Guide to EMove Roadrunner Seated Scooter

Guide to EMove Roadrunner Seated Scooter

Standing while on a commute is a familiar sight for plenty of people. It’s part of the everyday life of a commuter. And honestly, it can be quite tiresome to go through that most of the week especially on longer journeys. Is it time to look for an alternative? If yes, we just might have the ideal candidate.

With its design features, the EMove Roadrunner seated electric scooter solves that problem in an instant. Designed with a built-in seat, it offers a convenient way of commuting in comfort. Not only that, it provides spectacular performance courtesy of its dynamic motors, battery, shock absorber, brake system, and many more.

Let’s take a look at what else it has to offer:


Front: 350W

Rear: 500W

Top Speed

55 kph


48V 26.1Ah

Maximum Range

80 km


24 kg

Load Capacity

150 kg


Adjustable ABS + Front Spring Suspension


Xtech Hydraulic Front + Rear Brakes

Charging Time

12 hours

EMove Electric Scooters

emove roadrunner full side view
Enjoy the comfort of the Roadrunner, a novel seated electric scooter.

The EMove Roadrunner is created by Voro Motors, which is a renowned brand in the industry. As it continues to build its collection of diverse e-scooters, it gets closer to achieving its mission of making two-wheelers a mainstream transport alternative.

These scooters are characterised by their lightness and portability, making them convenient for many users. But their lack of heaviness does not mean shortcuts were made. In fact, EMove scooters are known for their modest speed and incredible range.

But does the EMove Roadrunner seated scooter live up to its brand reputation?

What To Expect From The EMove Roadrunner

Motor Power and Top Speed

When it comes to outstanding performance, the EMover Roadrunner does not slack as it’s equipped with two motors (dual motors). One is attached at the front with 350W while the other one is at the rear with 500W of power. As a result, it can reach a 55 kph top speed and climb most hills with ease. The added benefit also being it’s suitable to heavier riders. 

emove roadrunner front motor
A close up of the Roadrunner's front motor.

That’s enough pace for you to enjoy your ride, whether you’re going to work or meeting up with friends on a weekday. And despite how fast it goes, the power delivery is quite smooth. That effortless motion extends to its acceleration as it goes from 0 to 24 kph in just 3.9 seconds.

Its quick start can also be attributed to its 48V Square Wave controller since it helps to produce more torque. 

To date, there is no official climb grade for the EMove Roadrunner, but during extended testing by the Electric Kicks team, we can confirm it has power to climb modest hills while maintaining a reasonable speed.

Battery and Range

For daily commuters, having a ride that's capable of going long-distance can be a blessing. Fortunately, the EMove Roadrunner is equipped with a highly competent 48V 26.1Ah battery that allows for an 80 km maximum range.

emove roadrunner battery
The Roadrunner's battery is located inside the rectangular box at its middle.

With that much mileage at your disposal, you can go from point A to point B without having to recharge as long as you stay within the said range. However, bear in mind that certain factors like going full throttle continuously, rider weight, and terrain conditions may give slightly impact the overall range. 

Moreover, if that range is not enough for you, the battery of this e-scooter is removable. You have the option to buy an extra one that can double your mileage, according to the brand. 

A spare battery can be very useful since it takes 12 hours for the original one to be fully charged. That’s quite a long time that not a lot of riders might have, especially if this electric scooter is being used daily on very lengthy commutes. 

And if you’re going to use the Roadrunner for leisure rides or camping, having a backup battery you can swap out with the current one is more convenient. 

Design, Portability, and Build

With its sleek design that combines the looks of an e-bike and e-scooter, the EMove Roadrunner is quite the looker. It's not all superficial good looks on this two-wheeler as it delivers exceptional build quality as well.

This scooter’s frame is built from aluminium alloy, which is durable and sturdy. The materials do an amazing job of protecting the components of the scooters from possible damage. It also makes for a stable foundation that’ll keep you steady on the road.

emove roadrunner aluminium alloy frameA closer look at the Roadrunner's frame.

What’s more, such tough materials do not add to the scale as the Roadrunner only weighs 24 kg. Consequently, this e-scooter is a portable ride to own, whether you’re carrying it up stairs or storing it at home.

Perhaps, the most striking feature of this design is the seat attachment. Thanks to its Memory Foam, the 14-inch seat is very comfortable to sit on. It’s particularly useful on long journeys since maintaining a riding stance for hours on end can be tiring. At least with the Roadrunner, it’ll be a pleasant scootering experience for those who don’t find it fun standing on a scooter deck.

emove roadrunner memory foam seat
The Roadrunner's seat is as comfy as it could be because of its memory foam.

Aside from that, the craftsmanship of the EMove Roadrunner results in better handling. Riders can adjust the handlebars depending on the position that’s convenient for them, which makes it easier to manoeuvre the scooter. Taking a step further to guarantee a relaxing ride around town, the brand also created footrests on either side of the e-scooter to help avoid crampings. 

It’s obvious from the different design features and build quality that the Roadrunner was constructed to be comfortable, reliable, light, portable, and convenient to ride. Plus, it’s made to turn heads as well with its sleek look.

Ride Quality

Hopping on an electric scooter should be an enjoyable experience regardless of the distance of your trips. Not to mention, the bumps and cracks on the roads shouldn't cause you to lose control of your ride or make you bounce around.

Luckily, the EMove Roadrunner is equipped with features that amp up the level of comfort for any rider. It comes with an adjustable ABS+ front spring suspension, which helps absorb different types of terrain while maintaining smooth transitions. 

In addition, you can adjust the stiffness of your suspension and tweak its settings until you get the balance that will keep you steady and relaxed while riding through the varied road conditions in the city. 

However, there’s no shock absorber at the rear of the scooter, which may lead to an uneasy feeling while sitting down. You can easily solve this problem by adjusting the pressure in the tyres based on your weight.

emove roadrunner front wheelEMove Roadrunner front wheel and brakes

The Roadrunner is fitted with 14-inch pneumatic wheels. As a result, the handling of this electric scooter is simply phenomenal. Plus, the sizable tyres give so much stability even when cutting corners around the streets.

emove roadrunner rear wheel
EMove Roadrunner rear wheel and brakes

Indeed, the ride quality of this e-scooter is top-notch and will provide riders with comfort and security while dashing around town.


No matter what your purpose is for using the Roadrunner, safety should always be at the top of the priority list. With front and rear Xtech hydraulic brakes, this two-wheeler can stop in 3 metres at a speed of 24 kph. To put how good that is in perspective, it has a stopping distance that’s better than the infinitely more powerful Dualtron Storm.

emove roadrunner brakes
The Roadrunner has front and rear hydraulic brakes

As such, your safety and those around you on the road improve greatly. Although, you might have to squeeze the brakes harder as this scooter does not have regenerative braking to support it.

On top of that, there’s a lighting setup that’s integrated with the Roadrunner. It has a headlight, brake lights, and turn signals. That gives you great visibility when you’re riding in the dark, and lets pedestrians and other riders know you’re coming their way or where you’re heading.

emove roadrunner headlight
The Roadrunner's powerful headlight

With such safety features and specs, riding this e-scooter can give you a worry-free experience no matter what time of the day it is.

Other Notable Features

As mentioned before, the build of the EMove Roadrunner is sturdy and durable. That means that this e-bike and e-scooter hybrid has a very solid foundation. Consequently, it allows for a maximum load capacity of 150 kg, which is significantly higher than plenty of other e-scooters in the same range.

Another useful attachment is the decent-sized LCD screen that’s on the handlebar. It displays some information like the remaining battery percentage. Although it’s pretty basic, you can still utilise it while riding.

emove roadrunner lcd display
The Roadrunner's bright and clear LCD display screen


With its price, the EMove Roadrunner falls into the mid-range category, but its exceptional performance makes it feel like a premium e-scooter. It has more power, range, and speed than most seated scooters.

And thanks to its easy controls and quick learning curve, riders of any skill level can enjoy it safely. Plus, it’s comfortable to ride even on long trips with its attached seat, suspension, and large tyres. Just don’t take this out while it’s raining since this is not built to withstand heavy splashes of water.

Overall, this is a very convenient, lightweight electric scooter that offers fantastic specs and features that lets you navigate around the city effortlessly. 

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