10 Best Electric Scooters for Adults (2020 Guide)

10 Best Electric Scooters for Adults (2020 Guide)

If you think that the people you see cruising down the streets on their e-scooters look cool, then join the fun! There are lots of reasons to get your own electric scooter. Be it for your personal entertainment or as a way to avoid public transport; electric scooters are helpful gadgets that you should make the most out of. Looking for electric scooters in Australia?


What’s more, electric scooters are easy to practice and hone your riding skills. Unlike bicycles and the like, you’ll be gliding around on your e-scooter in no time. This is especially perfect for busy adults like you who are looking for the next convenient transport solution.

Electric scooters are excellent choices for adults who want to cut back on their public transport expense and to gain more chances for exercise. Unlike traditional scooters, you can get around farther and faster on e-scooters.

But with the many electric scooters available in the market today, which should you buy?

In this article, learn about the best motorised scooter recommendations for 2020. These are scooters specifically made for adults who lead a hectic lifestyle and want to be more active as well. Read on below for detailed reviews, and if you want to see our own top 3 recommendations, scroll down to the bottom of the page!

1. Segway Ninebot MAX – $1,199.00


The successor to the ES2 and ES4, the Ninebot MAX is the latest in Segway Ninebot’s line of successful e-scooters. And boy, does it live up to the hype!

If you’re looking for an electric scooter that can double as your daily e-scooter for commuting and more extreme activities, this is definitely the scooter to get.

For one, the Ninebot MAX gets an overall upgrade and is made from aviation-grade aluminium alloy. But that just makes it more appropriate for any weather. Not to mention, it allows for a more stable (and safer) ride around the city.

While it is bulkier and heavier than its predecessors, it’s still comparatively lightweight at 19 kg.

Like the ES2 and ES4, you can choose between different speed modes and connect the Ninebot MAX to your Ninebot App. However, this motorised scooter also has an additional mode which called the ECO Mode. You get to save up on battery since you’ll only be cruising at a maximum speed of 10kph which is great for when you’re in the middle of traffic or crowded places (but seriously, it's all about the top speed right!?).

While the Ninebot MAX actually has a decent maximum speed up to 30 kph. What you will also love about this e-scooter is its extremely long range. This motorised scooter can reach a whopping maximum distance of 65 km. That’s triple how far the ES2 can go!

You will also fall in love with its 25-cm pneumatic tires since it makes the Ninebot Max better equipped for different types of terrain. Want to take it out for a spin on dirt roads? Yes, you can; since its front and rear shock absorbers as well as its high waterproof rating can still give you a smooth ride, even on rough surfaces.

Even its high battery capacity is designed to take you on long-distance adventures. For commuters who travel far, this is an upgrade that will be super convenient for you.

What’s more, you can charge this bad boy almost anywhere. It has a built-in charger and can be recharged like any smartphone. For such a powerful scooter, it has a reasonable charging time of 6 hours.

The Ninebot Max is also foldable like the ES2 and ES4, so you can wheel it around when not in use. Need to take the train? No problem! You can still store it under your office desk as well. You can probably take it to the rocky paths beside the beach or up mountain trails if you want.

The Pros

- Longest maximum range in the market

- Can be used in different types of terrain

- Built-in charger

- High waterproof rating

The Cons

- Heavier Ninebot model

- Bulkier

- More expensive than the previous model

2. Segway Ninebot ES2 Electric Scooter – $649.00


When you’re always out and about, one of the best features in an e-scooter is its portability. Good thing, then, that the ES2 is known to be lightweight. At only 12 kg, you can easily bring it around the city. It won’t be hard for you to carry up and down small steps.

For your daily commutes, Limit Speed Mode is a really convenient and safe mode to be in since you can easily control your speed to avoid cars and pedestrians alike. You can also customise it via the Ninebot App in your smartphone. Cool, right? However, what's even cooler is going FAST!

The ES2 can reach a top speed of 25 kph, which, although not the fastest in the market but is still a respectable speed for your everyday journey.

It is the perfect city scooter with its hard rubber flat tires, but it won’t do much when it comes to wet and rocky surfaces. Maximum distance is also at 25 km.

What makes the ES2 still a fantastic daily commute scooter is its battery power and charging time. You can re-charge its Lithium-Ion battery constantly for 2 to 3 years without encountering any problems. Plus, the average charging time is only 3.5 hours! Perfect for busy people always on the go.

What’s more, the ES2 is highly portable and easy to store. Don’t need it right now? You can easily fit it in the trunk of your car. It also fits under your office desk or your bed!

You can also fold the mainframe and wheel it around like a suitcase if you're going to be travelling inside the train. All this for a really affordable price!

The Pros

-  Lightweight

-  Foldable with wheels

-  Relatively affordable

-   Low charging time

The Cons

-  Not the fastest top speed

-  Not generally suitable on wet and/or rocky surfaces (although, we have tested on wet surfaces and on dirt and it works fine)

-  Not for long distances

-  Can struggle with bigger hills


3. Segway Ninebot ES4 -$899.00


Here’s the thing: the Ninebot ES4 is quite similar to the ES2. Their biggest difference? The ES4 comes with an additional battery pack for longer life. Obviously, if the ES2 is one of the best, then the ES4 will definitely join the list!

To start off the differences between the ES2 and this e-scooter, the ES4 is actually significantly heavier. It has a sturdier build at 14 kg.

You also get a longer range with the ES4 since it goes double the maximum distance of the ES2 at 45 km. For a lightweight city e-scooter, that is actually pretty impressive; making the ES4 the perfect e-scooter for people with longer commutes. Zipping through the city will be a breeze.

What’s more, the ES4 is faster than the ES2 at 30 kph (although you can’t really feel the difference unless you’re in Sports Mode). The main reason for this is because this e-scooter has a bigger battery capacity. The downside? Double the charging time at 7 hours.

If you live in a slightly uphill location, the ES4 is also an excellent motorised scooter to look into since it has a maximum ride angle of 15°. Yes, not the best out there; but definitely an upgrade!

The ES4 can also be folded, same as the ES2, so you can store it inside the trunk of your car or under your desk when not in use.


The Pros

- Lightweight

- Better for long-distance commutes

- Higher battery capacity

- Flys up hills!

The Cons

- Long charging time

- More expensive and heavier than the Es2, but only slightly


4. Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter - $599


You’ve probably heard of Xiaomi before, but possibly not with electric scooters. However, since their first scooter success with this model, they’ve become a well-known name in the electric scooter industry.

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for an awesome starter scooter, then the M365 is an excellent e-scooter to get. It is a great lightweight scooter at only 12 kg and features terrific pneumatic tires which are known for their better shock absorption.

This electric scooter has a top speed of 25 kph, which is an okay speed for a lightweight commuter's vehicle. It's not the fastest, but let's be honest; you don't really need the fastest when riding in the city.

You can also customise your ride by connecting the bike on your mobile via an app. It has different modes like the Eco Mode. You can also make the most out of its Cruise Control and Motor Lock features. Unfortunately, though, this model doesn’t have a LED screen to make things a bit easier.

The Motor Lock is actually quite convenient, especially if you’re out shopping. Need to go inside a store real quick? You can leave your e-scooter safely outside if you remember to turn on your Motor Lock (it even has a motion-based alarm).

The Xiaomi M365 can also provide you with a smooth ride uphill. You might feel a bit slower, but its motor can still cope up with steep inclines, which is perfect if you live somewhere hilly.

If you live in a quiet neighbourhood, you don't need to worry about disturbing people when you ride past. This motorised scooter is so soft, you might need to ring your bell to make the people in the front notice you.

It is also foldable, which makes it easy to store and bring along wherever you go. You’ll have no problems wheeling it in subways, for sure. There have been some reports that the locking mechanism on the M365 is faulty, but don’t worry! The newer models have already been fixed in regards to this.


The Pros

- Lightweight

- Inexpensive

- Can climb uphill

- Motor Lock control


The Cons

- No LED Screen

- Not the best Bluetooth connectivity

- Might get a faulty locking mechanism (in older models)


Learn more about the Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot ES2's performance:



5. Razor E300 Commuting Electric Scooter


Looking for a starting e-scooter that both you and your teenager can share? Well, look no further than the Razor E300. It comes in exciting bright colours like blue and pink, as well as a more neutral grey tone.

It is made from heavy-duty metal and can carry a weight of up to 100 kg, so an adult can definitely ride comfortably. What makes it perfect for you and your teen is that it has a wide metal deck for better stability. It even has a removable padded seat for days when you just want to relax while commuting.

However, bringing it along to subways and buildings with steps might be a problem. While its frame is definitely durable, it does weigh a hefty 24 kg. You’ll be getting a workout lugging this bad boy along.

The Razor E300 has a maximum speed of 25 kph, which isn't at all bad. It's the industry average, after all. It also features pneumatic tires but with a shallow tread pattern. While these tires are sturdy, they’re not designed for rough surfaces. Uphill cruising is also tolerable, but there is a significant slow to your speed.

This motorised scooter also has a rechargeable battery and can run for 40 minutes continuously. That being said, this e-scooter is perfect for adults and teens who need a shorter commute to work and school. However, remember to make time for re-charging since it can take 12-24 hours depending on how drained your battery is.

The Pros

- Average Top Speed

- For teens and adults

- Pneumatic tires

- Removable padded seat

The Cons

- Designed for smooth surfaces

- Not for uphill

- Long charging time

- Heavy at 24 kg


6. Glion Dolly Foldable Commuter Electric Scooter - $599.00


If you find yourself with looking for a mid-range model in the e-scooter market, then you’d probably enjoy the Glion Dolly. This e-scooter is all about portability. It is lightweight at only 12 kg and is foldable. It’s super easy to fold, and can stand up vertically; so you can wheel it around like a suitcase when you have to ride the subway or up steps. That’s why it’s a good supplement for your bus or train rides.

But that’s not all! This e-scooter features a durable aircraft-grade aluminium frame, powder-coated to be resistant to corrosion. It can even carry up to 113 kg (definitely heavier weight capacity than other e-scooters).

This motorised scooter has a top speed of 25 kph which is highly due to its 25-watt brushless hub motor. It’s the average speed for lightweight scooters and is perfect for city commuting. While its specs say it has a maximum range of 24 km, the truth is it can only average about 11 km to 16 km, depending on your speed.

Safety and convenience are key features in this e-scooter. It has an anti-lock braking system, fenders to shield you from road water, and even a kickstand for when you need to stop somewhere. The built-in lights and reflectors also make for proper safety precautions during the evening.

However, even with a highly durable frame, the ride of the Glion Dolly can be bumpy unless you're on a smooth surface so don't expect any off-road adventures from this e-scooter. Even its control panel leaves much to be desired as it can only display battery life (and not entirely accurately, at that!).

The Pros

-        Lightweight

-        Above-average weight capacity

-        High portability

The Cons

-        Rough ride

-        Unreliable control panel

-        Low maximum range


7. ECORECO M5 Commuting Electric Scooter - $1,301


There’s no denying that living in an urban area is both convenient and difficult for commuters. If you want to save money in the long run and get a little bit of exercise in, an e-scooter is a great option to look into. The EcoReco M5 is perfect for busy people who are always on the go.

Its 250-watt motor is silent so you can ride your e-scooter around the quiet neighbourhood without disturbing anyone. It's perfect for lazy days just cruising and enjoying the breeze. Its energy recovery braking system is also top-notch and provides you with more control (so you don't need to worry too much about hitting pedestrians).

Not only that, but this e-scooter also has one of the fastest charging times in the market. You can easily reach 70% full capacity in under 2 hours. If you’re always on the run, this is perfect! What's more, the EcoReco M5 is foldable, portable, and doesn't take up a lot of space. You can bring it along to train rides or even inside the trunk of your car.

If fast is your game, you will also like the EcoReco M5 since it can go up to 32 kph. But don’t worry because you can reconfigure its top speeds for better control. You can quickly reach your office, the mall, or your friend’s house with no problems.

While it has a high top speed, this e-scooter isn’t the best at going uphill. You might need to help it by using a kick or two.

 The Pros

-        High Top Speed

-        Fast Charging Time

-        High Portability

-        Silent Motor

The Cons

-        Not the most Affordable

-        Not for Uphill


 Discover what real customers think about the EcoReco M5 Scooter:



8. Bullet TRZ 140W Mini Electric Scooter - $450


If you’re only looking at electric scooters for fun or just for the sake of trying them out, then the TRZ is an excellent place to start. It comes at an affordable price tag, which is perfect if you’re not sure about committing to the e-scooter movement just yet.

This mini electric scooter is also perfect for families, as a high-tech toy. Its weight capacity might be a bit low at 80kg, but an adult can use it. You can easily make rounds in your vicinity. What's more, you can share it with your kids. It has an adjustable handlebar that can be safely used by children 5 years old and above.

Since it is more a toy than actual transportation, the Bullet TRZ can only reach a maximum speed of 15 kph (which is still quite fast for kids). It also has a relatively low maximum range at only 15 km. Suffice to say, this isn’t an e-scooter for adults who are looking for greener choices in commuting. It’s something to have fun with.

 The Pros

-        Adjustable handlebar

-        Affordable

The Cons

-        Low weight capacity

-        Low max. speed

-        Low max. range


9. Qiewa Q1Hummer Electric Scooter


Sometimes the need for speed outweighs everything else. Your love for thrilling rides and adventure can probably be satiated by the Q1Hummer. What makes this e-scooter stand out among its peers is its unbeatable maximum speed of 48 kph and a maximum distance of 97 km per charge.

Those two specs alone make this e-scooter the perfect ride for adrenaline junkies who love riding fast and long. Without a doubt, the Q1Hummer surpasses many of the e-scooters in the market due to its speed and range.

Due to its high top speed, you might even be able to ride this e-scooter on the road. Of course, that still depends on the safety and legal issues where you live. It also features 25-cm pneumatic tires that have a dual spring shock system, and it might be a bike that you can ride on slightly rough surfaces.

It houses a powerful 800-watt hub motor, a highly durable frame, and is even foldable for better portability. Unfortunately, it does come quite heavy at 25 kg, but that’s the trade-off you get for high-quality performance. It also has quite a long charging time.

Honestly speaking, this powerhouse of an e-scooter is incredible and top quality, but it's definitely not for everyone. While it works wonders if you require speed, it might not be the best for crowded city sidewalks and the like.

The Pros

-        Insane max. speed

-        Insane max. range

-        25-cm pneumatic tires

The Cons

-        Long charging time

-        Heavy at 25 kg

-        Not suitable for crowded city life


 See the Qiewa Q1Hummer in action:


10. UberScoot 1600 Commuting Electric Scooter - $1,100


There's a reason why 1600 is on the name of this e-scooter. That's because it houses a 1600-watt powerhouse of a motor. Just think of the speed and specs you can get from a powerful engine such as that!

This e-scooter can take to a speed of 32 kph to 39 kph in a blink of an eye (so have fun but be careful)! If you're a light passenger, it might even go faster, but that's not advisable for safety reasons.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the longest range at only 19 kph, so this e-scooter is definitely for people who have a short commute.

If you find controlling the top speed hard, then you can also switch to Economy Mode which helps control your ride and conserve battery life as well.

This e-scooter can carry a load of up to 120 kg so even heavy-set people can use it comfortably. It is also foldable which helps you store it inside car trunks and even under office desks.


 The Pros

-        High max. speed

-        High weight capacity

-        Powerful motor

The Cons

-        Low max. range

-        Not the most affordable

-        Not much accessories


2020 E-Scooters Buyer’s Guide Top 3 Recommendations


Speed and price combination – Segway Ninebot ES4


While it’s not the most affordable electric scooter on the list, the Ninebot ES4 is actually an excellent choice for your daily commute.

It’s lightweight and foldable so you can bring it along wherever you go. Plus, it has a long battery life and can travel double the distance of most e-scooters within its category.

Its maximum range and speed of over 30km/hr are good reasons for you to shell out a few extra bucks for it.


Premium Pick – Segway Ninebot MAX


If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best, then go no further than the Ninebot MAX. If you’re a super active person who needs an electric scooter for your daily commutes and your off-road adventures, then this motorised scooter is truly the best choice.

It can go farther than any other e-scooter in the market today, and even has an excellent top speed range for your inner speed junkie. Sure, it's definitely on the pricier side, but with all the wonderful upgrades you get, it’s absolutely worth every penny!  


All rounder – Segway Ninebot ES2


If you're after an electric scooter that is an all round city commuter and you you're on a smaller budget, the Ninebot ES2 is the perfect option. 

While it isn’t the most inexpensive on this list, it does provide quite a lot of value. It is one of the best lightweight e-scooters in the market today at only 12 kg. What’s more, you get to cruise at a respectable top speed of 25km/hr and the maximum distance of 25km is perfect for crusing around. 

The Es2 can also be upgraded using the Es2 extra battery upgrade, turning it into an Es4. It's the perfect entry electric scooter with the quality Segway are known for. 


Frequently Asked Questions


If you're a first-time buyer, then you will need more information than just e-scooter recommendations. So, here are a few motorised scooter-related questions that are often asked by customers.

How Do You Charge An Electric Scooter?

Charging your electric scooter will depend on who its manufacturer is. Not all e-scooters charge the same. As such, you can’t necessarily use the same charging device for multiple scooters. It’s best to use the charger that comes with it.

However, changes between charging methods aren’t all that huge. Most e-scooters will have an indicator that lights up to show how much your battery’s charged at. Almost all of these indicators will turn green when your battery is fully charged.

Charging time also varies depending on the brand and model of your scooter, but it takes about 8 to 12 hours of charging for an e-scooter to reach full battery capacity. To be safe, it’s a smart practice to keep your scooter plugged in 15 minutes after the indicator has turned green.

If you want to prolong your battery life, make sure to charge your battery after each use. Re-charging from 0 to 100% can actually diminish your battery’s lifespan sooner. Plus, it’s a good habit to have your e-scooter ready anytime you want to go out.

How Fast Can An Electric Scooter Move?

Like most kinds of transportation device, speed is a feature that a lot of people find necessary (and impressive). After all, if you're going to be commuting to school or work, you'd want to get there quickly. The fastest commuting e-scooter for adults in the market today can go up to 65 kph. But that’s only recommended if your scooter is also doubling as a sports ride (or a motorbike!). Seriously though, anything over 35kph is starting to get a little crazy in our opinion. 

When you’re looking at safety as your top priority, the maximum top speed is quite fast; especially if you’re going to use it on streets with a lot of pedestrians. The average top speed of commuter e-scooters ranges from 24 kph to 40 kph. 24 kph might not be the fastest, but it is a respectable cruising speed which you can easily control as well.

However, remember that these specifications are only the maximum top speeds of the products. A lot of other factors can also affect how fast your scooter can go. For example, heavier riders can experience a dip in the top speed since the e-scooter will be carrying a significantly substantial load. The terrain can also be a deterrent to maximum speed like uphill climbs and rough surfaces.

Can You Make An Electric Scooter Faster?

There’s a good reason why the top speed of an electric scooter is called ‘top speed.’ That being said, you can’t really do much to run faster than the top speed of your e-scooter set by its manufacturer.

However, abusing, neglecting, and not taking proper care of your motorised scooter can actually help lower its performance and thus, make it slower. So if you want to ride faster for a longer time, it’s best to do some regular maintenance.

Keep your e-scooter clean and dust-free. Minute particles like dust can acutely damage your scooter and even bring its top speed down. It’s also best to stick to charging times and to use accessories that are vetted by the manufacturers.