The Segway Power Station Cube is Here in Australia: What It Is and Why You Should Get It

The Segway Power Station Cube is Here in Australia: What It Is and Why You Should Get It

Once again, Segway, the globally acclaimed brand that brought us innovations like the Segway MAX G2, pushes the boundaries of technology with the launch of its newest game-changer: the Segway Power Station Cube. 

Electric Kicks is proud to be the first in Australia to offer the Segway Power Station Cube, which marks another step towards our goal of bringing groundbreaking technology to Australian homes and businesses. We are excited to see how the Power Cube redefines our power solutions and transforms the way we access and utilise energy.

You’re probably wondering: How is the Segway Power Station Cube any different from other portable power stations?

What sets the Segway Power Station Cube apart is its cordless expandability. Available in two options, the Cube 1000 and Cube 2000, its power capacity can scale up to an impressive 5kWh. Check out our guide here to learn how to make the most of this massive capacity.

And the expansion process is remarkably simple: just stack the battery packs and secure them with a few screws. That's it—no tangled cords or cumbersome cables required.


Segway Power Station Cube 1000

Segway Power Station Cube 2000







This compact and mess-free power station brings convenience to the way you power your appliances and charge your devices, whether you’re indoors, in your car, or venturing into the great outdoors. 

But beyond its modular design, much thought has gone into the overall engineering of the Segway Power Station Cube. It has been crafted for real-world resilience—it’s lifeproof, weatherproof, exceptionally safe, and unwaveringly reliable.

If you're curious about how the Segway Power Station Cube outshines other portable power stations, keep reading. 

Features of the Segway Power Station Cube

The name Segway has been synonymous with premium quality, earning a solid reputation for delivering excellent products that consistently meet customer expectations. 

Carrying this legacy and dedication forward is the Segway Power Station Cube.

Segway Power Station Cube
Segway Power Station Cube 1000

Self-Developed LiFePO4 Batteries

The Segway Power Station Cube is powered by Segway’s self-developed EV-grade and UL-certified LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries. 

With a lifespan that can support over 4,000 charging cycles (compared against other battery cells with 800 cycles), they are expected to last even after ten years of normal usage.

The Power Cube also boasts a comprehensive ten-layer BMS (Battery Management System) that protects the device against a wide range of potential hazards, like:

  • Overcharging
  • Overcurrent
  • Over-discharge
  • Overvoltage
  • Short-circuits

Additionally, it adds intelligent features like battery balancing, accurate power calculation, automatic sleep, and pre-charging protection.

Powerful Output

Designed to meet the demands of modern living, the Segway Power Station Cube is well-equipped to keep your home powered at all times. Packing a punch with its 2200W AC output, it effortlessly handles any appliance, from your TV to your microwave to even your refrigerator. 

Aside from this exceptional power output, the Power Station Cube comes with a 4400W surge capability that acts as a safety net to ensure the safe and smooth operation of appliances and tools. Whether you’re firing up a power-hungry appliance or using power tools to finish a DIY project, you can rely on the Power Station Cube.

12 Power Output Sockets

Segway Power Station Cube

Despite its compact size, the Segway Power Station Cube is able to incorporate 12 power output sockets and ports to handle all your power needs, allowing you to operate appliances and charge multiple devices at the same time. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Two DC outlets (13.6V/5A)
  • Three AC outlets
  • One car outlet
  • Two 100W type-C outlets
  • Four 18W USB-A outlets

To keep you informed of your power usage, the Power Cube also has an LCD display that shows real-time power consumption data, so you can monitor and manage your energy usage. 

Rapid Charging Capabilities

If you thought its impressive power output would surely translate to long charging hours, you’d be wrong. The Segway Power Station Cube’s fast charging capabilities allow up to 1kW recharging in a mere 1.2 hours. 

Here’s a quick chart to show how fast you can recharge the Power Cube from zero to 100%:

Cube 1000 (AC Charging)

1.2 hours

Cube 2000 (AC Charging)

1.8 hours

Uninterrupted Power Supply

An excellent and reliable source of power backup for your home, the Segway Power Station Cube swiftly activates in the event of a power outage, taking only 0.03 seconds to deliver stored power to keep your lights and appliances on. 

Weather-Proof and Life-Proof

While it’s perfectly fine to use the Segway Power Station Cube indoors, its tough and durable design begs for adventure beyond the comfort of your home. See, the Power Cube sports a tough Mecha design, encasing the battery cells in a high-performance magnesium alloy AM60B shell, which offers complete protection against the elements.

The battery pack sports an IP56 water-resistance rating, made complete with sealants and waterproof films. With this rating, you can bring your Power Station Cube with you outdoors, knowing it can handle rain and wet conditions and provide consistent performance under any conditions.

Aside from being water-resistant, the Segway Power Station Cube also features 8-zone temperature controls that intelligently adjust the output during extreme (too high or too low) temperatures. Completing the Cube’s weatherproof attributes are its 8 environmental protections against the following:

  • Mould
  • Moisture
  • Salt spray
  • High temperatures
  • Vibrations
  • Water electric arcs
  • CAF (conductive anodic filament)

Tested for Safety and Quality

All of these features would be meaningless if the Segway Power Station Cube were not safety tested. Fortunately, it has been proven to handle demanding usage, undergoing rigorous tests to demonstrate the following:

  • Crush resistance
  • Multi-directional drop resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Shock resistance

To see these in action, we highly recommend watching this Segway video, which shows the Segway Power Station Cube being put to the test in extreme conditions.

Seamless App Integration

Finally, the Segway Power Station Cube leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance the way it delivers power. With the Segway Smart App, you can easily control your input and output functions and monitor your power consumption in real time, so you can stay in total control of your energy usage.

Power Station Cube

Segway Power Station Cube 2000

Who Needs a Segway Power Station Cube

Though Segway is primarily an e-mobility company, the Segway Power Station Cube is a versatile power source that can be used by anyone, regardless of whether or not they own an electric scooter or ride.

Consider the Segway Power Station Cube if you need:

An emergency power backup at home

Even if power outages are a rare occurrence in your area, it's still important to be prepared. Remember that most outages happen unexpectedly, disrupting your daily routine and causing data loss, missed deadlines, and other inconveniences. On top of that, prolonged power outages run the risk of food spoilage.

That said, the Segway Power Station Cube is your best option for emergency power backup, with its high power output, rapid recharging time, UPS, and power surge protection. It will keep your lights on and your appliances running, no matter what.

A power station for your laptop and other electronic equipment

If you work remotely—or if you are planning to do so—you know the importance of keeping your devices and equipment running at all times. This is not always an easy feat, especially if you’re working on the road or in an area with limited access to electricity or power outlets.

Whether you’re working with laptops and computers or photography and filming equipment, the Segway Power Station Cube delivers enough power to support your workflow and keep you connected wherever you are.

An outdoor power source for off-grid activities

Wanderlusts crave the thrill of new experiences and exploring new places. If this sounds like you, you might be all too familiar with the challenges of keeping your appliances and devices powered in remote locations. You see, while going off the grid is exciting, easy access to electricity can make it even more fun and enjoyable. 

Remember that the Segway Power Station Cube shines the most in extreme environments, handling drops, shocks, and different weather conditions like a champ. Hence, no matter what your preferred off-grid activity is—whether it’s camping, hiking, caravaning, or boating—the Power Cube is tough enough to fuel your adventures.

An easy way to recharge your electric rides

Lastly, if you frequently ride your electric scooter or electric bike, you would know that finding a suitable charging station can be difficult at times. This is especially true in suburban or rural areas where there are few charging stations available. 

Then again, even if you’re riding in the metro, charging stations in public places like parks and shopping malls are often occupied, which can be frustrating if you need to recharge your ride right away.

The Segway Power Station Cube offers a convenient solution to this problem. This portable power station can be used to recharge your electric scooter or e-bike anywhere, without the need for a traditional power outlet.

Segway Power Station Cube vs. Competitors

Though it’s not the first of its kind, the Segway Power Station Cube outperforms other portable power stations that have been on the market for a longer time. Here’s how the Power Cube fares against its known competitors:





Battery type




Battery capacity

2,048 Wh

2,160 Wh

2,048 Wh

Charging cycle

4,000+ cycles

1,000+ cycles

3,500+ cycles

Charging time

1.8 hours

2 hours

5.5 hours


Cordless expansion


Corded expansion

Ports and outlets




AC output




USB-A output

18W x 4

18W x 2

18W x 2

Type-C output

100W x 2

100W x 2

100W x 2

AC input




IP protection




Smart app 




Unit weight

16.1 kg

19.5 kg

28.1 kg





Both the Jackery Explorer and the Bluetti portable power stations have their merits—for example, the Jackery has the highest battery capacity while the Bluetti has the most number of ports—but when it comes to charging time, expandability, and IP protection (among other things), the Segway Power Cube maintains its edge over the competition.

Considering these winning features and premium components, it’s also truly impressive how Segway has succeeded in maintaining the Power Cube’s unit weight at a minimum while offering it at such an affordable price.

In other words, the Segway Power Station Cube outshines its competitors in the things that truly matter. 

Wrapping Up

The much-awaited Segway Power Station Cube has arrived in Australia, and there’s no one else offering it at the moment but Electric Kicks. If you are keen on getting your own reliable and lifeproof portable power station, secure one now while we still have stock!

Call our team today at 1300 054 257 to learn more about the Power Cube and how to order one for yourself. 

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