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Why are Electric Bikes and Dirt Bikes Worth It?

Are you looking for something new and exciting? Do you want a break from your busy weekday workload? Well, you can forget about that tedious and bland routine of yours with electric bikes and dirt bikes. They provide adrenaline junkies the chance to go on thrilling adventures with magnificent speeds without compromising safety and comfort. Get into the groove of things as these mighty, cool new toys are surely worth the investment!

Tackle the Trails With Electric Bikes

Cycling around town, up the hills, or in the countryside is a great way to detoxify from the strains you might be experiencing or just quench your thirst for adventures. Whether you’re a newbie cyclist or an expert, there are a multitude of reasons why getting an e-bike is perfect for your lifestyle.

In a nutshell, electric bikes are more efficient and cost-effective compared to gas-powered commuting vehicles such as motorcycles. They give commuters and cycling enthusiasts a ton of features and specs, making it their top choice. 

Improved Mental and Physical Health

Sometimes, the on-the-go lifestyle can be physically and mentally draining. And, you need an outlet to relax your mind and get away from the stress. Getting on an e-bike is a great way to re-discover your town or practise a healthy mindset. Escape from the daily grind and enjoy some sunlight and fresh air to lift your spirits up! 

On top of taking care of your mental health, e-bikes offer you a chance to be more physically active. Though many might scoff at the notion, e-bike riders work up a sweat. They’re just like pedal bikes only with the assistance of a motor. Plus, you can always lower the pedal-assist to make you feel more of the burn. 

E-bikes are great for building up muscle tone, improving heart health, weight loss, and much more. A change in scenery and routine might just be what you need!

Money Saver

Move past your days of paying for gas, transport, or parking spaces every single day. All you have to worry about with getting an e-bike is the initial payment and the bit of electricity it incurs during charging. 

Another treat for you? You won’t have to worry about maintenance expenses as you do with cars. E-bikes are low maintenance which make them a great investment both financially and time-wise.


Cycling manually can be physically taxing, resulting in you not going the distance, even if you want to. Electric bikes are motor-assisted which means that you can go the extra mile as most of them come equipped with powerful batteries. You get to ride to your heart’s desire even among the toughest terrains. Plus, they’re faster so you won’t be left behind if you cruise along with your mates! 

And if you’re a bit tight on space, e-bikes don’t take a lot of it and can easily be stored in the corner of your flat. It’s pretty incredible that you get such an amazing and adrenaline-inducing performance from e-bikes without them being a bother at home.

Hill Climb Support

If you’re looking for a ride that can support your mountain biking adventures, e-bikes can do just that. Some are specially built for inclined terrains and trekking through the mountains with motor and pedalling assistance. No doubt, your escapades are about to be more exciting knowing you’ll be riding without limits!

Best Electric Bike

Benelli Mantus

Your off-road escapades are sure to be more exciting with this incredible machinery! With its unlocked top speed of up to 50 kph, pedal bikes can't match the pace of this e-bike. Enjoy long-distance trail biking with its spectacular range of 90 km provided by the 36V 14.5Ah battery unit. 

Plus, no landscape can stop a Benelli Mantus with the Shimano gears working its magic while you ride on rough roads. Getting stuck in the mountains shouldn’t be an issue!

Feel the Rush With Electric Dirt Bikes

Motocross is one of the go-to activities for those seeking an exciting sport as it has all the elements for an adrenaline rush due to the speed, tricks, and power involved. Outside of motocross, there are a number of outdoor adventures that require a ride that can handle rough terrain.

Moving towards a more sustainable future, electric dirt bikes entered the conversation and are changing the game. Read on and learn what exactly they bring to the table without sacrificing a thrilling experience!

Low Maintenance

Electric dirt bikes do not require a lot of maintenance compared to gas-powered ones since their operating systems and engines are cleaner. If you don't have the time to clean your bike after a weekend of off-road adventures, an electric dirt bike could just be what you need!

On top of not worrying about petrol costs, you get to steer clear from fixing spark plugs, getting an engine service, or having oil changes. With that said, you'll still need to look after it, especially the chain and brakes but overall there are fewer moving parts to fret about.  Less fixing, more dirt biking!

Quiet Beast

Here's the catch about gas-powered bikes: it has some restrictions, such as being forbidden in some neighbourhoods because of their loud sound. Plus, they can disturb others while you're cruising through a trail. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, electric dirt bikes are virtually silent so you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill without the noise! The quietness is especially great if you’re teaching your youngster how to ride an e-dirt bike in your street, backyard, or local park. At least, you won’t have to worry about getting a noise complaint!

Light Weight

Dirt biking can be a real pain, as you experience fumbles and tumbles, and getting back up can be quite difficult. As e-dirt bikes don't have a lot of moving parts, they're lighter and more stable, which is ideal for a sport requiring control and balance. Although, that’s not to say that these e-dirt bikes are lightweight. They still weigh over 50 kg but are definitely much lighter than the typical dirt bikes with 100 kg.

Due to the reduced weight, executing your jumps and landings will be a lot easier as your e-dirt bike gives you better manoeuvring. And, in case of a ride breakdown, your e-dirt bike is more trouble-free to carry off the track or the hills. Pretty convenient, right?

Interchangeable Battery

Electric dirt bikes have the advantage of being able to easily replace their battered batteries with new ones. When it’s race day, you can simply carry a backup battery to be used when needed. You can go up in the hills for the weekend and not worry about charging since you can bring a spare with you.

Best Electric Dirt Bikes

surron storm bee
Sur-Ron Storm Bee

Enjoy a high-performance experience that renders speeds across tracks and dirt roads effortlessly with the ultra-powerful Sur-Ron Storm Bee E-Bike and its 22.5kW brushless DC motor. It has everything you’ll need to quench your thirst for adrenaline with its extreme speed of 110 kph and an insane range of 105 km. 

The dual suspension on the Storm Bee won’t have you fretting over stability and comfort. Want to know the best part of this beast? You’ll only have to charge it for 3 hours and then you can be off to the track again!

surron light bee x

Sur-Ron Light Bee X 

If you’re looking for a more lightweight but still spectacular e-dirt bike, the Sur-Ron Light Bee X might be the one for you! This highly-capable speedster is supported by 60V, 32Ah lithium battery and motor power of 5400W. What’s more, you’ll be leaving any competitors in the dust as you zoom around with up to 75 kph. 

And if an hour or two is not enough to put out that fire within you, the Sur-Ron Light Bee X can go speeding around any track at 20 kph and have a maximum range of 100 km. Likewise, dirt biking or Motocross is a dangerous sport that demands great control from any rider, which is exactly what you'll get with the Light Bee X. 

Featuring a custom-built four-piston hydraulic disc, it gives the bike an astounding stopping power. Plus, its front and rear suspension system allow for a more steady and comfortable ride no matter how fast you’re going. No matter the terrain, experience an exhilarating ride and feel the immense power of the Light Bee X without compromising safety and comfort. All of that for an e-dirt bike that only weighs 50 kg. Pretty impressive, right?

surron light bee s

Sur-Ron Light Bee S 

The Sur-Ron Light Bee S is an all-terrain e-dirt bike that will surely give youngsters an experience like no other as it reaches a top speed of 50 kph and a maximum range of 70 km. With 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes and dual KKE suspension, this e-dirt bike gives a smooth and stable ride. 

For the impatient youth, don’t worry because the charging time is only 4 hours! Here’s a bonus, it only weighs 48 kg which makes it easier to bring along to adventures.


Storm Bee

Light Bee S 

Light Bee X

Top Speed

110 kph

50 kph

75 kph


105 km at 50 kph

70 km at 20 kph

100 km at 20 kph


118 kg

48 kg

50 kg

Charge Time

3 hrs

4 to 4.5 hrs

3 to 4 hrs

Get Accessorised

oneal 10srs elite helmet

O'Neal 10SRS Elite Helmet

The O'Neal helmet has a strong fiberglass shell, oversized vents, and EPS channels to cover all the bases. Wearing this assures you of high-quality protection and comfort during daring stunts. Safety shouldn't be left behind during your adrenaline-pumping adventures!

etook heavy duty chain lock

ETook Heavy Duty Chain Lock

Your new toys can be quite an investment, so you'll want to keep them safe. Introducing this heavy-duty lock that’s going to be impossible to break as it’s made from 8mm hardened steel and thick Oxford fabric.  There's no need to worry about leaving your ride unattended!
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