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Best Electric Scooters for Thrill Seekers [2021 Guide]

Ready to set off on your great weekend adventure? Adrenaline junkies know that the best rides always come with breakneck speeds, long-distance range, and tyres that can handle any terrain. And that's why a thrill scooter is the perfect ride for thrill seekers and road warriors!

Rough roads and tough trails have nothing on these rides, and demanding riders will have the time of their lives pushing these e-scooters to their limit. Discover which powerful electric scooter fits the kind of adventure you want by reading on.

What is a Thrill Scooter?

Electric scooters aren’t equally designed because it can be used in many different ways. Some riders need scooters for short drives while others need ones that reach farther distances. Likewise, some electric scooters are created solely for commuting in the city.

A thrill scooter is an electric scooter that is specially designed to withstand the high demands of recreational riders. Most thrill e-scooters have a similar built so you can quickly pick them out from a group of rides. If the e-scooter is huge and hefty, there’s a good chance that it’s a thrill scooter.

Top E-Scooters for Thrill Seekers 2021

Are you properly excited to choose which thrill scooter to get? This list brings together some of the best electric scooters with specs and builds that will match many exhilarating adventures. 

From quick rounds in paved tracks to snaking around dirt roads, there’s an electric scooter that’ll perfectly match your chosen terrain. Now, we bring you our top contenders:

Apollo Ghost

apollo ghost electric scooter

While it’s not necessarily an off-road scooter, the hauntingly great experience of riding the Apollo Ghost makes it an excellent thrill scooter nonetheless. It just proves that you don’t need to be on ultra-rough trails to enjoy exhilarating adventures!

The Apollo Ghost is powered by 2 terrific 800W motors that provide it with the strength to reach speeds of 55 kph and climb hills of up to 25 degrees. It even has a swift acceleration of 0 to 25 kph in just 3.1 seconds! 

This awesome scooter can also take you as far as 62 km in just one charge. Think of how many rounds in the tracks you can do with that! It also has an adjustable dual spring suspension so that you can customize it to the type of ride you’re currently experiencing. 

And its brakes? Amazing! The Apollo Ghost didn’t just stop with dual brakes as it features an innovative triple braking system with regenerative brakes. Electric Kicks also stocks the Apollo Ghost with the hydraulic brake versions to really give you the best stopping power you'll experience.

What’s more, you can easily switch motor drives with its convenient Eco/Turbo switch. It even has LED lights in its front, rear, and under the deck (for maximum cool vibes). 

Apollo Pro (52V)

apollo pro 52v electric scooter

Off-roading asks for heavy demands from electric scooters, and you’ll find that this electric scooter handles that like a pro! The Apollo Pro is powered by 1000W dual motors that allow it to reach speeds of 60 kph and climb over hills of up to 45 degrees. 

But what really takes the cake is its record-breaking acceleration. If you really push it, the Apollo Pro can go from 0 to 25 kph in a short 1.7 seconds! That’s one of the fastest (if not the fastest) accelerations in e-scooters to date.

Another impressive feat that the Apollo Pro finds no problems with achieving is reaching distances as far as 90 km. Plus, this US & Canadian marvel is known for its comfortable & secure ride quality.

This electric scooter features a reliable triple braking system. The Apollo Pro that Electric Kicks stocks features the hydraulic brake versions for maximum stopping power. It also has a fantastic dual spring suspension that keeps you driving smoothly even when you’re on rough, bumpy roads. Its 10-inch pneumatic tyres also helps make riding a more comfortable experience in any terrain.

Mercane MX60

mercane mx60 electric scooter

A single look at the Mercane MX60 and you know you’re getting all-out performance from this electric scooter. Besides looking like the Terminator with its steel exoskeleton frame, the MX60 provides all the comfort you need with its ultra-broad deck. It can even carry an above-average load of up to 120 kg.

Of course, speed and range on this electric scooter is fantastic as well. You can get a boost up to speeds of 60 kph and go as far as 100 km in a single charge. And the good news? The MX60’s battery is removable and rechargeable from anywhere you are. Talk about convenience!

But what really makes the MX60 such a great ride is its powerful dual motors (switch from single to dual motor drive for a power increase), incredible air shocks (for the best comfort, eating road bumps for breakfast), and sturdy, thick 11-inch air-filled tyres. All of these make it possible for you to enjoy all-terrrain riding to its fullest!

Kaabo Wolf King

kaabo wolf king electric scooter

The latest and top-of-the-line in Kaabo's premium off-road series, the Wolf King is aptly named because you can rule the roads with it. With a dual power source of 1500W each, this electric scooter can speed up to an unrivaled 100 kph, speeds that you can usually reach with a motorbike or car!

And if that’s not mind blowing enough, the Wolf King can even travel to impressive distances of 150 km in a single charge. When it comes to industry leaders, this e-scooter really is the king.

Of course, speed and range aren’t the only things that make it a great ride. Its aluminum alloy frame is as sturdy as it gets with a stable deck and dual metal stem. Its 11-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres are made specifically for off-roading. Dirt roads and city streets? Easy!

Plus, this beast of a scooter can crash inclines of up to 50 degrees. It features an awesome hydraulic braking system and even has double lights in front!


Inokim OXO

inokim oxo electric scooter

One of the first electric scooters that provided electrifying entertainment, the top-of-the-line Inokim OXO brings out your inner animal with its incredibly reliable (and of course, exciting) performance.

This off-road capable ride can go up to speeds of 65 kph and gobbles up inclines 15 degrees or less. Though not the fastest today, the Ox Super’s top speed is still as thrilling for many!

Besides, this electric scooter makes up for it by providing you with the ability to reach as far as 110 km in one charge cycle. That’s far more than most scooters can do, range-wise! Think about it, you won’t really need speed for when you’re riding on snaking forest paths… but longer range? That’s a necessity!

Plus, the Inokim OXO has an independent, adjustable suspension system to really keep you comfortable whether you’re riding on urban streets or off-road tracks. It even has a reliably great dual braking system.

Kaabo Mantis Pro (60V 24.5Ah)

kaabo mantis pro electric scooter

The Mantis series from Kaabo is well-known for its incredible performance when it comes to off-roading and recreational adventures. It’s not surprising that the top-of-the-range Mantis Pro is on this list!

This impressive electric scooter features 2 1000W motors that provide you with higher peak power than other e-scooters. That’s what makes it possible to ride up to speeds of 60 kph. The Mantis Pro even has rocket-quick acceleration at 0 to 25 kph in just 2 seconds. You can even speed past 55 kph in under 10 seconds! Not to mention, this e-scooter eats hills of up 45 degrees.

Its huge-capacity 60V 24.5Ah LG battery gives the Mantis Pro the juice to reach far-off distances of 90 km. What’s more, the Mantis Pro doesn’t skip on ride comfort and safety. It has a terrific dual spring suspension system and a reliable dual full-hydraulic braking system. It even has upgraded lighting on its front, rear, and under the deck!

If you find this electric scooter exciting, you might also like:

Mantis Elite Mantis 10
SPEED 60 kph 60 kph
RANGE 80 km 70 km
WEIGHT 30 kg 30 kg

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

kaabo wolf warrior 11+ electric scooter

Let loose and go wild on your adventures when you ride the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. Its impressive 1200W dual motors are one of the most powerful in the industry today. It can give you peak power of up 5400W! When it says top speed it means ‘top of the line’ speed as you can go up to 80 kph unlike most e-scooters today. 

And when you want to go at full tilt? The Wolf Warrior has a high-speed acceleration of 0 to 25 kph in just 1.9 seconds! It even snacks on hills of up to 45 degrees, easy breezy. Its strong performance is leveled up even higher with its 60V Samsung battery that allows you to go as far as a whopping 150 km. Long-distance doesn’t even cover this kind of range!

And all that beastly potential can be experienced through super smooth and safe rides because the Wolf Warrior doesn’t skimp on the details. It has an amazing dual suspension system featuring a front hydraulic and rear spring suspension. 

Couple that with its 11-inch tubeless, pneumatic tyres designed for off-roading, and you know your rides will be awesome whatever the terrain you’re on. It also has a dual full-hydraulic system that provides maximum stopping power so you won’t need to worry about going at full speed!

What Makes A Thrill Scooter Different?

Entry-level scooters and commuter scooters have significantly lower specs than most thrill scooters. That’s because there’s a lot more rough-handling that happens when you’re riding recreationally.

Here are a few differences that most electric scooters have from starters and commuters:

Higher Top Speed

When you want to go on exciting adventures, speed is one of the most sought-after specs. Thrill scooters feature higher top speeds than the average commuter scooter which is tempered by the usual speed limits of an area. Simply, commuters are not built to be swift.

Thrill scooters, which are usually used in private property, have no such limits so you can go as fast as you want. Most fast electric scooters start with a top speed of 45 kph and can go all the way up to 100 kph which is four times as fast as the average top speed of a commuter scooter.

Besides top speed, recreational scooters are also known for their wicked acceleration. After all, what’s the point of going at breakneck pace if you can’t pick up the speed? Many electric scooters in this category can probably reach 25 kph in less than 2 seconds!

Longer Range

The next feature that many riders look for is a longer range. When you’re out riding the trails, you wouldn’t want to lose battery in the middle and get stranded. A long-distance range allows you to ride your electric scooter worry-free because you know you’d have enough juice to get back home.

Plus, a higher maximum range means you can go farther than you’ve ever done before. A 45-km range is already great (for premium commuters and lower thrill scooters) but some of these electric scooters can go as far as 150 km. That’s absurdly impressive for a stand-up, two-wheel ride!

More Powerful Motor & Battery

It comes as no surprise that these fast electric scooters have more powerful motors and higher-capacity batteries. With speeds and ranges that they have, they’ll need it. 

Though some thrill scooters can cope with a high-wattage single motor, many of the top-tier ones feature dual motors to really provide you with top-notch, reliable performance.

Heavier Weight & Less Portable

The expectation with recreational riding is that you’d want to go off-road at some point. So more durable materials are required to build your thrill scooter. Add to that bigger motors and batteries, and you’ll see a significant increase in the scooter’s weight (compared to typical commuter scooters).

Many thrill scooters will weigh more 25 kg (some will even weigh almost 50 kg), so they’re definitely not built to be the most portable. But don’t worry. 

Many thrill scooters are still liftable and foldable. You can put them inside your car’s trunk with just a bit of effort. But they won’t be the easiest to bring along in public transportation.

More Durable Frame & Design

The frame and materials used for a thrill scooter is typically sturdier than your average electric scooter because it’s exposed to rougher treatment. Dirt paths and rough trails are bumpier, stone-filled, and decidedly less developed than paved roads. 

Plus, trails have more hills and turns than the common city streets so scooter handling should both be first-rate and tough if you want to remain safe during your rides. 

This is why you will find that thrill scooters have bigger and more terrain-versatile tyres as well as complex suspension and/or additional shock absorbers. Sometimes even lighting systems on these scooters come with brighter and higher features.

Brakes, of course, are also an important feature that will keep you ultra-safe. Many thrill scooters have dual brakes for optimum stopping power. Some even have an additional electronic brake. 

Just remember that even if the thrill scooter is well-built, it's better to get e-scooter accessories like helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads to keep you as safe as possible while riding.

Suffice to say, when it comes to specifications, thrill scooters will almost always have higher ones than the average electric scooter. Its drawback is that it is significantly heavier and absolutely not compact. 

Plus, the heftier build and features of thrill scooters makes it more expensive than starters and commuters. But if you’re a bonafide speedster, nothing will stop you from getting your own recreational thrill scooter for your weekend escapades!

Product Comparison

Mercane MX60 Inokim OXO
PRICE $3,999.00 $3,299.00
MAX. SPEED 60 kph 65 kph
MOTOR 2400W, Dual 2 x 1000W, Silent Brushless
RANGE 100 km 110 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 120 kg 120 kg
WEIGHT 27 kg 32 kg
CHARGE TIME 6-8 hrs 13.5 hrs
CLIMB ANGLE Up to 40 Degrees 15 Degrees
TYRES 11" Tubeless Air 10" Pneumatic
WATER RESISTANCE IP65 Waterproof from falling rain, but not through water
BRAKES Front & Rear Disc Brakes Front & Rear Disc Brakes 
Apollo Ghost Apollo Pro
PRICE $2,299.00 $2,499.00
MAX. SPEED 55 kph 60 kph
MOTOR 800W BLDC, Dual 1000 BLDC, Dual
RANGE 62 km 90 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 135 kg 150 kg
WEIGHT 29 kg 34 kg
BATTERY VOLTAGE 52V 18.2Ah 52V 22.5Ah
CHARGE TIME 6-12 hrs 10-12 hrs (5-6 hrs with fast charger)
CLIMB ANGLE Up to 25 Degrees  Up to 40 Degrees
TYRES 10" Pneumatic 10" Pneumatic
BRAKES Front & Rear Disc + Electric Re-gen Brakes Front & Rear Disc + Electric Re-gen Brakes
Kaabo Mantis Pro Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ Kaabo Wolf King
PRICE $3,399.00 $4,499.00 $4,999.00
MAX. SPEED 60 kph 80 kph 100 kph
MOTOR 1000W, Dual 1200W, Dual 1500W, Dual
RANGE 90 km 150 km 150 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 120 kg 150 kg 150 kg
WEIGHT 30 kg 46 kg 48 kg

60V 24.5Ah, LG

60V 35Ah, Samsung 72V 28Ah
CHARGE TIME 8-12 hrs 14-17 hrs (7-9 hrs with 2 chargers) 17-19 hrs (8-10 hrs with 2 chargers)
CLIMB ANGLE Up to 45 Degrees Up to 45 Degrees Up to 50 Degrees
TYRES 10" by 2.5" Pneumatic 11" Tubeless Pneumatic 11" Tubeless Pneumatic
WATER RESISTANCE no official IP no official IP no official IP
BRAKES Dual Full Hydraulic Brakes Front & Rear Hydraulic Discs + ABS  Front & Rear Hydraulic Discs + ABS
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