G30lp - Gen 2
G30lp gen 2 rear
G30lp gen 2 front side
G30lp gen 2 handle bars
G30lp gen 2 close up front
G30lp gen 2 close up rear
G30lp gen 2 folded
Zoom G30lp - Gen 2
Zoom G30lp gen 2 rear
Zoom G30lp gen 2 front side
Zoom G30lp gen 2 handle bars
Zoom G30lp gen 2 close up front
Zoom G30lp gen 2 close up rear
Zoom G30lp gen 2 folded

Ninebot Max G30LP Global Edition

$1,049.00 Regular price $1,299.00

The Segway Ninebot Max G30LP, the Second Generation Ninebot Max with the same incredible features is available NOW. 

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*Ships from Melbourne or Perth warehouses

How can you improve on perfection? The new Ninebot Max G30LP gets there with the next generation model of Segway's most popular electric scooter ever. It's core features include a brushless Gen 2 direct current motor for increased power, a sleek grey / black colour and lighter weight.

The G30LP still has the same incredible features of the G30P, however the new G30LP has core differences.

Core Features:

  • Gen 2 motor
  • Unrestricted, Unlocked Global Edition 30kmh Top Speed
  • Gen 2 Brushless Motor
  • Improved Shock Absorption
  • Lighter Weight at 17.5kg
  • Smaller size
  • Vibrant Grey & Black Colour
  • Upgraded Pneumatic Self-Healing Flat-Free Tyres With Improved Suspension
  • Range of 40km
  • Rear wheel drive for additional power
  • Four speed modes
  • Folds and clips allowing you to carry by the stem
  • Can also be kicked and ridden like a manual scooter

The G30LP is the perfect commuter scooter, and also fits easily in the car, train or bus.

Get the Ninebot Max G30LP now from Electric Kicks. 

Download the Segway Ninebot G30LP Electric Scooter instructions.


Download the Segway Ninebot G30LP Electric Scooter instructions.

G30lp - Gen 2

Ninebot Max G30LP Global Edition

$1,049.00 Regular price $1,299.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Lindsay Rutter
Get scooting Seniors!

We are seniors who enjoy walking and cycling and have now splashed out on Segway Ninebot electric scooters. They are great fun to ride and very convenient. Easy to take on trains or in the car and don’t take up much storage room. Riding them, though not aerobic exercise, is excellent balance practice. We find them most useful when out with young energetic grandchildren on their bikes. Better for keeping up with them and controlling them crossing roads.
The kids also think we are very cool now!

Andrew Mogg
G30LP Review

Bought this for the wife & she absolutely loves it. As with my other review build quality is high, setup easy & lots of fun. Thanks guys, good products, good service = happy wife = happy life

Caroline Everett
Big Wiz Kid!

Bought this scooter for my husband's birthday which he was delighted with. Easy to assemble and use. Solid construction and more versatile than eg a push bike, due to easily folding away and storing in the boot of any car. His mates are pretty envious! Also Chris at Electric Kicks was so helpful - first class customer service, thanks.

Great Product and Superb customer service.

The built is just right for a shortie like me. Sports mode allows me to arrive @ work on time.
It was just a spur of the momet purchase, but I love every screw. No regrets cause its a quality product.
Chris on the other hand is awesome, answers all queries and calls you and updates you from shipping to setting up. Highly recommend my ninebot max

John Louden
Great product

Works very well, love the way you can turn it by leaning (like a snowboard, surfboard etc) rather than needing to steer with your hands much. Great acceleration and top speed from the motor. Range in sport mode is more like 25km but that's sufficient for my needs.

Ash Ajith
Great Scooter

Love everything about the scooter. More than that, these guys have the best customer service I’ve experienced! Definitely coming back for more in the future.