Buying Electric Scooters in Sydney

Looking to buy an Electric Scooter or Ride in Sydney? Read on!

If you're in Sydney and are looking to get some wheels for fun, you're in the right place. Here, at Electric Kicks, you can choose from a well-curated line-up of electric scooters fit for all types of riding!

Whether you're hoping to do a few rounds in the park or are itching to go exploring off-road, we can help you find your perfect e-scooter fit! 

But before you go zooming around on your electric scooter in Sydney, there are a few things you need to know and keep in mind. We've compiled a short summary below to help you get started.

Why Ride an E-Scooter in Sydney?

Probably the biggest reason why many riders choose to buy an electric scooter in Sydney is because of the increasing problem in traffic. Who would want to get stranded on the road for hours just to go to one place? 

With an electric scooter, it's easier to move around and avoid traffic congestions. Plus, you can also save up on petrol and parking.

But another awesome reason to get an e-scooter in Sydney is for maximum fun. There are many parks and tracks around the city that's perfect for going all out when riding your new set of wheels. If you're someone who grew up kicking a foot scooter around, then this electric ride will have you feeling nostalgic (but in a more upgraded way, since you can go faster than ever before!).

Are E-Scooters Good For Sydney Climate?

Yes, definitely! You can go riding in Sydney all year-round as the city has a relatively dry climate. Winter in the city isn't too harsh as well, so you can still ride your electric scooters out as long as you practice proper maintenance and care. 

However, thunderstorms tend to happen at the latter end of the year so be prepared to hunker down and store your e-scooters by then. While you can still go out on slightly wet terrain, it's best to avoid riding in rain and over puddles. If you can, try not to ride in wet conditions often as your scooter is still electrical by design.

Can You Ride E-Scooters in Sydney?

Here's what everybody's asking these days: is it legal to ride electric scooters in Sydney?

That depends on where you're riding it. There are still many places around Sydney where you can maximise riding your wheels. In fact, here are a few spots that you could check out:

  • Sydney Park
  • Ryde Park Scooter Track 
  • Heffron Pedal Park
  • Wheelie Park
  • Campbelltown Bicycle Education & Road Safety Centre
  • Off-road trails

If you want to be doubly sure about electric scooter Sydney law requirements, it's best to contact your local government. In general, our Sydney-based customers find that as long as you're riding responsibly and wearing a helmet, chances are you won't be bothered.

Top E-Scooters for Sydney and NSW

Now that you know more about riding in Sydney, it's time to choose which scooter to bring back home.

Let's get the help of our customers from Sydney and see which ones they preferred:

Segway Ninebot Max G30P

segway ninebot max g30p electric scooter

Segway F40

segway f40 electric scooter

Apollo Explore

apollo explore electric scooter

Apollo Ghost

apollo ghost electric scooter

Apollo Phantom

apollo phantom electric scooter


SPECIAL MENTION goes to the Segway Go Kart Pro and Segway Go Kart Pro - Lamborghini Edition for being among the Top Most Bought Electric Rides from Sydney.

Electric Scooter Repairs in Sydney

A common concern about getting electric scooters away from the city or online is servicing and repairs. Happy to say, we've got you covered.

We have a few repair specialists based in Sydney who can help you maintain or repair your electric ride whenever it's needed. All you need to do is give us a call or email, and we'll connect you to them.

And if you're not sure about what needs to be done or if you want to try out repairing your scooter by yourself, we can help with that, too. Again, just call or send an email, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Where to buy electric scooters in Sydney

Electric Kicks ships express anywhere in Australia (including Sydney and NSW) so you can get your scootering needs from us. 

And the best part? You wouldn't need to leave the comforts of home! You can just scroll conveniently through our e-scooter collection, see what they look like, discover their specifications, and more. You can even compare scooter models side by side!

If that's not enough, you can also ask for our team to help you pick the best scooter for your kind of riding. You can call us directly 0452054257, send a message at, or use our contact form. 

Then, all you have to do is wait for your scooter to arrive on your doorstep!

Shipping to Sydney

You might think that shipping such a bulky package might cost you a pretty penny. Think again!

Electric Kicks will ship your electric scooter and accessories for FREE, with no minimum amount required.

Shipping to Sydney and NSW doesn't take too long as well. Estimated delivery time is about 1 to 3 days once your order ships out from our warehouse. And then, you're ready to roll!

Ready to order? View our entire range of electric scooters and rides available with fast free shipping to Sydney.