How to Choose a Commuter E-Bike

How to Choose a Commuter E-Bike

Commuting used to be associated with traffic congestion, being crammed into tight quarters along with dozens of other people, and, if you’re driving, struggles with parking. It meant being tired before the day even began.

Thanks to electric micromobility, you no longer need to sweat these things. 

Commuting changed when electric bikes began replacing cars and public transport. These rides transformed our morning dynamics, letting us reach our destinations refreshed instead of exhausted.

These rides also broke down barriers to mobility, making commuting easier and more accessible for people who had previously faced challenges.

While some prefer electric scooters, there are others who would rather cycle to work or school. Commuter electric bikes appeal to people who love cycling, prefer being seated during rides, or need to cover longer distances. 

Whether it’s for morning commutes, important errands, or weekend cruising, a good commuter bike should have you covered.

What to Consider When Buying a Commuter E-Bike

Not all electric bicycles are built the same, and since you’re about to buy something that will radically change your life (we’re sure), you need to make sure you’re making a well-informed decision. Learn what to consider when choosing your commuter bike:

  • Motor: Your bike’s motor determines its power output, which in turn dictates its top speed, weight capacity, and the level of assistance it can provide when you pedal. So, if you need to carry cargo, or if you live in a hilly area, you need an electric bike with a powerful motor.
  • Controller: Often called the brain of the bike, the controller manages the motor’s power output. It’s also responsible for other key functions like cutting power when you brake and monitoring your pedalling effort to deliver a boost of assistance just when you need it.
  • Battery: Removable batteries, which are quite common among modern e-bikes, extend your range by allowing you to swap a drained battery for a fully charged spare. It’s a good security measure, too, because detaching the battery from the bike leaves the two (the bike and the battery) less vulnerable to theft.
  • Components: You also need to make sure that your e-bike is not only pleasant to look at but also equipped with high-quality internal components. Since they are not easy to access, a good way to ascertain good components is to buy from reputable manufacturers and read up on online reviews.
  • Weight: Since you’re bound to carry and transport your electric bike (especially during multimodal transportation), you need to select one that is light enough for you to lift. Most of our recommended commuter e-bikes are sleek and lightweight, so this shouldn’t pose a problem. 
  • Suspension: While suspension is not always necessary for urban commuting, this could be a crucial feature if you need to go through rough suburban terrain. An efficient suspension will absorb the bumps and vibrations from the road, giving you a smooth ride.
  • Storage: If you’re always carrying something with you—your laptop backpack, a gym bag, groceries, or packages—it’s practical to look for a bike with a rear rack or attachments for panniers.
    • Cost: Electric bikes are a lot more affordable than cars, but buying one is still an investment that you need to prepare for. Remember to set a realistic budget that would allow you to purchase a bike that truly fits your needs.

    Our Top Commuter E-Bike Recommendations

    Now that you know how to assess great electric bikes for commuting, let’s take a look at some of the best commuter bikes in Australia:

    Aventon Soltera.2 - $2,199

    The Aventon Soltera.2 is the quintessential commuter bike: lightweight, stylish yet practical, and easy to manoeuvre. Weighing only 20 kg, The Soltera.2 is enhanced by its streamlined look and aerodynamic frame, making it an ideal choice for commuters looking for a portable electric bike.

    With a 350W brushless motor, the Soltera.2 is not the most powerful electric bike out there. However, it can reasonably achieve a 32 kph top speed and cover a good 74 kilometres (under the right conditions) on a single charge. While modest, these figures are more than enough for your daily commutes.

    An upgrade to the original Soltera, the Soltera.2 features Aventon’s responsive torque sensor, which intuitively assesses and supports your pedalling. It dispenses just the right amount of power based on your efforts, which gives you a more natural riding experience.

    Plus, the Soltera.2 is a very safe ride. Equipped with 300 lumen front and rear lights as well as turn signals (which were not present in the first Soltera), you can ride with confidence knowing you are visible to others on the road, even during night-time. 

    Option 1: Step-Over

    Option 2: Step-Through 

    Aventon Level.2 - $3,499

    One of the most challenging things about choosing an electric bike is knowing how to find the balance between price and performance. So many e-bikes are priced affordably but don’t really offer much, while some are just overpriced. If this is your problem, consider the Aventon Level.2, which delivers a performance at par with more expensive electric bikes without the steep price tag.

    The Level.2 is equipped with a 500W motor that produces a peak power output of 750W, which, in turn, pushes the bike to reach a 45 kph top speed. It is capable of covering an extensive distance—a whopping 97 km that gives you the freedom to explore without worrying about running out of power. It even comes with impressive hill climbing ability, so you can scale hills while maintaining your speed. 

    With Aventon’s torque sensor, even the speediest and most exciting rides never feel unnatural, as the bicycle synchronises with your own rhythm. 

    At this price point, you get a high-performance electric bicycle complete with hydraulic brakes (something you rarely see among affordable bikes), front suspension, and a removable battery. Out of the box, it’s also equipped with front and rear fenders, front and rear lights, and a rear rack trail, so you won’t have to worry about additional expenses for accessories.

    Option 1: Step-Over 

    Option 2: Step-Through 

    Aventon Pace 500.3 - $2,599

    A descendant of Aventon’s original electric bike, the Aventon Pace 500 lineup has undergone multiple upgrades as a result of the company’s growing understanding of what commuters really need. 

    The Aventon Pace 500.3 is powered by a robust 500W motor, which allows you to zoom at speeds of 45 kph. Thanks to its 48V battery, it can cover a significant distance—96 km to be exact. Despite its capacity, it only takes 5 hours for the battery to fully charge, minimising your riding downtime and helping you make the most out of your day. 

    Like the Soltera and the Level, the Pace 500.3 is also equipped with Aventon’s innovative torque sensor. Aside from matching your pedalling output to amplify your performance, this technology also helps extend your range and improve your battery life.

    Another great feature of the Pace 500.3 is its ergonomics. Because the stem can be adjusted, it can be raised or lowered to suit your personal riding preferences. Its swept-back handlebars are easier to manoeuvre, while the cushioned saddle helps you stay comfortable even during long-distance rides.

    Option 1: Step-Over

    Option 2: Step-Through

    Aventon Abound - $3,499

    If you have to carry a lot of stuff with you on your commute, the Aventon Abound is the perfect choice for you. As Aventon’s first foray into the cargo e-bike category, the Abound features plenty of storage space and achieves the perfect balance between the portability of an electric bike and the practicality of a car.

    The Aventon Abound proves incredibly versatile, whether you're transporting camping or sports gear, camera equipment, art supplies, delivery packages, groceries, or virtually any item you can think of. This is thanks to the Abound’s spacious rear rack and in-frame storage bag. With the right accessories, you can even safely carry your kids!

    But if you thought storage is this bike’s only feature, think again. Its excellent torque sensor gives you smooth rides, while its hydraulic brakes deliver reliable stopping power—a necessary addition because the Abound can carry a maximum load of 200 kg. Equipped with a robust 750W motor, the Aventon Abound can also achieve a 32 kph top speed and a max range of 80 km.

    Because of these features, the bike feels light, efficient, and easy to control. Thus, despite being larger and heavier than your average electric bike, the Abound is still a great option for daily commutes. 

    Comparison Chart




    Pace 500.3







    Top Speed

    32 kph

    45 kph

    45 kph

    32 kph


    345 Wh

    672 Wh

    614 Wh

    720 Wh


    74 km

    97 km

    96 km

    80 km


    21 kg

    24 kg

    23.5 kg

    37 kg

    Weight Limit

    136 kg

    136 kg

    136 kg

    200 kg


    Mechanical disc

    Hydraulic disc

    Hydraulic disc

    Hydraulic disc

    Pedal Assist

    4 levels

    5 levels

    4 levels

    5 levels

    Why Choose an Electric Bike for Commuting?


    A heavy-duty commuter electric bike is just as efficient as cars when it comes to taking you from one point to another. If equipped with durable components, a commuter ebike delivers optimal performance that is reliable enough for daily use. 

    When compared against traditional bicycles, a commuter e-bike can do a lot more. The addition of a motor introduces the benefit of pedal assistance, which allows you to easily tackle rough roads and hills. Plus, with a battery, the electric bike is able to cover more range, so you can go wherever you need to.


    Compared to cars, an electric bike is cheaper to use and maintain, as it does not require refuelling. Also, because you don’t have to shell out cash for tickets and fares, it’s more affordable than taking public transport, too. 


    If you are concerned about making the Earth a better place to live in, consider electric. Because electric bikes don’t run on petrol or diesel, they produce fewer toxic emissions than traditional vehicles. Thus, using a commuter e-bike is a fun and practical way to minimise your carbon footprint.


    Thanks to powerful motors and batteries, commuter electric bikes are a great and flexible option for people who have to traverse difficult terrain. They can glide over smooth urban streets, but they can also effortlessly cover off-road ground and even steep inclines. Fat-tyre commuter e-bikes can even travel across loose terrain like sand and snow. 

    Health Benefits

    Aside from reaching your destination, you can also reach your fitness goals with a commuter electric bike. Riding in cars, buses, or trains does not give you room to move your body, but with a commuter ebike, you have to pedal to get the bicycle to move. Even with motorised pedal assistance, you are still exerting some physical effort, so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone!


    Commuter electric bikes offer a way to swerve around congested roads and other urban inconveniences, allowing you to arrive at your destinations in style. If you value efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability, it’s time to make the switch to e-bikes.

    If you are interested in looking at our selection of commuter e-bikes, contact us today to learn more about what we recommend! 

    We also carry a range of other electric bicycles for other purposes like off-roading and bringing cargo. Our team will be more than happy to guide you through the models to help you select the best one that aligns with your lifestyle.

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