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Electric Scooters: The Perfect Back-to-Work Commuting Choice

Going back out to work is a daunting task, especially today. It's not surprising that many people find riding in public transport worrisome. That's where an electric scooter comes in!

With an electric scooter, you won't need to tolerate riding in a small vehicle full of strangers. You can go from one place to another all by yourself. Plus, it's smaller than a car but more convenient than a traditional bike. 

So, what else makes an electric scooter the perfect ride for going back to work today?

Electric Scooter Riding Today

electric scooter riding driving today

With the pressing need to lessen our proximity to other people, public transportation measures are already in place to help make this possible. While this course of action guarantees that we have less contact with others, it can be disadvantageous as well. Getting a ride is definitely harder since buses and trains can’t work at full potential. 

Fewer chances of getting a ride, as well as waiting in line inevitably lengthen our commuting time. When you ride an electric scooter, you won’t need to worry about those things anymore!

Electric scooters can free up a lot of your time. All you have to do is charge them, turn them on, and conveniently zoom to your destination. No waiting, no lines, no worry!

What’s more, electric scooters are designed to carry only one person. If you’re cautious about being exposed to other people, e-scooters make it possible for you to go about on your own. You don’t need to put up with getting stuck in a tight space surrounded by others in close quarters.

But that’s just a few advantages that e-scooters have! They have tons more that make commuting, in general, more beneficial and less of a hassle. Here are a few benefits that you’re sure to love about electric scooters:

Electric Scooters Are Low Cost

When you’re looking for a convenient and powerfully performing daily commuter vehicle, look no further than an electric scooter. You’ll be shouldering fewer expenses with it than if you take your car with you to work.

For one, electric scooters don’t require petrol to work. You’ll be able to save a few pennies because you won’t have to put them aside from gas money.

Another reason why e-scooters require less expense is that most commuter scooters are compact and foldable; meaning, you can ‘park’ them under your desk at work. At the very least, they can be placed in a storage room or similar. It’s less hassle looking and paying for a parking spot, especially when you live in a city where parking is a rare commodity.

Besides that, electric scooters are also low-maintenance. They don’t require a lot of care unlike cars, and you won’t even need to go to a shop. A lot of care and repair that an e-scooter requires can be done by you at home. This means you can use the money you’d otherwise be spending on maintenance for something else.

Electric Scooters Are ‘Low Waste’

When you compare it to cars, taxis, and buses, electric scooters are friendlier to the environment. The main reason for this is because it doesn’t contribute to carbon emission. That in itself is a huge plus.

Of course, they’re not as less-impact as traditional kick scooters and bicycles. Those would still trump e-scooters when it comes to eco-friendliness. But, you have to take into account that e-scooters are definitely more convenient if you want to get to work feeling fresh and less fatigued.

While there are still debates on how eco-friendly electric scooters truly are as a whole, it’s safe to say that they are still better than petrol-fueled cars for the environment. 

Electric Scooters Are Low Risk

Here’s the clincher that’s sold many people to electric scooters today: it’s low-risk. When you compare it to public transport, ride-sharing, and even carpooling, electric scooters allow you to move around the city with minimal contact from people outside of your household. 

You’ll only be beside other commuters briefly as you’re constantly moving or just waiting for the go signal at an intersection. And all that happens in the open area so air is consistently changing which is less worrying than breathing the same, uncirculated air as strangers in a small space.

E-Scooter Sharing vs. Owning Your Own Ride

electric scooter sharing renting

Some people prefer renting electric scooters to owning one. It’s not a new thing. There are cities in Australia where scooter sharing has been around for years. And if you’re a person who doesn’t really need to use an e-scooter often, renting one is a good choice.

But it does have some disadvantages:

They’re not always available.

When you have to share a scooter with the entire city, it’s not surprising that there will be times that the nearest e-scooter spot is empty.

It can be thoroughly inconvenient when you’re on a schedule or in a hurry. 

Hygiene is not a guarantee.

Let’s face it. Most scooter-sharing companies have a fleet of about 700 electric scooters in a location. Even by being vigilant and disinfecting their rides at the end of every day, there’s no guarantee that the electric scooter you’ll get is as clean as you want it to be. 

Remember that you’ll be sharing with strangers who you won’t even see. There’s no way to know how they used the scooter and if they even cleaned up before getting on. 

They can incur expenses.

Renting a scooter once or twice in a blue moon is okay. But renting one every time you have to go to work? It’ll add more expenses to your tight budget than lessen them. 

Sure, some electric scooters might look pricey at first glance. But when you look at the bigger picture, you’ll see that having your own e-scooter can be less costly in the long run.

When you find yourself reaching for the city scooters more often than not, it might be time to think about getting your own.

When is owning your own electric scooter a better choice?

Having your own electric scooter is definitely less of a hassle and worry than sharing one with the community. 

For one, you are absolutely sure that you’re the only person using it. You can spot clean and maintain your electric scooter as often as you like. 

The second is that you don’t have to hurry to a scooter point just to get a ride. If you have your own, you know you’ll be able to use it any time you like. No more sharing, no more waiting.

Top Electric Scooters for Commuters

Electric scooters come in many sizes and specs. There are scooters that are best for beginners and others that are fit for thrill-seekers.

Still, there are tons of electric scooter choices for the everyday commuter like you. Here's a list of fantastic commuter scooters to help you get started:

Segway Ninebot Max G30P

segway ninebot max g30p electric scooter

The Ninebot Max G30P is a favorite among this range because of its power and range. You can reach speeds of up to 30 kph and travel as far as 65 km in a single charge. Long distance commuters are sure to love riding this beauty out on the streets.

It also helps that this electric scooter has reliable brakes, a powerful motor and battery, built-in LED lights, and the ability to climb hills of up to 20%.

You might also likeSegway Ninebot Max G30LP

Unagi E500

unagi model one e500 electric scooter

When it comes to compactness and portability, the Unagi Model One E500 is hard to beat. It's sleek and integrated design makes it easier to fold, carry, and store away. It even has collapsible handlebars!

The Unagi E500 also provides solid performance with a top speed of 32 kph and a respectable 25 km range. Plus, you won't find puncture-proof, air-pocket-filled tyres like this scooter's anywhere else.

Segway Ninebot E25

segway ninebot e25 electric scooter

If you liked the Segway Ninebot ES series, then you're sure to love their improved versions. The Ninebot E25 is the upgraded version of the fan-favourite Ninebot ES2. It can still go up to speeds of 25 kph and a range of 25 km, perfect specs for commuting.

However, it also has improved features like better hill climbing ability, sturdier frame, upgraded motor and tyres, better lighting, and more.

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Xiaomi Pro 2

xiaomi pro 2 electric scooter

When it comes to the top commuter scooters in the market, Xiaomi Pro 2 is an impressive contender. Its top speed of 25 kph keeps you within most city speed limits and it can go as far as 45 km. It's truly a scooter designed for a daily commuter in mind.

Plus, the improvements on its safety features (upgraded braking system, brighter lights, free spare tyre) make it a great investment to get!

Apollo City

apollo city electric commuter scooter

If you want an electric scooter that can adapt to any stage of your commute (from full-time to last-mile riding and storing away), then you'd better get the Apollo City.

Aptly named, this city commuter can go up to speeds of 40 kph and travel distances of up to 45 km. What's more, it has tons of useful features like a triple braking system, amazing acceleration, dual spring suspension, and more.

You might also like: Apollo Light and Apollo Explore

Just In Case...

electric scooter zoom in

Many more people are seeing the benefits of personal mobility (electric scooters, specifically) for daily commuting. It’s not surprising to hear community discussions about how to best integrate personal mobility scooters into everyday life.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can zoom out of your house willy-nilly. It’s still a top idea to find out the rules and regulations regarding electric scooters in your area.

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