segway ninebot max g30p vs. g30lp comparison

Ninebot Max G30P vs. Max G30LP: Which One To Get?

When it comes to premium performance, Segway is known for making some of the best and most-preferred scooters in the market today. Two such favourites are the Ninebot Max G30P and Ninebot Max G30LP.

Besides having one extra letter in its name, what makes the two Ninebot Max models different from each other? How would you know which suits you the best? All those and more can be answered by reading on. 

The Ninebot Max Range

There are many fantastic models in the Segway Ninebot electric scooter range, but none as favored by enthusiasts as the Ninebot Max. It’s not surprising that the company decided to improve on their masterpiece even further by creating not one, but two awesome Ninebot Max models.

Say hello to both:

The Ninebot Max G30P

segway max g30p

The Ninebot Max first came out in 2019 and quickly rose in popularity as many commuters preferred scooter. At the time of its debut, the first generation of the Ninebot Max was a pioneer in the long-distance capabilities of scooters on its level. Its top speed, climbing ability, regenerative braking system, and other cool features also contributed to its renowned fame. Today, it’s more known as the Ninebot Max G30P.

The Ninebot Max G30LP

segway max g30lp

By mid-2020, Segway introduced another Ninebot Max model in the form of the G30LP. Combining all the favorite features from the first model and a few innovative upgrades like self-healing tyres, additional power, and better shock absorption, it’s no wonder many riders are clamoring to get this new model as well.

How is the Ninebot Max G30P and G30LP Similar?

Being in the same series, both Ninebot Max models are really quite similar. What you love in the G30P will most definitely be present in the G30LP as well. After all, the G30LP is the G30P but with a few additional features.

Either way, the similar characteristics of the Max G30P and Max G30LP make them standouts in the market. Learn what keeps them apart from other scooters in their class:

The Rush & Experience

Though the Ninebot Max is primarily a commuter scooter, it does have a higher top speed capability than most of the commuter scooters in the market. When you get the unlocked Global Edition of the G30P and G30LP, you can zoom around city streets up to speeds of 30 kph. 

As far as commuter scooters go, it’s not the fastest but it does exceed most speed limits in certain cities. These unrestricted versions of the scooters make them well-capable for commuting and doubling as weekend recreational rides.

The Max also features 3 riding modes that have different speed limits depending on what kind of ride you want. Choose between ECO, Standard, and Sports mode; each progressively having faster speed limits as you go. There is another function that’s usually called a mode as well but isn’t really made for riding.

When you put your electric scooter in Power Assist, you can effortlessly move it about when you’re not riding. This is the most convenient when you’re using the Max as a last-mile commuter or when you’re storing it away. Power Assist makes it easy to roll the e-scooter while walking beside it, and even helps out a bit when you’re going up and down a flight of stairs or ramps.

Reliable Stopping

The braking system of the Ninebot Max might be simple by today’s standards but it still performs incredibly well. Both its front drum brake and rear regenerative brake are operated by a single lever. That way if one of the brakes fail, the other one will still function well.

This braking system allows you to enjoy a reliable and efficient braking distance of just 3.4 meters (anything below 4 meters can be considered good). What’s more, the combination of a drum and regenerative brake is fantastic not only because of their dependable performance but also because they are convenient.

Drum brakes are preferred by a lot of riders because they require zero maintenance. Because the brakes are completely shielded by the wheels, it’s protected from damage caused by the environment. They’re also known for working consistently well on wet surfaces which makes them safer to use. And don’t worry, even if the drum brake is in the front, you won’t topple over even if you brake suddenly.

The Ninebot Max’s other brake is an electric regenerative brake that recycles the energy from braking and distributes it back to your electric scooter whenever you need a boost. That way, you can enjoy an even longer range because of the additional power.

Consistent Connection

Like the many models in the Segway-Ninebot range, the Max G30P and G30LP can be connected to the Ninebot App via Bluetooth. With this, you can easily glimpse your riding stats and current battery power.

You can even upgrade your scooter’s firmware and keep a record of your riding data.

The Difference: Ninebot Max G30P vs. G30LP

Though both the G30P and G30LP are Ninebot Max models, they each have their own advantages that are unique to their version. At first glance, these differences may seem small and inconsequential. But they can really change the riding experience for you.

So take the time to know how both Ninebot Max models deviate from each other. It’ll help you better decide which Ninebot Max to get to fit your needs. 

Compact Size & Portability

When you eye the two Ninebot Max models side-by-side, one of their differences is already glaringly obvious. The Ninebot Max G30LP (Gen 2) is a few centimeters shorter than the G30P. Those precious centimeters allow the G30P to be roomier than its little brother. You can even double with a child (it’s that spacious).

Another difference is that the Ninebot Max G30LP weighs almost 2 kg lighter than the G30P (Gen 1). Don’t worry, though, both models are still incredibly portable. They can also carry above the recommended 100kg maximum load. Just don’t be surprised if you notice a reduction in performance.

Incredible Power 

Both the Ninebot Max G30P and G30LP feature 350W to 700W motors, but the G30LP has a slightly stronger brushless DC motor which can provide additional power that can slightly give your scooter a boost. Both the G30P and G30LP have brushless motors making them glide smoothly. 

Their high-performing motors make it possible for the Ninebot Max models to provide top-notch performance. Indeed, the Ninebot Max G30P (Gen 1) can climb hills with a 15% - 20% slope while the G30LP (Gen 2) can crush inclines with about a 20% slope. 

What’s more, both Ninebot Max versions have good acceleration. You can reach 25 kph in a short 5.4 seconds with the G30P (Gen 1), quick enough but not so fast that you’d fall off of your scooter. The G30LP can reach the same speed in 6.6 seconds.

Long-Distance Performance

As for their batteries, the Ninebot Max G30P (Gen 1) boasts a slightly more powerful battery at 551 Wh. The Max G30LP (Gen 2) has a 367 Wh battery for itself. 

The slight battery boost is what makes it possible for the Max G30P (Gen 1) to go longer distances of up to an impressive 65 km. That in it itself is remarkable for a scooter in this class. And though the Max G30LP (Gen 2) can only reach 40 km, that’s still twice as far as most commuter scooters.

Top-Notch Tyres

Both the Ninebot Max versions have A-rated 10-inch puncture proof pneumatic tyres that can keep your rides impressively smooth. But the Max G30LP (Gen 2) goes a bit above its big brother with upgraded features.

The G30LP’s tyres are designed to be self-healing and flat-free which better protects you from punctures and tears as you ride. What’s more, these tyres improve the suspension on this Ninebot Max model with upgraded shock absorption. Simply put, the G30LP provides slightly smoother rides when you drive.

Why You Should Get The Ninebot Max

Now that you know all the important features that make the Ninebot Max models perform as mightily as they do, it’s time to determine whether you should get them for yourself. Here are a few other features that make the Max G30P and Max G30LP great commuter scooter choices:

Lightweight & Convenient

The Ninebot Max models also feature the brand’s classic folding system which it is known for. In only 3 seconds your scooter can collapse into a more compact size through Segway’s fold and click method.

Since both versions are less than 20 kg, you can still carry it up and down stairs or bring it inside public transport. Each Ninebot Max version can fit in a small car trunk as well.

And if you find yourself needing a quick break, both models have a convenient kickstand that you can use to keep your scooter standing still and sturdy.

Effectively Safe

The Ninebot Max G30P and G30LP both have built-in front LED lights that effectively and efficiently illuminate your paths during nighttime wanderings. It also increases your visibility making it easier for other riders, drivers, and pedestrians to see you without leaving them blind and dazzled.

Another great safety feature that both Ninebot versions have is a waterproof rating of IPX5. This means you can ride them both in light rain and through shallow puddles without any problems. But, if you can, it’s still best to avoid riding when it’s showering outside.

All-Round Riding

The two Ninebot Max models are favourites among commuter scooters because they’re effective all-around urban rides. That means, they can drive through paved roads and footpaths almost effortlessly. They might even handle slightly rough trails with little problem.

Of course, it’s still best to know what the traffic and local laws are in your area to make sure that you’re sticking to them. Even if the Ninebot Max can handle the terrain, it’s a good idea to stick to places where you can legally ride them (but we won't tell if you don't...) ;)

Manual Option

The Ninebot Max is not a zero start scooter. Instead, it has a kick-to-start design. That means, you’ll have to manually kick-off to start zooming around. 

Besides that, you can also use the Ninebot Max as a regular kickscooter. This is a good option for you if there are too many people in the area. It’s quicker to stop and control your speed when using the scooter manually. 

Plus, having a manual option is a great emergency contingency if you ever find yoursel running out of battery.

Affordable Yet Powerful

While not the cheapest, both Ninebot Max models have a fairly affordable price tag for the high-quality build and performance that they’re capable of giving. If you’re someone who’s on a tight, mid-ranged budget, the Max G30P and a G30LP are fantastic choices. 

The many features in both models will definitely make every penny count and you’re sure to maximize the money you spent.

Which Ninebot Max Should You Get?

It really depends on what you comes down to personal preference. 

If you want a lighter scooter but with a lower range (perfect for short to mid-distance commuters looking for a last-mile ride), then you're better off with the Ninebot Max G30LP.

If you're looking to go farther distances and don't mind a slightly larger and slightly heavier scooter (or if you want to double around with your son or daughter), then the Ninebot Max G30P is your best bet. It's also a good option for riders who want their scooter to use as a recreational weekend ride.

Either way, you will surely love the riding experience you're bound to get when riding a Ninebot Max. And if you need a bit more cajoling, here are a few other reasons why you should get this beloved scooter:

Unlocked Edition

Both Ninebot Max models have the same top speed capabilities. But if you want to really make the best of each scooter’s ability, get the Unlocked Global Edition of either model. It increases your top speed from 25 kph to 30 kph.

Segway Accessories

It’s effortless to level up your safety and comfort when you start using accessories during your rides. A few good supplements to make riding fun and more comfortable are wearing a helmet, making use of a phone holder, or even adding a strap-on bag your little knick-knacks.

You can also keep your scooter safe and secure with scooter locks and carry bags.

No matter which accessory you get or don't get, the Ninebot Max is sure to make your commutes easier and more fun to do.

Product Comparison Guide

Max G30P Max G30LP
PRICE $1,299.00 $1,299.00
MAX. SPEED 30 kph 30 kph
MOTOR 350W - 700W Brushless motor 350W - 700W Stronger Brushless Direct Current Motor
RANGE 65 km 40 km
MAX. WEIGHT 100 kg 100 kg
WEIGHT 19.1 kg 17.5 kg

116.7 cm x 47.2 cm x 120.3 cm

116.7 cm x 47.2 cm x 53.4 cm

110.99 cm x 47.24 cm x 114.55 cm

110.99 cm x 47.24 cm x 53.34 cm
CLIMB ANGLE 15%-20% 20%
TYRES 10" Pneumatic, Puncher-Resistant 10" Upgraded Pneumatic Self-Healing, Flat-Free, with improved suspension
BRAKES Front Mechanical + Rear E-ABS Electronic  Front Mechanical + Rear E-ABS 

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