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electric scooter helmet guide

Electric Scooter Helmets: Which to Get? [Ultimate Guide 2022]

You never know what’s going to happen while you're on a ride. Whether you’re going at a snail’s pace or at the speed of light, wearing a helmet can be the difference between a serious injury or walking away unscathed.

Simply, an electric scooter helmet helps keep you safe. All that's left to do is choosing what kind of helmet works best for your type of electric scooter riding!

Do I Need to Wear A Helmet?

The simple answer is, yes.

When it comes to electric scooter accidents, falling is the most common reason. You could have bumped something, lost your balance, or just hit a relatively deep hole. Speed doesn't even come to the equation. Either way, you'll be flying off your e-scooter.

While you might get lucky the first few times with just bumps and bruises, all you need is one moment... for your accident to result in serious head trauma. Why wait for that to happen when you can avoid it?

Helmets, when worn properly, can lessen the chances of severe injuries significantly and can be a deciding factor between life or death.

Suffice to say, it’s incredibly important to wear one whenever you ride, no matter how short the distance or how slow your speed is.

“But I look dorky in a helmet!” is a poor excuse. It’s all a matter of priority. When thinking of the bigger picture, it's better to be safe, dorky, and alive than reckless, 'cool', and in the hospital (plus, we've got some helmets that look stylish as heck!)

Plus, helmet manufacturers are coming out with sleek and beautiful designs that will make you look extra fashionable while riding. Gone are the days where helmets were huge, clanky things that don’t look good. So, really, the ‘dorky’ excuse won’t even hold up today!

Types of Helmets To Check Out

Besides electric scooter helmets, you should also look into bicycle and motorbike helmets. As there aren’t many helmets made specifically for electric scooter riding, these are great alternatives. 

Choosing the best helmet for you depends on the speed and risk that riding poses during your commutes. The faster you go, the riskier it gets; therefore, the more durable the helmet you’ll need.

Here are some types of helmets that you can wear when out riding:

Bicycle Helmets

Most electric scooter helmets fall under bicycle helmets with the way they are designed. These are the helmets that are perfect for when you’re riding below 30 kph in low-risk situations.

Bicycle helmets are lightweight (the lightest type in this list), compact, and the most comfortable to wear. Most are designed with a soft, inner lining and a hard outer shell to protect you from collisions.

The soft lining made from layered foam helps absorb the energy of impacts while the outer shell adds better durability. Many of these helmets are open-faced which only protects your skull and will not keep your chin or face safe if you fall.

What's more, bicycle helmets are the most affordable and accessible option as they come in many shapes, sizes, and price tags. However, they are also the easiest to fake. So make sure to check that the helmet you’re getting has the appropriate certifications you need.

Downhill or Mountain Bike Helmets

If you know you’ll be riding in higher-risk road conditions but with an average speed slower than 30 kph, you'll need better protection than bicycle helmets. The next step up would be a downhill or BMX helmet. 

These are tested for higher impacts so they offer more defense than what you can get from a bicycle helmet. Granted that they’re still not the most secure. But low-speed riding in riskier conditions? They'll work better. 

These helmets are made with almost the same materials as a bicycle helmet. But they come with full-face option so that you can protect your chin and most of your face during your rides.

Downhill or BMX helmets are still lightweight, have good ventilation, and are slightly more comfortable than motorcycle helmets.

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are made to protect riders going fast, so it’s the right choice for when you’re going above 30 kph and/or are riding in high-risk road conditions. 

These helmets are usually larger, heavier, and more durable than standard bicycle and downhill helmets. Most of them come in a full-face design so your head, chin, jaw, and face will be properly guarded. It can even provide a bit of protection for your neck.

Don’t worry about ventilation as motorcycle helmets still feature vents so that you won’t get too hot while wearing them.

These are the kinds of helmets that can offer you the most head protection so it's perfect for off-roading and similar situations.

Full-Face Helmets

Full-face helmets come with many different certifications. Some will be as secure as a motorcycle helmet while others will be as good as a downhill.

The real advantage of full-face helmets is its design. It helps protect more of your face than just your head. Your jaw, chin, teeth, and, to some degree, your neck can be a bit more secure from impacts if ever you crash.

When to Wear A Helmet

electric scooter helmet avoid accident

Not all helmets are made equal so you have to choose carefully. Remember that modern electric scooters can be fast (some going 60kph and up). Add the danger of other motorised vehicles on the road, the small wheels of your ride, and varying road hazards, then you’d see how important it is to choose the right helmet.


As a general rule, bicycle helmets are enough for low-speed riding (below 30 kph in low-risk conditions). But when you reach above 30 kph to just about 40 kph, a downhill BMX/helmet might offer you better protection.

Anything faster than that would be better off with the most durable helmets available like motorcycle and full-face helmets.

The above will differ depending on your riding style but as a general guide hopefully this helps.


Other than your average speed, you should also keep in mind the usual riding conditions you’ll encounter. Some conditions are riskier than others, and these are the situations where sturdier helmets are more beneficial. 

Here are a few examples of higher risk riding conditions to keep in mind:

  • Riding at night or during low-visibility conditions
  • Riding in poor weather (snowy winters, light to heavy rain, etc.)
  • Riding at top speed for long times
  • Riding on high-traffic areas, roads without designated electric scooter lanes, and the like

Features to Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter Helmet

Now that you know what kind of helmets are available in the market today, it’s time to choose. There are important things you should remember and consider to make sure that it’s the right pick for the type of commute you’ll be doing.

Here are some features to consider when choosing your helmet:


Certifications are safety standards that a helmet should have to be deemed road-worthy.

It’s good to have an idea about the kinds of certifications you should look out for. Here’s a table to help you out:

Name Type Details 
EN 1078 Bicycle legal in Europe, does not meet US safety standards
US CPSC Bicycle minimum US safety standards for helmets
Snell B90A Bicycle similar to US CPSC
Snell B95 Bicycle highest safety standards for traditional bicycle helmets
ASTM F1952 Downhill Bicycle higher standards than traditional bicycle helmets
ASTM F2032 Mountain Bicycle (BMX) similar to F1952 downhill standards
Dutch NTA-8776 Electric Bicycle higher standards than traditional bicycle, downhill bicycle, or BMX standards
DOT FMVSS-218 Motorcycle minimum standards for motorcycle helmets in the US
Snell M-2010/M-2015 Motorcycle highest motorcycle helmet standards


Ask yourself these: Do you like riding your electric scooter fast? Is your daily route riddled with road hazards or safety concerns (heavy traffic, hilly/bumpy terrain, etc.)? Will you have to ride back home at night?

The right helmet for you will depend on how you answer these questions. If your average ride is low-risk and low-speed, then bicycle helmets are good enough. But anything faster than 30 kph will definitely need one of the sturdier helmets.

Another example is when going on exciting adventures. Doing tricks and riding on rough trails is definitely riskier than commutes so make sure to wear more durable and covering helmets when off-roading.


The main function of a helmet is to always protect your head. Everything comes second. But the truth of the matter is that... if not properly designed, helmets can get hot and very uncomfortable to wear (especially during sizzling summer days). 

That is why proper ventilation is critical. Vents in a helmet allow air to flow better over your head and keeps you cooler. 

There are no standards in helmet ventilation so you have to balance choosing between the most comfortable and the most secure.

Too many vents will definitely be cool yet it will lack the foam to cushion you in a collision. Too few, and you’ll feel uncomfortable quicker.

Weight and Size

Weight and size are also critical for your safety and general riding experience. Heavier helmets can tire you out faster than lightweight ones during your electric scooter rides. So get a helmet that you can carry on your head comfortably.

As a guide, standard bicycle helmets are the lightest and full-face helmets are typically the heaviest. 

Now, on to size! Some helmets feature a one-size-fits-all design with adjustable straps. As long as it feels snug and secure, all is fine.

But most helmets come in different sizes. If you’re buying online, there will be corresponding measurements per helmet size. So make sure to measure your head circumference before buying.

To do that, use a tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your head, just one inch above your eyebrows. Then, get the helmet size from the appropriate range.

Recommended E-Scooter Helmets

Ready to ride safely? It’s time to choose the helmet that fits your riding needs the best. From the most stylish to the most innovative, here are some of our best e-scooter helmet recommendations:

Thousand® Helmet

thousand helmet electric scooter bicycling skateboard

If you’re still not convinced that you won’t look unfashionable in a helmet, the Thousand® helmet will definitely get you thinking differently. These super stylish helmets are inspired by the vintage moto lids of the 1950s and 1960s. Hip, trendy, and versatile, the Thousand® helmets will look great on anyone!

But style isn’t the only thing it can give. The Thousand® helmet is as safe as it is stylish. It is dual-certified for both bicycling and skateboarding so you can absolutely wear it while e-scootering.

This helmet also has cool features like German- and safety-certified magnetic buckles and sturdy, utilitarian nylon straps for secure wear, vents for cooling ventilation, and an innovative dial-fit system for better adjusting.  It even has a cool anti-theft U-Lock that you can use to insert a chain through so you could leave it on your scooter, risk- and hassle-free!

Thousand® Helmet
CERTIFICATION CPSC, ASTM F14928 (dual-certified for cycling and skateboarding in North America)

Small: 0.41 kg

Medium: 0.46 kg

Large: 0.49 kg


Small: 21.25 to 22.5 in, 54-57 cm

Medium: 22.5 to 23.25 in, 57-59 cm

Large: 23.25 to 24.5 in, 59 to 62 cm

COLOUR  Navy, Carbon Black, Stealth Black, Creme, Grey


Xiaomi Smart 4u LED Helmet

xiaomi smart 4u led helmet

When it comes to innovative features, the Xiaomi Smart 4u helmet wins with its built-in LED lights. It comes with 7 ultra-bright LED backlights that increase your visibility when out riding. It also helps warn other commuters and vehicles of your position. All you need to do is click one user-friendly button.

What’s more, this helmet is programmed to flash its lights when you brake for even better awareness. This is a helmet that’s especially useful during nighttime commutes and low-light seasons.

It’s super easy to charge as well! Use a USB cable for recharging (approx. 1 hour) and get a use time of about 36 hours. 

Of course, lights aren’t the only feature this helmet has. It's also ultra-safe with its high-density PC outer shell and soft, comfy EPS foam inner fabric. Both offer incredible protection from shock and vibration.

The Xiaomi helmet even has fantastic air ventilation and a comfortable chin strap so that you can prolong wearing it around. It comes in 2 sizes but is adjustable to fit almost any head size.

Xiaomi Smart 4u LED Helmet
MATERIAL High-density PC outer shell + EPS foam inner shell
CHARGE TIME 1 hour via USB cable
USE TIME 36 hours
WEIGHT 0.6 kg

Medium: 25 cm by 22 cm by 19 cm

Large: 30 cm by 25 cm by 20 cm

COLOUR  White, Black, Pink, Blue


Official Segway Ninebot Helmet

Official Segway Ninebot Helmet

The official Segway Ninebot helmet is made from a durable PC outer layer that can protect your head when you fall. Its inner layer is made from soft fabric that’s designed to cushion your head for better comfort and safety, no matter how long you’ll be riding.

It also features a Spider Web Airflow Channel System with horizontal vents that are responsible for the more streamlined and breathable structure of the helmet. It even comes with an adjustable dial strap for a truly snug fit.

What’s more, this sturdy, lightweight helmet comes in a sleek, minimalist, all-black design that makes it easy to pair up with almost anything, from outfits to rides. That’s why the Segway helmet isn’t just perfect for your electric scooters. You can also wear it while riding your bike and skateboard!

Official Segway Ninebot Helmet
SIZE S (52-55cm), M (55-58cm),  L/XL (58-63 cm)
OTHER FEATURES  Spider Web Airflow Channel System


Livall BH51T Helmet

Livall BH51T Helmet


Whether you’re gearing up to go on thrilling adventures or riding through the city on your daily trips, safety is a priority. The Livall Helmet comes to your rescue to protect your head from those annoying bumps and rough pavements. Going out wouldn’t be so fearsome anymore!

With a variety of safety features, this helmet is an award-winning product recognised for its innovative specs. Among those specs is the SOS alert feature, which allows Google Maps to send your location if something goes wrong while you're riding your scooter. Fortunately, you can turn the warning off within 90 seconds if it's nothing serious to avoid sending your emergency contact in panic.

Moreover, the Smart Lighting System provides a 270-degree light strip that illuminates your path and makes you more visible to others while you are on the road. And, the light even changes patterns so it acts like a turn signal as well. Here’s another exciting feature: it has voice navigation installed!

Comfort is not amiss as the BH51T helmet has a strong ABS outer shell and EPS inner foam to secure you without making your e-scootering journey unpleasant. Plus, it even has a convenient Adjustable Fit System that allows it to be worn cosily by anyone. Truly, the Livall BH51T Helmet is no ordinary helmet!

Livall BH51T Helmet
WEIGHT 0.45 kg
SIZE 55-59 cm
CHARGE TIME Approximately 3 hours
NOTABLE FEATURES Smart Lighting System + Automatic Sensor, Innovative SOS Alert, Hands-Free -Voice Navigation, Smart Turn Signal Indicators

Check out another awesome Livall pick: Livall BH51M Helmet

Thousand Chapter MIPS

Thousand Chapter MIPS


The next generation helmet is here and it’s about to amplify your riding experience! Introducing the Thousand Chapter MIPS. Gear up and add another layer of protection against head injuries thanks to the MIPS technology that gives you greater peace of mind. It even comes with an extra layer of inside padding for maximum security.

Safety and style go hand-in-hand with this helmet as it dons the iconic and vintage moto lid design that is popularised by Thousand®. Not only that, they even added a sleek-looking front visor to protect you from glare while riding which helps your visibility. To add some flair, it comes in many colours!

Speaking of visibility, it has a 30-lumen rechargeable taillight that magnetically attaches to the helmet and has a run time of 1 to 2 hours. What’s more, it features 8 strategically placed vents around the helmet to maintain your comfort during long-distance rides.

Aside from all of that, the Thousand Chapter MIPS is built with convenience and comfort in mind. It’s light yet durable and comes in different sizes, making it more available to a wider audience. Your vulnerability to theft also decreases with its awesome secret pop lock hidden behind the logo. 

Riding to your next adventure with the Thousand Chapter MIPS surely delivers a safer and seamless journey for riders of all levels!

Thousand Chapter MIPS
CERTIFICATION US CPSC, CE & CPSC, Australian and New Zealand Certified
WEIGHT 0.36 kg (S), 0.37 kg (M), 0.41 kg (L)
SIZE S (54-57 cm), M (57-59 cm), L (59-62 cm)


Thousand Junior

Thousand Junior


Protect your little daredevils with the Thousand Junior helmet’s dependable and durable design. Riding through the streets, backyard, or parks won’t have to be worrisome anymore for any parent. And thanks to the adjustable dial fit system, the helmet will keep them safe for years to come as their gear grows with them in size! 

The Thousand Junior helmet is designed with a vegan leather strap and a chin pad to keep them comfy while scootering around. For added security, a magnetic buckle is added which means no need to worry about pinching the skin accidentally!

Keeping it cool while riding is no issue with 6 strategically placed vents that ensures proper ventilation and airflow. On the topic of coolness, the Junior collection lets your kids express their creativity as it features removable and reflective stickers to add their own personal touch to their helmets. Plus, it comes with the classic moto lid design making the Thousand Junior not only safe but stylish!

Thousand Junior
CERTIFICATION US CPSC, CE, CPSC & ASTM, Australian and New Zealand Certified
WEIGHT 0.39 kg
SIZE XS (49-53 cm)


O'Neal 10SRS Elite Helmet

O'Neal 10SRS Elite Helmet


Preparing for an extreme adventure? Gear up with the top-rated O'Neal 10SRS Elite Helmet and experience the ultimate protection while riding your monstrous scooters. Its looks can be deceiving but it’s actually a lightweight helmet that only weighs 1150 grams. Don’t let that fool you though as the O’Neal undoubtedly packs a punch that secures your head against serious injuries!

Designed with a thick, fibreglass shell and a comfortable rubber nose guard and mouth vent, this A-rated helmet is safe and comfortable for riding. It’s structured in a way to fully cover your head and at the same time protect you from inhaling debris while you’re out there doing some stunts.

For a maximum soothing ride, oversized vents and EPS channels are integrated with the helmet to keep you cool despite all the rough riding. Plus, it has a side goggle pad that helps keep it in place in a cosy manner so as to not distract you.

A sweat-absorbing Coolmax inner liner keeps your head well-cushioned and feeling dry, giving you a more enjoyable riding experience.

With all its specs and features, going around rocky tracks and performing jumps and stunts becomes safer and comfier with the O’Neal helmet!


O'Neal 10SRS Elite Helmet
WEIGHT 1150 g
SIZE M (57/58 cm), L (59/60 cm), XL, (61/62 cm), 2XL (63/64 cm)
MATERIAL Lightweight Fibreglass

With all these choices available to you, there really is no good reason not to wear a helmet. You can still be stylish and cool while staying safe and secure throughout all your rides. So make sure to wear a high-quality helmet when on your electric scooter!

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