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Apollo Phantom V2

by Apollo
Original price $3,799.00
Original price $3,199.00 - Original price $3,799.00
Original price $3,799.00
Current price $3,399.00
$2,999.00 - $3,399.00
Current price $3,399.00
Save $400.00 Save $400.00
Brakes: Phantom 60V Hydraulic Brakes V2
  • product-top-speed 62 kph
  • product-maximum-range 64 km
  • product-weight 35 kg
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The moment we've all been waiting for is here. Experience the ride of your life with the impressive performance and top-notch upgrades of the Apollo Phantom. This electric scooter is unlike any other e-scooter because of its performance and commendable attention-to-detail. The Apollo Phantom V2 will revolutionise the way you ride!

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Apollo Phantom V2, the world's most anticipated electric scooter of 2021.

The Apollo Phantom V1 took Australian scootering to a whole new level, and V2 is set to change the game once more! 

Electric Kicks are proud to be exclusive distributors of Apollo Scooters in Australia, we stock all spare parts and accessories, and have a service team that can help with anything post purchase.

You've never experienced scooter riding like this before. The Apollo Phantom V2 is here to change the game. Thanks to its incredibly strong 1200W dual motors, you'll be able to traverse the roads up to speeds of 62 kph. Its strong Dynavolt battery allows you to reach far distances of up to 64 km. 

But even with incredibly powerful performance, what really puts Apollo Phantom V2 on top of the list is its many upgrades that the Apollo team incorporated thanks to thousands of customer feedback throughout the years. While you might find some of their upgrades simple and dull at first glance, you'll see just how much they can change the riding experience when you drive the Apollo Phantom around!

First things first, the Apollo Phantom V2 features an industry-first Quadruple Spring Suspension system, both in front and at the rear, for the best and smoothest shock absorption. It also has an incredibly reliable 160mm dual zoom hydraulic + regenerative braking system that provides better stopping power. 

Another unique feature of the Apollo Phantom is its HEX display, probably the biggest in the industry. It not only shows you riding stats but also provides real-time updates on the remaining mileage. 

The Apollo Phantom also makes riding at night easier with its high-mounted LED headlight, 2 front deck lights, 2 turn signals, and a rear footrest. Security during your rides is also improved with its double-reinforced stem and strong triple lock folding system. It even comes with a bag hook so you won't have to carry weight on your shoulders, literally!

Phantom V2 has also been upgraded with these improvements:

  • Upgraded throttle
  • Thicker, extra reinforced neck (9MM)
  • Tougher kickstand
  • Brighter LCD
  • Improved fitting body
  • Flush rear footrest
  • New controllers

Convinced yet? We sure are! The Apollo Phantom is definitely living up to the hype! 




    Apollo Phantom V2 (52V Hydraulic
     Apollo Phantom V2 (60V Hydraulic
    62 kph approx. 70 kph
    MOTOR 1200W, dual motors 1400W, dual motors
    RANGE 64 km 64 km
    MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 136 kg 136 kg
    WEIGHT 35 kg 35 kg
    BATTERY VOLTAGE 52V 23Ah 60V 21.3Ah (but more efficient than the 23Ah)
    Approx. 12 hrs (6 hrs with fast charger/2 regular chargers) Approx. 12 hrs (6 hrs with fast charger/2 regular chargers)

    Up to 25 Degrees Up to 25 Degrees
    CONTROLLER 2 x 25 amp 2 x 25 amp
    SUSPENSION Quadruple Spring Suspension Quadruple Spring Suspension
    TYRES 10" x 3.25" Hybrid Pneumatic 10" x 3.25" Hybrid Pneumatic
    OFFROAD Paved roads and light trails Paved roads and light trails
    BRAKES 160 mm Zoom Hydraulic + Regenerative Brakes 160 mm Zoom Hydraulic + Regenerative Brakes
    • Upgraded throttle
    • Thicker, extra reinforced neck (9MM)
    • Tougher kickstand 
    • Brighter LCD
    • Improved fitting body
    • Flush rear footrest
    • New controller
    • Upgraded throttle
    • Thicker, extra reinforced neck (9MM)
    • Tougher kickstand 
    • Brighter LCD
    • Improved fitting body
    • Flush rear footrest
    • New controller

    More Specs

    • Powerful 1200W dual motors (1600W Peak)
    • IP54 Water Proofing
    • High-capacity Dynavolt battery
    • 62 kph Top Speed with insane acceleration (70kmh+ with 60V)
    • 64 km Maximum Range
    • 136 kg Maximum Rider Weight
    • Eco/Turbo switch
    • Dual 160mm Zoom Hydraulic + regenerative brakes)
    • Adjustable Proprietary Quadruple Spring Suspension system
    • Proprietary HEX display (3-inches wide)
    • Double reinforced stem
    • Triple lock folding system
    • High-mounted 1000 Lumen headlight + 2 front deck lights
    • 2 Rear turn signals + rear footrest light
    • 3 riding modes
    • Bag hook




    Watch the Apollo Phantom in action:




    All Apollo scooters have an industry-leading warranty comprised of a 24 month warranty - 12 month warranty + 12 month cost price servicing and spare parts. For more information, please see our warranty page.




    Electric Kicks ships out your order through Priority Express couriers, free of charge, anywhere in Australia. No minimum order required. Generally orders are shipped the same day if ordered before 12pm.

    Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, usual delivery time takes:

    Melbourne - 1-2 days

    Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide - 1-2 days

    Perth - 1-2 days (5-7 days if not shipped from our Perth warehouse)

    New South Wales - 1-3 days

    South Australia - 1-3 days

    Brisbane & the rest of Queensland - 3-4 days, depending on location from the main city

    Tasmania - 3-5 days

    Cairns - 5-7 days

    Darwin - 7 days

    Disclaimer: Once the order has shipped we have very little control over delays with shipping. We will do our best to help support and follow up during these times. Shipping times are an estimate and can vary depending on factors outside of our control.








    What is the difference between the 52V and 60V Apollo Phantom?

    The main difference between the Apollo Phantom 52V and 60V is its speed. With the additional increase in torque, the Apollo Phantom 60V's top speed can go about 7 kph to 10 kph faster than the 52V's 62 kph.

    What is the difference between regular brakes and hydraulic brakes?

    The advantage of hydraulic brakes over regular brakes is their efficiency. It requires less pressure on the braking levers to provide equal amounts of stopping power versus regular mechanical brakes. Hydraulic brakes are also sealed so you’re in no danger of having road contaminants stuck in your braking system.

    Does the Apollo Phantom have dual motors?

    The Apollo Phantom does have dual motors which you can turn on and off at any time. We recommend engaging the dual motors on hills and when you want to go faster. Dual motors give the Phantom incredible speed and acceleration.

    Does the Apollo Phantom have a Zero Start function?

    Yes, by default the Apollo Phantom will accelerate as soon as you press the throttle, without kicking the scooter forward manually first.

    Can the Apollo Phantom be clipped and carried?

    Yes, although the Phantom is heavier than other scooters in the Apollo range, you can still clip the stem to the rear of the scooter and the Apollo Phantom can be picked up and carried. This makes it still portable.

    What makes the Apollo Phantom different (from other Apollo scooters)?

    The Apollo Phantom has many one-of-a-kind features that you won't see on other scooter models. Some of these are:
    Quadruple Spring Suspension
    3-inch wide HEX display (shows real-time remaining mileage)
    Dual 160mm disc brakes
    High-mounted 1000 Lumen headlight
    2 Front deck lights
    2 turning signals
    Double-reinforced stem
    Triple Lock folding system
    Bag hook

    Does the Apollo Phantom have a fast charger?

    Yes there is a fast charger available, please check the fast charger accessory product page for availability

    Why does the Apollo Phantom have 2 charging ports?

    The Apollo Phantom has two charging ports because you have the option of using 2 regular chargers to reduce charging time. Similarly, you can get the shorter charging time by using 1 fast charger.

    Does the Apollo Phantom come with a charger?

    Yes, the Apollo Phantom comes with 1 regular charger. You can get an extra charger or a replacement fast charger to shorten charging time.

    What is the difference between a regular charger and a fast charger?

    The Apollo Phantom comes with 1 regular charger which you can use to charge the scooter. It takes about 12 hours for it to fully charged. If you use 2 regular chargers at the same time, you can shorten the charge time to 6 hours. 1 fast charger can do the same 6-hour charging time, but it has to be used alone. Don't use 2 fast chargers at the same time.

    How do you unlock the top speed of the Apollo Phantom?

    You need to enter P Settings, press the up and down arrows at the same time. Cycle through to P08 and adjust to 100 using the main button. You can now ride up to the Phantom's top speed.

    Does the Apollo Phantom come with a thumb throttle?

    Yes, the Apollo Phantom already comes with a thumb throttle.

    Can I ride the Apollo Phantom off-road?

    Yes, the Apollo Phantom can be ridden on both street and off-road terrain thanks to its strong dual motors and 10-inch hybrid tyres.

    Does the Apollo Phantom have a bell or horn?

    The Apollo Phantom comes with a bell.

    Is the Apollo Phantom a good fit for tall people?

    Yes, the Apollo Explore's stem is 110 cm in height.

    Product Specs

    • Weight (kg) 35 kg
    • Top speed (kph) 62 kph
    • Carry Load (kg) 136 kg
    • Tyres Hybrid Pneumatic
    • Tyre Size (inch) 10 inch by 3.25 inch
    • Brakes 160 mm Dual Disc + Regenerative Brakes OR 160 mm Nutt Hydraulic + Regenerative Brakes
    • Water Resistance IP54
    • Range (km) 64 km
    • RRP ($) 2,899.00
    • Suspension Quadruple Spring
    • Portability Foldable
    • Hill climb Up to 25 Degrees


    Water Resistant (IP54)

    Water Resistant (IP54)

    High Powered

    High Powered

    Built Strong

    Built Strong

    Perfect For Thrill Seekers

    Long Range

    Long Range

    Built-In Suspension

    Built-In Suspension

    Free Shipping Australia Wide

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Elizabeth Arentz
    It’s a firecracker!

    Much bigger than I expected but it’s m really solid and w a bit of practice it won’t take me long to be confident. Very well built

    Jack Phteven
    Absolutely met expectations

    Excellent service & delivery with the Apollo Phantom exceeding expectations.

    Not your first scooter :)

    Just over 500km on the odo so still on the newer end.

    The machine:
    Motor noise was a surprise - the Return of the Jedi speeder noise doesn't seem that far fetched anymore :P Despite its power I actually feel far safer on this than my previous Apollo city v1. Far better grip on the road and rock solid breaks (didn't feel unsafe on the city this is just much better tho). Left (rear) hydraulic break handle is spongier than I would have liked and I miss the simplicity of a cable but it works well and this seems to be common. Everything is solid and feels premium, I check every ride but have yet to adjust/tighten the front stem or almost anything really.

    The experience:
    Initially felt a bit pre-mid life crisis-ey buying this only a few months after my City but glad I didn't start with this. It took some tweaking with the power and acceleration settings to get it just right. I'm not a bully by nature but feel like one on this on my way to work! It can definitely feel on the aggressive side if you are sharing the path with lots of other users - personally recommend lvl 2 accel. The throttle is a bit on the I/0 side, trying to sustain anything less than full throttle isn't really viable unless you work and live on opposite ends of an ultra smooth well maintained runway - thus worth tweaking power settings to reign in the max output if too much powah! Had the misfortune of being caught in heavy rain and the fenders worked a treat with the only water coming from the rain itself. Definitely don't plan for rain riding tho! Absolutely destroys the steepest hills in my area (which are steep) and almost ignores the ridiculous winds we get here (Perth).

    Last bit:
    Don't wait for the V3 just buy the upgrade when it comes, I was hanging out for it but realised between overseeing the new City roll out and china supply woes I could be waiting till 2023. And don't feel bad if considering getting the 52v instead of the 60v, the 52 is PLENTY of machine for any conceivable lawful 😇 reason.

    Eugene Dowling
    Excellent service great staff AWESOME SCOOTER

    Brought the apollo phantom v2 cannot write in words how good this scooter is plus the staff were very knowledgeable and super helpful. 10/10

    George Wilson
    Fast but furious.

    Great machine.
    Tech is up there but V3 promises more.
    Less clutter on bars (like regen thumb as on ninebot) and front indicators ( tho could be higher with an ablative guard on bar ends.
    Indicators could also have a bluetooth function that would go with the LIVALL helmet or such accessories.
    So looking forward to that.
    Only 3 minor fails in my opinion.
    On arrival 2 of the allen screws be hind the headlamp missing for handle bar clamps.
    So had to go after market.

    Bell broke off first day so toy siren added.
    May be illegal but is fun.
    Side stand bent trying to do an old motorcycle trick of side stand swivel turn for confined spaces.
    Straightened but will pick up next time.
    Looking forward to the future.

    Samuel Bourne

    This thing is an absolute beast. If you're not ready for it the front wheel will spin hard when you hit the throttle. It does wheel stands and stoppies. Handles great. Already stacked it and having a blast. It's like riding a jet ski on the road. Best purchase ever!