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emove cruiser ultimate guide

EMove Cruiser: Everything You Need to Know - Guide 2021

Riders who are clamoring for long-range scooters need not look further than the EMove Cruiser. With a whopping 100-km maximum range on a scooter built for everyday commuting, the EMove Cruiser is already as sweet deal! But it's more than just it's range, read on to find out more.


Hailed as one of the most well-rounded electric scooters in the market today, the EMove Cruiser has almost everything you want in a scooter that you're going to use everyday. 

Its can go fast on the pavement, carry above-average loads, comes in stunning colours, and most of all, has an impressive range capability that far surpasses many models in its class. Indeed, its fantastic performance makes it a top choice for daily commuters and city riders!

Speed and Power

While the EMove Cruiser is most known for its unbeatable range, it also doesn't crimp on power as well. Outfitted with a strong 1000W brushless DC motor, this scooter can reach speeds of up to 50 kph, no problem.

emove cruiser motor

What's more, it can quickly go from 0 kph to 25 kph in less than 4 seconds which is pretty brisk for a commuter scooter. Though it's slighty slower than the previous Cruiser model because this one provides more power to range than speed, it can still hold its own when it comes to zippy acceleration.

Another awesome thing about the EMove Cruiser is that it's a terrific hill climber. It can crush inclines of up to 10%, and can even reach the peak in about 12 seconds with an average speed of 18 kph. Not bad at all!

Range and Performance

The real star of the show is the EMove Cruiser's impeccable range capacity. Long-distance traveling has never been this easy with the scooter's 100-kilometer REAL WORLD maximum range. That's virtually unheard of in a commuter scooter, and not many models in the class can even reach half the distance that the EMove Cruiser can in a single charge.

This kind of performance is largely thanks to the high-voltage battery that the scooter's equipped with. At 52V 30Ah with vetted Samsung and LG cells, its thrice more powerful than most batteries powering commuter scooters in its class. Plus, it also has a longer-lasting life.

Since your battery is quite large, it's capable of keeping your scooter running for days on end if you're only doing short commutes. Or, if you prefer long-distance, you can keep riding your scooter for hours without any problem. And after your awesome rides, it only takes 9 to 12 hours to get your scooter fully charged again.

Brakes & Safety

The EMove Cruiser has one of the superior braking systems in a commuter scooter today, featuring front and rear hydraulic hybrid brakes and the rear end also has electronic brakes to back it up.

Indeed, the XTECH 140mm semi-hydraulic brakes make it easier to operate the brakes as its locks up both wheels for maximum emergency stopping power. At 24 kph to 0 kph, this bad boy can stop in just 3 meters, which is 2 meters shorter than the average braking distance of a scooter in its class.

However, it's also good to note that the brakes may need some adjustment out of the box to get your preferred performance.

And if you're going on a night time ride with your Cruiser, never fear. It has a pretty awesome, well-rounded lighting system.

Its main front light is ultra-bright and effectively increases your visibility during the night. It is, however, a bit low-mounted for the optimum night riding experience but still pretty good.

emove cruiser lights

Besides the front lights, the EMove Cruiser is also equipped with rear lights, deck lights, and turn signals. The lights surrounding this scooter's wide deck are illuminating, and keeps you well-lit in every angle. Besides looking ultra-cool, you'd even have increased visibility during the evenings. 

Another cool thing is that the EMove Cruiser has turn signals which you can't really find in many scooter models. Now, you can confidently turn left or right, knowing that anyone behind you will see where you plan to go. And you wouldn't even forget that it's on. When the turn signal is engaged, there's an audible sound (much like a car's) to remind you to disengage once you're finished.

Suspension & Ride Quality

The EMove Cruiser offers the best of both worlds in it suspension system as it features a spring-loaded suspension in front and air suspension at the back. Indeed, it offers a well-balanced performance both on rough pavements and dirt roads (though not on rocky trails). The Cruiser's hefty weight and fine dampening capabilities also make it a great choice for riders on the heavier side, as the suspension is neither too soft or too hard, making for smoother, more comfortable rides.

emove cruiser suspension

Pair that up with the Cruiser's durable 10-inch pneumatic tyres, and you have one terrific scooter in front of you. They are car-grade so you're guaranteed a sturdy pair, and what's more is that they're tubeless. You won't have to worry about bursting tubes or oily residues mid-ride.

And to add another layer to the scooter's ride quality, the Cruiser boasts of an IPX6 water resistance rating. It has one of the highest water ratings in electric scooters, to date.

That means, you can ride this bad boy while it's raining and the ground's wet, and be relatively worry-free. Of course, it'll still be better not to ride on wet roads but if you're caught in a surprise shower, you'd be fine.

Plus, all electrical components of the Cruiser are well-sealed. Even its battery has its own protective barrier that adds another layer of defense against debris and water. 

Frame & Design

The EMove Cruiser has an amazing built compared to many models in its commuting class. Its attention to detail adds a layer of security and durability to your ride, like having a nylon sheath protecting your cable or having all your electronic parts well (and sometimes, double) sealed.

Plus, it has a generously wide deck at 58 cm by 19.5 cm which will keep you comfortable throughout your long-distance travels. It also has rounded edges with plastic  so the damage won't be too harsh if you bump on walls or, if unlucky, legs.

The LCD on this scooter lights up well and you can clearly see your current stats (speed, ride mode, odometer, and remaining battery). There are also easy-to-reach and use buttons on the left handlebar for the headlight, the scooter horn, and the turn signals.

emove cruiser electric scooter all colours

And an exciting thing about the EMove Cruiser? It comes in 4 different colours. That's right, you have more choices than the classic black. With the EMove Cruiser, you can pick from white, orange, and purple as well.


Being a commuter scooter, the EMove Cruiser has strong portability components which includes being as compact as possible. That being said, this electric scooter comes with both a folding stem and handlebars. At its most compact, your scooter will only be 127 cm by 25 cm by 41 cm, a few important centimeters narrower thanks to the folded handlebars.

emove cruiser folded

It also has a pretty sturdy folding mechanism which uses a single pin to lock up the stem. Though folding isn't instantaneous, the mechanism is still pretty easy to use which is always great for commutes to work where every second counts.

However, the terrific durability and feature-packed design of the EMove Cruiser does significantly affect its weight. The scooter is on the slightly heavy side of commuter scooters at 27 kg, and can be a bit uncomfortable for constant lifting. But for the overall performance and top-rated features of the Cruiser, a little bit of extra weight is still a good compromise.

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