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Segway AirT15: A Comprehensive Guide & Review 2020

Segway AirT15: A Comprehensive Guide & Review 2020

The AirT15 is the latest in Segway's electric scooter line. It's the most lightweight, energy-efficient, and convenient electric scooter to date! Segway's team of experts spent 6 years perfecting the design of the AirT15 to give you the best and most stylish e-scooter for urban commuting.

Segway AirT15

In fact, the Segway AirT15 has already won prestigious awards even before its mass production. It already has the iF Design Awards 2017 and the CES Innovation Awards 2020 under its belt. So you know that this is one industry-changing ride!

But what makes the Segway AirT15 the perfect electric scooter for urban commuting? Aside from its impressive futuristic look, its integrated design and attention to detail really up the performance that no other commuting scooter has let you experience before. Read on below to capture the expert craftsmanship that the Segway team has developed with the new AirT15!

Blueprint of the Future

Just by looking at the body of the new Segway AirT15, you know that it's aiming for that minimalist yet sophisticated look. It is the perfect aesthetic for daily commuters living in the sleek and modern city. 

But what makes the AirT15 really superior is that Segway did not skimp on the materials used to make this stunning electric scooter. Its body is made from aluminium-magnesium alloy which makes it highly durable and reliable in its performance. It is also safe from splashes and pesky corrosion while still being eco-friendly. Furthermore, this alloy makes it possible for the AirT15 to be as lightweight as it's as only 10.5 kg (it's the lightest Segway KickScooter yet!). 

airt15 lightweight e scooter

Another unique capability that the AirT15 has compared to other e-scooters is its unique folding system. Able to fold at 180-degrees, the AirT15 folds like paper in half and looks like a straight line. It's only 22 centimetres when completely folded! Paired with its incredibly light weight, this makes the AirT15 the most compact electric scooter in the market, perfectly portable whether stored in the car trunk or carried on the subway.

Speed and Range for Urban Commuting

The Segway AirT15 might not have the fastest speed nor the farthest range capabilities, but it's excellent as a last-mile commuting scooter. When you live in a highly urbanized setting, it's safe to say that public transportation or parking buildings will be around. 

So there's a chance you won't need e-scooters with long-range capabilities. What the AirT15 can provide you with is an effortless experience once out of the bus, train, or your car. Instead of walking, the AirT15 can get you to school or to work faster and a lot less sweaty. 

With a maximum speed of 20 kph, this electric scooter can be ridden in most public spaces.* It is an excellent cruising speed that can help you control your e-scooter better when you're around bicycles, pedestrians, and traffic. You can even choose from 4 different ridings modes that can help you manage your speed at any given time.

Below are the preset speed limits per mode:

  • Pedestrian Mode. 6 kph
  • Energy-Saving Mode. 10 kph
  • Standard Mode. 15 kph
  • Sport Mode. 20 kph

  • Its 12 km maximum range might be average but perfectly serviceable for people with short commutes. The AirT15 is definitely a city scooter and works perfectly well with asphalt and/or flat pavements. It can even go up slightly hilly areas of up to a 15% grade.

    Energy-Efficient Power

    Now, let's talk about power. The 250W hub motor featured in the AirT15 is made with magnetic, and silicon steel and has a novel temperature-control capacity that keeps your motor safe and sturdy to help it last longer. It also has a brushless motor controller that protects your motor from low-voltage, over-voltage, and disconnection. Mix all these innovations together, and it's a guarantee that you'll get high performance and safety while you're out riding.

    As for the AirT15's battery, it features a 21700 automotive-grade, lithium-ion battery that really keeps your e-scooter performing smooth and strong. In fact, its battery is the same kind used for New Energy Vehicles (transportation that uses electricity or other non-traditional fuels like biodiesel to move), so you know that it's more sustainable than ever before. More importantly, its Battery Management System also protects your e-scooter from:

    • Over-heating
    • Short circuit
    • Over-current
    • Over-discharge
    • Over-charge

    segway airt15 e scooter vertical stand

    As an added accessory, the AirT15 comes with a vertical stand and horizontal stand which you can use to store your electric scooter when not in use. It also doubles as a charging port for maximum convenience. Both stands are made from Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) which is recyclable. Of course, you can also choose to charge the typical way through cable chargers (also included in the package).

    Unprecedented Design

    What really makes the Segway AirT15 so unique and highly-anticipated is its innovative, integrated design. From its convenient handlebars to its resilient tyres, you can see how much time and effort was allotted to every detail of the electric scooter.

    airt15 electric scooter foldable handles

    Let's start from the top and work our way to the bottom. Its ergonomically-shaped handlebars are made from silica material to really sell you comfort while driving. It is self-retracting, so you can easily store it when the AirT15 is folded. In the middle, you will find the bezel-less LED dashboard that keeps your well informed during your ride. With just one click, you can access information like:

    • Current speed
    • Cruise Control status
    • Battery life
    • Riding modes
    • Bluetooth connection
    • Error messages

    The AirT15's body is also equipped with built-in bar and tail lights to help keep you safe while you are commuting. You can choose from three different colours that correspond to varying scenarios: Monochromatic, Full Color, or Emergency Light.

    Going further down, you will see a fender at the top of the rear tyre of the AirT15. To really enhance user experience, the fender conveniently doubles as a switch to power the electric scooter on or off, control the lights, and even change through riding modes.

    segway air t15 urban commuter scooter

    The AirT15 also features a regenerative braking system which transforms your e-scooter into an electric vehicle. With this kind of braking system, the AirT15 can use both electricity and recycled energy from riding. This is possible through energy being captured during breaking, being transformed by the AirT15's wheels, and stored in its battery pack.

    Further down, this electric scooter also features radial hollow tyres with a tread pattern design for better ground grip and stability, even while turning. The tyres are also highly resilient and offer a comfortable ride through the internal shock absorption capabilities the AirT15 has.

    Lastly, the Segway AirT15 has an IP rating of IPX4 which means it's resistant to splashes for any direction. In general, an IPX4 rating is average; not the most immune to water, unlike say, the Ninebot Max. An IPX4 rating gives you a bit more protection when the ground's a bit wet but it's still not recommendable to ride through deep puddles and rain. 

    Always Connected

    Like the other electric scooters in the Segway-Ninebot range, you can also connect the AirT15 to the Segway-Ninebot App via Bluetooth connectivity. It is available in both Android and iOS. Through this app, you can:

    • lock/unlock your scooter
    • Customize your LED ambient light colours
    • Get a live reading of your dashboard 
      • See your current range statistics, battery life, current speed, etc.)
    • Activate cruise control
    • Look at your riding record
    • And more

    AirT15 By Segway


    Just by looking at the Segway AirT15, you can really see how much hard work and attention to detail was given to its design. Everything has a purpose and is part of how you can experience a better and more convenient commute. 

    Even its speed and range shows that the idea behind the AirT15 is safe city riding. That doesn't even cover the highly innovative folding system it features. Plus, you can really see how experts are pushing on ways to make personal mobility more accessible and sustainable with the AirT15's regenerative braking system and the recyclable materials used to make its body. 

    Indeed, the new Segway AirT15 is the step towards the right direction when it comes to the future of urban commuting.

    Segway Airt15 Electric scooter carry


    • Lightweight at only 10.5 kg
    • Eco-friendly
    • Innovative 180-degree folding system
    • Informative mobile app


    • Not the farthest range at only 12 km maximum
    • Typical max. weight
    • Not the strongest waterproof rating at IPX4



    Segway AirT15



    Approx. 93.6 cm x 39.8 cm x 10.15 cm



    Approx. 102.4 cm x 20.2 cm x 22.3 cm


    10.5 kg

    Speed Mode

    Pedestrian Mode, Energy Saving Mode, Standard Mode, Sport Mode

    Max. Speed

    Approx. 20 kph

    Max. Range

    Approx. 12 km


    Nominal Power: 250W

    Battery Power

    Max. Charging Voltage: 42V

    Rated Capacity: 4000mAh

    Rated Energy: 144Wh

    Charging Time

    Approx. 4 hours charging time


    Regenerative Braking System

    Waterproof Rating





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