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commuter vs extreme scooter guide

Commuter vs. Extreme Scooters: Which Should You Get?

Electric scooters are fast becoming a top choice for many riders. But not all riders need or want scooters for the same reason. And that’s why electric scooters today have such an expansive line. The only questions left are: What electric scooter suits you the best? And how do you go about choosing The One?

In this article, you’ll be able to learn about two of the most popular electric scooter types: the commuter and the extreme scooter. Discover what makes each scooter type different and how it can help you with the kind of riding experience you want.

Commuter Scooters: A Rundown

Simply put, a commuter scooter is designed for daily travels through urban streets and residential neighbourhoods. The purpose of these scooters is to get you from point A to point B with minimal hassle (as opposed to public transport & owning your own vehicle). They are also designed to stay within the rules and regulations when riding out in public spaces.

As such, commuter scooters aren’t most concerned about speed. Their more beneficial features are:

  • Size

The best commuter scooters tend to be compact. This makes it easy for riders to store them during any point of the commute, be it at home, under your office desk, or even when riding public transport.

  • Portability

Besides being compact, commuter scooters tend to be lightweight as well. This makes it easier for you to lift your ride on staircases, buses, trains, and other parts of the city that are too cramped for safe riding.

  • Range

More than speed, the range is a feature that most daily riders need to look further into. Of course, you’d want to be able to ride your electric scooter as far as possible. Long ranges will help with your peace of mind. You won’t have to worry whether or not your scooter will suddenly stop in the middle of your journey.

But, of course, there are different kinds of commutes as well. Electric scooters are still useful even if you don’t ride them door to door (or the whole way).

Last Mile Electric Scooters

Not all commuters need their own rides for their entire travel. But going to bus stops and train stations or riding the last leg of your journey to school or work can still be made infinitely easier by electric scooters.

There are commuter scooter models that are perfect for last-mile journeys. Many beginner scooters have just enough range for this kind of riding. When you just need to ride part of the way, a range of about 12 km to 25 km is good enough.

Some commuter scooters perfect for last-mile riding are: Segway Air T15, Segway Ninebot E22Unagi Model One E500

Mid-Range Electric Scooters

On average, commuter scooters are mid-range. This means they can’t travel impressively far distances but are still enough for most round trip commutes. These are the electric scooters that can function well as both last-mile and slightly long-range rides. If you want to get the best of both worlds, choose a commuter scooter with a range of about 20 to 35 km.

Some great mid-range commuter scooters are: Joyor A3, Segway Ninebot E25, Apollo Light

Long-Range Electric Scooters

Some people prefer to commute with their scooters all the way. If you live considerably far from school or work, electric scooters with longer range will be more beneficial. Try to get a commuter scooter with a range of 40 km and up.

Some awesome long-range commuter scooters are: Segway Ninebot Max G30P, Apollo City, Xiaomi Pro 2, Kaabo Skywalker 8S V2

Top Commuter Scooters To Get Today

Now that you know more about commuter scooters, it’s time to choose. Here are a few of our recommendations. These fan-favourite scooters are top-of-the-line and some of the most powerful commuter scooters today:

Segway Ninebot Max G30P and Max G30LP
segway ninebot max g30p g30lp electric scooter

The Segway Ninebot Max G30P and Max G30LP are all-time bestsellers because of their incredibly reliable performance. With tougher specs than an average commuter scooter, you can even use either Ninebot Max model for weekend recreation.

With the Global Edition, you can enjoy going up to speeds of 30 kph but still find it easy to maintain a 25 kph limit. What’s more, the two models offer different benefits for the everyday rider. 

If you’re looking for something with a lighter weight, the Max G30LP is the way to go at 17.5 kg (vs. the G30P’s 19 kg). But if you’re after a scooter that can go long distances, the Max G30P’s 65 km maximum range is the better choice (vs. the G30LP’s 40 km range).

With awesome features and impressive performance, it’s not hard to see why the Ninebot Max remains to be one of the most popular scooters today.

Apollo Explore
apollo explore electric scooter

If you’re after the cream of the crop, the Apollo Explore is considered the most powerful single-motor commuter scooter today. Equipped with a 1000W motor, this electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 50 kph and can accelerate from 0 to 25 kph in a quick 3.5 seconds. 

But don’t worry. The Apollo Explore has 3 riding modes, with its Gear 1 having a 25 kph speed limit for when you’re in busy city streets. What’s more, this awesome scooter also has an incredible 55 km maximum range for when you need to ride far.

And if that’s not enough, the Apollo Explore now comes in the new, upgraded 2021 model. Enjoy your favourite features with better fenders, a custom-designed kickstand bracket, and a deck design reminiscent of the Apollo Ghost.

Truly, this is a daily commuter ride that you can’t find fault with.

Kaabo Skywalker 10C V2
kaabo skywalker 10c v2 electric scooter

Kaabo is well-known for producing electric scooters that dominate their classes. The Kaabo Skywalker 10C V2 is its latest model in their commuter Skywalker series. Already known to be a powerful commuter scooter, the Skywalker 10C V2 boasts of an increase in speed and range from its brothers.

Enjoy going as fast as 42 kph and as far as 50 km. It even has thick,10-inch pneumatic tyres and commendable suspension to keep you comfortable throughout your commute. The Skywalker is definitely another commuter scooter that can withstand light off-roading adventures on the weekend. 

Extreme Scooters: What are They?

Unlike commuter scooters, extreme electric scooters give importance to speed. These are the rides that will really get your blood pumping and have you whooping for joy. Extreme scooters aren’t as handy to bring every day as commuters because of their bulk and heavy weight. 

But that’s fine because extreme scooters aren’t designed for everyday city riding. Their sizeable built is made for rough and tough off-roading. Whether it’s recreational or part of your job, these well-built scooters can handle the demands of rugged tracks, no problem.

As such, extreme scooters have way higher specifications and more durable features than commuter scooters. Some of the features that are drastically different are:

  • Speed & Range

Extreme scooters are significantly faster and can travel a whole lot farther than the average electric scooter. These features are the ones that make your recreational off-road riding all the sweeter and more exhilarating.

  • Suspension & Tyres

Going off-road means riding on rough, rugged trails full of bumps, stones, and the like. Extreme scooters have better suspension and thicker, bigger tyres than typical scooters for all-around comfort and performance on these kinds of paths. 

  • Built & Frame

Besides needing more room for all the sturdier features on an extreme scooter, they are also built to be bigger and more durable because of the rough handling that these scooters will experience. Off-roading is no easy feat and that’s why you’ll need a scooter that can withstand the heavy demands.

Fast, Thrill Electric Scooters

If you’re looking for electric scooters that will take you to dizzying new heights, a speedy model is definitely amongst the best choices. Not all extreme scooters need to be off-road. Some of them will work incredibly well to keep you excited even while on paved tracks. 

As long as they have sturdy builds and lightning-quick speeds, you’ll certainly feel the thrill of the ride. But what is considered fast? Speeds of 45 kph and above are already swift and perfect for weekend recreation.

It is true, though, that a few commuter scooters can reach 50 kph. The difference is that the 45 kph+ top speed is an average for extreme scooters. You can definitely get ones that go for 60 to 80 kph, easily.

Some wicked fast scooters you’ll love are: Apollo Ghost, Inokim OXO, Mercane MX60

Ludicrous Electric Scooters

Some scooters, even the extreme kind, just like taking it to the next level. If you thought that the classic thrill scooters were adrenaline-pumping, well, some of the newer models make them look tame.

The extreme scooters that are on a ludicrous level have speeds and ranges that are unprecedented. Going at breakneck speeds that can match moving cars and travelling 6 times as far as your average scooter are just some of their incredible capabilities.

Some of these unbelievably exciting scooters are: Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+, Kaabo Wolf King, Apollo Pro, Apollo Phantom

Top Extreme Scooters To Get Today

Fast and thrilling is the name of the game when it comes to extreme electric scooters. So, it comes as no surprise that only the best of the best are included in this genre. Here are our top recommendations for the most popular and insanely powerful electric scooters today:

Kaabo Mantis Pro


kaabo mantis pro electric scooter

The Kaabo Mantis series is a popular and favoured line of electric scooters. But if you really want to level up the excitement, you should get their most powerful scooter in the series, the Mantis Pro.

With strong dual 1000W motors and a highly efficient 60V LG battery, the Mantis Pro can provide any adrenaline junkie with peak power and performance. It can speed up to 60 kph and go as far as 90 km. With its thick 10” by 2.5” pneumatic tyres, awesome dual suspension system, and admirable 45-degree climbing ability, tricky off-road trails will be a breeze.

Apollo Phantom

apollo phantom electric scooter

There are numerous reasons why the Apollo Phantom is considered the most anticipated scooter in 2021. Its incredibly innovative and one-of-a-kind features really show how Apollo took to heart the feedback of thousands of customers and riders and used it to make one of the top scooters in the industry today.

Like some of its brothers, the Apollo Phantom comes in three variants: 52V Regular Brakes, 52V Nutt Hydraulic Brakes, and 60V Nutt Hydraulic Brakes.

Its performance definitely deserves its spot at the top the list, with a top sped of 62 kph and a maximum range of 64 km. Its 1200W dual motors allows  for its zippy acceleration and ability to climb steep hills. But what makes it ultra-cool is its unique Quadruple Spring Suspension system that makes your riders smoother, no matter the terrain.

Apollo Pro

apollo pro electric scooter


When you want to feel like an off-roading pro, there’s no better scooter to get than the Apollo Pro. It’s one of the most powerful thrill scooters to date, and you can even choose from 3 different variants.

The Apollo Pro comes with either a 52V or 60V battery. You can get the Apollo Pro 52V with its regular dual disc + regenerative brakes or upgrade to hydraulic brakes. The 60V automatically comes with hydraulic brakes.

As for performance? The Apollo Pro can go as fast as 60 kph (52V) and 68 kph (60V). Its range is no joke either at 90 km (52V) and 80 km (60V). Plus, the Apollo Pro has a wicked acceleration of 0 to 25 kph in just 2.8 seconds. That’s not to mention that the Apollo Pro can climb up to 40-degree inclines, have an incredible dual spring suspension system, and has 3 convenient riding modes.

Kaabo Wolf King
kaabo wolf king electric scooter

Aptly named, the Kaabo Wolf King is definitely ruling the extreme scooter class with its exceptional power and performance. Speed, range, acceleration—you name it, the Kaabo Wolf King probably has the highest specs for it yet.

You better believe it! This ultra-fast, ultra-strong electric scooter has a top speed of 100 kph. You can ride alongside cars with this kind of power! And its acceleration? Enjoy a breakneck boost of 0 to 25 kph in under 2 seconds. As if that’s not enough, the Kaabo Wolf King reaches farther than any other scooter has ever gone with an astounding 150 km maximum range.

Its ultra-big 11-inch tyres are phenomenal and can take on even the roughest and toughest of trails. Coupled with its reliable dual suspension system, and you'll sailing smoothly down any path you choose.

Commuter Scooter vs. Extreme Scooter

For a quick glimpse, here’s a table that shows the immediate differences between a commuter scooter and an extreme scooter. 


Comes in a wide price range

average: $799 - $1,599

Typically more expensive

average: $1,899 and up


Some models can go faster

average: 20 - 40 kph

Known to have lightning-quick top speeds

average: 50 kph and up


Some models have long range

average: 25 - 30 km

Known to have longer range capabilities

average: 40 km and up


Lightweight and easily portable
average: 12 - 22 kg

Heavy, not as compact

average: 30 kg and up


some models can carry up to 120 kg
average: 100 kg

120 kg - 150 kg
SUSPENSION Some models YES, with superior suspension systems
TYRES Air-filled or Solid Pneumatic Thick, Off-Road, Pneumatic


Product Comparison Table

Segway Ninebot Max G30P 
and Max G30LP

Apollo Explore Kaabo Skywalker 10C V2
PRICE $1,299.00 $,1899.00 $1,599.00
MAX. SPEED 30 kph 50 kph 42 kph
MOTOR 350W-700W Gen 2 motor 1000W BLDC 800W, Rear Rotor
RANGE Max G30P: 65 km
Max G30LP: 40 km
55 km 50 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 100 kg 120 kg 120 kg
WEIGHT Max G30P: 19 kg
Max G30LP: 17.5 kg
23 kg 22 kg
Max G30LP: 367 Wh
52V 18.2Ah 48V 15.6Ah
CHARGE TIME Max G30P: 6 hrs
Max G30LP: 6.5 hrs
4-5 hrs 4-6 hrs
CLIMB ANGLE Max G30P: 15%-20%
Max G30LP: 20%
Up to 20 Degrees 25%

Max G30P: 10" Pneumatic, Puncher-Resistant
Max G30LP: 10" Pneumatic, Self-Healing, Flat-Free, with improved suspension

Front & Rear 10" Pneumatic 10" Pneumatic
OFFROAD No Yes, light off-road No
BRAKES Front Mechanical + Rear E-ABS Electronic Front & Rear Discs + Electric Re-gen Brakes Front & Rear Disc Brakes

Kaabo Wolf King Apollo Pro Kaabo Mantis Pro
PRICE $4,999.00


MAX. SPEED 100 kph 52V: 60 kph
60V: 68 kph
60 kph
MOTOR 1500W, Dual

52V: 1000W, Dual
60V: 1200W, Dual

1000W, Dual
RANGE 150 km

52V: 90 km
60V: 80 km

90 km
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 150 kg 150 kg 120 kg
WEIGHT 48 kg 34 kg 30 kg
60V 21Ah, Samsung
60V 24.5Ah, LG
CHARGE TIME 17-19 hrs (8-10 hrs w/ 2 chargers) 10-12 hrs (5-6 hrs w/ fast charger) 8-12 hrs
CLIMB ANGLE up to 50 Degress up to 40 Degrees up to 45 Degrees
TYRES 11" Tubeless Pneumatic, Off-Road Front & Rear 10" Pneumatic 10" by 2.5" Pneumatic
WATER RESISTANCE no official IP IP54 no official IP
BRAKES Front & Rear Hydraulic Discs with ABS Front & Rear Discs + Electric Re-gen Brakes OR Upgrade to Hydraulic Brakes Dual Full Hydraulic Brakes
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