Segway GT Series 2022 Ultimate Guide and Review

Segway GT Series 2022 Ultimate Guide and Review

Get ready to be immersed in the breathtaking world of the all-new, speedy Segway GT Series 2022! Two variants are available under the most powerful and sporty e-scooter lineup the brand has ever produced: the Segway GT1 and Segway GT2. With their insane speeds and fantastic range, this is the brand’s first foray into the adrenaline-rich territory of thrill-seekers. They won’t let you miss out on fun-filled getaways!

As an industry leader, Segway is no stranger to phenomenal craftsmanship that produces high-capacity, reliable electric scooters. If you’re up for an electrifying experience, you’re going to want to scroll through and learn more about the fastest scooters Segway has ever built. No doubt, your adventures won’t be the same anymore!

To get you excited, here’s a snippet of what to expect from both kicks:

Specs GT1 GT2
Top Speed 60 kph 70+ kph
Maximum Range 70 km  90 km
Motor 1400W 2 x 1500W
Battery Voltage 1008 Wh 1512 Wh
Charge Time 11 hrs w/ 1 charger 8 hrs

What To Expect From the GT Series 2022?

segway gt 1

As the flagship series of Segway in the ludicrous category, neither scooters hold back with their impressive specs and features. Their blazing performance will make your heart pound with their rousing rhythms. Are you ready to handle these beasts?

segway gt 2

Power and Speed

The Segway GT Series e-scooters are armed with powerful motors that allow for sensational pace. They’re designed to be highly efficient and provide maximum tempo that’ll certainly give you incredible momentum as you race through tough terrains. Without a doubt, you’ll experience zippy speeds regardless of pesky surface bumps!

What’s more, their spectacular motors put them on par with other fast rides such as the Apollo Phantom V2 and Kaabo Mantis Pro. Plus, with such high-powered performance, the GT2 can climb steep hills with a 30% incline. 

With a 1400W engine, the GT1 delivers an amazing 60 kph top speed and a quick acceleration from 0 to 50 kph in 7.5 seconds. As if that wasn't fast enough, the GT2 comes with a pair of 1500W motors that provide a super zippy speed of 70+ kph and goes from 0 to 50 kph in just 3.9 seconds. Surely, either one will give you a buzz like never before!

Riding Modes

Do you want to know one of the coolest things about the GT Series two-wheelers? Each one can be customised to suit your riding preferences. Depending on the situation (or your mood!), both e-scooters have several riding options you can select. Here are some tid-bits about each one:

  • Eco Mode - When your ride is in this mode, expect your speed to be limited to save energy/battery power. This is the best bet if you’re running low on battery and have no way of charging yet. It also helps extend your range when you ride at a slower speed
  • Sport and Race Modes - With nothing holding you back, these are the speed modes that let you go all-out. For the GT1, the Race option is the fastest you can go and experience its full-throttle.
  • BOOST Mode - Ready for a blasting speed? One of the most pronounced differences between the two scooters is the BOOST function as this can only be found on the GT2. Aside from reaching its top speed, you'll also experience its lightning-fast acceleration when this mode is engaged.
  • Walk Mode - If you feel like taking a break and just walking with your scooter, this is the choice for you. With this, the system can assist you to make pushing your ride easier with a limited 6 km/h speed. You’ll enjoy the convenience and relish your surroundings more!
  • Park Mode - Putting your ride in this function will essentially lock it. You’ll be unable to ride your e-scooter while in park mode.

With these different speed modes, the power is in your hands as to how you want to handle your scooter. The GT2 even has cruise control if you want to ride at a constant speed. Just remember that the battery might drain out faster if you’re going at full speed all the time. No worries though, it’ll still be one heck of a ride as even its Eco mode gives you substantial speed. 

Battery and Range

What’s a fast ride if you can’t enjoy it for hours? Luckily, that is not a problem for the GT Series! 

Featuring highly efficient batteries, both e-scooters are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Super exciting, right?

The GT1 packs a 1008Wh battery voltage whereas the GT2 has 1512Wh, so you can certainly relish your weekend getaways without being bothered to look for a charging station multiple times a day. Plus, with such capabilities, range will never be an issue as you can go for up to 90 km on a single charge. Now, that’ll surely keep your adrenaline-fuelled plans intact!

And if you do need to charge, it’ll only take 11 hours for the GT1 and 8 hours for the GT2. There's no better news for daredevils than this as this means either of these monstrous rides allows uninterrupted fun. Time to work on your endurance to keep up with these phenomenal scooters!

Suspension and Tyres

For adrenaline junkies, it’s no secret that exhilarating speed on such tough terrains can be physically demanding. Thankfully, the GT series are smooth operators! With their adjustable Double-Wishbone Front Suspension + Trailing-Arm Rear Suspension, your daring adventures will be filled with comfort and protection without compromising performance.

What’s more, it comes with adjustable hydraulic damping to keep you stable as you do your jumps and tricks on dirt trails. Without question, falling over face first won’t be an issue with Segway’s new flagship e-scooters!

But that’s not all! They’re both equipped with 11-inch self-healing pneumatic tyres that will certainly allow you to manoeuvre and control either with ease. If you've ever experienced the pure irritation & inconvenience scooter punctures bring, then this may have you sold on the GT Series already. 

And, they even have a jelly layer inside which lowers the risk for punctures and reduces the need for maintenance. With a tread width of 92 mm, the tyres offer seamless traction on any surface. Get ready to tackle any paved or off-road paths you encounter without hassle!


Regardless of any electric ride you choose, safety should always be at the top of your priority list. It’s no good to have the time of your life if it ends up being  too dangerous, right? Well, the Segway electric scooter lineup is known for its reliable safety features, and the Segway GT series is no different.

Featuring front and rear hydraulic brakes, both the GT1 and GT2 have superior stopping power that’ll make your riding experience a whole lot safer for you and those around you. Not only that, it’s equipped with double pistons and a 140mm ventilation disc for a better cooling system that prevents the brakes from overheating. 

With the GT Series, visibility is never a concern since they come fitted with non-blinding front and rear lights as well as LED DRL (Daytime Running Light). Plus, certified reflectors are integrated all around the scooters making it simple for others to spot you. No doubt, riding in the dark won’t be a threat to anyone!

And to make you feel even more secure, Electric Kicks stocks
O'neal helmets in Australia; namely, the awesome O'Neal 10SRS Elite Helmet. It’s an A-rated helmet that's specially designed for use during your most extreme adventures. With a fibreglass shell and oversized vents, you can conquer the toughest of terrains head-on without worries!

Display and Design

One of the most noticeable differences between both e-scooters are their LCD screens. A full-coloured dashboard display is available on the GT1, and a transparent PM OLED digital display is on the GT2 which definitely ups its cool factor. Every important tid-bit you need to maximise your riding experience is shown on the screen from the speed to the remaining power. Not only that, you can connect your scooter to Segway’s app through Bluetooth connection. Pretty convenient, right?

And when it comes to the design, Segway did not leave any stone unturned! Top-notch craftsmanship was at play to support these speed demons and provide unparalleled handling and stability. Both kicks are strengthened with aircraft-grade aluminium alloy frames, which greatly reduces the risk of damage.

On top of that, the widest footboards are made for the GT Series for better balance no matter how bumpy the trails are. The bigger and stronger build of the scooters allows the rider to steer and control them with ease. All parts have been created to make thrilling escapades a reality instead of having mundane weekends. 


Now, with a substantially larger frame, motors, and batteries to supply an immensely powerful performance, it’s no surprise the GT Series is the heaviest in Segway’s scooter lineup. But no need to agonise about it!

Despite a heavier load, both e-scooters include a folding mechanism to make it easier for riders to lift them. Of course, it still requires a bit of effort to carry, but it’s so much better than having none at all like other insanely fast kicks.

Overall Riding Quality

A GT Series electric scooter is a must-have for any adrenaline junkie, thanks to its high speed and incredible range. What’s more, a comfortable riding experience is within your grasp as they’re equipped with fantastic suspension and heavy-duty tyres to annihilate rugged off-road terrains. 

Even better, the Segway Dynamic Traction Control (STDC) on the GT2 provides improved grip and allows for better manoeuverability. There is no doubt that everything about this new "supercar"-like flagship series is crafted to engage in extreme activities that thrill-seekers crave. No wonder the GT Series e-scooters are so anticipated. What are you waiting for? Get Segway’s fastest scooter yet!
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