Alternatives to the Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

Alternatives to the Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter

The Apollo Ghost had a successful run as a favourite electric scooter among thrill-seekers worldwide. Offering a combination of power, range, and a smooth ride quality, it excelled on any terrain—from paved city streets to rough roads. Thus, it gave riders a versatile option for commuting and exploring. 

Apollo Ghost

Unfortunately, the Ghost has now been discontinued. However, this doesn't mean there aren't fantastic alternatives available, and that's where we come in.

If you are looking for an electric scooter that can replace the Apollo Ghost, you have come to the right place. This guide will explore two excellent all-terrain rides that offer a comparable performance to the Ghost.

Let’s begin.

Inokim OXO

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Inokim OXO

While the Apollo Ghost exuded raw power in every way, the Inokim OXO takes a slightly different approach—one that leans more towards luxurious comfort while subtly packing a serious punch. 

Speed and Power

Both Apollo Ghost and Inokim OXO are equipped with dual 1000W motors, allowing the electric scooters to reach incredible speeds—60 KPH for the Ghost and 65 KPH for the OXO—and scale hills with slopes up to 25°.

Yet, despite being powerful, the OXO moves stealthily. With its surprisingly quiet operation, you can enjoy pleasant rides without disturbing the peace in the neighbourhood.


Although the two e-scooters have comparable top speeds, the Inokim OXO wins in terms of range. The Ghost's 52V battery offered a very respectable 63-kilometre range on a single charge. However, with its larger 57.6V battery, the OXO nearly doubles the numbers and covers a staggering 110 kilometres. 

This is a game-changer for adventurers who want to ride further without worrying about running out of battery.

Ride Quality

Another similarity between these two e-scooters is the suspension. Thanks to dual adjustable suspension systems, both the Apollo Ghost and the Inokim OXO deliver smooth rides even on uneven and bumpy terrain. 

That said, Inokim makes adjustment easier for riders with the OSAP (OX Suspension Adapter Patent). The OSAP allows you to conveniently switch between Low, which provides stability at higher speeds, and High, which is best suited for rough and gnarly terrain. 

Safety Features

Both e-scooters feature integrated LED lights for safety and visibility on the road. 

Meanwhile, for efficient stopping even when running on high speeds, the Ghost uses a triple braking system with front & rear hydraulic disc brakes plus regenerative brakes. The Inokim OXO’s braking system is similar, with front & rear hydraulic disc brakes, but lacks regenerative braking.

Reliability is a given with both scooters, considering the reputation of the two brands. However, Inokim steps up by equipping its models with UL-Certified batteries—a guarantee that the e-scooters meet the highest safety benchmarks in the industry. 

Inokim OXO’s Key Strengths

The Inokim OXO shines in almost every aspect, whether it’s speed and range or overall ride quality. It’s a very comfortable electric scooter, and it does not disappoint when it comes to safety features. Overall, the OXO is a compelling alternative to the Apollo Ghost—it’s fast, powerful, and boasts an impressive performance all-throughout. 

Inokim OX

$2,295 - Shop Now

Inokim OX

The Apollo Ghost and the Inokim OXO are comparable in multiple ways. But for riders who prioritise value, the Inokim OX bridges the gap by offering impressive performance at a good price point.

Speed and Power

Unlike the dual-motor electric scooters above, the Inokim OX is equipped with a single motor. That said, it is a very powerful 1000W motor that reaches a peak power of 1300W, which propels you to speeds of up to 44 KPH.


Equipped with the same 57.6V battery as its sibling, the Inokim OX delivers an impressive range of 97 kilometres on a single charge, exceeding the Apollo Ghost’s range by a great margin. 

Ride Quality

There is not a lot of difference between the Apollo Ghost and the Inokim OX in terms of tackling diverse trails and paths. However, just like the OXO, the OX takes comfort to another level with Inokim’s patented adjustable dual-suspension system (OSAP). This feature lets riders easily adjust their suspension for smooth rides on any riding condition.

Safety Features

You might have noticed that apart from power output, the Inokim OX is very similar to the OXO in many ways. For one, it also features the same integrated LED lights and UL-Certified battery. 

On the other hand, its braking system, which is composed of a front drum brake and a rear hydraulic disc brake, allows you to confidently bring your scooter to a full stop after cruising, no matter the conditions.

Inokim OX’s Key Strengths

While it is not equipped with dual motors, the Inokim OX keeps pace with the Apollo Ghost and the OXO. Plus, the single motor translates to a lighter weight. For riders who value a balance of power and efficiency, and prioritise a comfortable ride over breakneck speeds, the Inokim OX is the ideal alternative to the Apollo Ghost. 

Why Choose Inokim?

As a pioneer and leader in the electric mobility scene, Inokim is known to design electric scooters with impressive power, incredible range, and durable construction. Every model uses high-quality materials and nothing less, from aviation-grade aluminium frames to the brand-patented suspension system.

Inokim offers exceptional value, as seen in the impressive performance of the OXO and OX. But the company goes a step further: both scooters are UL-certified and have undergone rigorous testing to achieve the highest safety standards in the industry. With Inokim, you get premium quality and peace of mind at a competitive price.

The Apollo Ghost may have left a void, but the Inokim OXO and OX are ready to fill it—and possibly even surpass it. With excellent performance, thoughtful design, and a focus on safety, these Inokim scooters might just become your new favourite way to conquer the road. 

Comparison Chart





Top Speed

60 KPH

65 KPH

44 KPH

Max Range

63 KM

110 KM

97 KM


2 x 1000W

2 x 1000W 



52V 18.2 Ah

57.6V 26 Ah

57.6V 20.8 Ah

Unit Weight

29 KG

33.5 KG

28 KG

Rider Weight

135 KG

120 KG

120 KG


Adjustable dual spring suspension

Adjustable dual suspension (OSAP)

Adjustable dual suspension (OSAP)


Front & rear hydraulic disc + regenerative brakes

Front & rear hydraulic disc brakes

Front drum brake & rear disc brake

Regular Price




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