The Ultimate Guide to Folding Electric Bikes

The Ultimate Guide to Folding Electric Bikes

Not too long ago, electric bikes or e-bikes were a novelty on the streets. Now, they’re no longer an uncommon sight, becoming the preferred mode of transportation of individuals who need to get to their destinations on time while minimising their carbon footprint and their reliance on cars or public transport.

But there’s a lot more to e-bikes than just commuting. Electric bikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every purpose and riding need. Aside from regular commuter e-bikes, there are other types on the market, such as fat-tyre e-bikes for off-roading and cargo e-bikes for—you guessed it—carrying cargo.

And then there’s the folding electric bike.

Like all electric bikes, folding e-bikes are equipped with motors that deliver pedal assistance. However, they can be folded into a more compact form for easier storage and transportation. 

What are Folding Electric Bikes?

Aventon Sinch.2

Banking on its sleek design and portable nature, the main feature of the folding e-bike is its folding mechanism, which transforms it from a regular electric bike into something more compact.

Because they are foldable, these e-bikes don’t take up a lot of space when stored in tight spaces or when transported. You don’t need to worry about performance either, because even with a folding mechanism in place, some folding e-bikes still deliver similar capabilities as traditional electric bikes.

Who Would Buy A Folding E-Bike?

Folding electric bikes are great for the following riders:

  • Travellers: Unlike regular electric bikes, folding e-bikes are easier to pack. This is helpful for travellers who might also enjoy the convenience of bringing their own bikes with them during trips.
  • Adventurers: Campers and backpackers who spend a lot of time outdoors will love how folding e-bikes fit so easily into vans, trucks, and even inside tents. Good folding fat-tyre e-bikes are also powerful enough to handle off-road trails.
  • Everyone else: Individuals who live in studio houses or apartments will benefit from a folding e-bike as it does not require a proper garage. Then again, even if you do have a lot of storage space at home, it’s easy to appreciate how a folding e-bike easily fits into cars, buses, trains, and office spaces.

Our Top Recommendation: Aventon Sinch.2

Aventon Sinch.2

Aventon is a trusted name when it comes to electric bikes, and the company doesn’t disappoint when it comes to folding e-bikes. 

In 2020, Aventon released its first foldable fat-tyre electric bike, the original Sinch. Designed to fold and unfold in just half a minute, it had a folding frame and collapsible handlebars that allowed it to fit in limited spaces.

When unfolded, the Aventon Sinch was an efficient fat-tyre electric bike that was capable of handling difficult and loose terrain. Equipped with 4-inch fat tyres and a front suspension fork that worked together to absorb shock from rough roads, the Sinch cruised around various landscapes—from grassy paths to sandy beaches—with great ease. In addition, its 500W (750W peak rated) motor delivered a good amount of power to smoothly handle obstacles and inclines.

However, what truly stood out was Aventon’s remarkable feat of fitting a high-capacity battery into the frame. Unlike the bulkier fat-tyre bikes of its time, the Sinch cleverly concealed its battery, thus achieving a streamlined look that made it popular with so many cyclists around the world. 

Aventon Sinch.2

Three years after the launch of the successful Sinch, Aventon released a new and improved version of its folding fat-tyre e-bike. Taking direction from customer feedback, the Aventon Sinch.2 retains a sleek frame while sporting a rack, fenders, and upgraded components. 

Both powerful and versatile thanks to its robust 500W rear hub motor, the Aventon Sinch.2 achieves top speeds of up to 32 kph. When the pedal assist system is on, the bike is capable of covering an impressive range of 88 km.

The Sinch is not just practical; it’s also built for fun. With the same front suspension and 4-inch tyres its forerunner had been equipped with, this folding bike is built to handle all types of roads and terrains. Wherever you ride, rest assured that its mechanical disc brakes are there to provide reliable stopping power.

But what makes the Aventon Sinch.2 stand out from other models is its technology. Here are its most impressive features: 

Torque sensor

Using its intuitive torque sensor, the bike syncs with your pedalling output, matching it to provide a higher or lower level of motorised assistance as needed. Through this feature, the Sinch.2 can help you sustain momentum by maintaining your speed or conserve battery and extend your range.

Riding modes

Since it has four different levels of pedal assist, riders can customise their ride according to their preferences or current riding situation. With its independent thumb throttle, there is also the option to remove the need for pedalling altogether. 


Of course, the Aventon Sinch.2 is designed with an easy yet secure folding mechanism. It quickly and effortlessly collapses into its compact form while staying stable and free from any rattling and wobbling. 

Included rear rack and fenders

The Sinch.2 now has a built-in rear rack, which adds storage space and lets you carry your essentials with you. Plus, it sports fenders that protect your bike from splashes.

Lighting and indicators

The Sinch.2’s front headlights and rear lights, which can be activated from the controller on the handlebars or through the Aventon app, ensure your visibility and safety on the road, especially at night. The e-bike also comes with flashing indicators that help you communicate where you intend to go to other road-users.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Folding E-Bike

Because different types of electric bikes exist for different types of riders, you need to assess whether getting a folding e-bike is the right decision for you. Here are their possible advantages and disadvantages:


1. Portability

Most riders would get a folding e-bike because it’s compact and portable. Because folding e-bikes collapse into a smaller size, they are great for people with limited storage space. 

2. Convenience

With motorised pedal assist, all electric bikes provide a convenient way to get around, but folding e-bikes offer an additional advantage by being easier to carry.

3. Versatility

Folding fat-tyre e-bikes like the Aventon Sinch.2 are great for leisurely rides along scenic trails. Because they are portable, they can also be taken on camping and hiking trips. 

4. Security

Here’s one more reason to buy a folding e-bike. Unlike other bikes, you can take your folding e-bike inside with you at home or in the workplace. Because it can be stored indoors, you can protect it from wandering eyes (and hands).


1. Price

You might find that the price of a good folding electric bike is steeper than ordinary e-bikes. However, take note that you are paying extra for specialised components that allow it to be folded securely into a compact form. 

2. Maintenance

Speaking of components, the ones in a folding e-bike are harder to find than the ones in a regular e-bike. Thus, the maintenance costs can be higher. That said, if you’re going to get a folding e-bike, make sure to get one manufactured by a reputable brand to ensure better access to spare parts. 

Some people argue that folding e-bikes are slower and less durable than regular electric bikes, but this is not true. In our experience, the Aventon Sinch.2 performs just as well as its non-folding counterparts, and with its sturdy frame and premium components, you can expect it to last for a long time.

What You Should Look For in a Folding Electric Bike

Aventon Sinch.2


Before you take the plunge, here are a few more reminders about the factors you should consider when getting a folding e-bike:

1. Motor Power

The amount of power output from the bike’s motor dictates the level of assistance it can provide. Thus, if you need your folding e-bike to provide more pedalling assistance, or if you need to ride it on hills, choose one with a powerful motor.

2. Battery and Range

Your bike’s battery determines the range it can cover. So, choosing a bike with an efficient high-capacity battery is essential if your rides involve long distances. It also helps to identify the battery’s charging time, or if it comes with a quick charge option, to minimise your downtime—if not to work around it. 

Fortunately, unlike electric scooters, you can still use an e-bike that is running on empty… by simply pedalling. 

3. Brakes

An electric bike, whether folding or non-folding, is often packed with force, and you need to rein its speed and power in with reliable brakes. 

In the Sinch.2’s case, while other fat-tyre e-bikes use hydraulic brakes, Aventon has made the decision to use Tektro mechanical disc brakes instead. This is to avoid potential hydraulic fluid leaks, which can happen if the brake line gets pinched when the bike is folded.

4. Folding Mechanism

You shouldn’t struggle to fold (or unfold) your bike, so make sure its folding mechanism is simple and straightforward. Not only that, it should also be secure enough to keep your bike from accidentally unfolding on its own. 

5.Wheel Size

Some folding e-bikes feature smaller wheels to make them more compact. But while they are still manoeuvrable, smaller wheels may affect the performance of your e-bike and keep you from efficiently speeding up or scaling hills. That said, if your needs go beyond urban commuting, it’s best to choose a folding e-bike with larger wheels. 

6. Accessories

To make the most out of your folding e-bike, also consider getting helpful e-bike accessories like panniers, bags or baskets, and phone holders. These will make your e-bike even more versatile, practical, and safer for road use.

7. Price

Because of their components and mechanisms, folding electric bikes can be pricier than regular electric bikes, with price tags that can go up to several thousand dollars. Fortunately, the Aventon Sinch.2 only costs $2,899, which is cheaper than other premium folding e-bikes with similar specs and performance.

Wrapping Up

Folding electric bikes are a convenient and efficient option for anyone who needs a sustainable way to get around. 

While its key strength lies in its foldable design, a good folding e-bike is a versatile electric ride that does not compromise on speed and performance. Outdoor enthusiasts, travellers, and individuals with space limitations will love how these bikes fit into spaces regular electric bicycles cannot occupy.

If you are interested in purchasing your own folding electric bike, please reach out to our team for more information. Call us at 1300 054 257; our team would be thrilled to help you find the perfect e-bike for your needs.

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