    The ES2 can reach a top speed of 25 kph, which, although not the fastest in the market but is still a respectable speed for your everyday journey.

    It is the perfect city scooter with its hard rubber flat tires, but it won’t do much when it comes to wet and rocky surfaces. Maximum distance is also at 25 km.

    What makes the ES2 still a fantastic daily commute scooter is its battery power and charging time. You can re-charge its Lithium-Ion battery constantly for 2 to 3 years without encountering any problems. Plus, the average charging time is only 3.5 hours! Perfect for busy people always on the go.

    What’s more, the ES2 is highly portable and easy to store. Don’t need it right now? You can easily fit it in the trunk of your car. It also fits under your office desk or your bed!

    You can also fold the mainframe and wheel it around like a suitcase if you're going to be travelling inside the train. All this for a really affordable price!

    • Lightweight
    • Foldable with wheels
    • Relatively affordable
    • Low charging time
    • Not the fastest top speed


    • Not generally suitable on wet and/or rocky surfaces (although, we have tested on wet surfaces and on dirt and it works fine)


    • Not for long distances

    • Can struggle with bigger hills

    The Pros


    -  Foldable with wheels

    -  Relatively affordable

    -   Low charging time

    The Cons

     Not the fastest top speed

    -  Not generally suitable on wet and/or rocky surfaces (although, we have tested on wet surfaces and on dirt and it works fine)

    -  Not for long distances

    -  Can struggle with bigger hills

    Segway Ninebot ES4 -$899.00

    segway ninebot es4 electric scooter dual battery capacity

    Here’s the thing: the Ninebot ES4 is quite similar to the ES2. Their biggest difference? The ES4 comes with an additional battery pack for longer life. Obviously, if the ES2 is one of the best, then the ES4 will definitely join the list!

    To start off the differences between the ES2 and this e-scooter, the ES4 is actually significantly heavier. It has a sturdier build at 14 kg.

    You also get a longer range with the ES4 since it goes double the maximum distance of the ES2 at 45 km. For a lightweight city e-scooter, that is actually pretty impressive; making the ES4 the perfect e-scooter for people with longer commutes. Zipping through the city will be a breeze.

    What’s more, the ES4 is faster than the ES2 at 30 kph (although you can’t really feel the difference unless you’re in Sports Mode). The main reason for this is because this e-scooter has a bigger battery capacity. The downside? Double the charging time at 7 hours.

    If you live in a slightly uphill location, the ES4 is also an excellent motorised scooter to look into since it has a maximum ride angle of 15°. Yes, not the best out there; but definitely an upgrade!

    The ES4 can also be folded, same as the ES2, so you can store it inside the trunk of your car or under your desk when not in use.

    • Lightweight
    • Better for long-distance commutes
    • Higher battery capacity
    • Flys up hills!
    • Long charging time
    • More expensive and heavier than the Es2, but only slightly          

    Kaabo Mantis 8, Dual Motor - $2,199.00

    kaabo mantis 8 off road electric scooter dual motor

    Not all electric scooters can talk big about being exceptional when it comes to urban and off-road terrain, but the Kaabo Mantis 8 can. This electric scooter is on a league of its own when you take into account its ingenious flexibility, powerful performance, and affordable price. Yes, the Kaabo Mantis 8 proves that you don’t need to pay extra for the best quality.

    First things first, speed. The Kaabo Mantis 8 lets you fly across the streets and dirt trails since it can go all the way up to 50 kph. And that’s not even mentioning its amazing acceleration. Go up to 25 kph in just 2.5 seconds and up to top speed in less than 10! Sports enthusiasts and city commuters will definitely enjoy the experience, for sure.

    Adventure lovers will also love that this electric scooter can go twice farther than your typical commuter scooter at a maximum distance of 50km, without running out of battery. It can also climb up hills at an acceptable speed and deal with rough dirt paths. Off-road escapades and long city commutes will pose no problem for the Kaabo Mantis 8. This powerful display is all possible because of the 800W Dual Motors and 48V, 18.2 Ah LG battery that this e-scooter features.

    And talk about handsome and sleek! The Kaabo Mantis has a unique C-shaped forging, metallic frame with illuminating LED side deck lights. It has a convenient LCD display, reliable pneumatic tyres, and and incredible lock & fold system. Unfortunately, it is quite hefty to bring along at 26.5 kg so be prepared to really use your muscles when lifting this e-scooter around. 

  • Powerful dual motors
  • Excellent speed and acceleration
  • Reliable folding system
  • Great suspension
  • Not easy to bring along (26.5 kg weight)
  • No official manufacturer IP rating 

  • Discover Real Customer Reviews:

      Mercane Pro WideWheel 2020 - $1,799

      mercane pro widewheel 2020 electric scooter dual motor

      With fan-favorite features and the latest upgrades included in the 2020 model, you’ll definitely enjoy experiencing the ride of the new Mercane Pro WideWheel. It has incredible acceleration and wider-than-usual wheels that give you better stability and let you zoom around as fast as a rocket.

      And by rocket, that means going from 0 to 25 kph in just 3.3 seconds. You can even reach this scooter’s top speed of 40 kph in under 8 seconds (that’s 12 seconds faster than the 2019 model)! Riding the Pro WideWheel 2020 is like racing in the clouds.

      Aside from going fast, this electric scooter can also go farther than most cruising e-scooters at a maximum distance of 45-50 km (Single or Dual Motor, respectively). You won’t have to worry about long commutes when you have this bad body. It can even tackle hilly climbs with not problems.

      That incredible power and performance is possible because of its 500W Single or Dual motor and upgraded, high-efficiency Lithium Ion battery. Enjoy 12% more battery capacity than the previous model.

      And, of course, who could forget this electric scooter’s unique ultra-wide tyres. Airless and filled with soft polyurethane foam, these tyres significantly improves comfort and ride quality. Bumps will be the least of your worries (just remember that they work less efficiently in wet surfaces). This scooter also has a roomy, slim deck perfect for different kinds of riding positions.

    • Fantastic acceleration
    • Reliable braking
    • Wide wheels and deck for stability
    • Compact
    • Average IP rating
    • Standard max. weight
    • Stiff suspension on poor roads

      Inokim OX Super - $2,700

      inokim ox super electric scooter

      The Inokim OX Super is best paired with people seeking the rush of adrenaline and the heady feeling of new adventures. Strappingly sexy and mighty, this electric scooter is a beast in the streets that will really keep sports junkies feeling intoxicated from the thrilling rides you’ll experience.

      The Inokim OX Super is one of the highest quality e-scooters today, and its specs are just the cherry on top. Enjoy the exhilarating speed of this monster scooter which can go up to a 45 kph. Revel in zooming up and down rough, hilly terrain with ease because of its strong rear motor. And let’s not forget the OX Super’s unprecedented range capabilities. Go farther than you’ve ever gone before because this bad boy can travel up to 80 to 100 km in a single charge!

      You’d think that because the OX Super is so powerful that it would be roaring down streets. But it doesn’t because its motor and braking system are as silent as can be. So you can experience the thrills and still enjoy a comfortably quiet ride.

      Let’s not forget that the OX Super also has amazing suspension which helps you ride through all kinds of terrains; from flat paved roads to wild uneven dirt trails. If you’re out to conquer the roads, then the OX Super is the partner you’re looking for.

      • Incredible range
      • Can be used as a kick scooter
      • Silent motor & braking
      • Great suspension
      • barely portable at 28kg
      • No mobile app
      • No official manufacturer IP rating


      Mercane MX60 - $3,999

      mercane mx60 electric scooter

      There’s a reason why the Mercane MX60 is called the road warrior, and you only need to look at it to understand. Incredibly powerful-looking and handsome, this electric scooter is the all-terrain ride you need for all your adventures! 

      Have a good time dashing through rough dirt trails with the Mercane MX60’s outstanding top speed capabilities. You can hit flying speeds of 60 kph with ease, and travel farther than ever before with a maximum range of 100 km (that’s four times farther than most e-scooters can do). Truly, the MX60 is an intense scooter after an adrenaline junkie’s heart.

      Its powerful performance is made possible by its strong 60V, 20 Ah battery. And because it’s removable, you can conveniently charge it anywhere you want. The MX60 even has switchable single or dual motor systems so that you can customize your ride on the go. With this kind of flexibility, you can ride through any level of terrain with ease.

      Speed and range are all good, but that’s not everything that this e-scooter can offer. Get really comfy while riding smoothly because of the MX60’s wide deck, front and rear shock absorbers, and uniquely thick tyres. Rough trails or smooth pavements will feel equally smooth because of the many durable features that the MX60 has. 

      You can even enjoy your thrilling adventures with no worries because the MX60 is designed with total safety in mind―including reliable front and rear disc braking systems and LED head and tail lights.

      • Amazing speed
      • Far range capabilities
      • Incredibly thick tires
      • Off-road capabilities
      • Switchable single and dual motor systems
      • Not easily portable (27 kg weight)
      • Bulky


      Segway Air T15 - $1,299

      segway air t15 electric scooter

      The latest in Segway’s electric scooter line, the Air T15 is the model for all future electric scooters. It is lightweight, stylish, impressively designed, and most of all, energy-efficient. With awards like the iF Design Awards and CES Innovation Awards under its belt, you know that this is one game-changing electric ride.

      What makes the Segway Air T15 an incredible commuter scooter is its futuristic, integrated design. Its aluminum-magnesium alloy frame is not just durable and lightweight at only 10.5 kg, but also resistant to splashes and corrosion and eco-friendly. 

      Let’s not forget the incredibly advanced 180-degree folding system that’s unique only to the Air T15. Once folded, this e-scooter looks remarkably like paper or a straight line at only 22 cm. Plus, it has one-click, retractable handlebars which are dead useful when travelling. Talk about being portable! With its jaw-dropping lightweight and compact size, you can bring the Air T15 anywhere you want (you can even roll it around like a suitcase)!

      The only downside (if you can even call it that) about the Air T15 is its modest top speed and maximum range. With a maximum speed of only 20 kph, you can ride this e-scooter through city streets without worrying about going above the average speed limit. 

      Sure, it’s not the fastest—but for a last-mile scooter, it’s fast enough. Four different riding modes can also help you navigate through traffic and pedestrians. Its 12-km maximum range is serviceable for people who need to travel short distances.

      You haven’t even heard of all the small details that Segway put into this e-scooter. It is powered by a sturdy, temperature-controlled hub motor and a powerful, automotive-grade battery. 

      Not to mention, silica-made handlebars for comfort, bezel-less LED dashboard and Bluetooth connectivity so you can access all the important information, innovative lights with three different colors including Emergency light, and radial hollow tyres for better grip and stability. With the attention to detail and its affordable price tag, it’s not hard to fall in love with the new Air T15.

      • Lightweight at 10.5 kg
      • Eco-friendly, integrated design
      • 180-degree folding system
      • Comprehensive Mobile App
      • Standard top speed at only 20 kph
      • Limited range at only 12 km
      • Average max. rider weight

      Other scooters in the previous list: 

      Qiewa Q1 Hummer

      ECORECO M5

      Uberscooter 1600

      Razor E300


      Frequently Asked Questions


      If you're a first-time buyer, then you will need more information than just e-scooter recommendations. So, here are a few motorised scooter-related questions that are often asked by customers.

      How Do You Charge An Electric Scooter?

      Charging your electric scooter will depend on who its manufacturer is. Not all e-scooters charge the same. As such, you can’t necessarily use the same charging device for multiple scooters. It’s best to use the charger that comes with it.

      However, changes between charging methods aren’t all that huge. Most e-scooters will have an indicator that lights up to show how much your battery’s charged at. Almost all of these indicators will turn green when your battery is fully charged.

      Charging time also varies depending on the brand and model of your scooter, but it takes about 8 to 12 hours of charging for an e-scooter to reach full battery capacity. To be safe, it’s a smart practice to keep your scooter plugged in 15 minutes after the indicator has turned green.

      If you want to prolong your battery life, make sure to charge your battery after each use. Re-charging from 0 to 100% can actually diminish your battery’s lifespan sooner. Plus, it’s a good habit to have your e-scooter ready anytime you want to go out.

      How Fast Can An Electric Scooter Move?

      Like most kinds of transportation device, speed is a feature that a lot of people find necessary (and impressive). After all, if you're going to be commuting to school or work, you'd want to get there quickly. The fastest commuting e-scooter for adults in the market today can go up to 65 kph. But that’s only recommended if your scooter is also doubling as a sports ride (or a motorbike!). Seriously though, anything over 35kph is starting to get a little crazy in our opinion. 

      When you’re looking at safety as your top priority, the maximum top speed is quite fast; especially if you’re going to use it on streets with a lot of pedestrians. The average top speed of commuter e-scooters ranges from 24 kph to 40 kph. 24 kph might not be the fastest, but it is a respectable cruising speed which you can easily control as well.

      However, remember that these specifications are only the maximum top speeds of the products. A lot of other factors can also affect how fast your scooter can go. For example, heavier riders can experience a dip in the top speed since the e-scooter will be carrying a significantly substantial load. The terrain can also be a deterrent to maximum speed like uphill climbs and rough surfaces.

      Can You Make An Electric Scooter Faster?

      There’s a good reason why the top speed of an electric scooter is called ‘top speed.’ That being said, you can’t really do much to run faster than the top speed of your e-scooter set by its manufacturer.

      However, abusing, neglecting, and not taking proper care of your motorised scooter can actually help lower its performance and thus, make it slower. So if you want to ride faster for a longer time, it’s best to do some regular maintenance.

      Keep your e-scooter clean and dust-free. Minute particles like dust can acutely damage your scooter and even bring its top speed down. It’s also best to stick to charging times and to use accessories that are vetted by the manufacturers.

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