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best electric scooter accessories guide 2020 electric kicks

The Best Accessories for Electric Scooters - 2021 Guide

Electric scooter accessories come in many shapes and sizes. Some are more crucial and useful than others—but are incredibly fun to have. However, with the many types and choices in front of you, it can get daunting when it's time to choose.

From getting tools to help you with your electric scooter maintenance to picking colourful stickers to make your scooter look out-of-this-world, it's probably a good idea to have a list of what you might need.

Don't worry. We've got you covered. This guide will tell you how and why e-scooter accessories are a good choice, and the different types of accessories you can buy. Get ready to make your every riding experience all the more fun with today's best electric scooter accessories.

Types of Electric Scooter Accessories You’ll Encounter

There are tons of electric scooter accessories to choose from. Some are there to keep your riding experience more secure or more comfortable. Others are there so that you can personalize your e-scooter however you want.

Here are some of the most common types of electric scooter accessories you’ll encounter:

Anti-Theft Accessories

There will be times that you won’t be by the side of your electric scooter. You’d have to leave it parked somewhere or the like. Since they are so portable, it’s better to get a few items that could keep your e-scooter safe and secure while you’re away.

Invest in a high-quality scooter lock. Cheaper locks are easier to snap, but top-notch electric scooter lock will be harder to crack. 

Personal Safety Accessories

Suppose some things can keep your electric scooter safe from thieves. In that case, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are also safety accessories that keep YOU safe while riding.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to commuting. These kinds of accessories aren’t the most technologically advanced, but they do the job of protecting you efficiently. Some of these items can even be worn.

Common personal safety accessories you should consider getting are:

  • Neon safety vest
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Helmet
  • Bell or horn
  • Additional backlight and sidelights

Electric Scooter Maintenance Accessories

For serious electric scooter lovers, DIY projects are something you definitely enjoy. But to make the experience more comfortable and worth your while, you should invest in the proper tools.

Electric scooter maintenance tools might cost a bit, but if you’re someone who loves getting your hands dirty, it’s an investment you won’t mind getting.

Some of the essential maintenance tools you should have before starting your DIY project are:

    Waterproof Accessories

    Let’s face it. There are days when you can’t avoid riding your electric scooters in the rain. It’s not about being vigilant. Whether you want it or not, there will come a day when you’re e-scooter will get wet.

    Some accessories come as water-resistant so that you can lessen the damage done to your e-scooter. Sure, you’ll still need to be careful about malfunctions and problems if you get unlucky. But these accessories can add a bit of improvement when riding in the rain:

    • Seat cover for e-scooters with seats
    • Rear or back fenders
    • Waterproof bottom cover
    • Waterproof dashboard cover

    Useful, Optional Accessories

    A lot of electric scooter accessories, to be perfectly honest, aren’t required. They’re just there to make the experience better. So it comes as no surprise that most accessories are useful but optional.

    Here are some examples of common accessories you might enjoy but don’t need to get:

    • Handle grips
    • Gloves
    • Mobile phone holder
    • Mirrors
    • Water holders
    • Pollution face mask
    • Reflective stickers

    Other accessories come in heftier price tags but are still handy to have. Some of the premium choices you could get are:

    • Heated jacket (for the colder season)
    • Electric safety vest (keeps you well-lit during the night)
    • Camera (records everything when you’re riding)

    Accessories for Aesthetic

    Personalizing your ride to look unique is fun. Many electric scooter accessories can help you achieve your desired look instantly. Plus, these kinds of scooters are more affordable than others.

    Some e-scooter accessories to get when you want to pimp your ride are:

    • LED wheel lights
    • Themed stickers
    • Plate names

    The Best Accessories To Get For Your Electric Scooter

    Xiaomi Pro Foldable Seat Attachment - $149.95

    xiaomi pro foldable seat attachment

    Tired of standing up during your daily commutes? You can easily attach a foldable seat to your electric scooter. This one from Xiaomi is compatible with the M365, Pro, and Pro 2 series models, and will give you the most comfortable ride.

    It’s super easy to install. All you need to do is to secure it to your deck, and you’re done. 

    This seat comes with a soft and breathable, ergonomically-designed sponge saddle with a smooth and glossy finish. The seat, coupled with the shockproof bumper under it and the coiled internal shock absorber, allows you to feel at ease even when on rough, bumpy roads.

    Plus, this foldable seat is easily customizable. You can adjust its height at your convenience. You can even fold and lock it in place when you have to store away your electric scooter.

    Xiaomi Foldable Seat Attachment


    Aluminum alloy + Steel rod


    2.5 kg


    22 cm x 27 cm x 68 cm


    Xiaomi M365, Xiaomi Pro, Xiaomi Pro 2 series

    Segway Ninebot Max Foldable Seat Attachment - $149.0

    segway ninebot max seat attachment

    Even adventurers need to rest for a bit. But with the Ninebot Max foldable seat attachment, you can relax while still zooming around. This foldable seat is compatible with both the Ninebot Max G30 and Max G30 LP. So take a seat and go forth adventuring!

    Unlike generic seat attachments, this one is specifically designed for the Ninebot Max scooters, so you’re guaranteed a perfect and comfortable fit. It is super easy and convenient to install, and you only require four screws.

    Aside from that, you’re sure to be comfortable throughout your experience because of its high-elastic foam cushion (it can maintain its shape even after use). The saddle has undergone thermoforming and leather coating processes to last longer even with constant use.

    Plus, rough paths and bumpy roads are no match for the superior double shock absorption in this seat’s stem. It has a damping spring that can enhance comfort efficiently.

    What’s more, the stem of this seat is adjustable so that you can maximize its use to the fullest. It is even foldable and can be folded with a single movement to the left. Now you can store your electric scooter with less space needed.

    Segway Ninebot Max Foldable Seat Attachment


    Aluminum alloy + Steel


    2.63 kg


    22 cm x 27 cm x 68 cm


    Ninebot Max G30, Ninebot Max G30LP

    Thousand Helmet - $149.00

    thousand helmet

    Be safe while looking stylish when you wear the vintage-inspired Thousand Helmets. Featuring a simple moto lid design and having fantastic colourways, you’ll be looking as glam as people did back in the 50s and 60s.

    But more importantly, the Thousand Helmet can keep you safe and secure when you’re out riding your electric scooter. It has German-engineered, safety-certified magnetic buckles that hold the helmet securely on top of your head, and vents at the back for cooling ventilation.

    It is also conveniently adjustable. Besides coming in three different sizes, Thousand helmets have a uniquely innovative dial fit system where you just turn a dial to keep the helmet snug on your head. Plus, the utilitarian nylon straps are super durable and adds to the security you feel.

    You can even leave your helmet on your parked electric scooter because of its secret poplock. The hidden, anti-theft U-Lock behind the logo mark can be inserted with a chain so you won’t lose your helmet to wandering hands.

    Thousand Helmet


    CPSC, ASTM F14928 (dual-certified for cycling and skateboarding in North America)


    0.41 kg, 0.46 kg, 0.49kg


    Small, Medium, Large

    Segway Ninebot ES2/ES4 and E25/E45 Spare Charger - $79.00

    segway ninebot es2 es4 e25 e45 spare charger

    If you’re a constant rider, having a spare charger in your office or at the trunk of your car is a huge convenience. You never when you’ll need it. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you have a Segway Ninebot spare charger in place.

    This spare charger is compatible with most of the Segway Ninebot models, so you won’t have to buy multiple chargers for all your rides. 

    The good thing about this spare is that it’s compatible with different power outputs and voltage limits. Just make sure that it’s between AC100v~240v.

    Because it’s super small, you can charge anywhere and anytime. You can even put it in your backpack. 

    Safety is also a top priority, and that’s why this charger has a multiple circuit design protection that keeps you safe from:

    • Short circuit
    • Overcurrent
    • Abnormal temperature

    It even powers off automatically when your electric scooter is done charging.

    Segway Ninebot ES2/ES4 and E25/E45 Spare Charger


    Input: AC 100-240V

    Output: 71W/42V


    0.39 kg


    30 cm x 45.7 cm x 15 cm


    Ninebot ES2/ES4, Ninebot E25/E45, Max G30LP, Ninebot E22

    Ninebot Strap-On Carry Bag - $59.00

    segway ninebot strap-on carry bag

    Make sure all your essentials are secure when you’re riding around town. The Ninebot Strap-On Carry Bag easily attaches to your electric scooter, so you’re left hands-free for safer steering. You won’t even be weighed down because your e-scooter will do all the carrying for you.

    This strap-on bag goes in front of the scooter and is secured onto the handlebars and stems with thick straps and velcro. It has a 3L capacity: the perfect size for a small water bottle, an extra charger, your wallet, phone, and other small items.

    Segway Strap-On Carry Bag




    Ninebot ES1, ES2, ES4, and Max

    Xiaomi Smart 4u LED Helmet - $99.00

    xiaomi smart 4u led helmet

    Functional, comfortable, stylish, and safe: all the things you get when you wear the Xiaomi Smart 4u LED Helmet when you’re out riding. Besides keeping your head safe, it also has a unique lighting feature you won’t find in other scooter helmets.

    This electric scooter helmet is made up of high-quality materials like a durable, high-density PC outer shell and a soft, EPS foam inner shell. These are features that effectively combat the shock and vibration that happens during your ride.
    Besides that, the Smart 4u LED Helmet is known for its good ventilation, snug fit, and light weight. It even has a chin strap that prevents chafing.

    What’s more, this electric scooter helmet has a unique lighting system with 3 modes, including flash. The helmet has automatic taillights that are visible up to a distance of 180 meters. It even flashes when you’re braking.

    Charging is easy-breezy through USB Charging and with a quick charge time of 1 hour. After that, the use time of the Smart 4u LED helmet is a long 36 hours.

    Xiaomi Smart 4u LED Helmet


    High-density PC outer shell + EPS foam inner shell

    Charging Time

    1 hour


    0.6 kg


    Medium: 25 cm x 22 cm x 19 cm

    Large: 30 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm

    Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter Universal Phone Holder - $49.95

    segway ninebot universal phone holder

    Everybody brings their phones with them everywhere, and that includes riding around town. It’s a safety hazard if you have to hold your phone in your hand while steering. But it’s also inconvenient to put it away in your pocket or bag. 

    Luckily, the Segway Universal Phone Holder allows you to conveniently place your phone somewhere you can see… without needing you to hold it. It has a unique claw lock spring that keeps your phone safe from all corners. The adjustable tightening lock makes it more secure as well.

    What’s more, this phone holder fits all the Ninebot kick scooter models and most other e-scooter models out there today. It even has a customisable 360-degree mount to give you the perfect view.

    Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter Universal Phone Holder


    ABS & TPU & PP


    0.101 kg


    14 cm x 7.9 cm x 9.8 cm


    Any Ninebot kick scooter

    Fits devices 12 to 17 cm wide

    Segway Ninebot ES1/ES2 Extra Battery - Upgrade to ES4 - $299.99

    segway ninebot es1 es2 battery upgrade

    When you’ve mastered riding your starter scooter, quickly transform it with Segway’s extra battery. It provides your commuter scooter with more power that instantly increases its speed and range capabilities. Even hill climbing will be affected positively.

    What’s more, this extra battery is super quick and easy to install. It clips securely in place on your electric scooter’s stem.

    For quick performance upgrades, an extra battery truly is the way to go.

    Segway Ninebot ES1/ES2 Extra Battery


    36V, 5200mAh



    1.5 kg, 1.9 kg


    44 cm x 13 cm x 13.2 cm


    Ninebot ES1, Ninebot ES2, Ninebot E22, Ninebot E25

    Official Segway Ninebot Helmet - $99.00

    segway ninebot helmet

    Segway Ninebot electric scooters' official helmet is lightweight yet durable, making it one of the best accessories to wear while driving around town. The best part is that you don't even need to use it with a Ninebot scooter.

    This helmet is also good wearable protection when riding other electric scooter models, bicycles, skateboards, and the like. It has a sleek, stylish, and minimalist design that makes it easy to pair up with any kind of ride.
    What's more, it's super customisable. You can adjust the strap for maximum comfort through a use-friendly dial.

    Its soft inner fabric is designed to cushion your head and make it comfy even with extended use. Plus, its horizontal vents make for a breathable, streamlined structure. You're sure to get maximum protection when you wear this helmet while out riding.

    Segway Ninebot Helmet


    PC & EPS


    0.33 kg


    L, XL

    Head Circumference: 58-63 cm


    Spider Web Airflow Channel System

    Segway Ninebot Scooter Lock - $49.95

    segway ninebot scooter lock


    You’d inevitably have to lock your scooter somewhere public when going out to do errands. A scooter lock like this one from Segway can go a long way when it comes to added security.

    This scooter lock conveniently fits on your e-scooter handlebars when not in use. It is made from high-quality braided steel wire which is super durable and highly flexible. Don’t worry, though! The wires are coated with PVC, making them less likely to scratch the paint off of your e-scooter.

    But what makes this lock superior is its 5-digit combination password. It will take more than 10,000 lock combinations to break, so you’re guaranteed better security.

    This lock's self-coiling design makes it a highly versatile product that you can use for any e-scooter model and more.

    Segway Ninebot Scooter Lock


    Braided Steel Wire


    12 cm length, 1.2 cm diameter


    5-Digit Combination Password

    Segway Ninebot Max Lock Clip Limit Ring - $19.95

    segway ninebot max lock clip limit ring

    One of the most common accidents that happen with the Ninebot Max is broken lock clips. With this lock clip replacement, you don’t have to worry as much. It acts as effective as the original and will keep your electric scooter’s stem upright. 

    It can also keep the stem securely fastened when folded. With the replacement lock clip in place, you can bring along your e-scooter and carry it with ease, knowing that everything is securely in place.

    Plus, keeping a spare lock clip is also a good safety practice. Without a lock clip, you run the risk of your e-scooter folding accidentally while riding. Having a back-up lock clip is a good accident deterrent.

    Segway Ninebot Max G30/G30LP Lock Clip Limit Ring


    ABS Plastic


    Approx. 0.8 cm x 0.6 cm



    Segway Ninebot Max Spare Replacement Tyres - $59.95

    segway ninebot max spare tyres

    Accidents happen whenever you least expect them, so make sure you have replacement tyres on-hand for your Ninebot Max. And even if it’s not an accident, constant use will have your current pair smoothening out (losing traction as time goes by).

    This pair of 60/70-6.5 replacement tyres are made from high-quality rubber. They can be used for both the 1st generation and 2nd generation of the Ninebot Max and can be used for both front and rear tyres.

    Segway Ninebot Max Replacement Tyres


    Top-Quality Rubber, Puncher Resistant


    23 cm x 6 cm




    Ninebot Max G30 and G30LP


    Electric Scooter Shoulder/Hand Carry Bag - $69.00 (Medium) and $99.00 (Large)

    electric scooter shoulder hand carry bag black

    Conveniently and discreetly carry your electric scooter during your commutes with this black, waterproof carry bag. You can choose to hold it with your hands or lug it around on your shoulders.

    The bag is made from sturdy Oxford cloth and is both water- and tear-resistant. It even has reinforced double straps to assist you in carrying your portable, compact ride.

    What's more, this electric scooter carry bag can fit almost every scooter model in the market today. It even has special side compartments for your handlebars.

    Electric Scooter Shoulder/Hand Carry Bag

    Medium: 110 cm by 45 cm by 50 cm

    Large: 118 cm by 60 cm by 60 cm

    WEIGHT >1 kg
    MATERIAL 1680D Oxford Cloth
    MAX. LOAD 80 kg

    Medium: Xiaomi Pro 2, Ninebot Max G30LP, and similar models

    Large: scooters that fit Medium, Kaabo Skywalker 10S, and other similar models


    Electric Scooter Wall Mounted Hanging Rack - $59.00

    electric scooter wall mounted hanging rack black

    Save space around your home when you store your electric scooter up on the wall. This wall-mounted hanging rack can be used as a convenient space-saver or as a place to show off your sleek, modern ride.

    Made from durable steel with a welded, rubber-covered hook, this electric scooter rack can keep your ride securely in place. The punching in the middle and the side guides even help lessen the chances of your e-scooter from swaying too much or falling easily.

    Electric Scooter Wall Mounted Hanging Rack
    SIZE 25.5 cm by 7.5 cm
    MAX. WEIGHT 50 kg
    MATERIAL Steel
    SUITABILITY electric scooters

    two-sided wing protection

    scratch-proof hook

    anti-skid stripe


    Gaciron Ultra-Bright USB eScooter / Bike Light - $149.95 (1600 Lumen) and $199.00 (1800 Lumen)

    gaciron ultra bright e scooter light 1600 lumen

    Illuminate your path during your nighttime wanderings and clip on the Gaciron e-scooter light on your ride's handlebars. You can choose between 1600 and 1800 Lumen, depending on how strong you need your brightness to be.

    You can also switch between 6 different lighting modes, all with varying levels of brightness. This e-scooter light can last a super long time in one charge, about 34-50 hours. What's more, you can even use it as an emergency power bank when your phone's running out of battery.

    Gaciron Scooter / Bike Light -1600 Lumen Gaciron Scooter / Bike Light - 1800 Lumen
    WEIGHT Approx. 0.2 kg Approx. 0.2 kg
    SIZE 11.8 cm by 5.3 cm by 3.25 cm 11.8 cm by 5.3 cm by 3.25 cm
    LIGHT OUTPUT 1600 Lumen 1800 Lumen
    RUNNING TIME 1-34 hours, dep. on light mode 1-50 hours, dep. on light mode
    BATTERY 2 x 2500mAh; usb rechargeable 2 x 6700mAh; usb rechargeable
    CHARGE TIME 3.5 hours 3.5 hours


    Monorim Ninebot Max Premium Suspension V3 - $179.00

    monorim v3 ninebot max suspension gold

    Enjoy smoother rides around town when you install the Monorim V3 on your Ninebot Max. It provides upgraded suspension that effortlessly crushes potholes and bumps along the road. 

    This alloy-steel suspension also increases your safety since it prevents your folding mechanism from becoming loose and keeps your handlebars from shaking during your drive. It even lends a hand for better braking.

    Monorim V3 Suspension
    COLOUR Black/Gold
    Version 3.0
    WEIGHT 2.77 kg
    FRAME MATERIAL Alloy Steel
    BRAKING Front, Rear 
    COMPATABILITY Ninebot Max G30P (Gen 1) Ninebot Max G30LP (Gen 2)


    Premium Electric Scooter Lock - $99.00

    eTook preomium electric scooter lock green

    A glimpse at this electric scooter lock makes it evident that this is no ordinary lock. The unique, patented design of this premium electric scooter lock is a huge reason why it effectively protects your ride from getting stolen. Once the lock is put, your e-scooter will remain firmly in place until you unlock it.

    Its steel alloy material is super durable and cannot be damaged by electric drillers and grinders. Plus, the ultra-thin key teeth makes it virtually impossible for lock picks and master keys to crack the lock.

    It doesn't hurt that this lock also comes in five fun and bright colours.

    eTook Premium Electric Scooter Lock
    SIZE 750 mm
    WEIGHT 0.92 kg
    MATERIAL Steel alloy
    SUITABILITY electric scooters, electric bikes, bikes, motorbikes
    COLOUR Black, White, Blue, Green Red

     waterproof/dustproof cap

    anti-drilling cap





    Other Common Accessories You Might Want To Get

    • Tire slime
    • Water Holder
    • Hands-Free Headset
    • Electric Heating Jacket
    • Camera
    • Bell
    • Grips and Handle Covers
    • Mirrors
    • LED Wheel Lights
    • Toolbox
    • Portable Hand Straps

    Common Mistakes When Buying Electric Scooter Accessories

    Because there are so many choices to buy, getting e-scooter accessories can be daunting… and even tempting. Before you ‘add to cart’ or ring up more things, there are some crucial points that you should keep in mind.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been riding an e-scooter for a long time. These are mistakes that everybody should avoid.

    Buying All Your Accessories At The Same Time

    You don’t need to get everything all at once. That’s just asking for a hefty bill at the end of the day. Remember that electric scooters are always innovating. There’s a massive chance that you’ll be upgrading to a newer, better model by the end of the year or two.

    When that happens, there’s a considerable risk that your current electric scooter accessories won’t be compatible with the new one. Now, you’re left with having to sell your old model plus all the bits and bobs you bought for it.

    It’s better to make a list of the more critical e-scooter accessories you’ll need, then buy them one at a time. It’s also smart to invest in accessories that can be compatible for more than one scooter model, so you don’t have to keep buying the same accessory over and over.

    Buying Needlessly Expensive Accessories

    Let’s face it. There are many shiny, new accessories in stores that are so nice to look at that you can’t help but want them. Then, you look at the price and gasp! Most beginner riders don’t know how to gauge if the prices are too much.

    It’s always better to go in with the idea that, ‘if you think it’s too much, it probably is.’ Tons of e-scooter accessories come in a variety of prices—case in point, a scooter helmet. You can buy one for dirt-cheap or for ridiculously expensive.

    So how do you learn what to get? Well, check out its details and specifications to judge whether you’re willing to pay for what they’re offering. Next is to read customer reviews to see if those who got them are satisfied or not.

    Lastly, compare them with your e-scooter. You don’t need a light-up, surround-sound helmet that costs as much as your ride. As long as you’re getting quality, durable products, you’re good to go.

    Buying Wrong or Unfit Accessories

    Remember that not all e-scooter accessories and upgrades are compatible with all scooter models. Some of them are specific only to their own brand. You need to double-check that the scooters your buying will fit your exact model. Else, the things you buy won’t be of any use to you.

    The good thing to counter this is that most products, especially those bought online, come with product details, features, and specifications. Be conscientious and read all the details available before purchasing. It’s the easiest way to determine whether the accessory you’re getting is the right thing for your electric scooter.

    Benefits of Getting Electric Scooter Accessories

    So how do electric scooters benefit from accessories? There are tons of ways. From keeping your rides well maintained to adding a bit of extra pizzaz, e-scooter accessories are an affordable way to keep your e-scooter in perfect working condition for a longer time.

    Indeed, you can improve your scooter without spending a fortune. Here are some of the benefits that accessories can provide:

    Improving Your Safety

    No matter how durable or steady a ride your electric scooter is, it always pays to be vigilant. You never know what you’ll encounter while on the road. And let’s be honest, the open ride of an electric scooter does have its risks.

    But with extra accessories like a good-quality helmet, extra bright lights, and a tinkling little bell, you’re going to upgrading your riding safety to a whole new level. Even if you buy only these three accessories for the rest of time, you’ll be set.

    Prolonging Your Electric Scooter’s Life

    Many electric scooter accessories are aimed to keep your ride highly functioning. Since you’ll be driving it around daily, it’s a good idea to invest in things that’ll keep your e-scooter running smoothly.

    Accessories like basic tools, waterproof covers, and even fenders can help extend your electric scooter’s life span. Plus, you won’t have to go to service centres every so often. Learning a bit of maintenance for yourself can save you a lot of cash down the road.

    Upgrading Your Riding Experience

    While maintaining your electric scooter and keeping safe should be top priorities, the truth is that most people buy e-scooter accessories because they’re fun. They make riding a bit more comfortable in the long run.

    If you have the means to buy more, it’s perfectly fine to add extra upgrades to your electric scooter. Yes, even the ones you don’t need crucially. Sometimes even a small comfort like a simple phone holder or a fun sticker can make your riding experience all the more fun to do!

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