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best electric scooter for heavy adults

Best Electric Scooters for Adults Over 100 Kg

With their rise in popularity as an affordable and convenient choice, electric scooters are becoming a common mode of transport. But we can’t deny that a majority of e-scooters are targeted at adults in the average weight range with the maximum weight stopping at 100 kg. 

While a 100-kg limit can comfortably carry most people, there may be others that might find this limit unsuitable. Not to worry, we’ve done some research and came up with a list of the best electric scooters for heavy adults. Read on to discover which one suits your needs the best!

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Top 10 Electric Scooter Recommendations for Heavy Adults

The choices for the best scooter for heavy adults might be in short supply compared to the ones with an average weight limit. However, there’s a silver lining. 

More and more manufacturers are coming up with models that can comfortably carry weights over 100 kg so your options aren’t as few as before. Here’s a few of our top picks that you might like:

1. Segway Ninebot Max G30P and G30LP

segway ninebot g30p electric scooter

The Segway Ninebot Max G30P and G30LP are among the most favoured electric scooters in the market today. That's highly thanks to its ultra-reliable and fuss-free performance.

Though their recommended weight capacity caps at 100 kg, both electric scooters are known to be able to carry heavier loads (with a bit of reduction in performance).

If you're looking for the best commuter scooter for heavy adults, these two are still top contenders. With the unlocked version, you can enjoy top speeds of about 30 kph and impressive maximum range, 65 km for the G30P and 40 km for the G30LP. They both have upgraded Gen 2 motors which are known to be more powerful than the first generation, which can help counter having a heavier load.

2. Apollo City and Apollo Explore

apollo explore electric scooter

One great thing about the Apollo scooters is that they have above-average weight capacity for their class. A good example for that is their commuter range. The Apollo City and Explore both have a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg. 

This way, you can enjoy the phenomenal performance that these Apollo scooters are known for. The City can reach speeds of 40 kph and distances of 45 km. It is highly regarded as a great commuter scooter because it can quickly adapt to any stage of your travel, from the moment you step out of your house to when you're in your chosen destination.

But if you're more comfortable with a higher power scooter, then go with the Apollo Explore. It's been voted as the #1 single-motor e-scooter of 2020 (by Electric Scooter Guide) because of its consistently strong performance. You'll be able to go as fast as 50 kph and as far as 55 km when on this scooter.

3. Kaabo Skywalker 8S V2 and 10C V2

kaabo skywalker 10c v2 electric scooter

The Kaabo Skywalker series is one of the pioneers of heavy-duty commuters scooters. Though their primary use and design are made for urban riding, the Skywalker models are durable enough for semi-rough handling and light off-road terrain. And since they're designed to handle more, they can definitely manage a heavier load.

Besides having a sturdy build and frame, the Skywalker 8S V2 and 10C V2 can carry loads of up to 120 kg and slightly heavier. They have durable pneumatic tyres, 8-inch for 8S V2 and 10-inch for 10C V2. Plus, both scooters have great front and rear suspension making your rides ultra-smooth and comfortable.

What's more, both Skywalker scooters can reach top speeds of 40 kph (8S) and 42 kph (10C) as well as distances of 45 km (8S) and 50 km (10C). That's pretty high-performing for a pair of commuter scooters. 

At 22 kg, both Skywalker models are definitely not the lightest commuter scooters. But they aren't the heaviest as well. You can still carry them around with a bit more effort.

4. Apollo Ghost and Apollo Phantom

apollo phantom electric scooter

Looking sleek and subtly elegant aren't the only things that the Apollo Ghost and Apollo Phantom have in common. Both Apollo scooters are also great choices for heavy adults since they have a weight capacity of 135 kg and 136 kg, respectively. 

Not to mention that both scooters have superb suspension for more comfortable rides. The Ghost features adjustable dual spring suspension so you can personalize it to fit your needs the best. The Phantom, on the other hand, features Apollo's latest Quadruple Spring Suspension system (a first in the industry).

The Ghost also has 10-inch pneumatic tyres while the Phantom has 10"x3.25" hybrid pneumatic tyres that can definitely carry you comfortably throughout your entire ride.

Besides a comfortable ride, the Apollo Ghost and Apollo Phantom can also provide you with top-notch performance. You can speed up to 55 kph (Ghost) and 62 kph (Phantom) and go further distances with a maximum range of 62 km (Ghost) and 64 km (Phantom).

Both the Ghost and the Phantom also have upgraded features that not only make your rides awesome but also help keep pressure off of your scooter. However, they are a bit heavy themselves at 28 kg and 35 kg, respectively. So they're not the most portable but still liftable.

5. Inokim Ox (Super & Eco) and Inokim OXO

inokim oxo electric scooter

If you're looking for variety, look no further than the Inokim scooters. All three scooters have above-average weight capacities at 120 kg. But that's not all. Even the lightest of the three is designed to handle rough riding. It's safe to say that these three Inokim scooters can easily manage daily commuting with the extra weight added.

What's more, the Inokim Ox Eco, Ox Super, and OXO are all equipped with off-road-ready, 10-inch pneumatic tyres. They also have excellent adjustable suspension systems so that you can really personalize your riding experience to make it the smoothest and most comfortable that it can be.

And since the Inokim scooters are off-road ready, you can ride these both as  daily commuters and for weekend recreation. All three have pretty powerful motors with the OXO featuring 1000W dual motors.

All three Inokim scooters provide great, reliable performance with specs like:

  • Apollo Ox Eco = 35 kph Top Speed, 58 km Maximum Range
  • Apollo Ox Super = 45 kph Top Speed, 80-100 km Maximum Range
  • Apollo OXO = 65 kph Top Speed, 110 Maximum Range

However, the Ox Eco (25 kg), Ox Super (28 kg), and OXO (32 kg) are on the heavier side of the commuter scooter spectrum. On the other hand, they're pretty lightweight for thrill scooters. So it's all a matter of perspective. 

6. Apollo Pro

apollo pro electric scooter

The Apollo Pro is one of the most powerful electric scooters today, whether you're going to use it as a commuter or a thrill scooter. As such, it's not surprising to learn that it works better than the average performance of electric scooters in general. For one, the Apollo Pro can carry a maximum load of 150 kg so its performance wouldn't be affected all that much by rider weight.

That way, you can enjoy its power at its full potential, going as fast as 60-68 kph with its insane acceleration of 0 to 25 kph in less than 3 seconds. You'll be able to ride farther and longer with its strong 52V Dynavolt or 60V Samsung battery that allows you to travel up to 80-90 km. That's pretty high specs.

And with its awesome triple braking system, 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and dual spring suspension, you can ride the Pro in whatever terrain you want. Whether you're sprinting on paved streets or gallivanting on forest trails, the Apollo Pro is always up for the challenge!

7. Kaabo Mantis (8 Dual, 10 Duo, Elite, and Pro)

kaabo mantis pro electric scooter

Kaabo, as a brand, is well-known for its tough scooters (both commuter and thrill) that can withstand rough rides better than others. The Kaabo Mantis series is no exception. This set of thrill scooters are built for off-road riding so they're super sturdy and can even handle weights of up to 120 kg.

Add to that their strong dual motors, high-performing batteries, zippy top speeds, and incredibly long-range, the Mantis scooters are definitely top contenders for your choice of ride. 

Though built for off-road riding, the Mantis models are still portable (with a bit more effort) at 30 kg. So it's also a good scooter for everyday riding. 

All Kaabo Mantis scooters provide powerful performance with specs like:

  • Kaabo Mantis 8, Dual = 50 kph Top Speed, 40-50 km Maximum Range
  • Kaabo Mantis 10, Duo = 60 kph Top Speed, 70 km Maximum Range
  • Kaabo Mantis Elite = 65kph Top Speed, 80 km Maximum Range
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro, 60V = 65 kph Top Speed, 90 km Maximum Range

When it comes to 2-in-1 riding, the Kaabo Mantis models can easily take you from smooth city streets to rough bump trails. No problem!

8. Unagi Model One E500

unagi model e500 electric scooter

The Unagi Model One E500 is a fun reliable ride perfect for those who love looking trendy and those who enjoy the latest innovations. Dubbed the iPhone of electric scooters, the Unagi E500's sleek, modern-minimalist design comes with details you won't find in any other scooter.

For one, this commuter scooter is made from lightweight but durable TORAY carbon fibre and magnesium alloy. It has folding handlebars with an integrated LED display and a flush-mount head light. But the peak innovation that this scooter has is its custom-designed 7.5-inch rubber tyres with air pockets that serve as built-in suspension.

Though the recommended rider weight of the Unagi E500 is only at 100kg, it's been tested to be able to withstand heavier load. Since it features strong dual motors, a reduction in its ultra-reliable performance is very minimal. Simply put, the Unagi E500 is a great lightweight commuter choice that can be ridden by heavier adults.

Note that the Unagi E500 is a smaller than average scooter, so for those that are taller you may want to pass on this one. 

9. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ and Kaabo Wolf King

kaabo wolf warrior 11+ electric scooter

For heavy adults looking for something extra powerful and extra exciting, Kaabo has the perfect rides for you. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior and Wolf King are the fastest electric scooters in the planet today. These bad boys can take you an adventures that you've never gone on before!

Let's talk speed. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior can take you zooming up to 80 kph which is insanely fast but the Wolf King surpasses that easily with a wicked top speed of 100 kph. You'll be going toe to toe with cars at this point!

Thanks to their strong 1200W and 1500W dual motors, both scooters can even obliterate hills of up to 45 to 50 degrees. And their high-performing batteries allows you to travel as far as 150 km in a single charge. 

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior and Wolf King can effortlessly carry weights of up to 150 kg so you won't experience any reduction in performance, even when you're on the heavier side. Just think of all the zippy possibilities!

The only downside is that the Kaabo Wolf Warrior and Wolf King aren't easy to bring along. With their bulky size and heavy weight (46 kg and 48 kg), they can be a hassle as commuter scooters. Aside from that, these rides are pretty awesome!

10. Mercane MX60

mercane mx60 electric scooter

A pioneer in off-road-capable thrill scooters, you can't ever go wrong with the Mercane MX60. Besides its super cool look and vibes, this electric scooter has the specs to back up its performance. With powerful 1200W dual motors, you'd be able to experience quick speeds of up to 60 kph and go up hills of up to 40 degrees.

That's not to mention that the MX60 also has a high-capacity 60V battery that allows you to ride your as far as 100 km. Plus, it can ride both on smooth roads and rough trails.

With its ultra-durable frame and power, the Mercane MX60 can easily carry loads of up to 12 kg without lessening its insane performance. The only con to it is that the scooter is pretty bulky. At 27 kg, it can be carried about with a bit of effort but its large size might be a hassle.

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How to Choose the Best Scooter for Heavy Adults

Besides looking at the typical features to consider like speed, range, brakes, and suspension, choosing the best commuter scooter for heavy adults will require you to look into a few specific details more closely.

Here are some things you need to consider further:

Weight Capacity

All electric scooters advertise their recommended maximum load. The average maximum weight capacity of scooter models today is at 100 kg. Make sure to check that the electric scooter you’re getting has a higher weight capacity than this. 

Some models have 120 to 150 kg weight capacities. For heavier adults, these are the ideal models since they can comfortably carry you without suffering cutbacks in power and performance. 

Plus, if you get a scooter that has a higher weight capacity, you can also bring heavier bags with you during your rides.

Build and Frame

Most electric scooters are made with highly durable materials like aviation-grade aluminium and steel. Even the high-quality lightweight ones that look flimsy will surprise with you how sturdy they actually are.

But it doesn’t hurt to get an electric scooter that is more heavy-duty than lightweight rides. If you’re not fussy about your scooter being easy-to-fold and compact, bulky electric scooters like the Kaabo Wolf Warrior and Mercane MX60 can provide better stability because of their wider builds.

But if you need something hardwearing yet still portable, the Kaabo Skywalker and Mantis models as well as most of the Apollo scooters can provide you with good balance and quick-folding convenience.

Motor and Battery

Motor and battery are crucial features of any electric scooter. They are the ones that provide the needed power to make your ride perform well. 

As you know, a higher-capacity battery can give you the juice to travel longer distances. Powerful dual motors, on the other hand, make it possible for you to reach faster top speeds and to climb steep hills. Getting an electric scooter with higher specs in both battery and dual motors can help lessen the pressure on your scooter caused by a heavier load. 

As a ballpark, it’s a good idea to buy an e-scooter with dual motors (800W and up) if you’re looking for maximum performance during your commutes and weekend adventures. But if it’s just for riding around your neighborhood, a lower motor power is still alright.


A heavier load can increase the likelihood of faster wear and tear on your scooter’s tyres. The added weight can also add to the pressure on your tyres. This can lead to your tyres bursting if not taken care of. 

As such, it is a good idea to look into electric scooters with wider and larger tyres. These allow for your scooter to be more stable and secure despite carrying a heavier load. 

Most would also prefer getting pneumatic tyres since they are known for their durability, thanks to their thick rubber material with deep tread tracks. What’s more, pneumatic tyres work well in uneven terrain and provide better shock absorption than other types.


Weight isn’t the only factor you need to think of if you’re a heavy adult. Chances are, you’re also taller than the average person so height is also an important factor. Some electric scooters come with fixed stem heights which can be uncomfortable if you have to bend down to reach them.

It will be more beneficial to get an electric scooter whose handlebars can be adjusted to fit your height. As a guide, your handlebars should be located somewhere between your waist and hips. Going any lower will result in aching back.

However, high-quality scooters with this feature are much more limited than ones with higher weight capacities. So, as long as you feel comfortable handling the e-scooter, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

What Can Rider Weight Affect When On An Electric Scooter?

The maximum rider weight capacity on electric scooters is there for a good reason. If you exceed the maximum rider weight of your scooter, you might experience disadvantageous effects during your rides. Simply put, going over the recommended load can reduce your scooter’s performance.

Here are some aspects of your scooter that may be impacted negatively if you go over the intended maximum load:

Speed & Range

A heavier weight can directly impact how fast and how far your scooter can go because it adds more pressure on your motor and battery. Both the motor and battery will have to work twice as much to provide you with good performance. Over time, you might notice that you’re not going as fast or as far in a single charge if you’re using a scooter with an average weight capacity.

However, riding on an e-scooter with a higher weight capacity can avoid this problem because it is specifically designed to withstand heavier loads. With no added pressure, your motor and battery are allowed to work at their best.

Braking Power

Another feature that can be influenced by heavier weight is braking power. Just like your scooter’s motor and battery, your brake pads will need to work twice as hard to give you the same performance. 

More often than not, the added work can’t be sustained by your braking system. And this leads to longer braking distances the faster you ride. 

Of course, it is also good to note that braking power can be highly affected by other factors. It can be influenced by weather conditions, lighting, terrain, and your own response time.

Faster Wear and Tear

Making your electric scooter work twice as hard as it should can result in faster wear and tear. It isn’t surprising since your ride is receiving more pressure than it should bear. 

And since this isn’t an internal issue, regular repairs and maintenance can only do so much. If you want your electric scooter to last longer, make sure to stay within the recommended weight capacity or get a scooter specifically designed to carry heavier loads.

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