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Segway Kids Zing E10 Electric Scooter

by Segway
Original price $579.00
Original price $579.00 - Original price $579.00
Original price $579.00
Current price $499.00
$499.00 - $499.00
Current price $499.00
Save $80.00 Save $80.00
  • product-top-speed 16 kph
  • product-maximum-range 10 km
  • product-weight 8.5 kg
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Imagine the entire family and fun adventures that await, not to mention being the coolest kid around (do kids still say cool?) The Zing E10 is a safe, stylish and exciting e-scooter specifically designed with the modern young person in mind.




The New Zing E10 By Segway Is The Ultimate Kids Electric Scooter

Get ready to level up your family outdoor activity! Now everyone can enjoy the fun of electric scooters with the new range from Segway that kids are going crazy for, introducing the Zing E10.

The Zing is super light at 8.5kg and portable, folding and clipping with one foot press. Top speed will hit a respectable 16kmh, but can be pre-set to different modes including safety (reduced to 10kmh), cruise (activity based acceleration) and sports mode (16kmh). Set the different speed modes depending on age and level, or work their way up as they gain in confidence!

Speaking of cruising, one of the great features about the Segway E10 is the activity triggered "cruise control" mode, which accelerates more and more with every physical "kick" forward. This is one of the speed mode options that can be easily pre-set with a click of a button. Fitness and active lifestyle? Check!

The Segway Zing is built for various surfaces including flat, bumps, grass and gravel, with spring loaded shock absorption, and with both mechanical and electric brakes stopping is a breeze.

Segway Zing E10 Kids Riding

The Zing E10 is recommended for kids 8 to 13 years old*, but that's not to say younger kids outside of that will be able to handle it, especially with the various speed options. For those with younger kids, try the Segway Zing E8

*Note that suitable age range may vary depending on the height, weight and confidence of the rider. Please call us if you would like any advice. 

Let's look at the Zing E10 in more detail:

The unique cruise control system that goes faster each time you kick, giving the additional benefit of inbuilt fitness activity into the ride. 

Segway Zing E10 Kick Cruise Control

The Segway Zing E10 features a spring shock absorption system designed to handle bumps, dirt, grass and other elements to create a smooth and safe ride. 

Segway Zing E10 Suspension

The anti-skid foot pad offers safety and comfort, is easy to clean and stable. 

Segway Zing E10 Base

Comfortable anti-skid grips allow for comfort and safety, and are easy to clean.

Segway Zing E10 Handle Bars

The throttle is controlled by thumb press, with medium resistance allowing speed control without sacrificing fun.

Segway Zing E10 Throttle Acceleration

Easily switch between three riding modes based on different skill levels. This includes sports, cruise and safety modes. Work their way up through different levels as they grow in confidence.

Zing E10

Reflective stickers allow for additional safety and visibility

Segway Zing E10 Kids Electric Scooter

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Segway Zing E10
7" Anti-skid tubeless tires, synthetic rubber base material
Light weight - only 8.5kg
Electrical and mechanical braking
Easy-fold with one quick step 
16kmh max speed with three speed modes (*Safety, Cruise and Sport Mode). *10km limit in safety mode. 
Up to 5 Degrees (small to medium inclines)
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) Unfold: Approx. 36.0 × 15.7 × 37.4 in (915 × 400 × 950 mm)
Fold: Approx. 38.6 × 15.7 × 12.6 in (980 × 400 × 320 mm)
CRUISE CONTROL Cruise control mode accelerates faster with each kick
130–160 cm
RECOMMENDED TERRAIN Flat surface, paved road, obstacles
CHARGE TIME Approx. 4 h
BATTERY PROTECTION Over-heating, short circuit, over-current and over-charge protection
BATTERY TYPE Lithium-ion battery
POWER Max 200 W / Nominal 150 W
FRAME MATERIAL Aluminum-alloy
  • Has power modes for all confidence levels
  • Suitable for ages 8 to 14 years
  • Top speed is 16kmh
  • Max. rider weight is 60kg
  • Has basic waterproofing with IPX4 rating, which means you can ride in the rain, but avoid if possible
  • Anti-skid foot pad and handlebar grips
  • Spring shock absorption
  • Thumb press throttle
  • Cruise Control mode








We offer a 1 year warranty on all our electric scooters. For more information, please see our warranty page.




Electric Kicks ships out your order through Priority Express couriers, free of charge, anywhere in Australia. No minimum order required. Generally orders are shipped the same day if ordered before 12pm.

Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, usual delivery time takes:

Melbourne - 1-2 days

Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide - 1-2 days

Perth - 1-2 days (5-7 days if not shipped from our Perth warehouse)

New South Wales - 1-3 days

South Australia - 1-3 days

Brisbane & the rest of Queensland - 3-4 days, depending on location from the main city

Tasmania - 3-5 days

Cairns - 5-7 days

Darwin - 7 days

 Once the order has shipped we have very little control over delays with shipping. We will do our best to help support and follow up during these times. Shipping times are an estimate and can vary depending on factors outside of our control.




Download the Segway Kids Zing E10 instructions. 



What age is the Segway Zing E10 appropriate for?

The Segway Zing E10 is a great scooter for kids ages 8 to 14.

How fast does the Segway Zing E10 go?

The Segway Zing E10 can go as fast as 16 kph.

What range does the Zing e10 have?

The Segway Zing E10 has a great 10 km maximum range, this depends on factors like rider weight, terrain and riding style.

How do kids accellerate on the Zing E10?

There are three accelleration modes on the Zing E10 - First is with the throttle by pressing it with your thumb. Second mode of accelleration is by kicking the scooter forward, each kick will speed up the scooter faster combining exercise and fun! Third is the 'sports' mode which takes the scooter to the top speed. You can access these modes by pressing the on button and hearing the 'beep' noises.

Can you clip and carry the Zing E10?

Yes, you can clip and carry the scooter by pressing the leaver at the base of the stem. The stem will fold over and lock into place. Then you can carry the E10 scooter by the stem.

Both lights are flashing and beeping. What does this mean?

The beeping and flashing happens when the battery has low charge. Please check all charger plugs (including the adaptor plug) to make sure they are securely in place and all the connections are fitted properly. Try also giving it a good charge for around 5 hours and then try again.

If the scooter continues to beep, please send us an email.

Does the Segway Zing E10 you stock come with Australian specification?

The Segway Zing E10 is compliant to Australian standards. Segway (international) confirmed the adapter plug provided with the Zing scooters is SAA compliant (AU certified).

Here are the specs:

Input Voltage 100 - 240V
Output Voltage 25.2 V
Output Current 0.8A
Output Power 20.16W (0.02 kW)

Is the Segway Zing E10 waterproof?

The Segway Zing E10 is water resistant. It has an IP rating of IPX4 which means you can ride in rain but should still avoid it.

Can you ride the Segway Zing E10 off-road?

You can ride the Segway Zing E10 on flat roads and short, grassy grounds, but not on really rough terrain.

Can two kids or people ride the Segway E10 at the same time?

While the Segway Zing E10 can handle a maximum load of 60 kg, it is inadvisable to ride double on it. Please do not let your kids attempt this.

Can you add a seat to the Segway Zing E10?

No, the Segway Zing E10 does not have a compatible seat attachment.

What lock would work with the Segway Zing E10?

Any scooter lock can be used with the Segway E10. If you're looking for a durable and secure combination lock, pair it up with the Segway Scooter Lock also available on our website.

Help, my Zing E10 is flashing and it has stopped working, what do I do?

Most issues with the Zing E10 can be solved by doing a reset. To do this, turn the scooter on, and then hold the throttle and the break at the same time for around 10 seconds, or until the lights go green. Additionally, please check your charger as this could be the issue. If you plug the charger in and the light on the charger is green without being fully charged, you may need a replacement charger.

Product Specs

  • Weight (kg) 8.5 kg
  • Top speed (kph) 16 kph
  • Carry Load (kg) 60 kg
  • Tyres Anti-Skid, Tubeless, Synthetic Rubber
  • Tyre Size (inch) 7 inch
  • Brakes Electric + Mechanical
  • Water Resistance IPX4
  • Range (km) 10 km
  • RRP ($) 599
  • Suspension Spring
  • Portability Foldable
  • Hill climb Up to 5 Degrees




Perfect For Kids

Perfect For Kids

Safe Riding

Safe Riding

Built Strong

Water Resistant (IPX4)

Water Resistant (IPX4)

Easy Storage

Easy Storage

Free Shipping Australia Wide